BH (QT) 249 – Senior Brother (17)

Chapter 249 – Senior Brother (17)

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Although there are rumors that there are several Mahayana cultivators hidden among the righteous path cultivators, in fact, there are not.

However, the great powerhouses who soared thousands of years ago left some treasures, allowing certain masters of the Spirit Division stage to exert their strength in the Mahayana stage.

There are even some ascended seniors’ left behind treasures such as jade slips that seal the attacks of the Great Ascension stage masters.

It was because of these things that they dared to break into the demon cultivators’ territory, and even had the confidence to kill Su Moxiu at Su Moxiu’s Daoist Couple Ceremony.

But now… on the demon cultivators’ side, there are even Mahayana stage masters?

They didn’t know about it before!

Those righteous cultivators looked solemn, and at this time, Su Moxiu had already spotted them.

His luck was very good, he was about to kill Su Moran when he saw Su Moran.

Su Moxiu went back abruptly, grabbing Yan Jing Ze, before carrying Yan Jing Ze forward.

Yan Jing Ze sighed secretly.

He can sense Su Moxiu’s constant stream of negative emotions, but although Su Moxiu’s emotions are so negative, he’s still reluctant to hurt him and is even helping him instead—he is carried and controlled by Su Mo Xiu, in the future, it will be easy to clear his name and return to the righteous side, and it will not affect the Xuan Ming Sect.

Su Moxiu grabbed Yan Jing Ze, indeed he had the idea of not wanting to make things difficult for the Xuan Ming Sect, but there were other reasons.

After grabbing Yan Jing Ze, he quickly moved forward and said, “I will kill Su Moran in front of you.”

Yan Jing Ze said: “Okay.”

Su Moxiu glared at him and rushed towards the righteous path cultivators.

He soon came in front of the righteous path cultivators.

“Su Moxiu?” Master Qing Yang and the Su family ancestor exclaimed in unison. When Su Moxiu was in the Xuan Ming Sect before, not mentioning his divine sense, his cultivation was only in the Nascent Soul stage.

But now, he is already a Mahayana stage cultivator!

No wonder he can become the Demon Sovereign! How did he cultivate?

No matter how Su Moxiu cultivated, such a powerful demon cultivator must be removed as soon as possible!

Su Moxiu’s current strength is still one level higher than Yan Jing Ze’s, but he didn’t seal Yan Jing Ze’s cultivation base, but just threw Yan Jing Ze on a big stone next to him.

When he threw him, he even used his demonic energy, so that Yan Jing Ze could sit down smoothly on that big stone.

Then, he attacked Su Moran.

While attacking, he kept his eyes on Yan Jing Ze—if Yan Jing Ze goes to save Su Moran, he will split Su Moran into five pieces and then seal Yan Jing Ze’s cultivation completely, and no longer let Yan Jing Ze have a chance to escape from him!

Of course, Yan Jing Ze didn’t save Su Moran.

But he was very alert at the moment, frowning and looking at the righteous path cultivators—if Su Moxiu is in danger, he will save Su Moxiu immediately!

It was too late, Su Moxiu’s attack had already been launched, and those righteous path cultivators, too, had realized that Su Moxiu was going to kill Su Moran.

Su Moran was their hope, how could they allow Su Moxiu to kill Su Moran?

“Demon Sovereign, how dare you!”

“Stop him!”

“Quickly block him!”

The righteous path cultivators said one after another and began to protect Su Moran.

Su Moxiu’s attack did not work in the end, the blow finally disappeared under the resistance of many righteous path cultivators and Spirit Division stage masters.

Su Moxiu narrowed his eyes, did not continue to attack, but said: “Hand over Su Moran, I will let you go, if not…”

He especially wants to go on a killing spree now. If it weren’t for Yan Jing Ze watching from the side, he would want to kill all these people in front of him. This is not impossible for him, after all, killing can increase his strength.

But he can’t kill.

Among these people, there are Yan Jing Ze’s father and many of the elders of Yan Jing Ze.

