BH (QT) 242 – Senior Brother (10)

Chapter 242 – Senior Brother (10)

Su Moxiu’s eyes were red, and the demonic energy lingered on his body, the whole person looked a little gloomy, and when he said this, his face was more threatening.

But Yan Jing Ze is really not scared.

Don’t mention being scared, he is even very much looking forward to it now.

Su Moxiu is going to do him, this is a great thing!

He would be happy to lie flat right now!

A little excitement appeared on Yan Jing Ze’s face.

Su Moxiu thought that Yan Jing Ze would be scared, but he didn’t expect that Yan Jing Ze would have such an expression, and he was taken aback.

Yan Jing Ze smiled and leaned over to kiss him: “How can this make me suffer? Isn’t this a great thing?”

Su Moxiu was kissed, frozen on the spot, and for a while looked even colder: “You’re not afraid of me?”

Yan Jing Ze only felt distressed when he saw him like this.

When Su Moran and Su Moxiu were speaking before, although he was not there, he heard all the conversation through his spiritual sense.

Su Moran, that bastard, actually deceived Su Moxiu so much!

And his Moxiu…

Su Moxiu absolutely loved him very much, so Su Moran’s few words made Su Moxiu so angry that he directly turned into a demon.

Not only that, Su Moxiu was still reluctant to hurt him, and was reluctant to part with him. At that time, it was safer for Su Moxiu to escape by himself, but Su Moxiu took him with him.

This person… how much does he love him?

Yan Jing Ze kissed Su Moxiu’s face again: “I am not afraid of you, you are my favorite person, and I will not be afraid of you no matter what.”

Yan Jing Ze’s eyes were full of tenderness, and Su Moxiu couldn’t believe it: “I’ve become a demon! I’m a demon cultivator now!”

He wanted to threaten Yan Jing Ze to accompany him, but Yan Jing Ze… How could Yan Jing Ze be like this!

“Whether you practice immortal cultivation or demonic cultivation, I love you,” Yan Jing Ze said seriously, and asked: “You suddenly turned into a demon today, did Su Moran do something?”

They had been running for their lives before, so Yan Jing Ze had no chance to ask or explain, but now he wants to ask and explain clearly by the way.

However, as soon as his voice fell, Su Moxiu’s demon energy began to skyrocket. Su Moxiu even grabbed his collar: “Shut up!”

He didn’t want to hear Yan Jing Ze mention Su Moran, he had always hated this person.

But Yan Jing Ze didn’t shut up. He grabbed Su Moxiu’s hand holding his collar with one hand, put the other hand behind Su Moxiu’s head, and kissed him directly.

Su Moxiu did not avoid him, he even responded, and his emotions were no longer so agitated.

Yan Jing Ze finally let go of Su Moxiu: “Ah Xiu, you believe me, I really don’t like Su Moran. There is something odd about Su Moran, I liked him before, I should have fallen into his tricks.”

Su Moxiu stared at Yan Jing Ze blankly.

He didn’t want to hear Yan Jing Ze mention Su Moran, but he really wanted an explanation.

“Ah Xiu, I only liked you from the beginning to end. I was good to Su Moran at that time because I was controlled,” Yan Jing Ze said again.

These days, Yan Jing Ze has been trying to explain to Su Moxiu the behavior of the original owner.

After much deliberation, he finally decided to push all the mistakes to Su Moran and the divine sense on Su Moran!

He planned to tell Su Moxiu that he was controlled by Su Moran and Su Moran’s divine sense, that’s why he treated Su Moran so well.

But a few days ago, Su Moxiu loved him so much that he believed him very much, and he didn’t need to explain. Besides, Su Moxiu became a waste, and he couldn’t feel the divine sense on Su Moran, so he didn’t say it.

But now, he must explain.

He is really innocent!

“What you said is true?” Su Moxiu asked, his expression easing down, and he suppressed his soaring demon pressure.

Of course, although he behaved like this, he did not believe it.

In the previous month, he actually didn’t believe in Yan Jing Ze, and he doesn’t believe him now even more.

Yan Jing Ze is doing this, it should be because he has fallen into his hands, so he wants to coax him?

This person was able to coax him so much for his spiritual roots before, and now he can naturally coax him to survive.

However, he is more willing to be coaxed by Yan Jing Ze than to be at odds with him.

After weighing the pros and cons, Su Moxiu decided to pretend to believe.

Righteous path cultivators becoming demons are a little different from the original demon cultivators.

Generally, righteous path cultivators will become demonic only after they are stimulated, or their cognition has been deviated.

And this kind of change often makes the righteous cultivators become paranoid and extreme, and some of them will even kill people directly.

After Su Moxiu came out of the secret realm, some of his thoughts were not quite right, but he himself didn’t realize it.

“It’s true, Ah Xiu, when I saw Su Moran before, I felt that I was out of control. I obviously liked you, but during that time I was obsessed with doing a lot of things that hurt you… But then you got hurt, I immediately became sober,” Yan Jing Ze told Su Moxiu his own long thought-out explanation: “I really don’t like him, and he is indeed strange! If you don’t believe it, you can catch him and check it out later! “

What Yan Jing Ze said seemed to be true, and Su Moxiu almost believed it.

But before Su Moran appeared, his senior brother was also indifferent to him, how could he suddenly be so affectionate?

But instead of showing it, Su Moxiu’s whole body softened and his eyes got red: “Senior Brother, Su Moran said that you have been nice to me recently because you want my spiritual roots.”

“What do I want your spiritual roots for?” Yan Jing Ze looked angry: “Don’t listen to his nonsense, he just wants to separate us.”

