BH (QT) 251 – Senior Brother (19)

Chapter 251 – Senior Brother (19)

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After the Su family ancestor threw out the sword, the whole person looked much older, and at this moment, his face was disheveled mixed with shock.

That sword was left by the Demon Immortal Venerable.

When the Demon Immortal Venerable was ascending, the old ancestor of the Su family supported him. When the Demon Immortal Venerable finally succeeded in passing the heaven tribulation and survived, just when he was about to ascend, he gave the sword to the old ancestor of the Su family for fear that his enemies would harm him.

This sword was meticulously crafted by the Demon Immortal Venerable, and it has been with the Demon Immortal Venerable for hundreds of years. It has survived the heaven tribulation, and at that time, it gained a trace of lightning. The Demon Immortal Venerable has been with it for hundreds of years, he also added a piece of his own divine sense in it…

After the Demon Immortal Venerable ascended, a sword spirit was born in this sword.

This sword spirit is very friendly to the Su family, and this sword can also be used by the Su family, but no one can make this sword recognize a master.

Thousands of years ago, the Su family had a Great Ascension stage master, but even with that master, there was no way make this sword recognize him as its master.

But now, the divine weapon of the Su family recognized Su Moxiu as its master.

Not only that, Su Moxiu… still didn’t refine this sword at all!

If you want such a sword with a sword spirit to recognize you as its master, it will take a few days of meticulous refinement to erase the original master’s divine sense, but Su Moxiu didn’t do it at all!

Not only that, the power left in this sword, Su Moxiu can actually directly use it to attack Su Moran!

The Su family ancestor saw this scene, and a stormy sea was already rolling in his heart, and at the same time, he had a guess—could it be that not only was Su Moxiu the Immortal Monarch, he was also… the Demon Immortal Venerable?

The Su family ancestor had this thought, and when he heard Yan Jing Ze’s words, he was more sure about it, and now he was extremely annoyed.

The Demon Immortal Venerable is the person he admires, but what has he done?

As soon as the Su family’s ancestor’s words came out… except him, the righteous path cultivators then thought of this.

Everyone looked at the Tianji Pavilion Master together—who in the end is the Immortal Monarch?!

When Yan Jing Ze fooled these people, saying that he was the “Immortal Monarch who descended to the mortal realm”, he had already withdrawn the divine sense that suppressed these people.

But the Tianji Pavilion Master was injured before, and now his face is still ugly: “I never said that Su Moran is the Immortal Monarch. At the beginning, my father only predicted that the Immortal Monarch would come to the Su family, and at the same time, he felt a powerful demon energy.”

After he finished speaking, the Tianji Pavilion Master looked at Su Moran again: “This person’s heart is not strong, indeed he does not look like an Immortal Monarch.”

After Yan Jing Ze withdrew the pressure, they could observe Su Moran’s situation more clearly.

Su Moran has been crying out in pain for help since he became a waste, and he is still rolling on the ground. This look is really a bit undignified.

The people of the Xuan Ming Sect almost immediately thought of Su Moxiu’s appearance after coming out of the secret realm.

Su Moxiu’s injury at that time was no less than that of Su Moran now, but he had been holding back strongly and had not lost his composure and wailed from beginning to end…

Of course, there is another thing for them to make sure that Su Moran is not capable.

Su Moran’s powerful divine sense is gone!

Before, they thought that Su Moran was an immortal monarch because Su Moran had a powerful divine sense, but now… they could perceive that Su Moran’s own divine sense was very weak!

Compared to Su Moran, Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu are more like immortal monarchs.

It’s just… Su Moxiu has become a demon!

Su Moran was very much in pain, even the surrounding voices were not really heard, he could still hear a little bit. At this time, he collapsed and shouted: “I am the Immortal Monarch! I am the Immortal Monarch! Su Moxiu is a fake, he robbed my identity!”

“Obviously you robbed Ah Xiu’s identity,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Before in the Xuan Ming Sect, Yan Jing Ze didn’t know about the Immortal Monarch who descended to the mortal realm and other things. He just recently learned about it, and once he did, he was sure that there was definitely something fishy in it.

Especially… Su Moxiu directly let the sword of Demon Immortal Venerable recognize his as its master!

He has the memory of the original owner, he knows about Demon Immortal Venerable, and even admires this person. If Su Moxiu is the Demon Immortal Venerable, then he is in a romantic relationship with the Demon Immortal Venerable?

It is a bit exciting just thinking about it!

“It was Su Moxiu who stole my identity! Ah! You return the Immortal Monarch to me! The Immortal Monarch said that Su Moxiu is a natural born demon, and I am the one in the prophecy!” Su Moran crumbled and yelled, and then began to ask for help after yelling: “Ancestor, help…”

Yan Jing Ze pointed to the captured divine sense: “You call this thing an immortal monarch? This is just a divine sense without a body, I can get rid of him at any time!”

“No! That’s the Immortal Monarch!” Su Moran shouted.

Su Moran was on the verge of going crazy at this point.

Yan Jing Ze pierced his body and grabbed the “Immortal Monarch” from him. Not only did he lose his cultivation, but his mentality also collapsed.

He has always believed that in his previous life, it was Su Moxiu who robbed him of his identity.

But it’s actually not?

So, Su Moxiu is really the Immortal Monarch?

This is impossible!

