BH (QT) 256 – Senior Brother (24 – End)

Chapter 256 – Senior Brother (24 – End)

In the constant reincarnation, Yan Jing Ze’s soul essence has slowly recovered, but the thing that was born in Chaos like him has become extremely weak.

The birth of this thing is still very short, it doesn’t even have a clear consciousness. It was able to fight against him before, mainly because it can unconsciously use the power of Chaos, and is not afraid of destroying everything around it.

When attacking him at that time, this thing attacked the souls and those small worlds around them indiscriminately!

He is different. He has been preventing those small worlds from being hurt by the power of Chaos. If the power of Chaos is used well, it can repair small worlds. If it is not used well, it can also hurt those small worlds.

If it weren’t for this, how could it take him so long to clean up this guy?

But this thing followed him into reincarnation, into the small worlds, it was unable to use the power of Chaos so it was no match for him.

How many years has he lived and how many years has this thing lived?

He had always been under the influence of this guy before, mainly because he was weak in the small world and couldn’t really awaken—if he awakened all his power in the small world, that world would collapse!

And now he can remember all sorts of things, one is because this world’s tolerance is greater, and the second is because in the cycle of reincarnation, the thing in his hand is getting weaker and weaker.

Yan Jing Ze thought for a while and directly crushed the red ball of light on his hand.

The red soul essence dissipated in the air.

He was born in Chaos with this thing. If this thing behaves cutely, he really doesn’t mind treating it properly, not to mention treating it as his own child, it’s also okay to treat it as a younger brother or sister.

But this thing was full of hostility to him, it attacked him several times, and almost caused him to lose Su Moxiu.

Yan Jing Ze will never forget that when he returned to the immortal realm, he found that Su Moxiu’s soul was about to dissipate.

If he came a little later, he might never see Su Moxiu again.

To be honest, before that moment, although he liked Su Moxiu, he was not as deeply in love with him as he is now, but at that moment, he knew that he could never let Su Moxiu go anymore.

After fully awakening and mastering the power of Chaos, Yan Jing Ze’s temperament began to change. He moved his hands slightly, and Su Moxiu’s brows, which were originally frowning because of the pain brought by his power, instantly stretched out.

Yan Jing Ze looked at the immortal realm above and felt a little funny.

He repaired the immortal realm at the beginning, in fact he was almost done repairing it, leaving only a little bit left to complete.

After he left, even though Su Moxiu launched a killing spree, the world was actually like this before, so Su Moxiu did not make the situation in the immortal realm worse, and he later sealed the immortal world…

This is a very bad thing for those immortal cultivators of various cultivation realms attached to the immortal realm, but it is a really good thing for the immortal realm and the cultivation realm.

The seal has existed for thousands of years, the immortals can’t make trouble. The immortal realm has repaired itself and even the state of the other cultivation realms has changed for the better.

If it weren’t for this, when he burst out a powerful energy before, the world wouldn’t have come to “oppress” him.

This is really good.

It’s just… When Su Moxiu recovers his energy, his soul will definitely come back, and he will definitely remember the things in the reincarnation… Will he be unhappy?

Yan Jing Ze looked at Su Moxiu, a little worried.

And this time, Su Moxiu did remember everything in reincarnation.

With Yan Jing Ze’s help, all the energy smoothly entered Su Moxiu’s body. Su Moxiu’s strength suddenly skyrocketed. This cultivation realm could no longer contain it. At the same time, the immortal realm opened a hole again, and it showered a sweet rain containing rich immortal energy.

Thousands of years ago, when people in the cultivation realm experienced the heaven tribulation, when they were about to ascend, such a scene would appear.

After thousands of years, people in the cultivation realm saw such a scene again, and they were extremely excited for a while.

“He’s going to ascend!”

“There is no tribulation, he is not ascending, he is just going back.”

“We are saved…”

These powerhouses who are hundreds of years old, at this moment, are unexpectedly indescribably excited, and their speeches are no longer as steady as they used to be.

They all looked at Su Moxiu reverently, thinking they would see Su Moxiu ascending in place.

However, they did not.

Su Moxiu suddenly turned his head and hugged Yan Jing Ze.

He has figured out the reason why he can survive—Yan Jing Ze divided a part of his soul!

Yan Jing Ze actually gave his soul to him!

Su Moxiu’s heart swelled up.

He didn’t do anything for Yan Jing Ze, but what about Yan Jing Ze? In the beginning, he gave him his body, and then even the soul was given to him.

There are also all kinds of reincarnation…

They stayed with each other in the ordinary modern world until old age, and Yan Jing Ze loved him deeply all his life.

In the ancient world, they never separated no matter how many dangers and hardships they encountered. Yan Jing Ze shielded him from the wind and rain.

They also spent a lifetime happily in the interstellar.

Every reincarnation is sweet to him when he thinks about it.

Yan Jing Ze is really good to him.

How can he be so lucky to get such a love?

Yan Jing Ze: “…” This is different from what he thought!

But Su Moxiu is not angry, this is really great!

Yan Jing Ze hugged Su Moxiu back and kissed him.

At this time, a beam of light was shed from the immortal realm, and the two of them disappeared directly beside the people in the cultivation realm. The people in the cultivation realm took a closer look, and even the immortal who jumped down from the immortal realm disappeared.

At the same time, they clearly felt that the world was different.

The spiritual energy around them suddenly became rich, and they knew very well that they could all continue to cultivate and become stronger!

Whether it is immortal or demon cultivator, they all want to become stronger. Realizing this, they are equally excited, but after the excitement, they suddenly realized something—Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu have gone to the immortal realm, in this mountain, there is a group of immortal cultivators and a group of demon cultivators left behind!

The immortal cultivators and demon cultivators looked at each other.

If it was before, they would definitely fight, but now…

The demons didn’t dare to make a move, after all, these immortals in front of them were all related to Su Moxiu.

He is the Immortal Emperor. Although the Su family treated him badly and the Xuan Ming Sect hunted him before, but he may still remember his old feelings!

The immortals did not dare to make a move either, earlier, Su Moxiu became the Demon Sovereign!

They made a mistake and forced Su Moxiu to the demon cultivators’ side and became the Demon Sovereign. Now Su Moxiu’s Daoist Couple Ceremony is held on the demon cultivators’ site. Maybe Su Moxiu has a good relationship with these demon cultivators. If they kill these demon cultivators, what if Su Moxiu becomes unhappy?

They have a guilty conscience, so they don’t dare make a move this time!

Immortal cultivators and demon cultivators looked at each other, and finally the Tianji Pavilion Master said: “I have to go back as soon as possible to inform the others of this good news.”

“I also want to go back quickly,” Master Qing Yang also said. His own son turned out to be the sacred beast phoenix, he was a little depressed, but more than that, he was happy—with such a karmic connection, he can definitely ascend!

“I’m going back too,” others responded. They wanted to go back to heal their injuries – previously, when Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu showed their strengths, they all suffered internal injuries!

The immortal cultivators finally left quickly.

When the demon cultivators saw this scene, they all left without looking back.

They also have to go back to cultivate quickly!

At the same time, in the immortal realm.

Yan Jing Ze and Su Moxiu appeared directly at the place where they first met.

When Su Moxiu sealed the immortal realm, he also sealed this place, so that it was still the way it used to be when they lived here.

When Yan Jing Ze saw this, he remembered the various promises he had said to Su Moxiu before… He looked at Su Moxiu and coughed lightly, “Ah Xiu, this is the immortal realm that we repaired… Do you want to be an immortal emperor?”

***The End***

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