BH (QT) 243 – Senior Brother (11)

Chapter 243 – Senior Brother (11)

Yan Jing Ze thought about telling Su Moxiu about his strength.

But firstly, he didn’t know how to explain to Su Moxiu. Secondly, Su Moxiu was obviously a little insecure in the case of their love, so it would be good to temporarily let Su Moxiu occupy a strong position and increase a little sense of security.

Moreover, he really can’t do too much for the time being, so as not to hurt the Xuan Ming Sect. In the memory of the original owner, the Xuan Ming Sect spared no effort in training him, and they were also very good to Su Moxiu.

He will be a kidnapped person for the time being.

However, Su Moxiu’s physical condition still requires him to pay more attention…

Yan Jing Ze began to heal Su Moxiu’s injuries, and at the same time, calmed Su Moxiu with his divine sense.

He and Su Moxiu are truly a match made in heaven. His divine sense and Su Moxiu’s divine sense can completely merge!

Before, Su Moxiu suddenly activated a powerful divine sense, but it was unstable. Fortunately, under his appeasement, Su Moxiu’s divine sense was stabilized. As for the injuries on his body…

After Yan Jing Ze traversed, for Su Moxiu’s injury, he took many elixirs from the warehouse opened to him by Master Qing Yang, but most of them were of no use. At this time, he took out some and began to treat Su Moxiu.

After busying for a long time, Su Moxiu’s physical condition finally recovered. Seeing that he was about to wake up, Yan Jing Ze “fainted”.

Su Moxiu knew he had fainted.

But he was not uncomfortable when he was unconscious, but had a warm feeling, so he was particularly at ease.

When he woke up and found himself fainted on Yan Jing Ze, he understood why he felt this way.

Yan Jing Ze’s influence on him is really great.

Sitting up, Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze who was unconscious.

He stared at Yan Jing Ze for a long time and finally kissed him viciously.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”     The first thing Su Moxiu did after he woke up was to kiss him!

What a pity, he is “unconscious” and can’t respond…

When Yan Jing Ze felt it was a pity, Su Moxiu had already let him go.

Su Moxiu held Yan Jing Ze in his arms, stroked Yan Jing Ze’s face with a cold face, then let go of Yan Jing Ze and began to check his physical condition.

After this inspection, Su Moxiu discovered that his injury was much better, and the Nascent Soul in his body was more stable.

Even his divine sense can be used more freely.

He should have been reincarnated, the reincarnation of some powerful demon cultivator?

Su Moxiu thought so, and sat down to practice.

There is a quick method to complete the demon energy in his mind, which is to plunder other people’s power, but it is not useful now…

When Su Moxiu was cultivating, he always felt that the spiritual energy from his surroundings entered his body very quickly. He didn’t know whether it was because of his demonic cultivation that he practiced too well or his divine sense was too strong.

Yan Jing Ze: Neither! I’m the one helping! But I do good things without leaving a name!

Su Moxiu practiced for a while, and after feeling well, he picked up the “unconscious” Yan Jing Ze, left the stone cave, and continued to run forward.

The people of the Xuan Ming Sect will catch up sooner or later, he wants to leave as soon as possible!

Su Moxiu ran towards the place where the demon cultivators lived.

In the northwest of this world, there are many demon sects, where people gather together to listen to the Demon Sovereign’s orders and fight with the righteous path cultivators from time to time.

He has become a demon cultivator, and he is not safe in the righteous path cultivators’ territory. It will be much better if he goes there.

Of course, it is best for him to improve his strength a little bit on the way.

Only absolute strength can guarantee the safety of Yan Jing Ze.

Thinking about this, Su Moxiu lowered his head and kissed the Yan Jing Ze he was holding.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” It’s really cool to be hugged by someone you like and to be kissed from time to time!

The only drawback is that you have to pretend to be dizzy.

But it’s good to pretend to be dizzy! Usually, Su Moxiu is rather shy. After he “fainted” did he realize that Su Moxiu was so enthusiastic!

Thinking so, Yan Jing Ze was awakened by Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze with concern: “Senior Brother, sorry, I stunned you before… Someone was chasing us, we must run away quickly.”

Yan Jing Ze knew that Su Moxiu was talking nonsense and he didn’t care. He was also concerned, “Ah Xiu, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Su Moxiu smiled at Yan Jing Ze: “Senior Brother, you care about me, I’m very happy.”

Su Moxiu’s face was a little red, Yan Jing Ze couldn’t help but reach out and squeeze it: “If I don’t care about you, who do I care about?”

“Yes, Senior Brother only cares about me.” Su Moxiu’s eyes were bright, but a name emerged in his heart—Su Moran.

Yan Jing Ze must be concerned about Su Moran, he will kill Su Moran sooner or later!

Yan Jing Ze woke up, Su Moxiu still continued to run with him.

Along the way, Su Moxiu was very obedient to Yan Jing Ze and took good care of Yan Jing Ze, but he insisted on only one thing – that was to seal the spiritual energy of Yan Jing Ze’s golden core.

Yan Jing Ze let him go, pretending to be sealed with spiritual energy, and let Su Moxiu hold him every day, by the way, help Su Moxiu while cultivating, and help Su Moxiu clear the traces left on the road…

When Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu headed all the way to the northwest, the news of Xuan Ming Sect’s Su Moxiu becoming a demon and also abducting his Senior Brother Yan Jing Ze, has been spread in the realm of cultivation.

People in the cultivation world basically knew about the fact that Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu were going to become a Daoist couple. If it hadn’t been for the sudden appearance of the Xuanyuan Secret Realm before, now Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu should have become a Daoist couple.

Now something like this happened suddenly… Some people in the cultivation world began to gossip: “I heard that Su Moxiu was injured in the secret realm and became a waste.”

