BH (QT) 244 – Senior Brother (12)

Chapter 244 – Senior Brother (12)

Demon cultivation has always been about the weak and the strong.

In the territory of the demon cultivators, such things like fighting for territory are not uncommon.

And because many of the demon cultivation methods can be quickly accomplished, from time to time, powerful demon cultivators will emerge suddenly, and many of them will find other demon cultivators to fight for a battle, to make their own fame, or to occupy the position of others.

And recently, such a demon cultivator appeared again.

At the beginning, this person killed the Corpse Refining Sect members, killing the entire sect. After that, he slaughtered everywhere, killing many powerful demon cultivators.

It was during this killing that he became stronger and stronger, and at the same time, his identity was also known by many demon cultivators.

This person turned out to be the Xuan Ming Sect’s Su Moxiu who the righteous path cultivators had been looking for!

After Su Moxiu became a demon cultivator, he took his senior brother to the northwest, and then began a killing spree. Every time he kills, he is always seen carrying a person behind him, that person should be his Senior Brother, Yan Jing Ze.

At first, although something went wrong in the Corpse Refining Sect, other demon cultivators didn’t care. As a result, when the Corpse Refining Sect met its end, one after another, many other demon cultivators encountered trouble, and it let the other demon cultivators feel danger.

Su Moxiu seems to be improving his strength by devouring other people’s demon energy. Will this person…set his eyes on them?

“That Su Moxiu’s methods are cruel, we must be careful!”

“What’s going on with that Xuan Ming Sect? How did they let him turn into a demon?”

“I heard that the righteous side is looking for him…”

“We’d better be careful!”

The demon cultivators talked a lot, and for a while, even the Demon Sovereign was a little worried and began to inquire about Su Moxiu’s news.

But at this time, Su Moxiu returned to a cave with Yan Jing Ze.

He just went out with the “sleeping” Yan Jing Ze on his back, killed a few demons, and returned to this cave just as it was about to dawn.

When he was outside, he seemed to be covered with a layer of ice, and the whole person was as cold as frost, but when he returned to this cave, the coldness on his body slowly disappeared.

He put down Yan Jing Ze, put Yan Jing Ze in his sleeping position, and then bowed his head and kissed Yan Jing Ze a few times on the lips, revealing a little sweetness on his face.

It’s good to know that Yan Jing Ze can’t escape his palm.

The best thing is that the constant killing has made him reach the late stage of Spirit Division.

In the realm of cultivation, there are still a lot of practitioners in the Spirit Division stage, but there are very few in the later stage of Spirit Division. Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang and the ancestor of the Su family are both masters in the later stage of Spirit Division.

As for the higher stage like Mahayana… There are rumors in the cultivation world that there are so few powerful people in the Mahayana stage in the entire cultivation world, but no one knows whether it is true or not.

In other words, in the realm of cultivation, he basically doesn’t need to be afraid of others now.

The energy plundered from others in his body was somewhat disobedient, rampaging through his body, bruising it and repairing it for him immediately after.

In the midst of such destruction and repair, his body became even stronger.

It was painful, but Su Moxiu didn’t care, he even enjoyed the pain, it made him awake.

Unlocking the demon energy that imprisoned Yan Jing Ze, Su Moxiu saw Yan Jing Ze slowly woke up.

“Senior Brother, you are awake.” Su Moxiu laughed, looking very sunny.

Yan Jing Ze sighed secretly when he saw him like this.

He never slept at all.

These days, Su Moxiu took the “sleeping” him out to kill demon cultivators, he was watching, and was heartbroken, but also relieved.

He feels distressed that Su Moxiu had to increase his strength in this way. As for his relief… Although his junior brother turned into a demon cultivator, he did not change his temperament like some people did. Besides, after leaving the Xuan Ming Sect, Su Moxiu never killed an innocent person. The demon cultivators he killed recently are all evildoers.

His junior brother is really kind and lovely.

Yan Jing Ze also smiled: “Well…it’s already dawn?”

“Yes.” Su Moxiu arched his eyebrows: “Senior Brother, do you want to eat?”

“Yes, let’s cook together,” Yan Jing Ze suggested.

“Okay.” Su Moxiu smiled, and quickly took out various ingredients and tools from his storage bag, and began to prepare for cooking.

“I will help you,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Senior Brother, I’ll do it.”

“How does that count as doing together?”

“Senior Brother, you are by my side to accompany me, it’s enough to help me,” Su Moxiu said, and began to cook skillfully.

Although Su Moxiu said that, Yan Jing Ze was really embarrassed not to do anything. He was by Su Moxiu’s side, helping out.

The two of them quickly made food, and after eating together, Su Moxiu asked again, “Senior Brother, do you want to go out for a stroll?”

“No, I want to read some books,” Yan Jing Ze refused.

The strength in Su Moxiu’s body was not stable, so he would not allow Su Moxiu to accompany him out. It was better to let Su Moxiu cultivate in the cave and consolidate it.

Thinking so, Yan Jing Ze took out a book to read.

Seeing that Yan Jing Ze started reading a book, Su Moxiu sat down cross-legged and began to cultivate.

While cultivating, he felt a warm feeling enveloped him, the wounds in his body were slowly disappearing, and the disobedient energies were also smoothed out.

