BH (QT) 247 – Senior Brother (15)

Chapter 247 – Senior Brother (15)

During double cultivation, spiritual energy will circulate in the bodies of the two people and make progress together.

Because of this, it is easy to detect the strength of the person you are double-cultivating with.

Of course, if it is a weak person who double cultivates with a strong person then he may not notice it, and he can’t accurately estimate the specific strength of the strong person who double cultivates with him.

Su Moxiu obviously does not belong to this type of weak people.

He is now in the late stage of Spirit Division, only one step away from the Mahayana stage.

The reason why he didn’t break through this barrier was not because of his lack of divine sense or lack of cultivation, but because he deliberately suppressed his own cultivation.

He was too busy these days, he didn’t do it because he was afraid of delaying things for his breakthrough.

As for why there will be a delay… A lot of energy in his body was taken from others, it was not pure, and it was very troublesome to merge them.

He intends to wait until after the Daoist couple ceremony to deal with this matter.

But at this moment, he is a cultivator in the late stage of Spirit Division, and he can naturally clearly feel the cultivation level of Yan Jing Ze. Yan Jing Ze… is actually in the early stage of Spirit Division. What is going on?!

Not only that! Haven’t they been staying in the place where the Demon Sovereign lives in the past ten days, how come the spiritual energy around Yan Jing Ze is very dense? What’s more interesting is that Su Moxiu is still inseparable from him and their divine sense is similar…

Yan Jing Ze used his divine sense to grab the surrounding spiritual energy, and when Su Moxiu absorbed it, he absorbed it at the same time. Su Moxiu, who had been busy with other things without paying much attention to him, didn’t notice it.

Yan Jing Ze could see the doubt in Su Moxiu’s eyes, but he didn’t mean to answer.

His mouth is very busy and he has a lot of things to do!

And at this time, it’s better not to talk and just enjoy it.

While enjoying it, Yan Jing Ze mobilized his divine sense to help Su Moxiu sort out the spiritual energy in his body.

The messy spiritual energy in Su Moxiu’s body became smooth in the double cultivation, some of the not-so-good energy was removed from his body by Yan Jing Ze, and the remaining energies were merged together.

Su Moxiu had no time to think about anything else.

He seemed to be in an absolutely warm and cozy place, extremely comfortable, and his strength, unknowingly, improved.

He broke through the Spirit Division stage and reached the Mahayana stage.

At this moment, the whole world had become different in his eyes, and he felt more and more clearly how powerful he was.

In dual cultivation, people with high cultivation bases can use their divine sense to guide those with low cultivation bases to help improve their strengths. Therefore, dual cultivation is more beneficial to the person with low cultivation.

It stands to reason that if the two of them have double cultivation, Yan Jing Ze should get more improvement.

But now, when the two of them double cultivated, Yan Jing Ze took the initiative to guide Su Moxiu.

In the end, Su Moxiu is in the Mahayana stage, but Yan Jing Ze’s strength has only grown a little, and it is still in the early stage of Spirit Division.

This is also because the time is too short…just five days, which is not enough!

Cultivators cultivate for decades at every turn to reach the next stage, while cultivators who do double cultivation spend a long time, but they only have five days… Hearing the former Demon Sovereign say outside that the Daoist Couple Ceremony is ready, and also asked Su Moxiu when to officially start, Yan Jing Ze released Su Moxiu with a face full of regret.

Well, it’s not a pity.

He had already eaten him, not only that, but he also sorted out the chaotic spiritual energy in Su Moxiu’s body. Su Moxiu had even reached the Mahayana stage because of this, so he had finally put his mind at ease.

He no longer has to worry about Su Moxiu being in danger anymore – in the realm of cultivation, there are not many people who can be stronger than the current Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu was a bit at a loss.

When he was double-cultivating before, he got the ultimate enjoyment, whether it was his body or his divine sense, or other things, which made him sink down, and only at this moment did he come to his senses.

After waking up, he learned that five days had already passed.

Time passed too quickly, he thought it was at most an hour, but it turned out that five days had passed?

Su Moxiu stood up, only to realize that there were a lot of marks on his body. Before he could say anything, Yan Jing Ze approached him: “Ah Xiu, how do you feel?”

“I’m okay,” Su Moxiu said subconsciously. After running his spiritual energy, the traces on his body disappeared immediately.

Seeing these traces disappear, Su Moxiu was inexplicably lost, suddenly remembered something, and suddenly looked at Yan Jing Ze: “You are in Spirit Division stage!”

Yan Jing Ze said: “Yes.”

“What’s going on?” Su Moxiu stared at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze’s strength was surprisingly so strong, and he was completely unaware of it.

Yan Jing Ze had been lying to him, why would he lie to him?

Yan Jing Ze is so strong, why did he abandon him when he was in the secret realm?

No, if Yan Jing Ze was so strong, he wouldn’t be able to enter the secret realm that only cultivators below the Nascent Soul stage can enter!

Is it possible that Yan Jing Ze has become stronger these days? But he’s been with Yan Jing Ze, how exactly did Yan Jing Ze become stronger?

He was able to become so strong by relying on demonic cultivation and the exercises in his mind, but it was clear that Yan Jing Ze did not become a demon, and he only used the exercises they had cultivated since childhood.

Su Moxiu suddenly thought of what he had done for more than a month.

He always thought that Yan Jing Ze was in Golden Core stage, and he often knocked Yan Jing Ze out, and thought that he had sealed the cultivation of Yan Jing Ze.

But if Yan Jing Ze is in Spirit Division stage, then what he did to Yan Jing Ze is simply ineffective!

