BH (QT) 245 – Senior Brother (13)

Chapter 245 – Senior Brother (13)

The former Demon Sovereign killed the former Demon Sovereign and became the Demon Sovereign. He also thought that one day, he might die in the hands of the next Demon Sovereign.

But when he met not a well-matched opponent, but an opponent who was too powerful and could definitely kill him… he still wanted to live.

Just like that, Su Moxiu became the new Demon Sovereign very smoothly. At the same time, the news spread quickly.

Xuan Ming Sect.

Tianji Pavilion is the most mysterious sect in the world of cultivation. The cultivators in Tianji Pavilion can not only predict the future, but are also very powerful.

Therefore, whether it was Master Qing Yang, the ancestor of the Su family, or the top powerhouses of other cultivation sects, after learning that the people from Tianji Pavilion had arrived, they all went out to welcome them.

What they saw was an old man with white hair, wrinkled face and fairy-like beard. Behind this old man, there were seven or eight masters.

They had just got off the flying boat, and after getting off, the old man put the flying boat away and looked at the ancestor of the Su family: “Daoist Spirit Master Su, long time no see.”

The ancestor of the Su family hesitated: “You are not the master of Tianji Pavilion…”

“My father has passed away, I am the current head of the Tianji Pavilion,” The old man said.

The ancestor of the Su family was shocked. The Pavilion Master he met decades ago has passed away?

He had also seen the new Pavilion Master. At that time, the Pavilion Master suddenly vomited blood, and it was his son, that is, the Pavilion Master, who took him away.

It’s just that the son of the Tianji Pavilion Master he met then looked as young and handsome as any other cultivator, but now, after decades of absence, he is as old as the original Tianji Pavilion Master, who looks to be in his twilight years.

The ancestors of the Su family were surprised, but the pavilion owner of the Tianji Pavilion smiled and said, “You always have to pay a price to spy on the secret.”

The ancestors of the Su family were surprised.

At this time, the master of Tianji Pavilion said again: “I heard that the Su family has found out that Immortal Monarch?”

“Exactly.” The ancestor of the Su family asked Su Moran to come over and saw the Pavilion Master of Tianji Pavilion.

Su Moran stood in front of the Pavilion Master of the Tianji Pavilion excitedly. The Pavilion Master of the Tianji Pavilion glanced at him, his brows were slightly frowned, but he quickly stretched out: “It is indeed different.”

“Why did the Pavilion Master come down the mountain this time?” the ancestor of the Su family asked.

The Tianji Pavilion Master said: “Three months ago, my father exhausted his life force to calculate how the world of cultivation will usher in a great change, but after calculating, the heaven’s mysteries were chaotic. Even when he re-entered the cycle of reincarnation, he still couldn’t figure it out.”

The old Pavilion Master died three months ago? Exhausted his lifeforce but still can’t figure out the specific situation?

The new master of the Tianji Pavilion looked older than anyone present. He touched his white beard and said what the Tianji Pavilion had calculated over the past few decades.

Decades ago, Tianji Pavilion calculated that an Immortal Monarch would come to the Su family, but after that, the old Pavilion Master saw a heavenly demon energy.

During these decades, he repeatedly calculated and determined that the cultivation world had been given a chance to live, but unfortunately, someone obstructed and actually tried to destroy this chance…

For the future matters, mysterious and profound, even when the old Master of the Tianji Pavilion exhausted his life force, he still couldn’t get the specific information.

“It must be Su Moxiu who wants to obstruct it!” Su Moran said, “He is born with a demon seed. Because of jealousy, he has been targeting me since he was a child! When he turned into a demon, I had felt killing intent!”

No one has ascended in the cultivation world for thousands of years, and the aura is getting weaker and weaker.

Now, the vitality calculated by the old Pavilion Master of the Tianji Pavilion at the cost of his life is bound to be a chance that can make the cultivation world prosper again.

Many powerful people in the cultivation world, although they were admiring Su Moran because of what the ancestor of the Su family had said, and the divine sense that Su Moran had shown, they were a bit doubtful and would not attach much importance to Su Moran like the ancestor of the Su family.

But at this time, after hearing what the Tianji Pavilion Master said, their gazes at Su Moran changed instantly.

This one is about the future of the cultivation world!

Just at this moment, a ray of light cut through the sky and appeared in the hands of Master Qing Yang.

This is a messenger talisman issued by a cultivator in the Spirit Division stage, and it can be sent to the hands of Master Qing Yang, this person should be a member of the Xuan Ming Sect.

Master Qing Yang crushed the messenger talisman, and the voice of a Spirit Division stage elder of Xuan Ming Sect came out from it: “Sect Master, Su Moxiu defeated the previous Demon Sovereign and has become the new Demon Sovereign!”

Everyone was extremely quiet for a while.

At this moment, another messenger talisman flew up, and soon, the voice of the Spirit Division stage elder appeared again: “Sect Master, Su Moxiu released an order, those who can catch Su Moran alive can get a peerless technique, and those who can kill Su Moran can get a spiritual mine!”

Everyone was shocked again. In the end, it was the ancestor of the Su family who reacted first: “Su Moxiu deceives people too much!”

Su Moxiu had a demon energy in his body since he was a child. The Su family did not kill him, instead, they took good care of him. They have exhausted their benevolence and kindness. But they didn’t expect this person to not only be ungrateful, but also often trouble Moran when he was in the Su family!

This person has been gloomy since he was a child. He was about to send this person to a temple, but this person ran away.

