BH (QT) 255 – Senior Brother (23)

Chapter 255 – Senior Brother (23)

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These memories were vague at first, but he knew that they were his memories.

With the passage of time, the law of heaven and earth were completely unfolded in front of him, and his memory became clearer and clearer.

At this time, another force fell from the air and landed on his body, filling in some of the gaps in his body and making him suddenly remember everything that he had been.

This includes all kinds of things from his previous life, as well as life after life in reincarnation.

Yan Jing Ze covered his eyes with his hands, unable to tell what he was feeling in his heart.

What virtue and ability did he have to make Su Moxiu like him so much?

As soon as the memory came back, Yan Jing Ze knew why his divine sense was so similar to Su Moxiu’s divine sense. After all, he had originally divided some of his soul essence to Su Moxiu.

Both of them have the same soul essence, can the divine sense not resemble?

And Su Moxiu has his soul essence, so it is naturally easy for him to use his own divine sense to disguise Su Moxiu’s divine sense.

However, Su Moxiu only remembered the things in his previous life, but he probably did not remember the things in those other reincarnations… When Yan Jing Ze thinks about it, he can’t help but feel guilty.

At the same time, an anger surged in his heart, he suddenly grabbed a red ball of light from his body.

All these things start from the beginning of his birth.

In this world, there are thousands of small worlds, and countless souls reincarnate in these small worlds.

In the process of reincarnation, some souls will dissipate, and some souls will appear, an endless cycle of life and death.

Even those small worlds will dissipate due to accidents, and new small worlds will be born.

Souls are born in small worlds, born in reincarnation, but the small worlds are different, all small worlds are born from Chaos.

And he is a unique existence, he is the only soul born from Chaos.

When he was first born, he had a soul essence, but without a body or a clear consciousness. He just watched as worlds were born around him and watched as some of them returned to Chaos after dissipating.

He could also see a large galaxy from afar, which was recycling.

The souls that came out of the various small worlds would re-enter reincarnation and reappear in those small worlds.

He didn’t know how long he lived like this, only that one day he suddenly realized that no new worlds had appeared in the Chaos for a long, long time.

On the contrary, those worlds that had been created were still dissipating.

He faintly realized something – he needed to do something to stabilize the worlds that were about to dissipate.

It is not difficult to make the world stable, just use the power of Chaos to repair those worlds, and he can use the power of Chaos.

Repairing the small world is not easy. The power that the small world can withstand is not large and must also be repaired from the inside, so he needs to suppress his power to enter the small world each time, and then repair it.

His work progressed smoothly from the beginning until he came to the world where Su Moxiu was.

This world is a bit different. It is not a single small world, but a big world composed of several small worlds. For example, there are several small worlds like the cultivation realm where many mortals live, which is the one they are staying in now.

These worlds contain a lot of energy. Some people, animals, and plants can become stronger in such a world. After becoming stronger, they will ascend to another world—the immortal realm.

The immortal realm gathers together many people from the small affiliated worlds, people in this realm are very powerful and can move mountains and seas.

Not only that, but as time goes by, these people become stronger and stronger.

This big world consisting of several small worlds is very big, and the immortal realm is the largest among them, but even so, it can’t bear so many powerful people.

In particular, the people inside were fighting endlessly and had actually been destroying the immortal realm.

The immortal realm can’t hold up.

If something goes wrong with the immortal realm, the various small worlds attached to it will also go wrong, and then this whole big world will have to collapse.

This big world is one of the earliest born of all worlds. He did not want this world to collapse, so he entered the immortal realm with the intention of repairing this world.

Every time he enters a world that needs to be repaired, he will possess the original inhabitant of that world. This time, he possessed a little phoenix that died in an eggshell because of the loss of immortal energy in the immortal realm.

He came out of the eggshell and went to work.

When repairing a world, he always went to places where no one was there, and he never communicated with the original inhabitants of those worlds. After all, these aborigines, in his opinion, are just small light spots that have been wandering around the world.

When they have died once, their souls are often no longer the same.

In the long years, he watched them appear and disappear, and he has become accustomed not to put them in his eyes.

But this time, it took a long time to repair the immortal realm, and what was even more infuriating was that the people of the immortal realm were fighting more because of the thinness of the immortal energy, making it even slower for him to mend.

He didn’t know exactly why, but one day, he took the initiative to approach the person who lived near him and was always in a daze.

He began to communicate with that person.

That person, probably because he had few friends before, talked to him a lot and cooked him food, and he inevitably took a liking to that person.

After all, this was also his first communication partner.

They communicated more and more. In order to facilitate the communication, he even took the initiative to become a human being, and the two also created names together.

His name was Yan Jing Ze and the original inhabitant was Su Moxiu.

After a long time of communication, he also felt that Su Moxiu was different, and he even desperately wanted to do something for Su Moxiu.

