BH (QT) 250 – Senior Brother (18)

Chapter 250 – Senior Brother (18)

The reason why Yan Jing Ze did not hesitate to strike is because he really is disgusted with Su Moran.

In Xuan Ming Sect before, he actually wanted to kill Su Moran, but he was not strong enough to kill him at that time.

He left the Xuan Ming Sect these days and couldn’t see Su Moran, so this thought had to be put down for the time being.

But now…

Although the Daoist couple contract did not succeed, he could perceive Su Moxiu’s emotions since he entered Su Moxiu’s sea of consciousness. The various negative emotions from Su Moxiu and hatred for Su Moran made him want to kill Su Moran even more.

More importantly, just now, the divine sense on Su Moran wanted to escape.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t think much about it at all, so he moved his hand directly. After he pierced Su Moran’s body with the vermillion bird’s feather, he emptied his hands and grabbed the divine sense that escaped from Su Moran’s body.

It was this thing and Su Moran that caused Su Moxiu to become a demon cultivator!

If it were not for this thing, Su Moxiu and him would still be in the Xuan Ming Sect, making out! And where would be so suspicious of him?

The Daoist couple contract had not been concluded before, and although Yan Jing Ze didn’t say anything, he continued to appease Su Moxiu, but in fact he was also very angry.

He has always wanted to form the highest-level of Daoist couple contract with Su Moxiu, but after trying it three times, the heaven has no response at all. Can he not get angry?

Yan Jing Ze directly vented his anger on this divine sense, his own divine sense whipped towards this divine sense fiercely.

For the sake of safety, he dared not use too much divine sense, but he was able to draw a tie with this divine sense. More importantly, if this divine sense was drained, then it was really drained, on the contrary, if his own divine sense was drained… then just take out some backups to make up for it.

Yan Jing Ze whipped this divine sense into dizziness!

At this time, everyone around him looked at him in shock.

Yan Jing Ze’s move on Su Moran and the beating of this divine sense actually happened in a flash. When the righteous path cultivators saw this scene and finally reacted, a strong coercion broke out from Yan Jing Ze’s body, suppressing the people around him. So Master Qing Yang who was very close to him and the Pavilion Master of Tianji Pavilion did not dare to move.

At this moment, these people are still a little confused.

Why did Yan Jing Ze act on Su Moran?

Wasn’t Su Moran the Immortal Monarch who descended to the mortal world? Why was he stabbed so easily by a Golden Core stage cultivator like Yan Jing Ze?

No, Yan Jing Ze is not a Golden Core stage cultivator! How can a cultivator of the Golden Core stage have the ability to pull out the feather of the vermillion bird?!

Wait! Is this coercion from Yan Jing Ze himself? This is very similar to that of Demon Sovereign Su Moxiu. It should be in the Great Ascension stage, right? Yan Jing Ze is so powerful?

Also, besides Yan Jing Ze’s, the other divine sense seems to belong to Su Moran? The Immortal Monarch’s divine sense is being beaten by Yan Jing Ze?

The righteous path cultivators’ minds were full of questions, but under the coercion of the powerful divine sense, they couldn’t say anything and didn’t dare to do anything.

As for the plucked feather of the vermillion bird…

The vermillion bird’s personality is actually very arrogant. It is a sacred beast and it is older than everyone present. It has always looked down on these people.

It was willing to follow because of the chance of ascension, and it was willing to “save” Yan Jing Ze just now because Master Qing Yang had promised a large number of spiritual stones.

But at this moment, the beast form vermillion bird crawled on Yan Jing Ze’s feet and shrunk his body, acting like a chicken.

In addition, there is another person who is a little bit unable to come back to his senses.

After Su Moxiu got the sword, he felt the sword’s strong attachment to him.

But before he could process this emotion, he saw that Yan Jing Ze was grabbed by the vermilion bird.

He didn’t stop him—as long as Yan Jing Ze didn’t help Su Moran, everything else would be fine!

However, as soon as he thought of this, he saw that Yan Jing Ze had abolished Su Moran.

The vermillion bird’s feather that Yan Jing Ze threw pierced Su Moran’s body, ruining Su Moran’s golden core. Su Moran’s injuries now are as serious as the injuries Su Moxiu had suffered in the secret realm before, but he hasn’t died yet. Several Spirit Division stage masters protected him under Yan Jing Ze’s divine sense.

But if he is like this, even if he doesn’t die, he will become a waste.

Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze.

He felt that the negative emotions in his heart were disappearing, and at the same time, he could perceive the various emotions of Yan Jing Ze more clearly.

Yan Jing Ze really didn’t like Su Moran and really liked him.

Su Moxiu thought of his outburst at the Daoist Couple Ceremony just now, and his distrust in Yan Jing Ze, he suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

Immediately afterwards, something more embarrassing happened.

A large group of demon cultivators rushed out and shouted together: “Your Excellency is invincible!”

“Your Excellency will live a thousand years and dominate the cultivation world!”

“Your Excellency, let’s wipe out all these immortal cultivators!”

Before, those demon cultivators who participated in Su Moxiu’s Daoist Couple Ceremony, who were below the Spirit Division stage, suffered from internal injuries after Su Moxiu broke out three times in succession. Those who followed were all in the Spirit Division stage.