Why is this happening?!

“This thing can be an immortal monarch, I am more powerful than him, then am I the Immortal Emperor?” Yan Jing Ze sneered, and as soon as the voice fell, he attacked the captured divine sense with his own divine sense.

Such a thing, it is better to get rid of early.

Previously, when Yan Jing Ze attacked this divine sense, this divine sense was just defending and avoiding, but this time, when Yan Jing Ze had just moved his hand, this divine sense exploded unexpectedly, or more like, it rushed to explode at Yan Jing Ze.

Under the attack of Yan Jing Ze, the divine sense was already a lot weaker, but it still had the strength of a Great Ascension stage master. At this moment, it suddenly exploded, and his lethality was particularly great!

Yan Jing Ze’s expression changed, he immediately began to resist with his divine sense. However, if he wanted to block the explosion of a Great Ascension stage’s divine sense, he obviously had to use the late-stage of Great Ascension’s divine sense.

And as soon as that divine sense was used… he felt the surrounding space begin to collapse again.

What are these things!

Yan Jing Ze felt that he was going to be crushed on the ground, and his body could not withstand such a force at all. He burst out almost instantly, blood seeping out of his skin.

If it hadn’t been for his cultivation base to increase a lot these days, he might have become a puddle of mud now.

“Jing Ze!” Su Moxiu immediately rushed towards Yan Jing Ze, and his divine sense entangled towards Yan Jing Ze, trying to help Yan Jing Ze.

It was this help that he found out that Yan Jing Ze’s divine sense was very similar to him, and the two divine senses could even merge together.

Su Moxiu suddenly thought of some things that puzzled him before.

For example, on the day he escaped from the Xuan Ming Sect, his divine sense suddenly became very powerful.

That divine is not only his, but also Yan Jing Ze’s?

Had it not been for Yan Jing Ze at that time, he would have had no chance to escape!

Later, after escaping with Yan Jing Ze, he was once in a coma, but when he woke up, he felt that his body was feeling better. In fact, it was Yan Jing Ze who was helping him?

After that, when he was in danger, Yan Jing Ze also helped, right?

Su Moxiu figured out a lot of things, but couldn’t get a sweet feeling—Yan Jing Ze is now being suppressed by a force that could destroy the world!

This power is the power of the law of this world?

The blood oozing from Yan Jing Ze’s skin seeped through Yan Jing Ze’s clothes, and it also made Su Moxiu bloody red in front of him.

In a trance, some memories appeared in Su Moxiu’s mind.

He felt that he was walking alone with no life. Suddenly, someone appeared in his field of vision and wanted to kill him.

With a wave of his hand, he tore the person in half.

He heard someone calling him a demon, but he didn’t care. He continued to move forward, killing the gods who blocked him, killing the Buddha who blocked him, and killing the demons who blocked him.

His heart was full of hostility.

He wanted to destroy that world.

As for why he did this…he lost something.

No, he didn’t lose something, he lost someone he liked, someone he loved deeply.

That person died so he wanted to destroy the world.

It was these people who forced that person to die, so everyone should be buried with him!

No, no, his beloved person is not dead.

Yan Jing Ze is in front of him, alive!

But will Yan Jing Ze die if he keeps being oppressed like this?

The demon energy in Su Moxiu’s body skyrocketed again, and all the energy around him was attracted to him, making him a lot stronger in an instant. At the same time, he thrust his sword towards the sky, hatefully.

In the sky was… a big hole was suddenly pierced.

At the same time, the energy that was pressing on Yan Jing Ze also vanished in an instant.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Earlier, Yan Jing Ze was suppressed by the law of this world, his body almost collapsed, but he was still calm.

The divine sense exploded quickly, but before this divine sense exploded, he immediately took back his divine sense so he was fine.

The most serious consequence, probably, is that he will also become a divine sense without a body, and then can only reside in Su Moxiu’s body.

By then, they will only be able to use their divine sense to dual cultivate, not their bodies…

However, just when he was depressed and worried that he would live without flesh in the future, Su Moxiu actually stabbed his sword towards the sky, and then pierced a hole in this sky.

Yan Jing Ze looked up at the sky, wondering what was going on with this hole.

Su Moxiu immediately hugged him at this time: “Jing Ze, are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” Yan Jing Ze said, his body suffered some serious injuries, but he can raise it well: “But they seem to have something…”

Around Yan Jing Ze, a large number of people are now lying.

The Tianji Pavilion Master and Master Qing Yang are both vomiting blood now, as for Su Moran who was still wailing before—he couldn’t scream anymore, his body was squashed.

Fortunately, except for Su Moran, everyone present was very strong, at least in the Nascent Soul stage, and those masters in the Nascent Soul stage were still on the periphery, far away from him, and it somehow saved their lives.

There is also Su Moxiu’s father here, he would be really embarrassed if he died…

Su Moxiu hugged him tightly and said, “It’s good that you are fine…”

The sudden memory where he can’t find Yan Jing Ze still rolls around in his mind.

Fortunately, Yan Jing Ze is now by his side.

A deep sense of satisfaction rose in Su Moxiu’s heart.

As for the righteous path cultivators, they were all bewildered: What exactly did they come here for this time? And what is this hole?

Just at this moment, someone poked his face out of the hole: “The Immortal Realm is saved! Hahahaha! Great Demon?!”

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