Chapter 80 – His Fear

Although Zhuge Feng was still complaining and arguing with Zhuge Yu just a second ago, when he encountered something related to Zhuge Yu, he was more anxious than anyone else. One could hear the urgency in his voice when he called Wei Chen.

With such an urgent tone, Wei Chen thought that something big had happened. As soon as his feet touched the office floor, he turned around and took Chen Li to the general manager’s office.

Inside the office, Zhuge Yu sat on the sofa, but he was restless. He wanted to maintain a high posture, but when he actually saw Chen Li, all his posturing disappeared. If it weren’t for the fact that he still remembered Chen Li’s condition, he might have rushed over.

However, even so, Zhuge Yu’s gaze towards Chen Li was burning, and he estimated that his initial eagerness to recruit talent could not be concealed.

Such a fiery gaze was too intimidating for Chen Li, who was a bit scared and hid behind Wei Chen, allowing Wei Chen to be a solid barrier for him.

Wei Chen was not surprised at all to see Zhuge Yu in Zhuge Feng’s office. After all, the two of them looked too similar, both in appearance and name. Wei Chen had speculated about it a long time ago, so now he naturally waited quietly for Zhuge Yu to state his purpose.

“Director Wei, there’s actually nothing important for calling you up here. It’s just that my brother wants to meet your little husband,” Zhuge Feng stepped forward and said, “My brother is a professor at Q University of Fine Arts. He admires your little husband and hopes to discuss matters related to painting with him.”

‘What do you mean it’s not important!’ Zhuge Yu instinctively wanted to retort when he heard the words “nothing important.” But when Zhuge Feng gave him a fierce glare, it was a critical moment, so he restrained himself from going crazy. Zhuge Yu reluctantly closed his mouth.

“Director Wei, my brother has a very high level of artistic accomplishment. I’m not boasting. If you want to learn more, you can search on any search platform, and you’ll be able to verify what I’m saying.” Zhuge Feng persuaded Wei Chen while letting Zhuge Yu quietly stay aside.

“Your brother and I have met,” Wei Chen tightly held Chen Li’s hand and said calmly. To this day, Zhuge Yu’s business card was still in his hand.

“Yes, yes, we’ve met,” Zhuge Yu immediately nodded and then leaned in front of Wei Chen, saying, “Moreover, we’ve met not just once. I saw you guys when I was at the Freewheel shop.”

Wei Chen didn’t know that Zhuge Yu was also present at the art shop before. He looked at Zhuge Yu without showing any emotion in his gaze. “Mr. Zhuge, didn’t you want us to personally come and find you?” Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left only a business card without saying anything. Wei Chen had seen through Zhuge Yu’s intentions, and Zhuge Yu felt a bit embarrassed.

Artists always have their own arrogance. When he first saw Chen Li’s artwork, he had already decided to take Chen Li as his apprentice. However, he didn’t explicitly state it. Instead, he gave his business card to Wei Chen, thinking that once Wei Chen knew who he was, he would contact him and discuss matters related to Chen Li.

After all, he was a master. How could a master be in a rush to make someone else his disciple? Shouldn’t it be others rushing to become his disciple?

As a result, so much time had passed, and Wei Chen hadn’t made a single phone call. It was as if this matter had never happened. In the end, Zhuge Yu couldn’t bear it anymore and spent a lot of effort to find him.

From the brief conversation between Wei Chen and Zhuge Yu, Zhuge Feng could guess the development of the situation. He looked at Zhuge Yu with a hint of dissatisfaction. He thought to himself, ‘You said it yourself. You found a talented person, but you didn’t take action to bring him back. What are you relying on now? Fortunately, there haven’t been other discerning people in front of Chen Li yet. If someone else appears and snatches him away, you, Zhuge Yu, will be crying with regret!’

Although Zhuge Feng despised Zhuge Yu’s approach, he still defended Zhuge Yu on the surface. He walked up to Wei Chen and said earnestly, “Wei Chen, my brother here is fully dedicated to art. At this age, he is indeed lacking in social skills, but I assure you that once your little husband becomes his apprentice, he will go further in the field of art. And the only advantage he has is protecting his disciple. He will definitely create the safest environment for your little husband and ensure he doesn’t get hurt.”

At this moment, Zhuge Yu didn’t argue with Zhuge Feng. He looked at Wei Chen with sincerity on his face. Chen Li was truly a promising talent, and he didn’t want to let this good seed go to waste.

Wei Chen didn’t agree or refuse. He glanced at Chen Li, who was hiding behind him, and said, “I respect Li Li’s opinion. I’ll listen to him.” This was Li Li’s matter, and he hoped Li Li could make the decision himself.

“Definitely, everything will be based on his wishes,” Zhuge Yu nodded in agreement. If Chen Li wasn’t willing, he didn’t want to force him. After all, forcibly twisted melons are not sweet, and it would be a pity for such a good talent.

After reaching the most basic consensus, Wei Chen didn’t stay long in Zhuge Feng’s office. He led Chen Li back to his own office.

