Chapter 79 – Wear Out Iron Shoes  

“Is it really done? Just a few days ago, I saw you with a worried expression on your face,” Zhuge Yu asked. After all, they were brothers, and Zhuge Feng’s condition at the end of last month was evident to him.

Zhuge Feng nodded and a broader smile appeared on his face. “Yes, it’s done. Zhou Tongpeng got so mad he ended up in the hospital.”

“Tsk tsk, you really struck gold this time,” Zhuge Yu sighed. However, the image of the young man he encountered in Shanghai came to mind again, and his mood soured. It had been over a month, and he still hadn’t gathered any information about him from Shanghai.

If he had known it would be so difficult to find someone, he would have insisted on obtaining the person’s contact information. He would have done everything possible to recruit him as his student.

“Yeah,” Zhuge Feng relaxed his brows and eyes, unable to diminish his joyful mood.

The urgent ringing of the phone interrupted the conversation between the two brothers. It was Zhuge Yu’s phone ringing, and when he saw the caller ID, he impatiently answered the call.

“Did you receive any news?”

The call was from the manager of the shop in Shanghai. He had been helping Zhuge Feng keep an eye out for news about Chen Li. Calling so late at night, it was highly likely that he had some information.

Sure enough, just as Zhuge Yu finished speaking, the manager said, “There’s news. I found out that the young man from the store that day is no longer in Shanghai. It seems he went to the capital.”

“Are you sure?” Zhuge Yu’s voice gradually started trembling.

“I’m sure.”

“Okay, okay, I got it,” Zhuge Yu said and hung up the phone. If the person had arrived in the capital, with his connections here, it would be easier to find him.

“Did you find the person?” Zhuge Feng saw Zhuge Yu hang up the phone and noticed a considerable reduction in his worried expression, so he asked curiously.

Zhuge Yu replied, “Not yet, but I know he’s in the capital.”

“In the capital? Well, tell me what he looks like, and I’ll help you find him too,” as the general manager of Changfeng Group, Zhuge Feng’s network in the capital was undoubtedly extensive, which should be helpful for Zhuge Yu.

Zhuge Yu thought about it and mentioned Chen Li’s features to Zhuge Feng. “That young man seems to have some psychological issues. He is afraid of people, looks thin and weak, but has large eyes. There is always an expressionless but handsome young man beside him. Although the young man I’m looking for is afraid of people, he appears relaxed in the presence of this expressionless young man, as if he trusts him.”

Zhuge Feng initially listened casually, intending to search for someone through his social circle later. However, the more he listened, the more familiar the person described by Zhuge Yu seemed to be.

A young man with psychological problems who is good at painting, isn’t that Chen Li?

A young man with a blank expression who can make a young man who can draw relax, isn’t that Wei Chen?

Could it be just a coincidence? Zhuge Feng thought with surprise.

The two of them truly are twins. As soon as there was a slight change in Zhuge Feng’s facial expression, Zhuge Yu immediately noticed it. He stood up, grabbed Zhuge Feng’s hand, and asked urgently, “What? Do you know where they are?”

Zhuge Feng realized and nodded, “If I’m not mistaken, I should know where the person you’re looking for is.”

“Where?” Zhuge Yu’s grip tightened due to his eagerness.

Zhuge Feng winced from the pain and exclaimed, “Ouch, it hurts. Let go first.”

Zhuge Yu quickly released his hand, but his anxious state of mind remained. After searching for over a month, had Zhuge Feng really found the person he was looking for?

Seeing Zhuge Yu’s urgent desire to find someone, Zhuge Feng stopped teasing him and explained the situation of Wei Chen and Chen Li.

Almost as soon as Zhuge Feng finished speaking, Zhuge Yu was already certain that the person Zhuge Feng mentioned was the one he was looking for.

“Why didn’t I ask you earlier!” Zhuge Yu regretted. If he had asked Zhuge Feng to help him find someone, he wouldn’t have had to spend a month searching tirelessly and constantly inquiring about news in the city.

It’s truly unexpected to find something when least expected!

“Yeah, why didn’t you ask me earlier? Your circle is so small. Wouldn’t my resources be more extensive for finding people? How could you be so silly?” Zhuge Feng said, somewhat sarcastically, his tone filled with disdain.

In the past, if Zhuge Feng had dared to speak like this, the two old men in their fifties would have started a fight. But now, Zhuge Yu couldn’t even hear Zhuge Feng’s words. His mind was solely focused on meeting the person he had been inquiring about and searching for a month.

“Take me to see him quickly!”

“Zhuge Yu, we’re both old now. How can you be so reckless when you go crazy?” Zhuge Feng said, “Don’t you see what time it is now? Is it appropriate to go searching for someone so late?”

After being scolded by Zhuge Feng, Zhuge Yu finally realized that it was already midnight. He awkwardly touched the back of his head and said, “Aren’t I just too excited?”

“Being excited means you don’t care about anything?” Zhuge Feng criticized.

As the two brothers bickered, the night grew darker.

The next morning, Zhuge Feng was startled awake by Zhuge Yu.

Anyone who opens their eyes groggily early in the morning and sees a ball of color staring at him eagerly by the bed will surely scare away any traces of sleepiness, and Zhuge Feng was no exception.

