BH (QT) 240 – Senior Brother (8)

Chapter 240 – Senior Brother (8)

Su Moran was born again.

He did not have a good life in his last life.

He is a water-wood dual spiritual root, such talent in the cultivation world is not bad, but in the Su family, there is Su Moxiu who was born not long before him, with ice attribute, heavenly spiritual root. Su Moxiu is still more than just talented than him.

Su Moxiu’s father and his father are siblings, but their families are very different.

Su Moxiu’s father was a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, even Su Moxiu’s mother was in the late Golden Core stage. But his father’s innate talent was very poor. When he was born, his father was only in the late foundation building stage, and his mother was also only in the foundation building stage.

In the realm of cultivation, there is a world of difference in strength. His father’s strength is not enough in front of Su Moxiu’s father. The treatment he has received since childhood is a world away from Su Moxiu.

When Su Moxiu grows a little older and reveals his amazing talent, he will be even smaller in front of Su Moxiu.

Moreover, just look at the ancestor of the Su family… This ancestor of the Su family is indifferent even to Su Moxiu’s father who is in the Nascent Soul stage, but he smiles every time he sees Su Moxiu, and he personally gives instructions to Su Moxiu’s cultivation. The Su family members themselves were reluctant to use all the good things, but they give everything to Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu’s mother had a good sister who was married to the Xie family, one of the four largest families in the cultivation world. This person once agreed with Su Moxiu’s mother that in the future the children of the two would become Daoist couple. This could be regarded as a marriage between the Xie family and Su family.

Xie Linqi, who had been engaged to Su Moxiu since childhood, was more than twenty years older than them, and was a single spiritual root of fire attribute.

Heavenly spiritual roots are a kind of single-attribute roots, and the quality of the spiritual roots has reached the highest quality, so it can be called Heavenly Spiritual roots.

Xie Linqi is a single-attribute root, whose talent is slightly lower than that of Su Moxiu, but it is not bad. Because of his older age, his strength is even comparable to Su Moxiu.

This is also a talent in the cultivation world, and many people are fond of him, including him.

He liked Xie Linqi so much, but Su Moxiu actually looked down on Xie Linqi and wanted to withdraw from this marriage.

This is marriage alliance, and it cannot be withdrawn. But when Su Moxiu mentioned it, the ancestor of the Su family agreed and planned to withdraw.

God knows how jealous he is!

Xie Linqi was an existence he didn’t dare to think about, but he didn’t expect him to be rejected by Su Moxiu.

When he learned that Su Moxiu was going to withdraw from the marriage, he finally mustered up the courage to talk to the Su family ancestor about liking Xie Linqi – he wanted to be a Daoist couple with Xie Linqi.

The ancestor of the Su family agreed. However, originally when Su Moxiu and Xie Linqi were engaged to be Daoist couple, the ancestor of the Su family not only requested that the Daoist couple ceremony be held in the Su family’s house, but also requested that Su Moxiu live in the Su family’s house not to live in the Xie family. But when it became him, the Daoist couple ceremony was directly held in the Xie family.

Of course, these are nothing. At first, he was joyful when he and Xie Linqi became a Daoist couple.

But the life after that was not as good as he imagined.

Xie Linqi focused on cultivating, and at first, he doubled cultivate with him, but later found that the effect was not good, so he threw him aside and went into retreat by himself.

He also knew that his strength was poor. At that time, both Xie Linqi and Su Moxiu were already in the Golden Core stage, but he was only in the late stage of foundation building…it’s just that, the more anxious he was, the more difficult it was for him to break through.

That’s not all, just at this moment, those demon cultivators suddenly went crazy and began to attack the cultivators in the realm of cultivation.

The battle was small-scale at first, but later involved everyone in it. Xie Linqi and Su Moxiu both went on the battlefield.

At Xie’s house, he heard a lot of bad news every day. He often heard people say who died, and some people told him that Xie Linqi and Su Moxiu were very close.

Compared with Su Moxiu, he is nothing. Does Xie Linqi like Su Moxiu more?