In the general manager’s office, Zhuge Feng and Zhuge Yu surprisingly had a harmonious discussion about Chen Li and Wei Chen’s situation.

“Zhuge Feng, this subordinate of yours may not show any expression, but he’s not a bad person,” Zhuge Yu sighed. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer people who genuinely consider the other half’s feelings. He could tell that this young man named Wei Chen truly cared about Chen Li.

“He’s not a bad person, but he’s as black as a sesame ball. He’s just good at hiding it!” Zhuge Feng couldn’t help but exclaim.

Indeed, this person was truly cunning. He saw through his intentions, but didn’t show any signs of it, making the situation appear extremely unfavorable. He made Zhuge Feng restless, and then launched a big counterattack, playing with his heartbeat and punishing him for his calculations!

In Chen Li’s case, don’t think that Zhuge Feng couldn’t see through it. Wei Chen also wanted Chen Li to have a mentor in art. However, he was able to endure and not actively contact Zhuge Yu, letting Zhuge Yu come to him. This tested Zhuge Yu’s level of concern for Chen Li to various degrees, while also allowing Wei Chen to maintain the initiative and secure more benefits for Chen Li.

For Chen Li, Wei Chen had put in his utmost effort.

“Why do I sense admiration in your tone? I suppose your feelings towards Wei Chen are similar to mine towards Chen Li?” Zhuge Yu detected the hidden meaning in Zhuge Feng’s words and asked.

Zhuge Feng didn’t respond, but he knew deep down that it was true.

Wei Chen possessed both ability and cunning, yet he also had emotions and principles. Such a person was worth promoting and nurturing.


Wei Chen brought Chen Li back to the office. After closing the door, Wei Chen looked into Chen Li’s eyes and asked, “Li Li, do you want to go to school? Do you want to learn painting?”

Upon hearing about school and painting, a light immediately ignited in Chen Li’s big eyes. It was a bright, eager light as he nodded without hesitation. Wei Chen wasn’t surprised by this outcome. Although Chen Li was withdrawn, he still had certain expectations for certain things, such as learning. And painting had long been a spiritual refuge for Chen Li. He had always relied on instinct and talent to create art. Wei Chen knew that deep within Chen Li’s heart, he yearned for someone to truly guide him into the world of art.

Now, the opportunity had come, and Wei Chen hoped to help Chen Li seize it, and he hoped that Chen Li would accept it.

Seeing the longing expression on Chen Li’s face, it was the first time he had displayed such strong longing in front of Wei Chen. Suddenly, Wei Chen hesitated, unsure if he should say what he planned to say next.

Chen Li didn’t know what Wei Chen was thinking. He simply looked at Wei Chen, unwavering, as if he had seen through Wei Chen’s emotions or comprehended something. He reached out and tightly grasped Wei Chen’s hand, and the light in his eyes dimmed.

The longing on Chen Li’s face disappeared, replaced by a sense of resistance.

Chen Li’s grip on Wei Chen’s hand was firm, with fingertips turning white, like a drowning person clutching at the last piece of driftwood. His eyes flickered with fluctuating emotions as he stared at Wei Chen, as if pleading for something.

Wei Chen’s heart ached, and he pulled Chen Li into his embrace, holding his waist tightly with both hands. He gently kissed Chen Li’s ear, offering soothing words.

“Don’t worry, I won’t leave you.” His gentle whisper slowly flowed into Chen Li’s ears, and Chen Li’s tense emotions finally began to relax.

“Li Li, no matter what you do, I’ll be with you.” Sensing the change in Chen Li’s emotions, Wei Chen softly spoke again. Chen Li didn’t respond but stubbornly held onto Wei Chen, burying his head in Wei Chen’s chest.

Wei Chen gently stroked Chen Li’s hair with his raised hand. The tenderness in his eyes gradually settled, fueled by Chen Li’s care. If Chen Li were to go to school, to study art, it would mean that Chen Li would be separated from Wei Chen, entering a new environment.

Chen Li feared new environments but feared being away from Wei Chen even more. As long as Wei Chen was by his side, no matter the environment, Chen Li wouldn’t be afraid.

Perhaps art was Chen Li’s spiritual sanctuary, but Wei Chen had become his soul’s reliance.

Wei Chen didn’t know if this outcome was good or bad, but secretly, he enjoyed it. He genuinely hoped that in Chen Li’s world, it would always be just him, Wei Chen, that Chen Li couldn’t leave him or be without him.

However, Wei Chen remained rational. He knew that this outcome wouldn’t help Chen Li’s condition. He didn’t want Chen Li to be forever trapped in that dark world, unable to escape.


Thinking about this, Wei Chen’s gaze darkened. A ruthless expression quietly spread, but behind that ruthlessness, there lay a deep-seated fear—an unspoken, soul-penetrating fear that caused Wei Chen’s entire being to tremble unconsciously.

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Forcibly twisted melons are not sweet – When you force a melon from the vines, it won’t be sweet. – It’s not productive to force something to be done.

As black as a sesame ball – black inside, black-bellied, cunning, and scheming

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