In other words, at that time, Yan Jing Ze had been pretending?

In other words, what he did these days, Yan Jing Ze knew all about it?

Su Moxiu can’t tell how he feels—why did Yan Jing Ze lie to him?

Su Moxiu hadn’t even figured it out yet, the former Demon Sovereign outside the door had already spoken again: “Sovereign?”

Su Moxiu asked him to prepare the Daoist Couple Ceremony, and he had already prepared, but Su Moxiu unexpectedly never appeared…


If it weren’t for the demon energy radiating from Su Moxiu’s body, the former Demon Sovereign couldn’t help wondering if Su Moxiu had left.

However, even if Su Moxiu had not left, he should have encountered a problem at this moment.

He knew Su Moxiu’s identity, and he also knew that the Daoist companion Su Moxiu had his eyes on was the Xuan Ming Sect’s Yan Jing Ze, who had been in a coma all those days before.

Could it be that Yan Jing Ze woke up these few days and refused to hold the Daoist Couple Ceremony, so something happened?

This person, Su Moxiu, is a murderer, could he have killed Yan Jing Ze?

Thinking so, the door in front of the former Demon Sovereign opened.

The former Demon Sovereign quickly lowered his head, not daring to look directly at Su Moxiu…Wait! He suddenly raised his head, only to realize that he had not made a mistake. The person who came out turned out to be Yan Jing Ze!

Yan Jing Ze still had a smile on his face!

Former Demon Sovereign: “…” Why doesn’t this person seem to be forced at all?

“Is the Daoist Couple Ceremony ready?” Yan Jing Ze looked at the former Demon Sovereign gently.

This former Demon Sovereign is not a good person, but compared to those demon cultivators who always run around killing people, this Demon Sovereign who thinks about improving his strength all day long, cultivates hard, so the blood on his hands is very small.

So, he doesn’t hate this person.

Yan Jing Ze was a low-level Golden Core stage cultivator, but he was also the Daoist companion that Su Moxiu had fancied… The former Demon Sovereign replied somewhat unhappily, “Ready!”

More than ready, it’s already sunrise, the Daoist couple ceremony is ready at this time!

He invited a lot of demon cultivators for Su Moxiu, and those people were impatiently waiting, and have already approached him for a few fights!

“Lead the way!” A cold voice sounded.

The former Demon Sovereign raised his head and saw Su Moxiu, and the moment he saw him, his heart rippled with waves of shock.

He knew that Su Moxiu was very strong, but before, Su Moxiu’s strength was only reflected in his divine sense.

Su Moxiu’s own strength, he could feel it, was similar to him, probably in the late stage of Spirit Division.

But now…

Su Moxiu’s demon energy rolled over, making him subconsciously terrified.

Su Moxiu broke through!

In just a few days, Su Moxiu broke through from the late stage of Spirit Division to the Mahayana stage!

This is the Mahayana stage!

When the strength of the demon cultivator becomes strong, it is not as stable as the immortal cultivator, and it is easy to get qi deviation. In addition, the powerful demon cultivator will basically not hide and cultivate silently.

Therefore, the former Demon Sovereign was very clear that the most powerful demon cultivator before was in the late stage of Spirit Division, and it was him.

But now, a Mahayana period demon cultivator appeared.

This Su Moxiu is too strong, is it possible for him to ascend successfully in the end?

The former Demon Sovereign thought many things in his heart, but didn’t dare to neglect, and began to lead the way.

At this moment, he heard Yan Jing Ze say to Su Moxiu: “Ah Xiu, today is the day we hold the Daoist Couple Ceremony, come on, smile.”

Su Moxiu didn’t smile, he was still confused at the moment.

Yan Jing Ze was a Spirit Division stage cultivator, there was no need to fear him before. While his strength was unstable, Yan Jing Ze’s strength was stable, and Yan Jing Ze even had a chance to kill him.

But Yan Jing Ze did nothing.

Does Yan Jing Ze really like him? That’s why he stayed with him?

Su Moxiu’s heartbeat accelerated, but his face was still cold.

If Yan Jing Ze really likes him, what did he do before!

He was unwilling to believe in Yan Jing Ze, and even “knocked out” Yan Jing Ze at every turn.

Would Yan Jing Ze hate him?

Thinking about this, Su Moxiu even became nervous.

But soon, he was relieved.

So what if Yan Jing Ze is a Spirit Division stage cultivator? He is already in Mahayana stage! He can definitely control Yan Jing Ze!

In any case, finish the Daoist Couple Ceremony with Yan Jing Ze first!

Although Su Moxiu had set the time to become a Daoist couple with Yan Jing Ze, he was always uneasy, but at this moment, he was extremely looking forward to it.

Yan Jing Ze…maybe he really likes him.

Otherwise, why did Yan Jing Ze double cultivate with him before? And even helped him?

At this time, the demon cultivators waiting for Su Moxiu were already impatient.

Most of them had never seen the Demon Sovereign Su Moxiu, so naturally they were not convinced.

“That Su Moxiu is not even a hundred years old yet? Are we going to listen to a little baby in the future?”

“What does he mean by letting us wait here?”

“I heard that he looks good, the former Demon Sovereign surrendered without a fight. Isn’t he just looking at his face?”

Su Moxiu heard the last words as soon as he arrived at the place where the ceremony was held.

In a moment of annoyance, the demonic energy in his body burst out violently…

All the demon cultivators were silent, no one spoke for a while.

This Su Moxiu is already a Mahayana stage master?!

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