BH (QT) 238 – Senior Brother (6)

Chapter 328 – Senior Brother (6)

Yan Jing Ze saw Su Moxiu’s expression froze, knowing that Su Moxiu must still have a knot in his heart.

This is normal. If something like what happened to Su Moxiu happened to him, after seeing the prospective Daoist companion who left him behind, he will probably directly greet the person with a big slap on the ear.

Su Moxiu has a really good temper and really loves him… No wonder the original owner can coax away his spiritual roots just by treating him a little better.

“Ah Xiu, I went to the library, so I came back late,” Yan Jing Ze explained.

Before, Yan Jing Ze would never explain like this to him… Su Mo Xiu responded, and another ripple rose in his heart.

He acted a little coldly, but Yan Jing Ze didn’t take it seriously. He smiled and asked, “Ah Xiu, what do you want to eat later? I will cook congee for you?”

Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze and nodded: “Okay.”

Yan Jing Ze saw Su Moxiu agree, and immediately took out the alchemy furnace and started cooking congee.

For the time being, he had no way to explain what the original owner did before, so he could only treat Su Moxiu a little better, using his own actions to show that he loved Su Moxiu.

Thinking this way, Yan Jing Ze began to make congee seriously.

With the experience of cooking soup, he did not have any problems in cooking congee this time. While cooking the congee, he could still chat with Su Moxiu: “Ah Xiu, I was in a secret realm before, I’m really sorry.”

“I was not sober at the time, but now I am sober.”

“I will protect you in the future.”

The speed of making congee in an alchemy furnace is really fast. Yan Jing Ze just said a few words and the congee was already cooked.

He took a bowl of congee to Su Moxiu, and said, “Ah Xiu, I really like you, I only like you, I like you the most.”

Yan Jing Ze didn’t mention Su Moran, he felt disgusted when he thought of this person.

At this moment, he tried to show his loyalty and confessed at the same time.

Su Moxiu loves him deeply, he must respond to Su Moxiu’s feelings.

Su Moxiu slowly drank the congee.

He wanted to know exactly what the relationship between Yan Jing Ze and Su Moran was, but he didn’t want to ask.

He had never heard such sweet words before, and mentioning Su Moran at this time would be a bit of a mood killer.

And not to mention, he can also deceive himself more.

Before going to the secret realm, Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to form a Daoist couple with him. He knew very well that these words could not be believed, but he still liked to listen.

It won’t be long before the two of them have to go their separate ways, and most likely, there will be no chance to get along like this again.

Su Moxiu thought for a while, put the congee bowl aside, raised his head and looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Senior Brother, I also like you the most.”

Su Moxiu is very handsome, and he has been injured recently so there is a touch of softness.

At this moment, he raised his head and confessed… Yan Jing Ze only felt that his heart was about to melt: “Ah Xiu, I love you.”

“Senior Brother, I love you too,” Su Mo Xiu said, his face was flushed unconsciously, and his heartbeat was getting faster and faster.

He couldn’t control his feelings. Fortunately, he was still sober, the demon energy in his body was running, and his heartbeat slowly calmed down.

“Ah Xiu.” Yan Jing Ze leaned over and kissed Su Moxiu’s face: “Ah Xiu, it was all my fault before, I will treat you well in the future.”

Su Moxiu had frozen still. He was already satisfied when he could hear some sweet words, but he didn’t expect Yan Jing Ze to kiss him.

Yan Jing Ze kissed him.

Su Moxiu was in a daze and met Yan Jing Ze’s gaze.

Yan Jing Ze’s eyes are full of love and affection, and it seems like he is not cheating him at all.

Su Moxiu didn’t know where the courage came from, he grabbed Yan Jing Ze and kissed Yan Jing Ze’s mouth.

He has only liked Yan Jing Ze in the past few decades, but Yan Jing Ze has always been cold to him, and he has never been so close to people before. This is the first time they shared a kiss.