He felt was very upset, but he also told himself that Xie Linqi and Su Moxiu were close because of the good relationship between the Su family and the Xie family… He was suspicious for many years, and after finally reaching the Golden Core stage, he went to find Xie Linqi.

When he went, Su Moxiu and Xie Linqi were both in the Nascent Soul stage, Xie Linqi was only in the early Nascent Soul stage, but Su Moxiu had reached the late Nascent Soul stage in the battle.

The way Xie Linqi looked at Su Moxiu was obviously different.

He was stunned at the time.

He made a lot of efforts to make Xie Linqi look at him more, but Xie Linqi simply ignored him and just ran after Su Moxiu and wanted to break the Daoist couple contract with him.

He went to Su Moxiu, wanted Su Moxiu to help him, wanted Su Moxiu to leave Xie Linqi, but Su Moxiu didn’t care about him at all. Others also said that he was looking for trouble.

What’s more, those demon cultivators caught him!

Those demon cultivators chopped off his hand and sent it out, and asked Su Moxiu and Xie Linqi to rescue him, but neither of them came.

He was tortured to death by the demon cultivators. Before he died, his golden core was destroyed and his meridians were broken. Even his spiritual root was ripped out forcibly with great hatred.

Only before he died did he learn from the demon cultivators that the Su family’s ancestor was so kind to Su Mo Xiu because the Pavilion Master of the Tianji Pavilion had given a prophecy that the Su family would usher in an immortal monarch.

At the time of his death, Su Moxiu was even recognized by all the righteous path cultivators because of such an identity, and was on the verge of being held up on the altar of God.

Why is there such a big difference between him and Su Moxiu?

He was reborn with hatred, and as a result, he met the “Immortal Monarch” just after he was born.

Su Moxiu was not the reincarnation of the Immortal Monarch at all. He was the one favored by the Immortal Monarch. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t be able to be reborn.

He is unique!

He even knew from Immortal Monarch that Su Moxiu was a born with demon seed.

Su Moxiu was born with a demon energy on his body, but Su Moxiu’s parents joined hands to cover it, and they didn’t let the rest of the Su family know about it.

In his previous life, Su Moxiu stole the life that should have belonged to him!

In this life, he must get it back!

As soon as he was born, he showed his own uniqueness, and let the ancestor of the Su family discover the demon energy on Su Moxiu’s body.

The demon energy on Su Moxiu’s body was very weak, and even disappeared completely when he was over a year old. Although the Su family was on guard, but with Su Moxiu’s parents protecting him, no one did anything to Su Moxiu.

But he was unhappy and showed his dislike for Su Moxiu.

He was the “Immortal Monarch” recognized by the ancestor of the Su family. After he expressed his dislike for Su Moxiu, Su Moxiu was doomed to live a hard life.

Su Moxiu’s mother even died unexpectedly!

He thought that Su Moxiu would be like him in his previous life, becoming a background character and a dispensable person in the Su family. Under such circumstances, Su Moxiu would not be able to cultivate well and should still achieve nothing.

Unexpectedly, Su Moxiu ran away and entered the Xuan Ming Sect.

He hated Su Moxiu, but at that time he was still young, and the Su family’s ancestor was not happy to tell the public about the Su family’s child being born with demon energy, so they let Su Moxiu get away with it for decades.

He has the Immortal Monarch’s guidance, experience, and the supply of various resources from the Su family. Just like Su Moxiu in his previous life, he became a Golden Core stage cultivator early, and even met some people who would shine in the future, and became close friends with them.

Even the Su family, with his guidance to them, got some treasures.

He did much better than Su Moxiu in his previous life!

But what he didn’t expect was that Su Moxiu had entered the early Golden Core stage in the Xuan Ming Sect, and he had become a Daoist companion with Yan Jing Ze, the future head of Xuan Ming Sect!

Naturally, he didn’t like to see such a scene, so he found Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze fell in love with him, and Su Moxiu ended up with nothing and became a waste.

But he still felt that it was not enough to relieve his hatred.

At the beginning, he was detained by the demon cultivators for a whole year, tortured for a whole year, and his spiritual roots were ripped out!

