BH (QT) 257 – Extra

Chapter 257 – Extra

The immortal realm has been sealed for thousands of years. The immortals who used to dominate the immortal realm, without the immortal energy in this world, live just like ordinary people.

Not only that, all the disputes in the past have now all disappeared.

There is no immortal energy in this world, they can only consume their own immortal energy if they want to fight. If their own immortal energy is depleted, without replenishment, they will die!

They all cultivated for countless years before becoming immortals, who wants to die?

And also… before, for the immortals in the immortal realm, it is not a problem to travel thousands of miles every day. If they want to fight with others, they can travel quickly, but now it is different.

If their enemies are too far away from them, how do they travel? If they don’t use immortal energy, they won’t be able to go there for decades or centuries. If they use it… how much immortal energy will be consumed?

Anyway, the entire immortal realm was quiet in an instant.

Over time, the animals and plants in the immortal realm began to degenerate, becoming ordinary flowers, plants, and ordinary animals.

Plants began to grow rapidly and animals began to multiply. Some parts of the immortal realm seemed to be thriving. Of course, for those immortals who only wanted immortal energy, these places were no different from the wasteland.

But today, the immortal realm suddenly changed.

The seal that kept them inaccessible to the world and prevented them from contacting the lower realms, the very same seal that isolated all the immortal energies suddenly disappeared!

After the seal disappeared, the immortal energy accumulated for thousands of years also filled the entire immortal realm in an instant.

The immortal energy of the immortal realm instantly became so dense that it even made those immortals who had been suffering for thousands of years a little uncomfortable – many of them, because of the speed of absorbing immortal energy, had accidentally let themselves get injured.

But even if they are injured, they are all happy.

The immortal realm is restored!

“Hahahahaha! The seal of that demon is gone!”

“I knew that I would be able to make it through!”

“God has eyes!”

The immortals yelled without grace, they were all excited. When they laughed, they deliberately used some immortal energy to spread their voice far away.

Some of these immortals lived together, and at this time, they embraced each other and burst into tears. Of course, Su Moxiu must also be mentioned.

When Su Moxiu sacrificed himself to seal the immortal realm, the movement was very big. Even those old immortals who were originally in retreat and didn’t know anything about him, sensed something and knew what he was doing.

Therefore, Su Moxiu is truly well-known to everyone in the immortal world.

At this moment, they couldn’t help but gloat: “That lunatic is so strong, he sacrificed his soul cultivation base but only sealed the immortal realm for thousands of years?”

“Now that the seal has been lifted, that demon must have been scattered, so it’s a good thing!”

“From now on, the immortal realm will definitely be peaceful!”

The immortals in the immortal realm were very happy, and felt even more heartfelt joy at the fact that Su Moxiu’s soul should have been completely dispersed with the seal.

However, at this moment, the accident happened suddenly.

Just like when Su Moxiu sealed the world, they knew what had happened deep inside. At this moment, deep inside them, they also suddenly learned of something.

In this immortal realm, an immortal emperor will appear to rule over the entire immortal realm.

Before, there was an immortal emperor in the immortal realm, but only those immortal cultivators recognized him.

In addition, demon cultivators also have a demon emperor belonging to them.

But now, they could feel that the Immortal Emperor they suddenly knew would become the Immortal Emperor of the entire realm.

Whether immortal or demon cultivators, he will lead them all.

Who is this person?

Almost everyone had such doubts, and then they knew who that person was.

It’s Su Moxiu.

It turned out to be Su Moxiu?

How could it be Su Moxiu?!

Everyone was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe what they found out.

Su Moxiu sealed the immortal realm and harmed all of them. Now he has become an emperor?

They were still scolding Su Moxiu before, happy that Su Moxiu was gone, but now Su Moxiu has become an immortal emperor?

Whether it is an immortal or a demon, there is a feeling of going crazy at this moment.

Su Moxiu was also a little confused.

Why… did he suddenly become an emperor? What exactly is going on?

Yan Jing Ze felt Su Moxiu’s doubts and immediately said, “Ah Xiu, I have something to tell you…”

He must confess his identity now!

When Yan Jing Ze was still a little phoenix, he never told Su Moxiu about his identity, and just wanted to be with Su Moxiu.

Of course, this was also because he was a little careful at that time—he wanted to tell Su Moxiu who he was after repairing the immortal realm.