After Su Moxiu kissed him, he regretted it again.

Yan Jing Ze might have done a lot of psychological preparations before kissing his face. He actually kissed Yan Jing Ze on the mouth…

Will Yan Jing Ze show an expression of disgust and not want to act with him anymore?

Thinking so, Su Moxiu stepped back, but as soon as he moved, he was embraced by Yan Jing Ze. Yan Jing Ze pressed against him, turning a simple kiss into an affectionate kiss.

Su Moxiu was stunned by the kiss, and his body froze again.

Yan Jing Ze kissed for a while before letting him go, and then he noticed that Su Moxiu had reddened cheeks and his eyes were blurred.

Su Moxiu really loves him. The original owner left Su Moxiu at the critical moment and ruined Su Moxiu’s future. He thought it would take a long time for Su Moxiu to give him a good face, but now, he hasn’t done anything yet and Su Moxiu surprisingly forgave him.

Yan Jing Ze feels distressed again, and hates iron for not becoming steel.

“Ah Xiu, why are you so easy to coax…” Yan Jing Ze sighed, “You have to take care of yourself in the future.”

Su Moxiu nodded and said nothing.

From now on, he will put himself first.

He is a selfish and greedy demon cultivator.

But at this moment, he didn’t want to think much, he just wanted to enjoy the moment.

He also wanted Yan Jing Ze to treat him a little better, even if it was fake.

There were tears in Su Moxiu’s eyes: “Senior Brother, I was really uncomfortable when you left me behind. Also a few days ago, why didn’t you come to see me?”

“Ah Xiu, I was wrong.” Yan Jing Ze hugged him and coaxed: “My mind was not clear at the time…”

“Senior Brother, if you kiss me, I won’t be uncomfortable.” Su Moxiu said.

Yan Jing Ze kissed him immediately, and Su Moxiu hugged him back.

Yan Jing Ze feels that his life is beautiful and a bit unreal.

When he first crossed over, Su Moxiu was a little defensive against him, but it didn’t take long for Su Moxiu to start sticking to him, as if he was all he could rely on.

He could kiss Su Moxiu, and even do more intimate things… Of course, he didn’t do anything to Su Moxiu’s body.

He is a Golden Core stage cultivator, but Su Moxiu is an ordinary person. If he is not careful, he will hurt Su Moxiu.

Really… Why is Su Moxiu so innocent?!

Yan Jing Ze even felt that he had to remind Su Moxiu more so that he could learn to be alert to others.

Of course, he generally can’t mention a few words.

“Ah Xiu, there are a lot of bad people in this world, you can’t take your heart out to people,” Yan Jing Ze said again.

“Senior Brother, will you protect me?” Su Moxiu asked.

“I will.”

“Then I’m not afraid of anything.” Su Moxiu’s eyes were full of trust.

How can Yan Jing Ze continue to educate him, he only wants to improve his strength so that he can protect him!

Why is his Su Moxiu so well-behaved and cute?

Su Moxiu’s only problem was that he was too clingy. These days, he wanted to go out several times to prepare some spiritual herbs for Su Moxiu, but Su Moxiu said he was afraid and would not let him go.

He could only call Yang Yiming with the talisman and let Yang Yiming run errands.

Today, he asked Yang Yiming to go to the foot of the mountain to buy some food and come back.

“Senior Brother, you are so kind to me.” Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze seriously.

“Of course, I have to be nice to you, you are my Daoist companion.” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

Su Moxiu really suits his liking in every way!

Speaking of which, in the memory of the original owner, although Su Moxiu is relatively cold to outsiders, he has always been behaved and soft in front of the original owner. The original owner really has a brain problem, he actually hates him. He also thinks that he is like this because he hates the poor and loves the rich.

Which one of the people who approached him just for his family background would risk his life to save him?

If a person can risk his life for him, then how can this person dislike the poor and love the rich?