His Daoist companion loved Su Moxiu deeply, and gave him a fatal blow.

He wanted Yan Jing Ze to extract Su Moxiu’s spiritual roots. At that time, Su Moxiu must be in despair!

But something went wrong.

Yan Jing Ze had obviously been tempted by him before and hated Su Moxiu, but after Su Moxiu became a waste, Yan Jing Ze suddenly changed his attitude and treated Su Moxiu better.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t even see him again.

He couldn’t see Yan Jing Ze nor Su Moxiu, which made him uneasy.

He finally decided to abandon his original plan and planned to tell him that Su Moxiu was born with a demon seed earlier.

Su Moxiu was not an immortal descending to the world at all, but a natural-born demon seed who had robbed him of his life.

Before the battle between demon cultivators and immortal cultivators happen, Su Moxiu had to be killed first.

However, he still hoped that Su Moxiu would suffer a little more.

Su Moran looked at Su Moxiu and smiled slightly.

He spoke to the Su family’s ancestor about Su Moxiu being a natural-born demon seed, called for the Su family’s ancestor, and found Su Moxiu after Yan Jing Ze was called away by Master Qing Yang.

“How did you get in?” Su Moxiu looked at Su Moran warily.

“Walked in.” Su Moran was a little dissatisfied after the initial pleasure—Although Su Moxiu became a useless person, he was well nurtured, and it seemed that his lips were red and teeth were white, looking very moisturized.

There is even a smell of roast chicken in this room.

Did Yan Jing Ze found his conscience and felt sorry for Su Moxiu, so he is treating Su Moxiu better?

When Su Moran thought so, Su Moxiu said, “Get out of here!”

As soon as Su Moxiu saw Su Moran, he couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart, and wanted to kill Su Moran immediately.

“This is Yan Jing Ze’s place, who are you to let me out?” Su Moran asked.

Su Moxiu’s face changed.

Su Moran felt happy seeing Su Moxiu’s face change. He was about to say something that made Su Moxiu uncomfortable, when he suddenly heard the voice of the Immortal Monarch: “Yan Jing Ze is coming over here.”

Master Qing Yang had called Yan Jing Ze away so that he could meet the Su family’s ancestor, how come he came back so soon?

Su Moran felt a little strange, but decided to make it quick: “Su Moxiu, do you know why Yan Jing Ze has been so nice to you lately? He learned from elsewhere that people who have blood relations can exchange their spiritual roots. Although you have become an invalid, but your spiritual roots are very good, he wanted to give me your spiritual roots. It’s just that forcibly taking out the spiritual root will make it dissipate, and only if you yourself are willing can the spirit root be taken out intact… He’s being nice to you because he wants you to take the initiative to give me your spiritual root.”

Su Moxiu couldn’t control the demon energy in his body.

He has become a demon cultivator, and he has been cultivating these days.

At this time, he has a lot of demon energy in his body, which is equivalent to a cultivator in foundation building stage.

In fact, he can still be stronger.

After his golden core was broken, there was a lot of spiritual energy running around in his body. He originally wanted to use the quick method in the demon cultivation he practiced to turn all those energies into his own use. But without waiting for him to do so, Yan Jing Ze helped him to dissipate all that energy…

These days, Yan Jing Ze is really good to him.

He actually believed that Yan Jing Ze really liked him, but now Su Moran’s words broke his illusion.

Also, Yan Jing Ze was originally unwilling to become a Daoist couple with him, and he was dedicated to protecting Su Moran and even ignored his life and death. How could he be kind to him suddenly?

He thought he had nothing to gain from him, that Yan Jing Ze was simply being good to him, it turned out that it was not.

He still has spiritual roots!

“But I don’t want your spiritual roots, and I don’t want to hide this from you,” Su Moran said again, showing a smile at Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu’s eyes were red. He didn’t want to believe this, but it seemed that he could only explain it this way.

Yan Jing Ze was really good to Su Moran, and he was willing to act in front of him for so long for Su Moran!

