BH (QT) 239 – Senior Brother (7)

Chapter 239 – Senior Brother (7)

Yan Jing Ze really likes this kind of life. In addition to cultivating every day, he is always with Su Moxiu, and he will also practice his cooking skills… He can live a life like this forever.

The only troublesome thing was that Su Moran came to the door several times, and the divine sense on Su Moran also came to investigate several times.

However, Yan Jing Ze didn’t fight with that divine sense, and also didn’t pay attention to Su Moran.

To put things in perspective, he can’t stand the thought of Su Moxiu getting close to someone he doesn’t like and getting ambiguous with them. In this case, he must draw a clear line with Su Moran!

Yan Jing Ze didn’t read the message passed by Su Moran and directly ignored it. Su Moran also called him outside the door and he ignored him. Su Moran asked others to come to him… These days, he does not see anyone except Yang Yiming.

Yan Jing Ze even set up a soundproof array outside his yard, so that when Su Moran called him outside, Su Moxiu would not be able to hear him, and he would not be in a bad mood.

As for him… he has a divine sense so he can still know.

Today, Su Moran is here again, but Yan Jing Ze still ignores him, and only concentrates on making food for Su Moxiu.

He has learned to use alchemy furnaces to make a lot of things! He even learned to make roast chicken!

Before, he asked Yang Yiming to buy some killed chickens and froze them on the storage. When needed, he would use one to roast. After several times of roasting, his craftsmanship improved. Su Moxiu ate a lot every time, giving him good face.

Today, Yan Jing Ze made roast chicken again, and after finishing it, he and Su Moxiu had half each.

He is now a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, and he doesn’t actually need to eat, but he if doesn’t eat the food made by himself and just watch at Su Moxiu eat is a little strange, so he just eats with Su Moxiu.

Although there are impurities in these human foods, just such a little impurity really doesn’t affect him much.

The roast chicken was divided and was about to be eaten, when the message from Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang came suddenly, so Yan Jing Ze went to see him.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to go—he planned not to go out this year, but this was a message from Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang…

Su Moxiu didn’t let Yan Jing Ze go out before, in fact, he just didn’t want Yan Jing Ze to see Su Moran.

He also wanted to know if Yan Jing Ze could really ignore Su Moran for his sake.

As a result, Yan Jing Ze actually ignored Su Moran for a long time.

Su Moxiu even has the illusion that Yan Jing Ze really likes him…

At this time, seeing the message from Master Qing Yang, Su Moxiu said: “Senior Brother, Master is looking for you, you go quickly.”

After his accident, Master Qing Yang became very cold, but he did not resent him.

He can understand the attitude of Master Qing Yang.

The Xuan Ming Sect spent a lot of resources in order to train him over the years, and now he suddenly had an accident, those resources are equivalent to being wasted.

Although Master Qing Yang was not good to him, he was not bad either, he actually has some guilt to Master Qing Yang.

“I’ll come back as soon as possible.” Yan Jing Ze kissed Su Moxiu: “You wait for me at home.”

Home? Su Moxiu’s heart moved and then he saw Yan Jing Ze went out.

Yan Jing Ze went to find Master Qing Yang, but still left a trace of divine sense to guard the courtyard.

He was afraid that someone would trouble Su Moxiu.

These days, Yan Jing Ze has studied his divine sense. He found that because his body cannot bear it, he needs to be careful when using his divine sense, and he should not use too much. There is always a limit, but fortunately, it is barely enough to use.

Yan Jing Ze came to Master Qing Yang, only to find that besides Master Qing Yang, there was another practitioner of the Spirit Division stage. Next to the practitioner of the Spirit Division stage, there were two cultivators of the Nascent Soul stage—he used his divine sense to observe these people, but these people didn’t notice.

“This is the ancestor of the Su family,” Master Qing Yang introduced when he saw Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze was taken aback, and looked at the Spirit Division stage cultivator who looked very young from his appearance.

This person looks similar to Su Moxiu, he turned out to be the ancestor of the Su family.

As one of the four famous families in the cultivation world, the Su family has an extraordinary origin.

Thousands of years ago, the passage between the realm of cultivation and the realm of immortality had not been closed, and people often ascended to the immortal realm.

Among those people, there are some who are always outstanding.

The ancestor of the Su family was originally a disciple of one of the ascended immortals.

The immortal doesn’t like to deal with people, and no one knows his name, but his deeds, even if five thousand years have passed, are still being preached.

This immortal is known as the Demon Immortal Venerable.

He was born from a famous female demon cultivator and an immortal cultivator, and has lived among demon cultivators since childhood.

At that time, demon cultivators and immortal cultivators had been fighting hard. His father was an immortal cultivator, so naturally those demon cultivators treated him badly and bullied him in various ways.

He did not fit in with those demon cultivators—he didn’t practice demon cultivation, but immortal cultivation, and later even ran away from the devil cultivators.

It’s just that his mother was a demon cultivator, and he was not well received on the side of the immortal cultivators.

He had a very hard life in his early years and was alone, but even so, with his unparalleled talent in the world, he reached the Spirit Division stage in just a hundred years.

After that, he held a sword, and whenever he encountered evil demon cultivators, he would kill them, and he eventually got a name of Demon Immortal Venerable.

Demon Immortal Venerable ascended at the age of two hundred. There was no one who achieved such a feat before and after him. It’s just that his temper was a little strange.