Su Moxiu finally went to the Xuan Ming Sect. Seeing that he was a child of the Su family, they acted like he didn’t exist and just let him be. But after a few decades, this person became a demon and even wanted to kill Su Moran!

“These years, those demon cultivators are already active, often sneak attacks on our disciples, and now this… a big war is inevitable!”

“This Su Moxiu, how should we deal with him?”

“His strength is growing too fast. If we allow him to grow, we will die sooner or later without burial place!”

After everyone discussed, they looked at the Pavilion Master of Tianji Pavilion: “Pavilion Master, why is Su Moxiu so powerful?”

The master of the Tianji Pavilion said: “The heaven’s mystery is in disorder, I can’t do anything about it, but according to my father, those who want to obstruct, should be removed quickly!”

After the Pavilion Master of Tianji Pavilion finished speaking, everyone present had made a decision.

No matter what Su Moxiu is, they definitely need to kill him quickly!

At this moment, another messenger talisman fell on the hands of Master Qing Yang.

Everyone looked at Master Qing Yang, and saw Master Qing Yang smashed the messenger talisman in his hand without hesitation.

Soon, the voice of Spirit Division stage master came from it again: “Sect Master, the Demon Sovereign has ordered that he wants to become a Daoist couple with Yan Jing Ze. After half a month, the Daoist Couple Ceremony will be held!”

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know anything about what happened to Xuan Ming Sect.

He just “woke up”.

Upon “waking up”, Yan Jing Ze saw Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu was still dressed as before, but there was no smile on his face, he was expressionless, and there was a coldness on his body: “Senior Brother, it’s good that you’re okay.”

Even his voice was a bit too calm.

“What happened? Did we change places?” Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, deliberately showed bewilderment.

When he slept, he was in a stone cave, but now he came to a magnificent building, and he always had to express his doubts.

The place where the former Demon Sovereign lived is truly magnificent. Of course, the meaning of magnificence does not refer to the richness made by mortals inlaid with gold and silver.

The place here is magnificent because the things used here are all unique treasures that are extremely precious. Being inside it, whether it is immortal cultivator or demon cultivator, their cultivation can be several times faster.

Although the demon energy cultivated by demon cultivator is different from the spiritual energy of the immortal cultivator, everyone relies on the spiritual energy that covers the entire cultivation world to cultivate.

Of course, there is still a slight difference between the two energies.

“Senior Brother, after you fell asleep before, that demon came to trouble me and wanted to kill me…” Su Moxiu said flatly.

“Are you okay?” Yan Jing Ze was full of concern, holding Su Moxiu in his arms and checking Su Moxiu’s condition.

As for Su Moxiu’s nonsense… he is willing to accompany Su Moxiu in acting.

It’s just… Su Moxiu seemed to show his true expressionless face—Su Moxiu was a bit cold when he was “asleep” recently.

“I’m fine, I beat him!” Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Now, I am the Demon Sovereign.

“Ah Xiu, you are too good!” Yan Jing Ze kissed Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu originally had been well prepared for the drastic change of Yan Jing Ze’s face after learning that he had become a Demon Sovereign. Even thinking that he was going to turn his face with Yan Jing Ze anyway, and he could no longer live peacefully with him and deceive himself, so he asked people to prepare for the Dao Couple Ceremony.

Unexpectedly, Yan Jing Ze would still be willing to act with him and be so happy.

He was taken aback for a moment, and then said: “Senior Brother, I am already a Demon Sovereign now, are you not afraid of me?”

“Why should I be afraid of you?” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze, and all kinds of fierce emotions rolled in his heart.

He had been apprehensive before, fearing that Yan Jing Ze would escape. He also wanted to enjoy the attentiveness of Yan Jing Ze, so he acted all the time while secretly enhancing his strength.

At that time, he had his heart set on becoming a Demon Sovereign, so he didn’t have time to think about it, but when he became Demon Sovereign, all the things that he once had came to his mind again.

He did not hesitate to order people to either kill or capture Su Moran alive.

As for Yan Jing Ze…

Yan Jing Ze had actually been asleep for ten days.

In the past ten days, he used the various methods taught by that demon exercise in his mind to control many powerful demon cultivators including the former Demon Sovereign.

These demon cultivators cannot betray him and are at his disposal, he has enough men.

In addition, the Demon Sovereign Hall had already been made into an iron barrel by him, no one could escape.

Yan Jing Ze couldn’t escape.

He and Yan Jing Ze’s ceremony for Daoist couples will be held in the next five days.

As soon as he became the Demon Sovereign, he made a decision about the Dao Couple Ceremony.

He wants to be close to Yan Jing Ze for a few more days, but he is a Demon Sovereign. He wants to kill Su Moran, sooner or later Yan Jing Ze will know, sooner or later they will turn against each other. Yan Jing Ze cannot really like a demon cultivator like him…

It would be nice to hold the ceremony of Daoist Couple Ceremony earlier.

Even if they can only form the most common Daoist couple contract, Yan Jing Ze will become his Daoist companion, become his person!

“You don’t need to act anymore.” Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Senior Brother, I won’t kill you. You don’t have to be submissive to me in order to stay alive.”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Wait, when did become submissive?

Yan Jing Ze suddenly realized that there was a problem with his and Su Moxiu’s perception.

He thought that this month with Su Moxiu was their honeymoon of love and affection. He thought that Su Moxiu wanted to prepare a ceremony for Daoist couples to surprise him, but Su Moxiu didn’t seem to think so?

“But I won’t let you go, you can only stay by my side and become my Daoist companion.” Su Moxiu once again showed a strong aura, looking very domineering when he looked at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Su Moxiu seems to be still trapped in the script of taking by force?

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