BH (QT) 252 – Senior Brother (20)

Chapter 252 – Senior Brother (20)

The man who poked his head out of the hole above had white hair and white beard, and a pale face, looking more undignified than many cultivators in the cultivation realm.

And what he said was shocking enough—something happened to the immortal realm?

However, as soon as he finished speaking, he changed his face again: “No…no… Great Emperor… I beg the Great Emperor for mercy…”

And whether he was calling Demon Sovereign or Great Emperor, it was all directed at Su Moxiu.

And after he finished speaking, the hole that Su Moxiu pierced out began to shrink.

“I beg the Great Emperor’s forgiveness! Great Emperor…” the man yelled and suddenly jumped out of the hole. At the same time, the hole in the sky finally closed slowly.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t understand the situation a bit, but one thing was certain—Su Moxiu had an extraordinary background!

His person is really powerful!

When Yan Jing Ze thought so, Su Moxiu kept looking up at the sky, even if the person who came out of the hole fell to his feet and knelt at his feet, he did not lower his head.

Just now, when the person called him Demon Sovereign, his head hurt, and many memories from his past and present lives appeared in his mind.

Thousands of years ago, the realm of cultivation was very chaotic, the righteous path and the demonic path fought endlessly, there were wars all the time.

His mother was a demon cultivator who practiced charm cultivation. She was powerful and beautiful in appearance. They didn’t know how many guests she had behind the curtain. For a while, she especially favored the righteous path cultivators.

As a result, during that time, his mother became pregnant with a child. At that time, his mother didn’t know who his father was, but only knew that it should be a righteous path cultivator who might have been killed by her.

It is not easy for a cultivator to conceive a child, especially for a demon cultivator, and probably because of this, his mother gave birth to him.

But his mother didn’t treat him very well, she just let the people under her hand raise him.

He grew up ignorantly in the territory of demon cultivators, and when he reached the age of seven or eight, his mother made a slip and died at the hands of the righteous side.

His life suddenly became miserable.

The subordinates around him who had taken care of him turned over to become his master, and there were others who took pleasure in bullying him.

He looked like his mother, he was good-looking, and some people had their eyes on him and wanted to take him as a little pet.

He scratched his face so that he wouldn’t encounter something he didn’t want to.

When his mother died, he was still young, and his mother still didn’t care about him, so he did not cultivate, but at least he knew a few characters, and knew what cultivation was.

After the death of his mother, he was imprisoned by the servants who had taken care of himself in the place where his mother used to raise men. It was actually there that he occasionally discovered some basic righteous path cultivation methods—the male cultivators of the righteous path who used to be imprisoned here had nothing to do and were so bitter that they carved the most basic cultivation techniques on the wall.

The male cultivators who were arrested weren’t very strong, they engraved the techniques that were easily available in the realm of cultivation. Even for the demon cultivators, they were useless, but they changed his destiny.

He embarked on the path of immortality.

After that, he secretly escaped, hiding left and right, cultivating alone.

He was lucky and his talent was amazing. In addition, at that time, the demon cultivators and the righteous path cultivators were fighting endlessly, and many people died silently. Fortunately, he got some treasures from the dead.

After a hundred years of cultivation, he entered the Spirit Division stage and finally appeared in front of people.

He doesn’t know what to do after cultivating. He has no family, no friends, nothing.

The demon cultivators didn’t like him, so he interacted with the righteous path cultivators. When people learned of his past, they also showed disgust. Not only that, his identity was also spread, and the righteous path cultivators avoided him.

There were many people who had been harmed by his mother.

Later, he simply cultivated while killing those people when he encountered them doing evil.

Compared to the righteous path cultivators, the demon cultivators are more likely to do evil, so most of his kills are demon cultivators… With the passage of time, he actually gained the name of Demon Immortal Venerable.

After he was born, his mother did not name him. This is the first time he has a name.

He ruined his appearance in his early years, but then he recovered when he reached the Nascent Soul stage.

And because his appearance had recovered, he was afraid of trouble, so he simply put on a mask, so in the eyes of everyone, the Demon Immortal Venerable became extraordinarily mysterious.

And his luck was really good, in the end, he went all the way to the Great Ascension stage, passed the heaven tribulation, and ascended to the immortal realm.

The cultivation world was a mess, as for the immortal realm, he always thought the immortal realm would be a pure land.

However, the truth is just the opposite.

The immortal world has a problem.

The cultivation world has spiritual energy, and the immortal realm has immortal energy, but they don’t know when the immortal energy of the immortal realm has become less and less.

If the energy of immortal realm decreases, the growth of the cultivation base of those immortals will slow down, and there will be fewer and fewer geniuses and treasures that will appear because of the immortal energy.

In the beginning, the cultivators united together to think of ideas, but then couldn’t think of a way, some people began to compete for various resources.

In particular, the cultivation world has immortal cultivation and demonic cultivation, the immortal world is similarly divided into immortal and demon.

A thousand years before he ascended, the immortal world was chaotic, even the cultivation world will be chaotic. It was also related to the people in the immortal world sending some news to the lower realm. At that time, the passage between the cultivation world and the immortal world was not closed, and people in the cultivation world could ascend. If people pay the price, they can also contact the upper and lower realms.