Su Moxiu will definitely admire him by then!

And he can also help Su Moxiu become stronger!

It’s a pity that things went counterproductive. Later, they met a group of wicked people who attacked them without saying anything, so he had no time to react. And those people were actually originally fighting against each other and then started to act together.

Yan Jing Ze slowly told Su Moxiu about his affairs: “Ah Xiu, I have never spoken to anyone before. You are my first communication partner and the person I love the most.”

When confessing, of course you have to spare no effort to express your love. His Ah Xiu likes to listen to this, doesn’t he?

Yan Jing Ze thought so and kissed Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu hugged Yan Jing Ze and felt distressed.

Yan Jing Ze came here to repair the immortal realm. He worked so hard and did so much, but when he was about to succeed, those people actually killed him…

Those immortals who did it at that time, they probably would never think of it no matter what, because of what they did, the immortal realm that could have been restored long ago, did not recover. And because of what they did, he later sealed the immortal realm for thousands of years…

Well, they certainly could not have imagined that because they were killed on the spot by Yan Jing Ze.

“Ah Xiu, I’m sorry,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“It has nothing to do with you,” Su Moxiu said. Yan Jing Ze has done a good job. No one thought that such an accident would happen.

He even regrets a bit now, regretting that he is too extreme and crazy. If he could calm down at that time and wait a little longer, he would not shatter his soul, and Yan Jing Ze would not need to give his soul to him…

Su Moxiu said, “Jing Ze, how do I return your soul essence to you?”

That is the soul of Yan Jing Ze, he should return the soul of Yan Jing Ze to Yan Jing Ze.

“No need to return it, it’s already fused with you,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“No. This will hurt you, right?” Su Moxiu couldn’t help frowning.

“You can rest assured that it won’t hurt me. Your soul and my soul are fused together, isn’t that good?” Yan Jing Ze said: “As long as I think that my soul and your soul are inseparable, I want to…”

Yan Jing Ze kissed Su Moxiu, breathing quickly.

Su Moxiu understood in a second.

What else can Yan Jing Ze think about? Isn’t it the thing about the man and man in bed…

When he was the Demon Immortal Venerable, he was not enthusiastic about this kind of things because of his mother’s reputation all over the realm. At the beginning, the little phoenix was so innocent that the two of them had been together for hundreds of years and never done it.

But now…

Su Moxiu instantly remembered the lives of the two in the small worlds.

In those worlds, Yan Jing Ze always pestered him shamelessly… but he likes it too, cough!

Su Moxiu’s face blushed.

Yan Jing Ze hugged him: “Our previous double cultivation was too short. Let’s do it again!”

He was very dissatisfied before when they had to stop their double cultivation in order to conclude a Daoist contract.

Now they can make up for it!

Su Moxiu also hugged Yan Jing Ze tightly.

All the things in the past make him still have a lingering fear, he now… also wants to have Yan Jing Ze.

The two people went straight to double cultivation.

The area they were in was sealed, this double cultivation lasted a long, long time.

The fallen immortal who ran to the cultivation realm voluntarily before, and then followed Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu back to the immortal realm: “…”

He didn’t hear what Su Moxiu and Yan Jing Ze said, but when he saw Yan Jing Ze kissed Su Moxiu, he couldn’t see anything right after that.

What exactly are these two people doing?

Even if they are a Daoist couple, but under broad daylight. And no matter what, they just returned to the immortal realm, Su Moxiu also just became an Immortal Emperor… What exactly did they come here for?

And Su Moxiu’s… that deep affection, that shyness…

He really didn’t expect that Su Moxiu would have such an appearance.

That big demon who once turned the world upside down, turned out to be a love brain?

He sealed the immortal realm because of the death of his Daoist companion. Now that his Daoist companion is alive, he doesn’t care about anything anymore?

This is really unimaginable…

The fallen immortal was very depressed, while the other immortals felt that something was wrong. They were silent afterwards and never dared to talk about Su Moxiu again.

After Su Moxiu became the Immortal Emperor, how come there was no movement at all?

They thought that Su Moxiu would definitely do something, but as a result, they waited for two years and waited for nothing.

What the hell did Su Moxiu do?

Most of the immortals don’t know what Su Moxiu wants to do, and only the immortal who was brought back from the realm of cultivation by Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu knows what the two of them probably did.

This immortal is also a little confused now.

