BH (QT) 241 – Senior Brother (9)

Chapter 241 – Senior Brother (9)

Su Moxiu’s actions were really unexpected. Both Master Qing Yang and the ancestor of the Su family were a little frustrated and wished to chase them immediately, but neither of them moved.

Just now, when they attacked Su Moxiu, a powerful and terrifying divine sense suppressed them.

At that moment, they even felt that the surrounding space was going to shatter, and the whole world was going to be annihilated.

Their attacks weakened unconsciously and they became even more immobile. They could only watch Su Moxiu leave with Yan Jing Ze.

When these two people completely disappeared from their sight, the divine sense that was suppressing them was finally released.

Master Qing Yang breathed a sigh of relief, and the large mountain slope under his feet turned into pieces.

The sword in the Su family’s ancestor’s hand also shattered inch by inch.

The sword held by the ancestor of the Su family is one of the most precious spiritual weapons of the Su family. In this era when spiritual power is getting weaker and weaker and no one can forge the best spiritual weapons, this sword is very precious.

But just now, because of the turbulence in the surrounding space, this sword was crushed by this world.

The ancestor of the Su family would normally feel very distressed when such a sword was broken, but he didn’t have time to think about it. At this moment, he only felt the fortune of surviving.

The Su family ancestor trembled a little: “His strength is so strong?”

That divine sense is Su Moxiu’s!

The divine sense that burst out from Su Moxiu was not that strong at first, but it suddenly became stronger later, even strong enough to destroy the world.

But even so, they could feel that the divine sense belonged to Su Moxiu and it came from the same source.

Who is Su Moxiu? What kind of a monster has come out of their Su family?

They were talking about Su Moxiu before, but Yan Jing Ze suddenly left. They already started to pay attention to this side. They also noticed that Su Moxiu was weak at first, even if he had turned into a demon, he was only at the foundation building stage, but Su Moxiu suddenly became stronger!

Whether it was strength or spiritual power, both had skyrocketed!

He was so strong to that extent, who could match him?

The Su family ancestor could barely hold his stance anymore.

Master Qing Yang looked at the direction Su Moxiu was leaving, and his body trembled slightly.

Just now, he felt that his life was under Su Moxiu’s control, he didn’t even know that this disciple of his was so powerful!

What exactly is going on?

Master Qing Yang has always been indifferent to Yan Jing Ze, this son, but in the entire cultivation world, if he chooses the most important person to him, he must choose Yan Jing Ze.

But at this moment, he didn’t even dare to catch up to save Yan Jing Ze.

For a while, Master Qing Yang felt a kind of dejection.

What was Su Moxiu trying to do by taking away his son?

Although his son has treated Su Moxiu very well recently, Su Moxiu had become a waste because of his son… Would Su Mo Xiu hurt his son?

“Who in the world is he?” Master Qing Yang asked.

Who in the world is this Su Moxiu?

Master Qing Yang and the Su family ancestor looked at each other with horror in their eyes.

Behind the Su family ancestor, a cultivator of Nascent Soul stage glanced in the direction where Su Moxiu had left with complicated eyes, then retracted his gaze and stood quietly behind the Su family ancestor.

He thought his son would need his own help, but he didn’t expect that this child was so strong that he could escape from the hands of two Spirit Division stage masters.

Is that… still his son?

The people on Bi Xiao Peak have been stunned, and the one with the most complicated mood is definitely Su Moran.

The divine sense in Su Moran is even more crazy: “This is impossible! Impossible!”

Before Su Moxiu suddenly turned into a demon, this divine sense did not make a move, but was watching a good show from the side.

He desperately wanted to see the scene where the Su family’s ancestor and Master Qing Yang killed Su Moxiu.

But he didn’t expect that Su Moxiu’s body could burst out such a powerful divine sense.

This is not right!

Su Moxiu couldn’t be so strong!

But that divine sense is indeed the same as Su Moxiu’s divine sense…

“Immortal Monarch, what are we going to do now?” Su Moran was a little panicked, and asked himself the “Immortal Monarch” with his divine sense.

He didn’t expect that Su Moxiu, who had robbed him of his life, was such a powerful demon cultivator.

No wonder the Immortal Monarch said that Su Moxiu was born with a demon seed! So, he is actually very strong!

Su Moran had been crushing Su Moxiu before, so he was able to appear calm, but at this moment, he was really afraid.

He was tortured to death by demon cultivators in his previous life. He had a deep fear of demon cultivators in his bones. Now that Su Moxiu has become a demon cultivator, he can’t help feeling afraid of Su Moxiu.

However, the divine sense did not answer Su Moran, but the ancestor of the Su family recovered and looked at Su Moran: “Moran, are you injured?”

Su Moran said: “Thank you ancestor for your concern, I am not injured.”

The ancestor of the Su family said: “It’s good that you’re fine, I didn’t expect Su Moxiu to be so strong…”

“Ancestor, what should we do now?” Su Moran asked.

“I will contact all sects immediately, we must kill Su Moxiu as soon as possible!” said the ancestor of the Su family.

Although Su Moxiu is strong now, he is only strong in divine sense. There is probably a problem with his body.

If not, why did he run? Why did he hide in Yan Jing Ze’s courtyard before and pretended to be a waste?

Before, when his divine sense skyrocketed, he might have used some secret method.

Su Moran heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this.

Su Moxiu didn’t know what happened on Bi Xiao Peak.

