BH (QT) 254 – Senior Brother (22)

Chapter 254 – Senior Brother (22)

The scene was very embarrassing for a while.

But Su Moxiu does not have the intention to deal with the Su family.

Retrieving the memories of the past, the various things in this life are nothing to him.

Compared with his previous life when he struggled to survive, relying on everything on his own, and even unable to have enough food to eat, he has lived much better in this life—the Su family did not really hurt him, but made him encounter Yan Jing Ze earlier.

The most important thing is that he doesn’t care about the Su family, and he is not very outraged by the Su family’s harm to him.

Su Moxiu looked around and saw the regretful Su family ancestor and the Tianji Pavilion Master, as well as his father with complicated eyes, and Master Qing Yang.

These people are very weak to him at this time.

Su Moxiu said: “Everyone, today is the day when I and Yan Jing Ze become a Daoist couple. You are welcome to attend our Daoist couple ceremony.”

Demon Cultivators: Do you want to do it again?

The righteous path cultivators were very happy—the Immortal Emperor obviously didn’t mean to blame them!

The ancestor of the Su family breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that while kneeling down and pleading guilty, he felt more guilty towards Su Moxiu.

He admitted that he was wrong, hoping that Su Moxiu would not care about him, but now Su Moxiu really didn’t care about it—the Demon Immortal Venerable is worthy of being the Demon Immortal Venerable, honest and kind.

But their Su family…

Their Su family originally relied on the Demon Immortal Venerable to have their current glory. The Demon Immortal Venerable came to the Su Family, it must have been because he valued the Su family. Unfortunately, they were deceived by that demon thing and committed a lot of mistakes.

The Su family ancestor had been dedicated to protecting Su Moran before, and he didn’t think that Su Moran did something wrong, but now he feels that Su Moran has done too much! Su Moxiu became a waste in the secret realm, it should be Su Moran who harmed him. Su Moran could do this kind of thing, and naturally he could also do some other harmful things. When Su Moxiu was in the Su family, he didn’t know how much he suffered…

Master Qing Yang looked at Yan Jing Ze with a complex expression: “You…you…”

Su Moxiu was the reincarnation of the Immortal Emperor, but also the Demon Immortal Venerable, so the ancestor of the Su family became a junior in front of him.

Then who is his son, Yan Jing Ze?

Su Moxiu said: “Jing Ze is my Daoist companion. He was once a divine beast phoenix and his strength is stronger than me.”

When Su Moxiu spoke, he was very proud.

In his last life, he became very strong after the death of Yan Jing Ze, and was able to create his own magic technique, it was all related to Yan Jing Ze.

During the hundreds of years with Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze taught him a lot of things, and even told him some of the rules of heaven and earth.

If not, how can he seal the immortal realm?

No one doubted Su Moxiu’s words, after all, Yan Jing Ze had also shown his powerful divine sense before.

And the immortal who fell down, hearing this made him have a sense of dawning enlightenment.

Who didn’t know that when Su Moxiu walked in the immortal realm, he always held the corpse of a little phoenix?

He had even seen it from a distance.

The phoenix’s body was not big, but the hair color on his body was always bright, so he was held in by Su Moxiu… At that time, he always thought that this was Su Moxiu’s weapon, and even thought that Su Moxiu could become so strong, maybe it was because of this phoenix… But it turns out, this is his Daoist companion?!

Before, when Su Moxiu went on a killing spree, could it be because of the death of his Daoist companion? Su Moxiu is so easy to talk now, is it because his Daoist companion is by his side?

No matter what everyone thought, everyone followed Su Moxiu up the mountain obediently, and came to the place where the Daoist Couple Ceremony was held, and decided to hold another Daoist couple ceremony.

The powerful immortal cultivators and demon cultivators in the cultivation realm have all come to participate in this Daoist Couple Ceremony, which is really unprecedented.

Yan Jing Ze felt that he was quite dignified.

He secretly communicated with Su Moxiu: “Ah Xiu, I said that there must be a problem with our Daoist couple contract not forming… We were already a Daoist couple in our previous life, that’s why we failed in this life!”

Su Moxiu laughed: “Yes.”

They didn’t actually form a Daoist contract in their previous life, but after retrieving the memory, he no longer cared about such a contract that was recognized by the heavens. After all, he had sealed the immortal realm…

“Ah Xiu, I was really a phoenix before? Why didn’t I feel it?” Yan Jing Ze said again, feeling somewhat strange.