He didn’t dare to leave at will, so he thought about waiting for Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu to come out, but he waited day after day, but Su Moxiu and Yan Jing Ze didn’t show up.

He waited month after month, but the two of them still didn’t come out.

Does he have to wait year after year?

It is normal for them to cultivate for a longer period of time, but the dual cultivation is different. Their double cultivation lasted for years… What a talent!

Are they not afraid of physical problems?

Of course, Yan Jing Ze is not afraid of physical problems. How can the immortal’s body be so prone to problems?

But the thing is… he really didn’t go too far. His double cultivation with Su Moxiu didn’t last for two years!

Most of the time, they are just talking, talking about what happened in those previous worlds.

In each world, they will have some problems at first, but in the end, they are sweet and really happy. As for the occasional troubles, it is nothing.

A beautiful love always has to go through some trials and tribulations!

Yan Jing Ze talked to Su Moxiu for a long time and then remembered that they had a lot of things to do.

For example, make the immortal realm a little better.

“Those immortals fight all day, mainly because they have nothing to do… Haven’t we been to the modern world? Why not use immortal energy and combine it with technology to make some products to kill their limitless time,” Yan Jing Ze suggested.

If those immortals have nothing to do and fight all the time, sooner or later, this world will have troubles. They need things that can consume their time and energy.

Ordinary novels, movies, TV dramas and whatnot, for these immortals who are used to seeing all kinds of life, the appeal may not be so great, but games and other things can still be played. They can also shoot some movies that meet the aesthetics of those immortals.

Or, just set up a forum or something to share your experience in various aspects, such as researching and studying the production of robots together.

They can also set up an Immortal Realm University or something.

Yan Jing Ze suddenly thought of a lot of things he could do.

“Good,” Su Moxiu agreed unconditionally.

“Then let’s start!” Yan Jing Ze said.

Then… the immortals of the immortal realm received news from the Immortal Emperor for the first time.

The Immortal Emperor asked them to register immediately, everyone in the immortal world will have an ID card in the future!

ID card? What is this?

These immortals went to apply for their own identity certificates, and when they got their ID cards, they also received a jade slip that could be connected to the immortal network. The immortal emperor called it the “immortal computer.”

All immortals can use immortal energy to use immortal computer, which means that they can communicate with anyone they want to communicate using immortal computer. In addition, the Immortal Emperor has also made some cultivation techniques, qi refining techniques, and whatnot openly available on the immortal network.

They even found something on it that was made into a TV show and a novel.

Those mortals are quite capable of thinking, making things that are quite interesting!

For a time, the immortals were actually addicted to it and could not extricate themselves.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” These people who have lived for tens of thousands of years are so interested in novels, movies, and television dramas? It was beyond his expectation!

He thought that people who treat mortals as ants would not like to watch them!

Immortals: We love to watch!

When they were cultivators, they had the goal of becoming immortals all day long, and they always had access to mortals around them, so they really didn’t like them, but now it’s different!

There are no mortals in the immortal realm, and after they became immortals, they haven’t seen the sorrows and joys of mortals!

Not only that, they couldn’t do anything for thousands of years!

For a whole thousand years, nothing can be done!

They are already suffocated to death!

And in the previous two years, they were busy absorbing the immortal energy and regaining their strength, there was no time to do anything. But now…

The strength has been restored and the Immortal Emperor has published “The Immortal Rules” to not allow them to fight. They have nothing to do. Isn’t it good to read novels and watch TV shows?

Almost everyone is addicted to it.

Even Yan Jing Ze was worried at first that these immortals might use their divine sense to finish reading a book in an instant, but nothing like that happened.

The least important thing for these immortals is time, and what they fear most is that they have nothing to do for a long time like those thousands of years before. In this case, there are rare things that can kill time, so naturally they have to read it slowly…

For a time, the immortal realm was a lot more harmonious.

Some people are obsessed with novels and games, some people started making robots with the technique of refining tools following the ideas of Yan Jing Ze, and some people started studying various cultivation methods.

Therefore, when Master Qing Yang ascended to the immortal realm a hundred years later, he discovered that the immortal realm was a little weird.

As soon as he arrived in the immortal realm, he was stopped by someone who gave him an ID card, gave him an immortal computer, followed closely by a recommendation to study at the university.

He has already become an immortal and he still needs to study?

“Of course, you have to read. You can’t keep up with the times if you don’t read.” The immortal who led the way said, gushing about the immortal computer and the university.