After he took the attack from the Su family ancestor and Master Qing Yang, he ran wildly with Yan Jing Ze in his arms until he reached a good distance, and then he finally slowed down.

The skyrocketing demon energy in his body is not submissive, and has been rampant in his body, making him uncomfortable, but he can bear it.

Compared with his previous Golden Core being abolished, this is nothing.

At this moment, Su Moxiu felt a little strange.

He didn’t think he would be able to escape so easily.

Although his divine sense is strong, but a cultivator’s divine sense alone is not enough. His current strength is only in the Nascent Soul stage, and it is logically difficult to escape under the cooperation of Master Qing Yang and the Su Family ancestor.

At that time… it seemed that a particularly powerful divine sense appeared?

But that’s not right, that divine sense and his divine sense are blended, it seems that it is his divine sense!

But his divine sense shouldn’t be that strong?

Su Moran said that he was born with a demon seed, maybe it was true, and he really had a lot of secrets in him.

Su Moxiu looked at a high mountain not far away, flew over fiercely, threw a sword and made a hole in that cliff, and then went into the hole with Yan Jing Ze.

Finally stopped, Su Moxiu almost fell with his legs, but he held strong and did not show the slightest weakness.

He also finally looked at the person he was carrying.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t like him. The good things he had done before were all to deceive him!

Su Moxiu’s eyes turned red, his breathing was unsteady, and the hand holding Yan Jing Ze was unconsciously harder.

However, he soon stopped.

Su Moxiu suddenly realized that Yan Jing Ze’s face was ugly.

Yan Jing Ze’s face is indeed ugly. He was too anxious before and used too much divine sense, so he suffered a little backlash and felt a little uncomfortable.

Of course, this is not serious… His unsightly complexion is mainly because he was held by Su Moxiu and ran for a while, a little dizzy.

Now that Su Moxiu finally stopped, he could feel relieved—Su Moxiu’s body was not fully recovered, and running all the way was bad for him.

Thinking so, Yan Jing Ze felt Su Moxiu’s divine sense entering his body.

Yan Jing Ze immediately suppressed his strength and turned himself into a harmless Golden Core stage master—he is actually already in the Nascent Soul stage. If Su Moxiu discovers this, he might want to do something with him now.

He could feel that Su Moxiu’s mood at the moment was not right, and he was also very upset.

Su Moxiu inspected Yan Jing Ze’s body and found that Yan Jing Ze had nothing serious but only suffered some internal injuries.

It should have been injured by his demon energy—he couldn’t fully control his demon energy. He ran with Yan Jing Ze along the way, it was normal for Yan Jing Ze to be injured by the impact of his demon energy.

Su Moxiu was a little guilty, but he quickly suppressed his guilt again. He looked at Yan Jing Ze coldly, and acted mercilessly, sealing the spiritual energy of Yan Jing Ze.

Since he became a demon, a demon technique has appeared in his mind, and he has learned a lot of demonic cultivation methods without a teacher, including how to seal the spiritual energy of others.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” This method will only work if people with strong strength use it on people with weak strength.

Now, Su Moxiu and him are both in the Nascent Soul stage, and Su Moxiu’s condition is not very good… his strength has not been sealed at all.

But Su Moxiu wanted him to be sealed, so he pretended to be sealed: “Ah Xiu…”

“Yan Jing Ze,” Su Moxiu suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed Yan Jing Ze’s chin, “Senior Brother, this is not Bi Xiao Peak, and I am not the former Su Moxiu. You’d better listen to me in the future, otherwise…”

Su Moxiu’s eyes were full of threats, the whole person approached Yan Jing Ze, and his divine sense also pressed towards Yan Jing Ze, it was very oppressive.

But Su Moxiu’s divine sense was the same as Yan Jing Ze’s divine sense, and it was even weaker. Yan Jing Ze didn’t feel even a little pressure and just saw Su Moxiu’s handsome face that was within reach.

After swallowing, Yan Jing Ze asked: “Otherwise?”

“I will make you look good,” Su Mo Xiu said, and then bit towards Yan Jing Ze’s mouth.

He wanted to bite Yan Jing Ze. There was a very fierce emotion in his heart that could not be relieved.

But when he bit over, Yan Jing Ze opened his mouth…

The bite eventually became a kiss.

After a kiss, Su Moxiu let go of Yan Jing Ze, and he was actually much calmer.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t like him and he couldn’t help it.

In fact… In a life and death situation, Yan Jing Ze taking the person he likes to escape, and wanting his spiritual roots for the people he likes is all normal.

But he hates it.

He can’t accept all this! He wants Yan Jing Ze!

He is a demon cultivator and he has already brought Yan Jing Ze out of Xuan Ming Sect… He will be his in the future!

He will become stronger and stronger, keeping Yan Jing Ze imprisoned by his side, and let Yan Jing Ze stay with him for the rest of his life!

Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze coldly, and stretched out his hand to squeeze Yan Jing Ze’s face: “Senior brother, you can’t beat me, so be good and stay with me in the future, so that you can also suffer less.”

“What crime are you going to make me suffer?” Yan Jing Ze asked, Su Moxiu is so soft and likes him so much, what can he do to make him suffer?

“I’ll do you!” Su Moxiu looked particularly cold.

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Su Moxiu ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ : I’ll do you!

Yan Jing Ze (╯✧∇✧)╯: There is such a good thing?!

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