When Su Moxiu heard the word “Dao companion”, he almost couldn’t control the demon energy in his body.

Why can’t the secret realm be opened a little later.

That way, even if Yan Jing Ze is unwilling, he will become a Daoist couple with him.

However, even though the demon energy inside his body was running, Su Moxiu still looked good when he looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Senior Brother, do you treat me as a Daoist companion?”

“Of course.” Yan Jing Ze said: “You wait for me for a year, we will hold the Daoist couple ceremony after a year.”

It had been a month since he brought Su Moxiu back to his courtyard.

In this month, besides making out with Su Moxiu, he would also cultivate every day, and just a short while ago, he easily entered the Nascent Soul stage.

A cultivator would go through the heavenly tribulation when they enter the Nascent Soul stage from the Golden Core stage, but he did not encounter it.

This situation… generally only happens to people who have a realm but have no cultivation base and have to re-cultivate.

So… he used to be really an old cultivator with a high level of cultivation, probably.

After the Nascent Soul stage, it is the Spirit Division stage, and Yan Jing Ze has calculated. He feels that he should be able to reach the Spirit Division stage in a year. At that time, he can do whatever he wants, and others can no longer stop him.

At that time, he can become a Daoist couple with Su Moxiu, and then leave the Xuan Ming Sect to let Su Moxiu practice the demonic cultivation.

Yan Jing Ze had always wanted to take Su Moxiu away, but after careful consideration, he decided to improve his strength first before taking Su Moxiu away.

He didn’t know what Su Moran wanted to do, but based on the current situation… He has his father in the Xuan Ming Sect, so the safety is always better than outside.

This year, he will not go out, he will just keep his head at home and cultivate to reach the Spirit Division stage as soon as possible!

Su Moxiu always sticks to him, probably because of his lack of security. If he stays with Su Moxiu for a year, Su Moxiu should also become better.

They will hold the Daoist couple ceremony in a year?

Su Moxiu’s heartbeat speeded up again.

This month, Yan Jing Ze was really good to him, not only staying close to him, but also confessing to him, saying that he was put in the most important position.

He wants to believe it.

His body is much better now, he has cultivated secretly. He can actually leave and find a suitable place to cultivate.

But now, he was a little reluctant to leave.

One year is not long. If he stays, will he be able to form a Daoist couple ceremony with Yan Jing Ze?

No, if he does this, it will hurt Yan Jing Ze, after all, he has already become a demon cultivator.

Not necessarily. If Yan Jing Ze is with him sincerely, after they sign the Daoist couple contract, he can abolish his own demon energy, be an ordinary person and stay together with Yan Jing Ze for decades…

Wait, he is so stupid, the time set by Yan Jing Ze is a year later, maybe he’s just temporarily coaxing him… How could Yan Jing Ze become a Dao couple with a waste?

Even if Yan Jing Ze agreed, his master would not agree.

But if it was just to coax him, wasn’t Yan Jing Ze’s sacrifice too great? These days, Yan Jing Ze did not hug him and kiss him less, did he not feel disgusted?

Su Moxiu was upset, but in the end, he suppressed all his emotions and looked at Yan Jing Ze with a smile: “Senior Brother, then it’s settled, we will become a Daoist couple in a year.”

“Good,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Don’t lie to me.” Su Moxiu’s face was full of seriousness.

“I will never lie to you.” Yan Jing Ze kissed him again—Su Moxiu’s expression, when he saw it, he wanted to kiss him!

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Heavenly Tribulation – a bunch of bolts of lightning hitting you; the number and size depend on your cultivation level. I read from somewhere that this happens because cultivating is against the law of heaven. You were born a mortal but you wanted to be an immortal?

This is also why they need to ascend when they reach the pinnacle of strength. If they don’t ascend to the Immortal Realm, they will be killed by the law of the world. Their existence cannot be tolerated by the world anymore since they have become something that’s not supposed to exist in the mortal realm.

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