“Su Moxiu, do you know why no one in the Su family treats you well? Because you were born with a demon seed, you shouldn’t be alive,” Su Moran said again.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze had already arrived: “Ah Xiu!”

When Yan Jing Ze “saw” Su Moran going to Su Moxiu, he ran over here quickly.

But he was originally talking to Master Qing Yang and the ancestor of the Su family, and suddenly ran away like this, which undoubtedly made Master Qing Yang very angry, so Master Qing Yang mobilized his formation to block him a little.

Although he broke the formation quickly, in the end, he arrived late… Yan Jing Ze immediately realized that something was wrong with Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu’s demon energy is getting more and more!

He often checked Su Moxiu’s body these days, and found that Su Moxiu’s body had always had demon energy, but it was suppressed in the corners, and now… this demon energy has been completely released.

“Ah Xiu, don’t listen to his nonsense!” Yan Jing Ze tried to appease Su Moxiu with his divine sense, but when his own divine sense mixed with Su Moxiu’s divine sense, they were actually a bit indistinguishable from each other.

At this time, Su Moxiu completely turned into a demon.

Before, when he was almost dying, although he turned into a demon, he was actually interrupted. At this moment, he was officially a demon. For a while, he felt that his whole person was different, and the world in front of him had also become different.

If he had known earlier that Yan Jing Ze was being nice to him for his spiritual roots, he might not have been so angry.

He would have cooperated with the acting, and then for his own safety, it wouldn’t have hurt to give Su Moran his spiritual root.

Anyway, the demonic cultivation he practiced doesn’t need spiritual roots.

But this month, Yan Jing Ze was so good to him.

He couldn’t accept that Yan Jing Ze was being nice to him for the sake of his spirit root!

He also can’t accept that Yan Jing Ze won’t be nice to him in the future and will be nice to Su Mo Ran!

At this moment, Su Moxiu was not so clear-headed. He had only one thought, which was to take away Yan Jing Ze, lock up Yan Jing Ze so that no one could see him, and make Yan Jing Ze his Dao companion!

Probably because his obsession is too deep, Su Moxiu felt that his divine sense skyrocketed, and at the same time, the surrounding spiritual energy was roughly grabbed by him to increase his cultivation.

Yan Jing Ze helped him dissipate the spiritual energy in his body, so he could not use quick methods to improve his strength, but it also made his body better. So, at this time, he can withstand more spiritual energy.

The surging spiritual energy entered Su Moxiu’s body and turned into a demon energy. At the same time, he also felt a powerful force awakening from the depths of his body.

His strength began to skyrocket, and in no time, he entered the Golden Core stage, followed closely by the Nascent Soul stage, and he did so without encountering a heavenly tribulation!

“Innate Demon Seed!” Su Moran took a step back, his face changed drastically.

Although he kept talking about Su Moxiu being a demon, he was a little surprised when he really saw Su Moxiu turn into a demon. Su Moxiu’s skyrocketing strength made him even more scared. Besides being scared, he was still a little envious—Su Moxiu was too strong!

At this time, Master Qing Yang and the ancestor of the Su family had also come here.

Seeing Su Moxiu suddenly turn into a demon, the two moved their hands at the same time.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t even think about it and tried to protect Su Moxiu.

He was the only person present who didn’t feel angry, but rather pleased – the person he liked was so powerful, and even a random cultivation turned him into a Nascent Soul stage.

However, before Yan Jing Ze could move, Su Moxiu rushed towards the ancestor of the Su family, his demon energy skyrocketed, and his divine sense became very strong, not weaker than the divine sense on Su Moran.

After he took the attacks from the Su family ancestor and Master Qing Yang, the demon energy on his body became a little stronger, and at the same time, he also used his divine sense to suppress these two people…

Just when everyone thought he would fight with these two people, Su Moxiu quickly backed away, then hugged Yan Jing Ze and ran down the mountain.

Yan Jing Ze, who was using his divine sense to suppress Master Qing Yang, the Su family’s ancestor, and the thing on Su Moran’s body, was carried away when he wasn’t paying attention.

This… seems a bit wrong?

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