He didn’t know what was going on, he had no memory of the past, but he didn’t think he was a phoenix.

Thinking of this, Yan Jing Ze looked at the vermillion bird who was following him.

The vermillion bird twitted twice, his voice full of flattering meaning.

Don’t think he is a just bird, he has lived for thousands of years! He knows a lot!

Su Moxiu, the immortal emperor, he must please, and Yan Jing Ze, the phoenix, he must also treat him well!

Thinking so, the vermillion bird tilted his head and sold meng.

Yan Jing Ze suddenly turned his head away in disgust.

“You are a phoenix. I didn’t understand anything when I first arrived in the immortal realm, you helped me a lot,” Su Moxiu said. When he was in the cultivation realm, he hardly communicated with people, and the only one he knew better was the founder of the Su family.

After he came to the immortal realm and got to know Yan Jing Ze, he was able to have someone to communicate with.

Speaking of it, it was fortunate that Yan Jing Ze was in the form of a phoenix at the time, not a human, otherwise… He probably wouldn’t communicate with Yan Jing Ze at the beginning.

Su Moxiu used sound transmission to talk to Yan Jing Ze about the past, and the more he said, the better his mood.

Finally, they came to the top of the mountain.

On the top of the mountain, there are still many demon cultivators. Seeing Su Moxiu and Yan Jing Ze brought a large group of people up, they were first dumbfounded, and then they stood on guard—why did the righteous path cultivators come to them?

Fortunately, before they could do anything, many of the Spirit Division stage demon cultivators, including the former Demon Sovereign, gave them winks and began to transmit their voices.

Su Moxiu didn’t care about former Demon Sovereign’s voice transmission. He looked at Yan Jing Ze and laughed: “Shall we do it again?”

He was unstable before. Although he entered the sea of consciousness of Yan Jing Ze, he did not feel it carefully, and now…

He could feel some of Yan Jing Ze’s emotions. Although they did not successfully conclude the Daoist Couple Contract, they are actually already similar to those who have concluded the highest-level of Daoist couple contract.

The ceremony began again.

Whether it was Yan Jing Ze or Su Moxiu, this time, in addition to completely opening up their own sea of consciousness, they also began to explore each other’s sea of consciousness without reservation.

Once again, Yan Jing Ze felt that there was something very familiar about Su Moxiu, and even Su Moxiu’s entire being seemed to emit his scent.

Su Moxiu also had such a feeling.

After his divine sense entered the sea of consciousness of Yan Jing Ze, it merged with the divine sense of Yan Jing Ze. There was no difference in the divine sense of the two of them.

Because of this, when Yan Jing Ze helped him several times when he hadn’t recovered his memory before, he didn’t feel it.

And now…

Su Moxiu suddenly realized that something was wrong.

His previous divine sense was not like this.

He can feel that there is something in his body that shouldn’t belong to him.

In his previous life, his soul was shattered, so how could he have the chance to live again? How could his divine sense be so similar to Yan Jing Ze.

No, it’s not just a resemblance anymore, his divine sense simply originated from Yan Jing Ze.

Su Moxiu suddenly remembered how he felt when he thought he would die for sure, only to wake up and see the corpse of the little phoenix.

That was too painful for him to even bear.

And now… Did Yan Jing Ze save him once again?

Su Moxiu could feel that Yan Jing Ze was full of joy at the moment, but his mood was fluctuating. Finally, Su Moxiu looked up at the sky and stretched out his hand.

He had already found out before that he could get his power back from the seal on the immortal realm.

He hadn’t planned to retrieve his power so soon, but at this moment, he wanted to know what happened after he sealed the immortal realm.

And when he did this, the power in the seal suddenly fell violently from the sky and entered his body.

All those who participated in the Daoist Couple Ceremony could see thick beams of light descending from the sky, while a vast power enveloped the entire sky.

This power was so strong that it made them feel like ants. Fortunately, this power did not harm them, and instead all entered Su Moxiu’s body.

They also learned something from this power – everything in heaven and earth unfolded in front of them, and they could even see the whole world from it, but how much they could learn depend on their personal enlightenment.

Those present, whether they were immortal or demon cultivators, sat down and began to meditate.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t do anything. He felt something when this power fell, some people and some things suddenly appeared in his mind.

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