Su Moxiu turned into the well-behaved appearance in front of Yan Jing Ze, looking at Yan Jing Ze pitifully: “He said that if I am willing to contribute my spiritual roots, I can exchange it for him.”

“How can there be such a good thing in the world? He is lying!” Yan Jing Ze hugged Su Moxiu and kissed him: “Ah Xiu, I swear I only like you! We can become a Daoist couple and sign a Daoist couple contract!” “

In this world, to become a Daoist couple, they need to sign a Daoist Contract. Although this contract is a method of signing, it will have three outcomes.

If the relationship between two people who have formed a Daoist couple is an ordinary relationship, like but not deeply in love, then after they sign the Daoist couple contract, they will form the most ordinary Daoist couple contract.

After the signing of this kind of Daoist couple contract, it has no effect on both parties, and it is easy to cancel it. The vast majority of people in the cultivation world sign this kind of Daoist couple contract at their Daoist couple ceremony.

But if the two people who form a Daoist couple have deep feelings and regard each other very, very seriously, then what they sign at the Daoist couple ceremony will not be an ordinary Daoist couple contract, but will be a deeper layer of the spiritual contract.

This contract was taken from the “hearts have clear understandings”. Two people who have signed such a contract can faintly perceive the other’s thoughts, and if something happens to the other party, they can also feel it.

Generally speaking, Dao couples who can sign a “spiritual contract” are praised—generally, it is difficult to have such deep feelings!

And some Daoists who have signed ordinary contracts with Daoists, as their feelings deepen, their Daoist contracts may also become “spiritual contracts.”

However, the “spiritual contract” is not the highest Daoist couple contract. The highest Daoist couple contract is the “Same Fate Contract”.

Only those who truly love each other and are willing to die for each other can form a “same fate contract”. When one of the parties hesitates a little when signing, it is impossible to sign such a contract. And once the contract is signed, both parties will live and die together!

Not only do they have a heart-to-heart relationship, if one of them dies, and the other can’t live!

Yan Jing Ze proposed to sign the Daoist Couple Contract in order to reassure Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu absolutely loves him to the core, and so does he, and he thinks they can sign the same fate contract.

If not, they can also sign the spiritual contract.

That would prove his feelings for Su Moxiu!

Su Moxiu’s heart flashed with ecstasy when he heard Yan Jing Ze’s words.

For some reason, he had always wanted to sign a contract with Yan Jing Ze.

After seeing Yan Jing Ze again after becoming a demon, this even became an obsession.

He couldn’t wait to sign a Daoist couple contract with Yan Jing Ze right away!

But he quickly gave up this intention.

He was afraid that if the final result came out, he would not be able to accept it.

Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze and smiled: “Senior Brother, we will definitely become Daoist couple. I will hold the grandest Daoist couple ceremony and sign the contract with Senior Brother with everyone’s blessing.”

Yan Jing Ze saw Su Moxiu smile, he was relieved, and a little bit wanted to kiss him.

Su Moxiu already believed his explanation, which was good.

But he really didn’t expect that Su Moxiu was so romantic, he wanted to hold the most grand ceremony of Daoist couples with everyone’s blessing, and then sign a contract.

Well, it is indeed not suitable for signing a Daoist couple contract now.

Daoist couple contracts are usually signed when both parties are in good condition, but Su Moxiu is already at the end of his rope.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Okay, I am looking forward to it.”

Su Moxiu’s eyes were gleaming: “Senior Brother, I’ve become a demon and you still don’t dislike me, you are so kind to me.”

“I will never despise you,” Yan Jing Ze promised.

“But the people outside don’t think so… Senior Brother, I will definitely be hunted down in the future. If you stay with me, you will also be involved…”

“I’m not afraid of getting involved.”

“But I don’t want you to be insulted by others, Senior Brother, nor do I want you to be hurt because of me. And I don’t want the Xuan Ming Sect to be criticized… Senior Brother, before we are completely safe, how about I keep your cultivation sealed so that others think that I coerced you? ” Su Moxiu asked.

He is unwilling to let go of Yan Jing Ze. What should he do if Yan Jing Ze runs away?

He can pretend to believe in Yan Jing Ze, but he still wants to imprison Yan Jing Ze!

“Aren’t you too wronged like this?” Yan Jing Ze frowned.

He is the son of Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang. Now that Su Moxiu has become a demon, he is still together with Su Moxiu, it is really not very good. The Xuan Ming Sect will be blamed.

But to let Su Moxiu “take him by force”, and also let Su Moxiu be condemned.

Speaking of which, he originally wanted to change Su Moxiu’s identity so he could practice demonic cultivation, and also change his identity to accompany Su Moxiu. But Su Moxiu suddenly turned into a demon in the Xuan Ming Sect, this matter could not be concealed…

“I’m not afraid of being wronged, and if you stay with me like this, Senior Brother, I will feel very at ease.” Su Moxiu smiled shyly towards Yan Jing Ze: “Also… Senior Brother, you have been taken by force by me. This is quite interesting, isn’t it?”

It’s really interesting! Yan Jing Ze was eager to try: “Just do it!”

Su Mo Xiu once again sighed at how well Yan Jing Ze acted.

However, his own acting skills are not bad, Yan Jing Ze must now think he is very easy to deceive!

Suddenly, Su Moxiu sealed off Yan Jing Ze’s cultivation again, and also “stunned” Yan Jing Ze easily.

He can’t hold up anymore, and when he can’t, he can’t let Yan Jing Ze get away!

After Su Moxiu finished, he fell straight down and fainted.

As soon as he collapsed, Yan Jing Ze, who had been “stunned” by him, woke up.

Hugging Su Moxiu distressedly, Yan Jing Ze sighed—Su Moxiu didn’t want him to be sad, right? Before he could not hold himself up, he made him unconscious first.

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