The Abandoned Son Ch.41

Chapter 41 – Retribution

The medicinal liquid in the medicine cauldron became less and less, the Gu worm exploded with a “bang”, and an even more intense stench spread out.

“Master, this is?”

“This medicinal liquid is equivalent to a tempting drug for Gu insects. This guy overdosed and died,” Ye Fan said.

“What will happen to Yuan Yi when this Gu worm dies?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“It won’t have a big impact, but when the child gu dies, she should have a reaction,” Ye Fan said.

Zhang Siliang’s phone rang, Zhang Siliang looked at the name on the phone, and a cold light flashed in his eyes, “Hey, is there something?”

Yuan Yi’s displeased voice came over, “Where have you gone? Come back quickly, something happened to my brother.”

In the hotel, Yuan Yi was a little restless. When Zhang Siliang went out in the afternoon, Yuan Yi was a little uneasy, so Yuan Yi couldn’t help but make a phone call to call Zhang Siliang back.

Zhang Siliang frowned and said, “Okay.”

Zhang Siliang put down the phone, his face was very ugly, Yuan Yi’s bossy tone made Zhang Siliang very disgusted.

Yuan Yi is not a good person, and her family members are not good things. After Yuan Yi was with him, she often asked him to find jobs and borrow money for his brothers and sisters. Zhang Siliang was annoyed to death, but he had no choice but to pretend to be obedient.

In the past few years, Yuan Yi’s relatives have done a lot of bad things in his name, and his reputation has been ruined.

“Master Ye, she doesn’t seem to be responding,” Zhang Siliang said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “It’s normal that she doesn’t react, she’s far away, but I think she should feel it.”

“Indeed.” If he had received a call from Yuan Yi before, he would have obeyed Yuan Yi uncontrollably, although he was reluctant.

Bai Yunxi looked at Zhang Siliang, smiled, and said, “If Mr. Zhang has something to do, just go first, don’t stay here.”

Zhang Siliang smiled and said, “Then I’ll go first, and come back another day to thank you two!”

Bai Yunxi looked at Zhang Siliang’s back, smiled, and secretly said: The Zhang family will probably turn upside down. Zhang Siliang started from scratch to this day, and it is impossible to have no means. That Yuan Yin dared to calculate him so much, now it is almost time to settle accounts after the harvest.

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Yuan Yi always felt a little uneasy in the hotel.

“What took you so long?” Yuan Yi scolded Zhang Siliang.

“Is something wrong?” Zhang Siliang asked lightly.

“I am pregnant.”

Zhang Siliang said in surprise: “Is that so?”

Yuan Yi looked at Zhang Siliang’s expression and said, “Are you unhappy?”

“Why should I be happy? It’s not mine. Even if it’s mine, there’s nothing to be happy about,” Zhang Siliang said.

Yuan Yi stood up abruptly and looked at Zhang Siliang, “You…you…you took out the Gu worm.”

Zhang Siliang looked at Yuan Yi coldly and said, “Yeah! I took it out, I let you down.”

Yuan Yi looked at Zhang Siliang, a little panic flashed in his heart. “You didn’t go to see the Third Young Master Bai at all, you went to see that chicken nest head.”

Zhang Siliang smiled coldly and said, “So what if I did, you vicious and disgusting woman.”

Zhang Siliang felt nauseous when he saw Yuan Yi. Zhang Siliang didn’t expect that Yuan Yi was actually pregnant. If he didn’t ran into Ye Fan by chance on the plane, this sinful seed would have been born as his son.

“You take care of it yourself,” Zhang Siliang coldly turned around.

“You can’t do this!”

Yuan Yi’s phone rang, “Yiyi, your brother crashed a car, and the policeman actually said that your brother is fully responsible for running a red light. You must not let that driver go!” Mother Yuan’s hoarse voice came over the phone.

Yuan Yi put down the phone, looked at Zhang Siliang, and said, “You…is it your doing?”

Zhang Siliang smiled coldly and said, “So what if it’s me? Yuan Yi, this is just the beginning.”

“Zhang Siliang, I’ve been with you for three years, you can’t be so ruthless!” Yuan Yi said in horror.

Zhang Siliang didn’t bother to look at Yuan Yi again and walked out the door.


Yuan family.

Mother Yuan paced back and forth anxiously.

“Grandma, hasn’t aunt replied yet? Uncle doesn’t plan to help? My father is still in prison, what should we do if he can’t get out?” Yuan Yi’s nephew asked.

Mother Yuan said a little uneasy: “Your uncle always obeys your aunt’s words. In this situation, it should be that your uncle is too busy and can’t do anything.”

“Uncle is really, in such a critical moment, he actually screwed up!”


The Yuan family side is still waiting for Yuan Yi to save their lives, but they don’t know that Yuan Yi is already in a difficult position to protect herself.

Yuan Yi walked out the door and was blocked by several strong men, and a smart and capable-looking woman came out.

“Ning Shuang, why are you here? Didn’t you go abroad?” Yuan Yi said with a frown.

Ning Shuang smiled coldly and said, “I’m waiting for you!”

“That’s her, arrest her,” Ning Shuang said.

“Ning Shuang, what are you trying to do? You are breaking the law!” Yuan Yi said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, I’ll have to pay criminal responsibility for killing you. I just want to send you to where you should go, I think a mental hospital is the most suitable for people like you, don’t worry, I will ask the mental hospital doctors to take good care of you,” Ning Shuang said coldly.

“Ning Shuang, I have Zhang Siliang’s child, for the sake of the child…”

“Child? After he divorced me, he had a sterilization. How could you have a child?” Ning Shuang said disdainfully.

“No wonder! No wonder!” Yuan Yi’s face was stained with a bit of hideous color, “Ning Shuang, it’s all because of you, why do you live better than me? I’m smarter than you, prettier than you… Why can you marry a big boss, but I have to live in poverty?”

Ning Shuang clenched her fists and gritted her teeth: “Take her away.”


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