Before he ascended, he never had a close relationship with anyone, not even those who had seen his true face. He wore a mask all the year round. It is said that this was because his mother was a demon cultivator who practiced enticement, and he also had a peerless appearance and didn’t want to be taken coveted.

The ancestor of the Su family was once saved by Demon Immortal Cultivator, and helped Demon Immortal Cultivator to block some troublemakers when the Demon Immortal Cultivator was ascending, and obtained the inheritance left by Demon Immortal Cultivator, and finally slowly developed the Su family.

Yan Jing Ze found out the origins of the Su family from the memory of the original owner, but had no affection for the ancestor of the Su family in front of him.

After all, the ancestor of the Su family has always treated Su Moxiu badly, but it was Su Moran who was held in the palm of the Su family!

However, in the realm of cultivation, politeness is still necessary. Yan Jing Ze saluted: “Greetings to the ancestor.”

He had just performed the salute when he felt the divine sense of the Su family’s ancestor come to his side.

Yan Jing Ze was startled in his heart and hastily hid his strength.

Regardless of whether it is the Golden Core stage or the Nascent Soul stage, it is impossible to hide the cultivation base in front of the Spirit Division stage masters, but his realm of divine sense is actually higher than the Spirit Division stage!

It is too simple for him to hide his cultivation base!

When the Su family ancestor’s divine sense enveloped Yan Jing Ze, Master Qing Yang frowned, but soon relaxed again – Su family ancestor did nothing other than investigate Yan Jing Ze’s cultivation base.

“The fellow Daoist’s son has outstanding talents.” The ancestor of the Su family’s divine sense turned around Yan Jing Ze and quickly retreated.

Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang said: “You praise too much, the Su family is also full of talents.”

The ancestor of the Su family said: “Not much… Fellow Daoist, I’m here today to tell you something important.”

“What’s the matter?” Master Qing Yang asked.

The ancestor of the Su family said: “About sixty years ago, the master of the Tianji Pavilion visited the Su family.”

Master Qing Yang was really surprised.

In the realm of cultivation, one pavilion, two gates, three sects, and the four families, ranked first is the Tianji Pavilion, and Tianji Pavilion ranks first not because of how powerful the cultivators of Tianji Pavilion are, but because the people of Tianji Pavilion can peek into the heavens.

The Tianji Pavilion has existed for tens of thousands of years. In these tens of thousands of years, the major events in the cultivation world will actually be predicted in advance by the Tianji Pavilion.

Several times, it was relying on the prophecy of the Pavilion Master of the Tianji Pavilion that the cultivation world could avoid some disasters that could destroy the entire cultivation world!

It’s just that few people from the Tianji Pavilion come out, and the Master of the Tianji Pavilion does not go out easily. Sixty years ago, the ancestor of the Su family actually saw the Master of the Tianji Pavilion… Why?

“The Master of the Tianji Pavilion told me at the time that an Immortal Monarch was about to descend on the Su family and could change the status quo of the cultivation world,” the ancestor of the Su family said.

Master Qing Yang had already been less calm when he heard “Pavilion Master of Tianji Pavilion” before, and now he was shocked. Yan Jing Ze could even feel that his divine sense was unstable.

The spiritual energy of the cultivation world is getting less and less, and declining more and more. If it really can change the status quo… It is hard for Master Qing Yang to control his excitement.

Master Qing Yang asked: “Who is it?”

“It should be Moran.” The ancestor of the Su family said: “Moran’s wisdom was opened early. When he was just a born, he could already put spiritual energy into his body. He has been prophetic in recent years… In addition, he clearly has a low cultivation level, but sometimes he can even give advice to Nascent Soul stage cultivators.”

Master Qing Yang knew about Su Moran. When he heard that it was him, he didn’t show anything, but Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to believe it.

Su Moran, that guy, is actually a… reincarnation of an Immortal Monarch? Is it possible that the divine sense in him belongs to the immortal?

That thing can actually save the realm of cultivation?

What a joke! That divine sense does not belong to Su Moran at all, which means that Su Moran’s reincarnation of an immortal is not true at all…

Yan Jing Ze didn’t believe that Su Moran was an immortal descending to the earth—and even if there is really an immortal descending to the earth, that immortal should be him!

His divine sense is stronger than that on Su Moran’s body, and he clearly knows that he has traversed!

Yan Jing Ze was thinking so, when he heard the Su family ancestor say again: “This is a very good thing. I was very happy at first, but at that moment, the Master of Tianji Pavilion suddenly said: ‘There is a demon energy!’ When he finished, he started to calculate, and then suddenly passed out and never woke up. After that, the people of the Tianji Pavilion took him away, and I never saw him again.”

“Was there a demon energy?” Master Qing Yang was also puzzled.

The ancestor of the Su family said again: “Not long after, two children in the Su family were born. Moran was different when he was born. As for Moxiu… when he was a child, there was a demon energy.”

Yan Jing Ze’s expression changed, but it was not only because of the words of the ancestors of the Su family—he felt Su Moran entering his courtyard.

Su Moran went to Su Moxiu? What does he want to do?

Yan Jing Ze ignored the ancestor of the Su family and Master Qing Yang, and turned around and left.

At the same time, Su Moran had entered Yan Jing Ze’s yard and saw Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu has become a waste, and he feels happy to see Su Moxiu like this.

In the last life, how beautiful was Su Moxiu?

He was the reincarnation of the Su family’s Immortal Monarch, pampered by Su family ancestor. He had what he wanted, but now… Su Moxiu has nothing.

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