BH (QT) 253 – Senior Brother (21)

Chapter 253 – Senior Brother (21)

Su Moxiu turned his head to look at Yan Jing Ze who was being held by him.

The memories of his previous life rolled over in his mind, leaving him a bit confused, but at the same time, his heart was beating fast.

Yan Jing Ze is not dead!

But the blood in Yan Jing Ze’s body now reminded him of the time he woke up, the surging joy of surviving the disaster, and the despair when he saw the dead phoenix next to him.

The phoenix can be reborn from nirvana, so the heart and blood of the phoenix can bring people back to life.

But at that time, Yan Jing Ze used his heart and blood to save him, not just one drop or two, but all… Then if he died, he was really dead.

Later, he took the corpse of the phoenix and kept it well, hoping that he would wake up someday, but Yan Jing Ze did not resurrect, nor did he wake up.

Now Yan Jing Ze is still alive, how wonderful.

No, Yan Jing Ze is not alive either. He is reincarnated. Obviously, he has not remembered everything that happened before.

But this is nothing, as long as he is Yan Jing Ze.

For a moment, Su Moxiu only felt that the heavens really loved him.

But he also felt that something was wrong.

All cultivators go against the heavens. If they hadn’t had a great luck, their souls would be scattered after death, and there would be no way to reincarnate.

Choosing to cultivate is to give up reincarnation.

He didn’t want to believe this at first. In fact, he had searched for Yan Jing Ze’s soul, but he didn’t find it at all. In other words, the soul of Yan Jing Ze no longer exists.

Not only that, sealing the immortal world is not an easy task, he sacrificed himself, not only his body, but also his soul.

He obviously should have his soul scattered, and with no chance of living, why is he still alive and reincarnated?

After being reincarnated, he has not weakened at all.

Su Moxiu was puzzled, but couldn’t figure it out no matter what, and in the end, he only hugged Yan Jing Ze: “Jing Ze…”

Yan Jing Ze hugged him back: “I’m fine! Don’t worry, I will be fine!”

Su Moxiu held Yan Jing Ze’s face and kissed him deeply.

When Yan Jing Ze was still a phoenix, he always said that he would be fine, saying how strong he was, but he still died in the end.

But in the future, he will definitely not let Yan Jing Ze die.

With the memories of the past, and seeing Yan Jing Ze is okay… Su Moxiu has better control of the power in his body. He even discovered that he can take back his former power from the seal of the immortal realm.

He can definitely protect Yan Jing Ze!

Su Moxiu thought this way, and realized that Yan Jing Ze counterattacked and began to kiss him.

His face flushed red and he worked hard to cooperate.

In the memory of the past, the little phoenix would also entangle him to hug and kiss him…

Those righteous path cultivators who were pressed down by the previous pressure: “……” What the hell is going on here?

The immortal who just jumped from the hole: “…” Did he admit the wrong person? That demon who never cared about others, kissing others is already very abnormal, but he was even flushed red by the kiss?

This is incredible.

Yan Jing Ze finally let go of Su Moxiu with satisfaction: “Ah Xiu, you are so enthusiastic.”

Su Moxiu said, “Um…because I want to be with you.”

Su Moxiu also realized that the reason why he was so obsessed of being a Daoist couple with Yan Jing Ze was because he might have been influenced by himself in his previous life.

In his previous life, he wanted to become a Daoist couple with Yan Jing Ze, but Yan Jing Ze died.

He has been very miserable and regrettable.

As for the fact that he and Yan Jing Ze couldn’t become a Daoist couple before, it may be because he did too many evil deeds before and even sealed the immortal realm.

The Heavenly Dao, which controls the law of the world, did not kill him, which is already very good. And preventing him from forming a Daoist couple contract with Yan Jing Ze was also normal.

As for the matter of Yan Jing Ze and Su Moran…

As soon as Su Moxiu stretched out his hand, the soul fragment of the divine sense that had just exploded not long ago, as well as the undissipated soul of Su Moran who had just died, were all caught in his hand.