Master Qing Yang admired extremely for a time—this immortal realm is really different!

“By the way, this senior, I want to ask, does the immortal realm have an immortal emperor named Su Moxiu?” Master Qing Yang asked.

“You actually called his name!” The immortal was taken aback and became curious again: “Wait, how do you know him?”

“He used to be a cultivator in the cultivation realm where I belonged. A hundred years ago, he was reincarnated and re-cultivated in our realm…” Master Qing Yang said.

“Are you related to him?” The immortal looked at Master Qing Yang solemnly.

Master Qing Yang didn’t feel malice from this person, so he said: “At that time, he worshipped me as a teacher, and his Daoist companion, Yan Jing Ze, was reincarnated as my son…”

The immortal: “F*ck!”

“What?” Master Qing Yang did not understand.

“It’s nothing, it’s just an exclamatory word…” The immortal looked at Master Qing Yang in a trance: “Why are you so lucky…”

Who didn’t know that in this immortal realm, although the Immortal Emperor was Su Moxiu, the one who could not be provoked the most was Yan Jing Ze?

Immortal Emperor Su Moxiu has always regarded his Daoist companion as a treasure!

This one in front of him was once the father of Yan Jing Ze… Excuse his disrespectfulness!

Master Qing Yang was about to ask about the status quo of Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu, when he saw that the immortal smiled at him: “Dad, add me as a friend in the immortal net! Remember to let me hug your thigh when you get rich in the future ah! I am willing to be your leg pendant!”

Hug my thigh? What? Old Antique Qing Yang was really dumbfounded.

Many other immortals who have just ascended are also a little confused.

The immortal realm is different from what they thought…

Yan Jing Ze still likes the current immortal realm.

In the past, the immortals did not eat, or drink, or play, it used to be so boring, but it is so fun here now. The cooking competition in the immortal realm has been held several times, and he also participated anonymously and won the tenth place!

Then he hired the champion as a cook for himself!

Unfortunately, he eventually had to say goodbye to such a degenerate life and go to work.

For thousands of years before, he and Su Moxiu had been in reincarnation, so naturally, he couldn’t take care of those small worlds. So now… there are more and more small worlds that are in trouble and reincarnation also began to have problems.

Some souls will suddenly have some prophetic memories and feel that they are reborn, some souls will travel from their own world to another world, and some people will suddenly acquire superpowers or something.

These are nothing, but if these people do too much, it is very likely that they will destroy the world they are in.

There are some worlds where the law itself does not make any sense, and it may cause the world to self-destruct, or that world accidentally collided with another world, the two worlds fused together.

Oh, there is another cultivation world that collided with a futuristic world, and they unexpectedly began to merge.

There are so many messy things that he, the repairman, has to go online to repair these worlds.

Fortunately, he can now control Chaos, and he can change the time course of those worlds to a certain extent.

The world moves forward, and this cannot be changed, but he can make the world move slower, so even if he stays in that world for a hundred years, when he comes back, it may only be a hundred days here.

But even so, he and Su Moxiu will have to be separated for a long time…

Yan Jing Ze suddenly thought of something and looked at Su Moxiu: “Ah Xiu, you can go to work with me!”

“Okay!” Su Moxiu can’t wait to agree. He originally wanted to work with Yan Jing Ze, but he was afraid to disturb Yan Jing Ze before, so he was embarrassed to mention it.

“We are going to repair a lot of worlds, will you feel annoyed?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“How come? I think it’s good to go to the small worlds,” Su Mo Xiu said, the memories of his previous reincarnations are very beautiful for him.

“Right… this time we are different and you will never be wronged,” Yan Jing Ze was a bit repulsive of work before, but now he can’t wait to get up.

After bringing Su Moxiu… Is this work? This is not work anymore! This is a honeymoon!

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Hugging/Holding a thigh – getting support/help from a person with high authority or ability, like freeriding or something like that

F*ck – the immortal said wo cao which is an internet slang coz of net censorship, a homophone I think?


Can’t believe it’s already finished. Thank you for all the support. Thank you for staying with me. And thank you for your patience.

Yes, this book has a sequel. 钟情(快穿) It’s their honeymoon in different worlds. Not sure yet if I’ll be picking it up. I have a novel that I want to pick up but I’m not done reading it yet so I don’t know if it’s good. XD

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