BH (QT) 246 – Senior Brother (14)

Chapter 246 – Senior Brother (14)

Yan Jing Ze was a little bit dumbfounded.

He was “asleep” for ten days, but he knew exactly what Su Moxiu did during these ten days.

After all, these past few days, Su Moxiu took him wherever he went. During the period when Su Moxiu was cultivating, he also woke up secretly to check Su Moxiu’s situation.

He knew that Su Moxiu had killed a lot of people in these ten days, and he also knew that Su Moxiu was preparing for the ceremony of the Daoist couple. He thought that Su Moxiu didn’t want him to wake up and hide from him, because he didn’t want him to see the bloody scene of the murder and wanted to give him a surprise. But he didn’t expect Su Moxiu to…have never believed him.

Yan Jing Ze felt even more heartbroken.

Su Moxiu couldn’t believe his feelings, but he was still so kind to him. When fighting against people, he would rather be injured than let others hurt him… Most people can’t do this!

No matter how cold and domineering Su Moxiu behaves, the inside remains the same—Su Moxiu loves him.

Su Moxiu got up from the edge of Yan Jing Ze’s bed. He stood up straight and looked at Yan Jing Ze who was sitting on the bed: “Senior Brother, in five days, we will become Daoist couple. When the time comes, you have to tie the knot even if you don’t want to.”

Yan Jing Ze sighed: “I have said that I am willing.”

Yan Jing Ze’s eyes were full of tenderness, and when he looked at him, he seemed to be deeply loved by him.

Is Yan Jing Ze still acting now?

Su Moxiu was a little anxious, all of this… is completely different from what he thought.

Su Moxiu suddenly said, “Senior Brother, do you know? The first thing I did after becoming Demon Sovereign was to let people kill Su Moran.”

Yan Jing Ze wanted to say “I know”.

But before he could say that, Su Moxiu pulled the corner of his mouth and suddenly pinched his chin: “You’ve been sleeping for ten days, maybe the person you like is already dead!”

Su Moxiu looked a little evil at this moment, but Yan Jing Ze’s heart felt itchy, and his heartbeat accelerated: “Don’t say that… he is not the person I like. The person I like is you. Aren’t you in good condition?”

Su Moxiu was stunned.

He originally didn’t plan to tell Yan Jing Ze about Su Moran, after all, after Yan Jing Ze knew about it, he would probably be very angry. He might not give him a good face anymore, he might even go on a hunger strike or commit su*cide.

But seeing Yan Jing Ze’s affectionate look just now, he couldn’t help but say it.

As soon as he spoke, he regretted a little bit. After Yan Jing Ze knew about this, would he use su*cide or something to threaten him and ask him to revoke the order? What should he do then?

He was so entangled but he never thought that Yan Jing Ze would confess to him.

He was going to kill Su Moran, didn’t Yan Jing Ze hear him? Why did Yan Jing Ze react like this?

It seems like something is not right?

“Ah Xiu, believe me, the one I really like is you. Su Moran used a trick to make me hurt you. In fact, I want to kill him too. I am very happy that you gave such an order,” Yan Jing Ze said gently.

He could feel that Su Moxiu’s emotions were not quite right.

This is quite normal, people who have become demons are particularly prone to frustrating themselves over something.

It was his fault for not thinking about this at all before.

And now that he has noticed it, the most urgent task is of course to communicate with Su Moxiu so that Su Moxiu knows that he really loves him.

He wanted to give Su Moxiu a sense of security.

Su Moxiu kept staring at Yan Jing Ze and then suddenly leaned down and kissed Yan Jing Ze.

Then, just like what happened to him last time he forcibly kissed Yan Jing Ze – Yan Jing Ze started kissing him back.

Su Moxiu suddenly let go of Yan Jing Ze, a blush appeared on his cold face: “Yan Jing Ze, if you like me, you can double cultivate with me.”

Yan Jing Ze confessed to him because he wanted him not to kill Su Moran, right?

Then shouldn’t Yan Jing Ze pay a little price?

Su Moxiu felt a little confused in his mind, but that’s what he wanted to do.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

At this time, he must find a way to prove himself!

Yan Jing Ze grabbed Su Moxiu’s hand and pulled the person onto the bed.

He didn’t use spiritual power, so when he pulled him, he couldn’t pull him.

Su Moxiu said at this time: “Are you really willing?”

“Of course,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Su Moxiu directly pushed Yan Jing Ze onto the bed and pressed on him.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Su Moxiu’s acted particularly strong, as if he knew it very well, however…

When Yan Jing Ze’s hand touched his body, he fell into Yan Jing Ze’s arms softly, letting Yan Jing Ze do whatever…

Yan Jing Ze is also not polite.

He will prove that he loves Su Moxiu deeply!

Also… he and Su Moxiu really need to do double cultivation.

Su Moxiu killed a lot of people these days, those people’s energy was absorbed by him, and it was running around in his body. Yan Jing Ze thought that he should be uncomfortable.

At this time, of course he has to help him sort it out.

Before, Yan Jing Ze was thinking of hiding his strength from Su Moxiu, but at this time, he felt that it was better to confess.

In five days, they will become Daoist couple. At this time, it will be unfair to continue hiding it.

Moreover, he felt that their Daoist couple contract must be of a higher level, anyway, it would never be an ordinary Daoist couple contract. In this case, he would definitely not be able to hide his strength from Su Moxiu.

As for how to explain why his strength is so strong… Let Daoist couple contract explain it.

It takes a long time for cultivators to double cultivate, it can’t be finished in a short time no matter what!

He has confidence in himself, it will definitely not be a problem to double cultivate for five days.

Yan Jing Ze kissed Su Moxiu and let the spiritual energy in his body enter Su Moxiu’s body, and then guided Su Moxiu to get the demon energy in his body into his own body.

It is actually possible for the cultivators and the demon cultivators to double cultivate, after all, the essence of energy is the same… People with water spiritual root and people with fire spiritual root can also double cultivate!

Su Moxiu was a little overwhelmed when Yan Jing Ze switched their positions.

At the same time, he finally became a little more sober, and realized something—could it be that Yan Jing Ze really liked him?

How is this possible…

Su Moxiu’s mind was particularly chaotic, and the hug and breath of Yan Jing Ze also made him unable to give birth to the slightest thought of resistance.

Then…something happened naturally.

Yan Jing Ze is with him now, Yan Jing Ze is his person!

Su Moxiu was extremely excited.

It’s just… Why is Yan Jing Ze’s spiritual energy so powerful?

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