It’s just that because of the decreasing immortal energy, people in the immortal realm have rarely sent messages to the lower realm.

The whole immortal realm is no different from the cultivation realm. There are people fighting everywhere.

And he was alone, he just ascended and his strength was not strong. Being in such a place was even more dangerous.

He would simply hide, he was used to being alone, so he simply went to live in a place where the immortal energy was so thin that no one else would go.

It was there that he met a bird.

Can’t say it’s a bird, it’s a phoenix, it’s an immortal beast, an immortal beast that speaks human language.

He didn’t know what was going on with this phoenix. He had been living in a place where immortal energy was scarce, probably because there was no one here, and it was too boring, so the phoenix would come to him from time to time.

At first, they didn’t communicate, but after a few years, the phoenix suddenly asked his name.

He said he didn’t have a name, and the phoenix said, “You don’t have a name, you can make one yourself!”

He thought about it, and finally simply named himself “Moxiu”.

The homonym of Mo Xiu (demon cultivator), simple and easy to remember.

As for the surname… In the cultivation realm, he met someone who left him a strong impression, because that person was grateful to him, he treated him as a master, that person’s surname was Su.

He simply named himself Su Moxiu.

The phoenix knew his name, so he called him Ah Xiu, and said that he didn’t have a name either, and he wanted a name.

He was not good at giving names, so the phoenix was not satisfied with the names he gave. Later, he simply copied down some of the words that the phoenix liked, and let the phoenix draw lots.

The phoenix pecked out the three characters “Yan Jing Ze”.

The two of them got a name and continued to get along. After getting acquainted, Yan Jing Ze turned into a human form and turned into a handsome man. They stayed together and became closer.

This was the first time he had a friend.

After becoming friends with Yan Jing Ze, he realized that Yan Jing Ze was very strong, much stronger than him. It was not what he thought at first, a weak little phoenix without his parents.

The only drawback is that Yan Jing Ze is a bit narcissistic, and always feels that he is the best-looking in the world and the strongest in the world.

This phoenix who is the strongest in the world becomes weak every once in a while.

He asked Yan Jing Ze why, but Yan Jing Ze said confidently that he was saving the world.

Su Moxiu thought it was funny at the time, and at the same time, he became more and more fond of Yan Jing Ze when they got along day after day.

When he was in the cultivation world, he had been killing those wicked people, but he actually knew very well that he had a lot of evil thoughts and evil ideas inside himself.

He is not kind, and when he looks at the world, he is also very pessimistic.

Yan Jing Ze is a completely different person…no, bird.

Yan Jing Ze is always happy, the immortal realm is in a mess but he always tells him it’s okay, the world will definitely get better.

Yan Jing Ze even said that he will let him be the emperor in the future.

Of course, he didn’t believe it, but he was willing to pretend to believe. He tried his best to treat Yan Jing Ze as good as he could. When he noticed that Yan Jing Ze felt fresh about everything, he cooked some random food that mortals love to eat. He became more and more familiar with taking care of Yan Jing Ze attentively.

The two have been together for hundreds of years.

He likes Yan Jing Ze more and more. Fortunately, Yan Jing Ze also likes him.

One time, Yan Jing Ze asked him what he wanted. He tentatively said that he wanted a Daoist companion. Yan Jing Ze said that he could be a Daoist companion for him, but he would have to wait for a while.

He waited happily, and became more intimate when getting along with Yan Jing Ze. It can be said that that was the happiest period of time in his life.

Never thought that one day, suddenly a group of demon cultivators and immortal cultivators who were fighting, came to the place where he and Yan Jing Ze lived, where there was almost no immortal energy.

Those people also saw Yan Jing Ze.

The phoenix is a divine beast, and the phoenix’s heart and blood can bring people back to life and increase their strength.

Regardless of whether it is immortal or demon cultivator, they all want Yan Jing Ze, who was in a period of weakness at that time.

As for him…

There is no immortal energy in this place, and there is no way to cultivate. Logically, he should have left long ago, but because there is someone here to accompany him, he hasn’t left, so naturally he didn’t cultivate much.

Although Yan Jing Ze occasionally help him so that he could cultivate, he was afraid of affecting Yan Jing Ze and did not agree, so that his strength was very poor.

At least, such a person whose strength hasn’t grown much since his ascension can’t beat those who may have been immortal for thousands of years.

He ran away with Yan Jing Ze, but the people who chased them were really powerful. In order to protect Yan Jing Ze, he was hit by a palm…

It stands to reason that he would end up dead, but he did not die. When he woke up, those who chased him were already dead, and Yan Jing Ze was also dead.

He was able to survive, probably because he had eaten the phoenix’s heart and blood.

A powerful force rolled in his body, his cultivation level rose several levels in a row, but he immediately became a demon.

He had no thoughts at the time, he just wanted to destroy the immortal realm.

He killed a lot of people, he couldn’t remember how many people he killed, but all those who were fighting and killing were killed by him.

Who gave these people the right to kill?

Yan Jing Ze was so good, so kind. Even though he was always thinking about letting him make a few more meals every day, he never ate any living creatures, so why should he die?

In the killing spree, he became stronger and stronger, and even created a demon technique.

In the end, he even sacrificed himself and sealed the entire immortal realm.

But at this moment… the immortal realm that he sealed himself, was pierced open by himself again.

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