“He has not forgotten to take away Yan Jing Ze, his feelings for Yan Jing Ze are really deep.”

“I heard about one thing. It is said that Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu’s younger brother, Su Moran, are very close…”

“Some people say that Su Moxiu can’t stand the idea of Yan Jing Ze being together with Su Moran, so he turned into a demon.”

“Then Yan Jing Ze can still live?”

Those ordinary disciples in the cultivation world are talking about all kinds of nonsensical gossip, but the core figures in the cultivation world are worried at this moment.

Because according to Master Qing Yang and the ancestor of the Su family, Su Moxiu should be the reincarnation of a Demon Sovereign, which is very difficult to deal with.

“We don’t know where that demon is hiding!”

“I have asked my disciples to investigate everywhere, but there is no news of that demon!”

“Master Qing Yang, have you received any news of your son?”

Master Qing Yang didn’t get any news from Yan Jing Ze.

He has a blood relationship with Yan Jing Ze, and he should be able to detect where Yan Jing Ze is located, but he can’t.

He doesn’t know if it was the demon who used a secret method to cover it up, or if Yan Jing Ze was unfortunately killed.

In fact, that’s not the case. Master Qing Yang couldn’t find Yan Jing Ze because Yan Jing Ze used his hands.

His dear is not strong enough, he can’t let other people find them.

When people in the realm of cultivation were looking for Su Moxiu and Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu rushed along the way.

Su Moxiu didn’t go to the northwest in a straight line. He took some detours so that he could spend more time cultivating.

But even so, a month later, they still stepped into the land of the northwest demon cultivators. At this time, Su Moxiu had reached the late Nascent Soul stage, and Yan Jing Ze was the same.

There seems to be no obvious difference between this place and the place where the righteous path cultivators are, but the people here seem to be very difficult.

Demon cultivators often arrest people for cultivation, and they are no different from livestock to be slaughtered.

For example, the place where Yan Jing Ze is at this moment is controlled by a sect called “Corpse Refining Sect”.

In this sect, people in the qi refining stage will capture many ordinary people to learn how to refine the corpse, and the methods were extremely cruel.

When these people learn how to refine corpses, they will arrest the righteous path cultivators of the same level and refine them into puppets for them to control. Basically, the hands of every corpse refiner are stained with blood.

Not only that, their foundation-building stage disciples will catch the righteous path cultivators in the foundation-building stage to refine puppets. When they are in the golden core stage, they will catch the cultivators in the golden core stage and come back. It can be said that each disciple of the Corpse Refining Sect will have countless human lives on their hands, the stronger they are, the more human lives on their hands.

The righteous path cultivators can’t do anything about them.

Every Corpse Refining Sect member has many puppets under their hands, and their sect is well hidden, and there is a Spirit Division stage cultivator in the sect. Unless the righteous path cultivators are united, there is no way to take the Corpse Refining Sect.

But if the righteous path cultivators really have to unite and kill… Then the other demon sects will also take action, and the war between immortal cultivators and demon cultivators will have to break out!

Su Moxiu glanced at the place where the Corpse Refining Sect was located, then found a place to dig out a cave, let Yan Jing Ze go in to sleep, and took out something for Yan Jing Ze to eat. Yan Jing Ze, who was sealed with spiritual energy, was no different from an ordinary person at this time.

Yan Jing Ze lay down after eating, pretending to sleep but is actually cultivating.

Generally, after he did this, Su Moxiu would start to cultivate, and he could help Su Moxiu secretly.

But today, not long after he lay down, he was “stunned” by Su Moxiu again.

Su Moxiu is going to do something inappropriate to him again?

Yan Jing Ze had some expectations, but Su Moxiu didn’t do anything to him.

Su Moxiu just stood up and tied him to his back, tied tightly.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” He is a little taller than Su Moxiu. If it weren’t for Su Moxiu’s cultivation, he would definitely be inconvenient to tie him this way!

Wait… What does Su Moxiu want to do?

The answer was soon revealed, Su Moxiu killed on the Corpse Refiner Sect.

Because the people in the Corpse Refining Sect all have puppets, their strength is much stronger than that of the cultivators of the same level, but they are miserable against Su Moxiu.

How do people of Corpse Refining Sect control their puppets? It’s by using divine sense!

Of course, they also use some special methods, so that people whose divine sense is not much stronger than theirs, will not be able to cut off their connection with the puppets.

But for those whose divine sense is much stronger than theirs, it is still very simple to cut their connection with their divine sense.

At the very least, Su Moxiu’s powerful divine sense was able to prevent all the corpse refiners from using puppets. He was still in the Nascent Soul stage and was only one step away from the Spirit Division stage.

All those Corpse Refining Sect members who were in the Golden Core stage and Nascent Soul stage, were easily killed by him.

Every time he kills a person, he gets stronger.

Su Moxiu’s face was full of coldness, killing all the way.

Yan Jing Ze is the son of Master Qing Yang, and Master Qing Yang must have a way to find Yan Jing Ze.

Even if he can’t find him… He and Yan Jing Ze are cultivating and they need a lot of things.

Therefore, he wants to become stronger and he wants to be a Demon Sovereign.

In this way, he can let Yan Jing Ze live well, and let Yan Jing Ze have nowhere to escape.

Maybe after getting used to a good life, Yan Jing Ze would still be reluctant to leave him.

As for why the Corpse Refining Sect was used for the operation… he really hated this sect.

Su Moxiu entered the Spirit Division stage during the killing. He caught up with the Spirit Division stage master of the Corpse Refining Sect, and directly killed the opponent.

He felt that all this was a bit too simple… After he escaped from the Xuan Ming Sect, everything was a little smooth?

Yan Jing Ze: Take me with you! I guarantee you a smooth journey!

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