The Abandoned Son Ch.59

Chapter 59 – Jumping Together

Zhang Xuan looked at Ye Fan and said somewhat puzzled: “Young Master Ye, why didn’t you do anything?”

The beauty asked for help, but this guy, Ye Fan, was actually indifferent.

Ye Fan glanced at Zhang Xuan, and said arrogantly and coldly: “That kind of small case, is it the turn of a big man like me to take action? Just find a great dancer! Besides, look at me, is there something written on my face that I’m kind, selfless, and like to do good things?”

Zhang Xuan shook his head and said, “No.”

“That’s right, because I don’t like it!” Ye Fan raised his head and said proudly.

Zhang Xuan: “…” The only one who can say snobbish words so righteously is probably Ye Fan.

“I won’t do things that are not good for me! I still want to make money and marry a wife. My time is very precious,” Ye Fan said.

Zhang Siliang: “…”

Wang Jingshi: “…”

“By the way, Zhang Xuan, what did you say you wanted to do with me before? Don’t you know it’s inhumane to disturb people’s sleep? Can’t you just say it after I’m done sleeping?” Ye Fan asked.

“Yes, yes, it’s my fault!” Ye Fan, this idiot, it was almost nine o’clock when he came over, this guy was still sleeping late, but he thought he came early, this pig!

“What do you need from me?” Ye Fan asked.

Zhang Xuan glanced at Zhang Siliang and said, “Let’s talk about this later.”

“Later, when is that going to be?” Ye Fan said displeased.

Zhang Xuan frowned and said, “It’s nothing, it’s just the Lightning Talisman. The sect wants to buy one million per piece, and they want that new type of Lightning Talisman.”

Ye Fan rolled his eyes and said, “One million, the price is not bad.”

Zhang Xuan: “…” Is one million just enough?

Zhang Siliang frowned and suddenly remembered the talisman that Zhang Xuan peeled off his wall. Young Master Ye is Young Master Ye! Any talisman is so valuable!

Zhang Siliang gave Wang Jingshi a wink, and Wang Jingshi immediately said, “Young Master Ye, please help, I am willing to pay 50 million in commission!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Oh, that can be considered.”

Zhang Xuan: “…” Ye Fan, this snob!

Ye Fan moved his hands and feet and said, “In order to marry a wife, you have to work hard.”

Zhang Xuan: “…”

“Wait a minute, I’m going to make a call,” Ye Fan took out his mobile phone and made a call to Bai Yunxi.

On the other end of the phone, Bai Yunxi was lying on the bed, looking at the word “stupid” displayed on the phone, full of resentment and cutting off the communication.

Ye Fan held the phone, his face could not help but flash a few moments of confusion.

Zhang Xuan looked at Ye Fan and said, “What’s wrong? Third Young Master Bai didn’t answer?”

Ye Fan looked at Zhang Xuan and said, “No one is listening!”

“Haha, I know, Young Master Bai has blacklisted you!” Zhang Xuan said gloatingly.

Ye Fan said displeased: “What nonsense, we have a good relationship.”

Ye Fan thought of something, and called the front desk of Chaoxi Company to inquire about the situation.

Ye Fan took back his phone and said, “The front desk said that Yunxi is ill, I’m going to see him.”

Wang Jingshi suddenly had the urge to vomit blood, he was willing to bleed a lot, and he had to wait for Ye Fan to be free! Last time, Bai Yunxi called him to eat, now Bai Yunxi didn’t answer the phone, and Ye Fan wanted to see him again!

Zhang Xuan thought for a while and said, “I’ll call Bai Yunxi and ask how the situation is!”

“I can’t even get through, how can you get through?”

While Ye Fan was talking, Zhang Xuan’s phone was connected, and Bai Yunxi’s cold voice rang, “Master Zhang, what’s the matter?”

Before Zhang Xuan could speak, Ye Fan had already shouted, “Yunxi, are you sick? Is it serious? I’ll go see you, okay? I just called you, why didn’t you answer?”

“Ye Fan, go to hell!” Bai Yunxi’s angry voice came, and the phone was hung up.

Ye Fan: “…”

Zhang Xuan: “…”

Ye Fan’s cheeks were puffed up, and his face was full of confusion. “Yunxi seems to be mad at me, why?”

Zhang Xuan rubbed his nose and said, “Didn’t you get drunk yesterday? Maybe you vomited on Bai Yunxi, Young Master Bai has a habit of cleanliness! He must hate you to death.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “After I got drunk yesterday, I don’t remember anything. What you said is possible.”