After Su Moxiu spoke, he released his divine sense, and let his divine sense press toward these people in front of him.

Yan Jing Ze did not secretly help this time.

First of all, Su Moxiu is now in a stormy state, his divine sense has reached the Great Ascension stage, and these righteous cultivators in front of him are not strong enough.

Secondly… he felt a little dangerous and was investigating the situation of the righteous path cultivators.

“Don’t think about it!” said the Su family ancestor, taking out a long sword: “Don’t think about hurting Moran!”

“Heh…” Su Moxiu sneered and looked at the ancestor of the Su family: “You help him because he was the Immortal Monarch who descend to the mortal world?”

The righteous side knows a rough idea about the matters on the demon side, and the demon side also knows a little bit about the things on the righteous side.

For example, Su Moran is the Immortal Monarch who descended to the mortal world.

He heard the former Demon Sovereign talk about it before, and he thought it was nonsense, but just now, he heard someone yelling “Protect the Immortal Monarch” among the righteous path cultivators.

Su Moran turned out to be the Immortal Monarch?

A thick jealousy rose in Su Moxiu’s heart, and he looked at Su Moran.

Su Moran almost backed away in fright.

What happened these days was really beyond Su Moran’s expectations.

He didn’t expect that he just wanted to give Su Moxiu a little trouble, Su Moxiu actually turned into a demon, after he became a demon, Su Moxiu’s strength grew so fast.

In the Mahayana stage, Su Moxiu is already in the Mahayana stage!

In Su Moran’s heart, a remorse rose again.

“Of course!” the Su family ancestor replied.

“I want to see what is so good about him as the Immortal Monarch!” Su Moxiu said and attacked Su Moran again. At the same time, the ancestor of the Su family threw out the sword in his hand.

This late-stage Spirit Division powerhouse said while throwing his sword, “Go to hell!”

“Be careful!” At the same time, among the people from the Su family, a powerhouse in the Nascent Soul stage said.

This person is Su Moxiu’s father.

Although cultivators can have children, most of them have difficulties in having heirs. Father Su and his wife have been married for a hundred years before finally having Su Moxiu.

They love this child like a treasure, and even if the child has a demon energy, they try their best to hide it so that no one can find it, but he did not expect that Su Moxiu’s abnormality was discovered by the ancestor.

After that, he tried his best to get around, but he could only make his child live a little better, and because he already knew the identity of Su Moran, he had to make an oath that he would never leave the Su family…

The only thing he could do was to secretly let him go after he found out that his child wanted to leave the Su family.

A few years ago, Su Moxiu shined brightly in the Xuan Ming Sect, he was extremely happy in his heart. But he didn’t expect that now, the two sides would meet each other in a fight.

He had been in a dilemma, and at this moment he finally couldn’t hold back a word to remind him, lest Su Moxiu gets hurt.

You know, this sword was left behind by Demon Immortal Venerable, and once accompanied the Demon Immortal Venerable to pass the heaven tribulation. It not only has the sword intent left by the Demon Immortal Venerable, but also has a trace of the power of the thunder tribulation.

The ancestor of the Su family can’t exert its full strength, but with it, he can also fight against the Mahayana stage masters!

No, with this sword, it is not difficult to cut the Mahayana masters under the sword.

When the Su family ancestor threw out this sword, the whole person instantly aged a lot.

Using such a divine artifact, he also has to pay a price.

But Su Moxiu is a member of the Su family, he has to make the first move!

The good thing is, after killing Su Moxiu, their Su family can definitely rise up by relying on Su Moran, and it’s not hard to recover his damaged cultivation.

The Su family ancestor came up with a killing move, and after making the move, he waited to see the result.

Among the righteous path cultivators who came with the Su family ancestor, many people knew the origin of the Su family’s sword. At this moment, they all felt that Su Moxiu would be cut under the sword.

Everyone was waiting to see Su Moxiu’s tragic situation, only Master Qing Yang was different.