He instantly learned all the memories of Su Moran, and also understood the situation of that divine sense.

That divine sense actually belongs to an immortal who came from the immortal realm to the cultivation realm.

When he launched a mass murder in the immortal realm, this person paid a great price and fled from the immortal realm to the cultivation realm.

It is difficult for a cultivator to reincarnate, so he can only seize a vessel, but this person was too strong at the time, so he has been unable to successfully seize a vessel. Even if he did seize a vessel, the bodies of those people would collapse within a few days.

This person can only stay in the cultivation realm in a soul state. After many, many years, his soul has become much weaker. At this time, like the Pavilion Master of Tianji Pavilion, this person also sensed that an unusual person had descended on the Su family.

The Tianji Pavilion Master is not an immortal, he can’t fully see everything, but this person is different.

This person saw his extraordinary qualities and wanted to take over his body, but did not succeed, and instead was seriously injured by the demonic energy in his body, and finally had to retreat to the second best and possess Su Moran’s body.

At this point, this person stared at Su Moran’s body, and at the same time, he was full of malice towards him, a man who was born with a demonic energy.

This person’s soul is still strong even if it is a lot weaker and injured. At that time, Su Moran was too young to stand the strength of this person. This person did not rush to seize the body. Instead, he weaved a memory of a past life for Su Moran, to let Su Moran start cultivating as early as possible, and also let Su Moran target him—this person hates him, but also still wants his body.

After that, it was Su Moran who thought he was reborn, and with the help of this divine sense, began to trouble him.

How is it so easy to turn back time? He could seal the immortal realm, but he couldn’t turn back the time when Little Phoenix was still alive. Of course, Su Moran couldn’t be reborn.

The memories that Su Moxiu got are all fragments. The above things are mainly pieced together by himself. As for Yan Jing Ze’s matter, why he was obsessed with Su Moran before… Although he didn’t see the reason in this memory fragment, he felt that it was mostly this divine sense, like what he did to Su Moran, he used some tricks to edit Yan Jing Ze’s memory.

Su Moxiu’s hand smashed the remnant soul and Su Moran’s soul directly.

Remnant Soul: “…” He was really wronged! He definitely didn’t do anything to Yan Jing Ze! At that time, he actually liked Yan Jing Ze’s body a little…

No one else noticed what Su Moxiu did, only Yan Jing Ze felt it, but he didn’t care.

Even if Su Moxiu didn’t crush them, these two souls were destined to dissipate. Now that they let Su Moxiu calm down, they can be considered useful as well.

“Ah Xiu, what’s the matter just now? Who is this person?” Yan Jing Ze used a technique to remove the blood from his body, then pointed to the kneeling man who fell from the immortal realm and asked .

Su Moxiu said, “Jing Ze, I remember my memories.”

“Your memories?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Su Moxiu said, “I used to…be the Demon Immortal Venerable in the cultivation realm, but after I ascended to the immortal realm…”

Su Moxiu looked at the immortal who fell out of the hole. He is a great demon in the immortal realm. It’s better not to let people know… Should he kill this person to shut his mouth?

Meeting Su Moxiu’s gaze, the elderly immortal was agitated, and immediately said: “He is the Great Emperor of the immortal realm! He is the number one powerhouse in the immortal realm! Great Emperor, I am willing to recognize you as my master!”

Su Moxiu doesn’t know this immortal, but this immortal knows Su Moxiu—this extremely powerful demon cultivator who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, as long as he saw someone fighting, he would kill everyone indiscriminately.

During that time, when immortal cultivators and demon cultivators, who had deep hatred in the immortal realm, ran into each other, they didn’t dare to fight.

In the end, there are even some people who cast aside their suspicions and gather together secretly, trying to kill this person.