The day passed quickly, and after the sky darkened, Yan Jing Ze went to sleep again.

Then, not surprisingly, Su Moxiu carried him out again.

Yan Jing Ze knew that Su Moxiu definitely wanted to become stronger.

He has become a demon cultivator, if he can’t become stronger, he is very likely to be killed in the future, so he has to become stronger!

He was protecting him left and right, so it was good to let Su Moxiu go out and make a break for it.

Su Moxiu took a deep breath, carrying Yan Jing Ze on his back, and headed to the place where the Demon Sovereign was.

He was looking for Demon Sovereign to fight. He shouldn’t have brought Yan Jing Ze, but if he left Yan Jing Ze alone, he was afraid that Yan Jing Ze would be snatched away by others.

Only by keeping Yan Jing Ze under his nose at all times can he feel at ease.

If there is a real danger, he will protect Yan Jing Ze even if he dies.

The Demon Sovereign dwells in the northwest in the middle of the Great Mountain and has many men around him.

Of course, due to the situation of the weak and the strong, when the Demon Sovereign is strong, his subordinates will listen to him, but if the Demon Sovereign becomes weak, his subordinates will naturally kill the Demon Sovereign and take his position.

As soon as Su Moxiu appeared within the range of the Demon Sovereign, he was immediately discovered, and after a short while, he was surrounded by others.

Su Moxiu moved his hand without hesitation.

Xuan Ming Sect.

Master Qing Yang has received the news of Su Moxiu’s appearance in the northwest.

This person really went to the territory of demon cultivators!

He has always carried Yan Jing Ze on his back. He just heard what the people who saw him said, Yan Jing Ze was tied to his back and motionless. No one knew whether he was alive or dead.

Master Qing Yang was expressionless, unable to see his happiness or anger, but when everyone looked at him, they couldn’t help but sympathize.

When everyone looked at the ancestor of the Su family, their eyes were extremely complicated, but they still envied him.

Who let the Su family produce an immortal monarch who descended to earth?

When the news of Su Moxiu becoming a demon cultivator came out, there was another news after that. It was about Su Moran of the Su family, they said that the Pavilion Master of Tianji Pavilion calculated that there will be an Immortal Monarch descending to earth and could change the status quo of the realm of cultivation.

Of course, not many people knew about this news, and it was not completely spread for the sake of Su Moran’s safety, but the top people in the righteous path knew about it. At this time, their gazes at Su Moran were very gentle.

Su Moran even sat in the main seat.

An excitement rose from the bottom of his heart.

His identity is finally known!

In the previous life, Su Moxiu snatched his identity. He was obviously a natural-born demon, but he was regarded as an immortal monarch, while he lived a miserable life and died in the hands of the demon cultivators.

The good thing is that now, each life returned to their own.

It’s just that Su Moxiu is too strong, if he doesn’t kill Su Moxiu, he will have trouble sleeping!

Under the guidance of the divine sense in his body, Su Moran began to communicate with many masters in the cultivation world.

He has heard the names of many people here in his previous life, and even knows some deeds. There are also some people who have been introduced to him by the ancestor of the Su family in this life.

But there are some young disciples who he doesn’t know.

Although he was a direct descendant of the Su family in his previous life, he married early, and because of his low strength, he never traveled outside, so he didn’t know much.

As for Yan Jing Ze… He knew the name of this young master of the Xuan Ming Sect in his previous life, but he didn’t know much either.

After all, at that time, Yan Jing Ze was extremely far away from him.

After discussing for a long time, everyone finally decided to go to the northwest and try to kill Su Moxiu.

This demon is said to have reached the stage of Spirit Division and must be removed as soon as possible!

Su Moran heaved a sigh of relief when he got this result.

Originally there were many people who did not want to kill to the northwest, fortunately his name of Immortal Monarch worked well.

The war between the immortal cultivators and the demon cultivators in the previous life has not yet occurred at this time, but with his promotion, it will happen soon, and his reputation, with this war, will be known to everyone!

Everyone was about to set off, just at this moment, the guards outside suddenly came in: “Master, the people from Tianji Pavilion are here!”

The people from Tianji Pavilion are here? The people from the mysterious Tianji Pavilion have come out of the mountain?!

These righteous path cultivators were very excited, and at this time, Su Moxiu had already killed his way through and finally reached the Demon Sovereign. His body was covered with demon energy.

He stood in front of the Demon Sovereign, and brought tremendous pressure to that Demon Sovereign. At this moment, the once incomparable Demon Sovereign had a sense of crisis rising from the bottom of his heart.

But Yan Jing Ze knew very well that Su Moxiu was very tired now.

It is not impossible for Su Moxiu to fight against that Demon Sovereign. Su Moxiu should be able to win, but he will probably be injured…

Su Moxiu’s divine sense, which he used more and more smoothly in the battle, pressed towards the Demon Sovereign, ready to attack.

The Demon Sovereign felt a divine sense a lot stronger than his own divine sense, he could not help being alert, thinking about countermeasures. Then he suddenly felt that divine sense became stronger again, seeming to be able to destroy the heavens and earth…

Without thinking about it, he knelt directly on the ground: “I greet the Demon Sovereign!”

Su Moxiu, who thought he was going to go through a big battle: “…”

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