Before, seeing the righteous path cultivators come out in full force, they didn’t dare to step forward, but hid at the side, but now, seeing that Su Moxiu and Yan Jing Ze are so powerful… they came out.

Su Moxiu: “…”

Since Su Moxiu became a demon, his brain was like a paste, and the whole person was a little unconscious, but at this moment, seeing Su Moran being abolished by Yan Jing Ze himself, he almost immediately became sober.

After sobering up and then encountering this kind of thing, he was a bit embarrassed.

He really didn’t want to wipe out the righteous path cultivators. Among these people, there is Yan Jing Ze’s father!

The appearance of those demon cultivators made Su Moxiu a little embarrassed, but made the righteous path cultivators pale in shock. At the same time, Yan Jing Ze finally stopped whipping the divine sense he had caught.

He suddenly realized that this divine sense has other functions!

Yan Jing Ze looked at Su Moxiu, and said loudly, “Ah Xiu, do you see this thing? I was confused by this thing before, so I was not good to you! You have to believe me, I love you the most!”

Su Moxiu: “…” Why is he more embarrassed?

Of course, he was just a little happy—he noticed the divine sense trapped by Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze is now particularly strong, but he should have “awakened” after the secret realm. He was an ordinary person before, so he liked Su Moran at that time. He was completely confused by this divine sense, right?

What Yan Jing Ze said is true, Yan Jing Ze has always loved him!

Yan Jing Ze could feel that Su Moxiu was very happy, and he was relieved. During this period of time, because Su Moxiu was insecure, he was used to talking sweet words, and then he said again: “Ah Xiu, I like you alone from beginning to end. You want to kill Su Moran, there is really no problem at all. I can help you get rid of him!”

Su Moxiu was happier.

Demon cultivators: “…” Their Demon Sovereign is so powerful, he can actually fascinate a righteous path cultivator! Just… why are these two people who are less than a hundred years old, so strong?

Righteous path cultivators: “…” Did they get it wrong? One of their tasks is obviously to rescue Yan Jing Ze who was abducted by Su Moxiu, but now… this Yan Jing Ze is standing among them, killing the Immortal Monarch, and pressing them with his spiritual sense?

“Who are you? You are not Jing Ze,” Master Qing Yang’s face changed drastically.

“I am!” Yan Jing Ze said: “However, besides Yan Jing Ze, I have another identity… I am the Immortal Monarch who descended to the mortal realm.”

Yan Jing Ze looked confident as he made up nonsense.

He couldn’t help saying that.

He must not let these righteous path cultivators hurt Su Moxiu, and he did not want Su Moxiu to kill these righteous path cultivators.

Su Moxiu can rely on killing to enhance his strength, but killing will do him no good, but will instead enhance his heart’s demon.

Then… Su Moxiu killing those demon cultivators, in fact, it was actually better. If he went to kill the righteous path cultivators who had never done anything evil, he would have karma on his back.

Fortunately, with him, Su Moxiu would definitely not rush to do it.

As for the righteous path cultivators… Su Moxiu has become a demon, he is the Demon Sovereign, and Su Moran was killed by him… These righteous path cultivators probably already hated them. At this moment, even his father’s eyes are not right!

He can’t kill them, but he can make them afraid to move… He can only pretend to be the Immortal Monarch!

To be honest, he felt that he was really likely to be the Immortal Monarch who descended to the mortal realm. Just look at him, he is so powerful!

Yan Jing Ze had a lot of drama in his heart, but on the face… he glanced at the people around him blankly, and with the cooperation of his divine sense, the whole person looked particularly powerful.

The righteous path cultivators were all surprised and uncontrollably afraid, and when he looked at the vermilion bird.

Vermillion bird, who was as obedient as a chick, said: “Chii!”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Lord Vermillion Bird, you should be able to talk! Also, the vermilion bird should not be called that?

Yan Jing Ze retracted his gaze, and sneered again: “You keep saying that Ah Xiu is a natural born demon, and Su Moran is an immortal monarch. Is there a basis? After Su Moran lost this weird divine sense on his body, he is just a mediocre ordinary person. How can he be the Immortal Monarch? As for Ah Xiu, if it weren’t for Su Moran’s actions to persecute Ah Xiu, how could Ah Xiu become a demon?”

The righteous path cultivators heard Yan Jing Ze’s words and looked at Su Moran together.

Su Moran was dying, he became a waste, and was still crying and wailing, but they could all feel that Su Moran was still sane, that is to say, the divine sense that Yan Jing Ze was holding was not Su Moran’s at all!

Moreover, such a person with no backbone and cries after being injured, can he be the Immortal Monarch?

Immortal Monarch is so worthless? Can such a person ascend?

Seeing that people around him are about to believe, Yan Jing Ze said again: “He is a fake, I think he is a natural born demon, he is here to harm me and Ah Xiu!”

Yan Jing Ze said righteously, and was about to say something else to fool these people, when suddenly he heard the Su family ancestor, who had not spoken, said: “The sword left by the Demon Immortal Venerable has the divine sense of the Demon Immortal Venerable. It has always recognized no one, and now it has recognized Su Moxiu as its master.”

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