However, when those people gathered together and came to this person to kill this person, this person actually sacrificed himself and directly sealed the immortal realm.

Since that day, the immortal realm has become barren, and there is no immortal energy anymore.

In the past, the immortal realm was just scarce with immortal energy, but now, the immortal energy is really gone… Hah!

In the past few thousand years, these immortals have lived like ordinary people. Don’t know how miserable those days were!

It just happened that they couldn’t die, so they could only suffer, watching their own cultivation level decline, slowly moving towards death.

Why is he getting old? Isn’t it because the immortal realm has no immortal energy left, so he can’t cultivate?

He got to the point where he didn’t even move, he just laid down on the ground. But he did not expect that after he laid down, a hole suddenly appeared next to him.

Then… he saw the cultivation realm.

Even if the immortal’s strength will be suppressed in the cultivation realm, it is better than staying in a desolate immortal realm where you can only wait for death! Moreover, if he can see the cultivation realm, it means that there is a problem with the seal, and the immortal realm is saved!

However, he did not expect that he would see this demon.

He also knows that most people can’t break the seal, it turned out that the demon himself broke it.

Seeing that the seal was about to close again, he jumped down desperately—lying dry for thousands of years is really too painful, he would rather die on the hands of this demon.

Of course, it would be better if he could live.

He has cultivated for nearly ten thousand years, isn’t it just for longevity?

This demon is rampant and domineering in the immortal realm. Everyone calls him the Great Demon in private. Of course, they dare not shout like that when they see him. They usually call him the Great Emperor… Speaking of which, if they didn’t fight when they meet him, he wouldn’t kill people, so a few people call him “Great Emperor” sincerely.

In the immortal realm, the strongest ever was the Immortal Emperor and the Demon Emperor. Everyone called him the Great Emperor, in fact, he was recognized as the Demon Emperor.

“Great Emperor? Ah Xiu is the Immortal Emperor?” Yan Jing Ze was a little curious. His person is too powerful, right?!

Su Moxiu looked at the immortal and gave him a meaningful gaze.

This gaze matched the pressure of the surrounding energy… The immortal said without hesitation: “Yes, he is the Immortal Emperor!”

He is sorry for the original Immortal Emperor… Well, now the immortal realm has long since run out of Immortal Emperors, even the immortal realm is almost gone!

If he wants to live, it doesn’t matter if he recognizes the thief as his father, it’s even more okay if he recognizes the Demon Emperor as the Immortal Emperor.

Although the righteous path cultivators were injured, most of them did not pass out of a coma. Whether it was Su Moxiu and Yan Jing Ze talking affectionately, or Su Moxiu and Yan Jing Ze talking to the man who fell from the hole, they all saw and heard everything.

Su Moxiu is indeed the Demon Immortal Venerable!

The Demon Immortal Venerable is amazing! Not long after his ascension, he had become an immortal emperor!

None of the people present doubted what the fallen immortal said because they could feel the strength and unfathomable nature of this man.

As for what this person said before, “The immortal realm is saved”… Recently, no one in the cultivation realm has ascended to the immortal realm, and people in the immortal realm probably can’t stand it, that’s why he said that?

As for him shouting “Great Demon”, is it because they misheard it, or did he call the guy who blew himself up not long ago?

In any case, Su Moxiu is an immortal emperor who accidentally became a demon. It’s better than Su Moxiu being a natural born demon, right?

The righteous path cultivators quickly accepted this matter, and those demon cultivators were dumbfounded—what the hell is going on? Their Demon Sovereign is actually the Immortal Emperor, or more like the Immortal Monarch who descended to the mortal realm?

Should they run away quickly?

At this time, the ancestor of the Su family knelt in front of Su Moxiu, tears bursting into tears: “Immortal Emperor, this junior deserves to die for his sins, he got the wrong person…”

The Immortal Emperor was born in their Su family, but he was actually forced to become a demon by him!

He can’t tell how much he regrets it now!

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