Zhang Xuan lowered his head and secretly said: There is another possibility, Ye Fan, this bastard, took advantage of Bai Yunxi by borrowing wine. Judging from Bai Yunxi’s reaction, the possibility of being taken advantage of is relatively large. Ye Fan, this scumbag! Take advantage of people, but also forget about it.

“Should I apologize?” Ye Fan was a little confused.

Zhang Siliang looked at Ye Fan and said, “Young Master Ye, Young Master Bai is mad at you. If you go at this time, it won’t help you. In this way, you can earn money first, and then buy Young Master Bai a nice gift to make amends! Young Master Bai will definitely forgive you.”

Ye Fan’s eyes lit up and said, “Yes! I should make more money and buy some good things for him.”

Wang Jingshi glanced at Zhang Siliang and secretly gave Zhang Siliang a grateful look.

Ye Fan thought about it and said, “Okay, let’s go make money and finish the matter quickly.”

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Ye Fan took the car and arrived at the construction site.

Ye Fan squinted, looked at the construction site, and said, “Evacuate everyone.”

Wang Jingshi immediately waved his hand and pulled everyone out.

Wang Jingshi followed Ye Fan to an open space, “Young Master Ye, here…”

“The formation is underground, and the bones are buried here,” Ye Fan said.

Wang Jingshi: “…”

Ye Fan waved the ghost flag, and a six or seven-year-old child appeared in front of several people. The child looked at Ye Fan with flickering eyes.

“Uncle, are you coming to play with me?”

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “Uncle won’t play with you, uncle will send you to reincarnate.”

“Uncle, I don’t want to be reincarnated, I want to play jumping off the building!”

Ye Fan tilted his head and said, “In that case, I will play jumping off the building with you. If you are tired of playing, uncle will send you to reincarnate.”

The child blinked and said, “Uncle, can you jump with me?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Uncle won’t accompany you to jump, uncle will see if you can jump well!”

“Uncle doesn’t jump with me, I’m not happy,” ghost child said with a stern face.

“Okay, then uncle will sacrifice his life to accompany the little gentleman and jump with you.”

“Young Master Ye,” Wang Jingshi couldn’t help but said.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright, just watch it on the side.”

Wang Jingshi: “…”


Ye Fan led the child to a tall building that was halfway covered and leapt down from the top floor.

“Young Master Ye,” Zhang Siliang couldn’t help but howl.

Ye Fan and the little ghost flew down from above together. With Ye Fan’s third-level of Qi-training, he couldn’t fly with his sword yet, but he could already use the wind control technique. Ye Fan used the wind control technique during the fall to weaken the speed of descent, and he fell steadily to the ground.

Because the workers were all evacuated, Ye Fan jumped off the building without attracting much attention.

“Young Master Ye is fine!” Wang Jingshi couldn’t close his mouth in surprise as he looked at Ye Fan who was unscathed.

Wang Jingshi turned his head and glanced at Zhang Xuan, and asked, “Master Zhang, can all celestial masters jump down from such a high place without being hurt?”

Zhang Xuan: “…” How is that possible? Celestial Masters are human too, right? If he fell from such a high place, he wouldn’t be dead, but, I’m afraid he’ll have to lie on the hospital bed for a few months, “The seniors with a high level of cultivation may be able to, but the average person will not be able to.”

Wang Jingshi: “…” Young Master Ye is so young, can his cultivation level be comparable to that of the older generation?

Ye Fan and the little ghost kept jumping off the building, Wang Jingshi was horrified to watch.

“Young Master Ye accompanies this kid to jump off the building, will the matter be resolved?” Wang Jingshi couldn’t help but said.

Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes and said, “Young Master Ye probably wants to use peaceful measures before using force. After all, those ghosts are all evil spirits, and they have a lot of resentment. If Ye Fan wants to send them to reincarnation, it will inevitably arouse the other party’s disgust. It’s good to coax them first.”

Zhang Xuan pondered to himself that Ye Fan should have other plans. If the kid stays here for a long time, the old ghosts will be worried and will definitely come over to see the situation. The old ghosts cannot be dragged out after hiding in the array, and it will be very difficult to deal with. Oh, that’s it! This guy, Ye Fan, looks stupid, but in fact, he seems to be very shrewd!

The first time Wang Jingshi saw Ye Fan jumping off the building, he was almost frightened to death, but when he saw Ye Fan jumping from the top floor for the seventh time, he was already numb.