Once Zhuge Feng fully awakened from his bewildered state, he yelled at Zhuge Yu, who was standing in front of his bed, “Zhuge Yu, why are you awake so early and running into my room?”

“You should get up and go to work,” Zhuge Yu urged, unaffected.

Suppressing his anger, Zhuge Feng glanced at the clock on the bedside table. It was just after six o’clock. He glared at Zhuge Yu and said, “It’s only a few hours past, and you want me to go to work?”

“It’s already six o’clock. It’s not early anymore,” Zhuge Yu replied.

Zhuge Feng sized up Zhuge Yu and finally speculated, “Did you not sleep at all last night?”

Zhuge Yu responded, “I couldn’t sleep.” The thought of being able to meet that young man soon made him feel restless and uncomfortable. How could he sleep? This feeling made him even more nervous than when he first participated in an international competition. He had spent the entire night thinking about that young man. He pondered how to convince the young man to become his disciple and what path would be suitable for the young man’s development.

After a chaotic mix of thoughts, he ended up with insomnia. Finally enduring until daybreak, he promptly ran to Zhuge Feng’s room to wake him up and discuss it.

Zhuge Feng erupted again, “You can’t sleep, so you come early in the morning to disturb my sweet dreams?”

“It’s time to get up,” Zhuge Yu said. If he didn’t currently need Zhuge Feng’s help, he would have given Zhuge Feng a slap a long time ago for being so insolent.

Zhuge Feng was truly at a loss with Zhuge Yu. Helplessly, he got up from the bed, put on his slippers, and went to the bathroom to freshen up. While walking, he complained, “What’s the use of digging me up so early? Even if I take you to the company now, they won’t be there. You’ll still have to wait.”

Zhuge Yu listened to his complaints but held his tongue.

Stay calm, stay calm. You still need him to take you to meet that promising talent!

Under Zhuge Yu’s silent coercion, Zhuge Feng arrived at the company around seven o’clock. This surprised the office cleaners. Why was the general manager here so early? There was still an hour and a half until work started. Could it be that he came to inspect their work?

The cleaners felt a sense of unease and became even more diligent in their cleaning.

Unaware of the cleaners’ thoughts, Zhuge Feng led Zhuge Yu to his office, found a seat for him, and then lay down on the sofa, planning to doze off for a little while before work started.

“Zhuge Feng, do you think it’s appropriate for me to meet that young man dressed like this?” However, Zhuge Yu didn’t give Zhuge Feng any time to doze off. He tugged at his colorful clothes and asked Zhuge Feng.

“Are you here for a blind date or looking for an apprentice?” Zhuge Feng rubbed his temples. This twin brother of his must have been sent by the heavens to torment him. He had been tormenting him for over fifty years, and it seemed like the torment would continue.

“Of course, I’m looking for an apprentice,” Zhuge Yu asserted confidently.

“Why do you care about your attire when looking for an apprentice?” Zhuge Feng retorted.

“Of course, I want to leave a good impression on the apprentice,” Zhuge Yu replied.

Zhuge Feng sneered, “With the way you’re dressed, the apprentice hasn’t even seen you yet, but they’d be blinded from a distance. Don’t you consider your age and pile on all those colors? Even young people wouldn’t dare to dress like you.”

“Our sense of aesthetics differs. I can’t reason with you,” Zhuge Yu expressed his disdain, particularly towards the white suit Zhuge Feng was wearing, which looked like a cheap hotel bedsheet. How dare he criticize him?

“Do you know what I regret the most this year, Zhuge Yu?” Zhuge Feng felt the intense disdain in Zhuge Yu’s eyes and asked.

“I don’t care what you regret. After all, I don’t have any regret medicine in my hands,” Zhuge Yu replied.

“I regret telling you about that young man!” Zhuge Feng clenched his teeth while saying the last few words.

Only then did Zhuge Yu remember that he needed Zhuge Feng’s help to meet that young man. He immediately turned off the switch for their banter and said, “Why don’t you take a nap first, and I’ll wake you up when it’s time.”

Zhuge Feng finally felt some peace in his ears. However, it didn’t last long. The sound of footsteps soon made him furrow his brow. He turned around and stared at Zhuge Yu, suppressing his anger. “Zhuge Yu, can you stop walking back and forth?”

Zhuge Yu shrugged innocently, “Aren’t I nervous? You know, whenever I’m nervous, I need to walk around.”

The veins on Zhuge Feng’s temples seemed to pulse slightly. “You can walk outside. The corridor is so long; it’s enough for you to walk hundreds or even thousands of times.”

“I’m worried that when it’s time, I won’t be able to wake you up promptly, and your subordinates will see you sleeping right after starting work. Wouldn’t that have a bad impact?” Zhuge Yu justified.

Zhuge Feng gave up resisting. “My dear big brother, do whatever you want!”


This round, Zhuge Yu won.

For the next hour or so, it was mental torment for Zhuge Feng. Finally, when it was time to start work, Zhuge Feng personally dialed the internal line of the Marketing Department’s director.

The phone was quickly answered by Wei Chen. Almost immediately, Zhuge Feng said, “Wei Chen, bring your partner to my office right now. Hurry, it’s urgent!”

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Wear Out Iron Shoes – lit. to wear out one’s iron shoes (idiom)/fig. to search high and low only to find it when one least expects to. 

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