For example, after repairing the world, he, who has mastered the law of the world, can make Su Moxiu the strongest person.

In the past, Yan Jing Ze was passionate about repairing the world, after all, he had nothing to do. But after meeting Su Moxiu, he became lazy and just wanted to spend more time with Su Moxiu.

Even when Su Moxiu talked about wanting a Daoist companion, he took the initiative to say that he could be his Daoist companion.

He felt that he could live in this world with Su Moxiu in the future. As for repairing other worlds… When there is a world that needs to be repaired, he just needs to leave.

Yan Jing Ze thought well, but he didn’t expect that he would encounter danger after he repaired the world and became weak.

What made him even more overwhelmed was that Su Moxiu almost died in order to protect him.

After he came to this world, he only communicated with Su Moxiu, and didn’t understand the outside world. He didn’t expect those people to move so quickly, nor did he expect that the strength of those people would be so strong, which made Su Moxiu seriously injured, but when he reacted, he killed all those who had injured Su Moxiu.

But Su Moxiu was already dying…

He controls the power of Chaos, but that power is only useful to this world and is useless to the people inside this world.

Also because of this, he possessed the body of this phoenix that could rise again from the ashes.

He saved Su Moxiu using his heart and blood, while he himself was removed from this world because of the death of his body.

He was planning to go back right away, but he didn’t expect that he would run into trouble just as soon as he left this world.

In the Chaos, another life like him was born for some reason, and that thing was still full of malice towards him and kept attacking him.

Both of them were born in Chaos, he couldn’t kill this thing in one go. In the end, he just shattered it several times to make it weak.

After teaching this thing a lesson, he returned to the immortal realm quickly.

However, he neglected the passage of time.

He felt that he had only fought outside, but a hundred years have passed since he left the immortal realm. During these hundred years, Su Moxiu had killed people like crazy. When he came back, Su Moxiu had already sacrificed himself and sealed the immortal realm.

The immortal realm was sealed, but Su Moxiu himself remained there, and the people in the immortal world wanted to kill Su Moxiu…

Su Moxiu’s soul was about to dissipate at that time, he could only take Su Moxiu to escape. But a soul that was about to dissipate like Su Moxiu would enter the cycle of reincarnation.

And once he entered the cycle of reincarnation, Su Moxiu’s soul will completely cease to exist.

He took Su Moxiu with him, intending to leave the cycle of reincarnation and go to the Chaos that gave birth to him.

But an accident happened, the thing that was cleaned up by him came back!

The situation was a bit bad at that time.

After a series of events, he was already a little weak, and he had to protect Su Moxiu’s fragile soul from being involved in reincarnation… The thing that came out of the Chaos like him had surprisingly parasitized him.

He decisively put part of his soul essence on Su Moxiu, and then took Su Moxiu into the reincarnation and went to those small worlds.

Because his soul essence does not belong to the small worlds, no matter how much he reincarnates, Su Moxiu will not dissipate like other souls, and even has the opportunity to raise his own soul in reincarnation.

As for him… the thing that parasitized his body was a life without a mind. In fact, it was just a bunch of evil thoughts. It only attacked him to consume his power.

After entering the reincarnation, as long as he is not assimilated by this evil thought, he can always eliminate this thing!

This thing covers the surface of his soul essence and it can always occupy his body at the beginning. So, he always acts extraordinarily selfish, and at the same time, he also treats Su Moxiu, who has his soul essence, cruelly.

Therefore, in every world, after Su Moxiu fell in love with “him”, “he” was always hurting Su Moxiu.

But that thing probably didn’t expect that the worlds they traveled through were the ones he had gone to fix.

The flow of the world will never stop changing. When he and Su Moxiu traveled through, it has been a long time since he repaired those worlds, but those worlds remember him, and his power remained in each world.

Because of this, when Su Moxiu was about to be hurt, he could always wake up.

Not only that, he can also rely on the goodwill of the worlds and his own strength to get some predictions.

Therefore, in the previous worlds, there was no original owner. The original owner was him, but there was an extra layer of “skin” outside of his soul.

And every time he saw Su Moxiu, he knew what was going to happen next… Those memories were vague because they were prophecies he got.

Fortunately, Su Moxiu did not suffer from those tragedies.

But even so, the him in each world, at the beginning, was not good to Su Moxiu.

And… Su Moxiu thought he was dead, and even went so far as to hold the body of the phoenix and seal the immortal realm and shatter his own soul, but in fact, he did not die.

He concealed his true identity from Su Moxiu.

Will Su Moxiu be angry?

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I remember when I first read this chapter, I was amazed because the reason for the whole transmigration thing was pretty solid. It wasn’t casually explained/invented by the author. Like… it makes sense. I really like Jue Jue~ >.<

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