Master Qing Yang also wanted to kill Su Moxiu, but he wanted to save his son more.

He was able to communicate with the divine beast of the Xuan Ming Sect, and had also communicated with it long ago, so at that moment, he said to the divine beast, “Please help, Your Excellency.”

The divine beast of the Xuan Ming Sect is a Vermilion Bird.

It is more than 5,000 years old, has already cultivated its human form, and even reached the Mahayana stage. But since the spiritual power in this world has become thinner and thinner, it has turned into a beast form and fell asleep. It has been asleep for hundreds of years.

This time, Master Qing Yang spent a lot of spiritual stones to wake it up.

The sword of the ancestor of the Su family, the reminder of Su Moxiu’s father, and the request of Master Qing Yang all happened at the same time.

When that divine weapon rushed towards Su Moxiu with the power of thunder, the vermilion also flew towards Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze’s expression changed.

The power on that sword is very strong, and it even contains the attacks left by the Great Ascension stage master!

Will it hurt Su Moxiu?

Yan Jing Ze’s attention was all on Su Moxiu, he didn’t care about the vermillion bird at all.

After all, this vermillion bird was here to “save” him, not to kill him, so there is no need to be afraid.

“Ah Xiu…” Yan Jing Ze stood up and tried to control the sword with his divine sense.

His divine sense is very powerful, and this kind of sword has a sword spirit, and it can be controlled logically, but he cannot mobilize more divine sense, and he can’t completely control it for a time.

Seeing that the Su family’s divine weapon was about to stab Su Moxiu, it suddenly shook violently.

The righteous path cultivators showed horror—this Su Moxiu’s divine sense is so strong that he can control the artifact?

Su Moxiu didn’t use divine sense at all.

He now has a mysterious feeling—he feels that the sword in front of him is particularly familiar, and he also feels that this sword will never hurt him.

At this moment, a divine sense controls this sword… that divine sense seems to belong to him, but it is not his, and this sword is asking him for help?

The ancestor of the Su family saw that the artifact was frozen, and once again used the cultivation base to push: “Go!”

The sword slammed forward again, and Yan Jing Ze was about to use more divine sense, but he saw Su Moxiu suddenly rushing towards the sword.

Yan Jing Ze was shocked, he was afraid that Su Moxiu would be injured.

On the face of the ancestor of the Su family, a triumphant expression appeared—Su Moxiu was about to be cut by the sword!

The Su family ancestor is not the only one who thinks this way, many people on the righteous side feel that Su Moxiu will either die or be injured this time.

But the opposite happened – Su Moxiu’s body flashed and he actually grabbed the sword hilt.

The sword energy on the sword soared into the sky, but it didn’t hurt Su Moxiu at all. Not only that, the sword “buzzed” and seemed to be very happy.

The ancestor of the Su family was originally connected with the sword, but when Su Moxiu got the sword, he lost contact with the sword, and he immediately vomited a mouthful of blood.

This… The Su family ancestor was horrified—Su Moxiu, why can he control the Su family’s artifact?

At this time, Su Moxiu clearly felt the connection between this sword and himself.

This sword belongs to him!

However, in this sword, there are many energies left by the Su family ancestor, as well as some power of thunder… Su Moxiu countered and swung the sword towards Su Moran.

The sword’s heaven-destroying power all rushed toward Su Moran.

The Pavilion Master of the Tianji Pavilion did not act on Su Moxiu, he has been guarding Su Moran. At this time, he acted immediately and blocked the powerful sword energy, but also suffered internal injuries. The whole person looked more and more old, and like the Su family ancestor, he also vomited blood.

Fortunately, at this time, the vermillion bird had already returned with Yan Jing Ze. The vermillion bird was a sacred beast, and it was able to resist Su Moxiu for him.

It’s just…

Yan Jing Ze, who was put down by the vermillion bird, suddenly plucked a feather from the vermillion bird and threw it towards Su Moran…

Su Moran’s entire body was pierced instantly, and the golden core was scrapped.

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