Wang Jingshi sighed to himself that a master is a master. When ordinary people play bungee jumping and rock climbing, it is already very powerful. The things that the master plays are different from ordinary people.

“When are they going to stop?” Wang Jingshi couldn’t help asking.

Zhang Xuan frowned and said, “It should get tired of it soon.”

Wang Jingshi: “…”

A gust of wind blew over, Zhang Xuan sternly said, “You all stand back.”

Zhang Xuan used a series of techniques, but Ye Fan had already taken a step forward and used the ghost flag to sweep away the ghost that attacked several people.

The ghostly figure looked at Ye Fan horribly, and said, “What do you want to do?”

Ye Fan looked at the ghost shadow and said bitterly, “Your big brother has already suffered retribution, you should go reincarnate.”

The ghost figure is full of hideous words: “He has been punished, but his wife and children are still there!”

Ye Fan looked at the ghost and said: “He is bankrupt, his wife and children are also living in poverty and suffering from the repercussions of the Borrowed Luck Formation, they will most likely not end well either, so anything more you do will only affect your future fortune!”

The ghost figure was full of savageness and said: “He has enjoyed 30 years of human wealth, but I have spent 30 years in the formation without seeing the sun. How can you want me to be reconciled?”

Ye Fan: “…” Individuals have personal karma, things have already come to this point, and there is nothing they can do now.

“In this way, I will arrange a reincarnation formation for you, so that in your next life, you can be a rich man. You can’t enjoy happiness in this life, so let’s do it in your next life,” Ye Fan said.

“You want to trick me into reincarnating, you are dreaming!”

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes coldly, and said, “It’s stubborn!” Ye Fan and the ghosts fought fiercely.

“Isn’t Young Master Ye going to be use peaceful means? Why did they start fighting?” As soon as Ye Fan and the ghost started fighting, the gloomy wind blew and ghosts cries can be heard, Wang Jingshi was very frightened!

“If we can’t negotiate, of course, we have to fight!” Zhang Xuan said.

Wang Jingshi’s face was full of embarrassment. Wang Jingshi was a little surprised to find that Zhang Siliang was very calm. “Aren’t you afraid, Master Zhang?”

“Young Master Ye sold me a jade pendant before, which can ward off evil spirits! I think it’s okay,” Zhang Siliang said.

Wang Jingshi’s heart moved for a while, the jade pendant that can ward off evil spirits, if he can buy it, he also wants it!

“Be careful, another one!” Zhang Xuan said.

A female ghost rushed over and joined the battle!

“Young Master Ye, will he be alright?” Wang Jingshi said worriedly.

“Yes!” Zhang Xuan could see that Ye Fan had the upper hand, the female ghost’s cultivation level was no higher than that of the male ghost, and it was not a threat to Ye Fan at all!

Ye Fan beat the ghost to the ground in a few moments.

“How about it, would you like to reincarnate?”

Ghost Shadow looked at Ye Fan looking miserable, the little ghost floated to the adult ghost’s side, and whispered with the adult ghost for a while, the hostility in the adult ghost’s eyes dissipated a little.

“You can really keep us rich forever?”

Ye Fan nodded.

Ghost Shadow glanced at Ye Fan unwillingly, nodded, and said, “Okay.”

Ye Fan quickly arranged a formation, Zhang Xuan watched Ye Fan’s formation, and flashes of brilliance flashed in his eyes.

The four mountains, Lao Mountain, Mao Mountain, Shu Mountain, and Longhu Mountain each have their own strengths. Ye Fan’s ability to draw talismans is already very powerful, and the ability to lay the formation is no less impressive! He doesn’t know what kind of sect the Blue Cloud Sect mentioned by Ye Fan is, it has actually cultivated a genius like Ye Fan.

As soon as the arrangement of the Reincarnation of Wealth and Honor was completed, there were bursts of golden light flowing, which looked very extraordinary.

Yu Wu’s family crashed into the formation and disappeared.

“Young Master Ye, are they gone?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, they’ve been reincarnated.”

Wang Jingshi said gratefully, “Thank you, Young Master Ye.”

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing, remember to put the money into my account.”

Wang Jingshi said gratefully: “I should, I should.”

“I’ve torn down the Borrowing Luck Formation. The bones of the family of three are buried below, you find a few urns to fill, and help find a cemetery!” Ye Fan said.

Wang Jingshi nodded and said, “Okay! Okay, I will do it.”


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