Chapter 87 – Family Situation

Jiang Junmo’s parents were martyrs. They sacrificed their lives for the country shortly after he was born.

So, in his childhood, he was taken care of and raised by his uncle’s family and four sisters.

His uncle’s family treated him exceptionally well. Even when he was in poor health, they tried various methods to help him recover, treating him better than their own son.

In fact, this rural assignment was originally intended for his uncle’s son. However, his cousin’s lifelong dream was to join the military.

But according to the government policy, each family had to send one member to the countryside, and besides his cousin and himself, no one else in their family met the requirements. Due to his poor health, his cousin decided to give up on joining the military and instead go to the countryside as an educated youth.

However, in order to let his cousin join the military, Jiang Junmo took matters into his own hands and secretly registered himself.

By the time his family found out, it was too late. His uncle wanted his cousin to take his place, but he refused and even begged his grandfather, but his grandfather was also worried about him.

Finally, after repeatedly promising that he would do well in the countryside, they reluctantly agreed.

Before he left, they prepared a considerable amount of money, tickets, and other items for him. They would send him letters and frequently send things and medicine, fearing that he wouldn’t fare well.

Lu Xia sighed upon hearing this, feeling a bit envious of Jiang Junmo’s family and touched by his pure-heartedness.

But according to the book, he wouldn’t survive this winter in the countryside.

She could imagine how difficult it would be for his family, including his cousin, if they found out. Even if he had the opportunity to join the military, it would likely be hard for them to accept.

However, now that they had obtained the marriage certificate and she had the spiritual spring water, she wouldn’t let him die like that.

After all, no matter what, Jiang Junmo seemed to be treating her well at the moment, and she couldn’t bear to let a life slip away like that.

So she planned to gradually improve his health later on. Regardless of how things would turn out between them, for now, she considered it a sincere repayment to him.

They shared information about their respective families, and when they arrived at the post office, Jiang Junmo immediately sent the telegram.

Finally, the two of them went to the department store.

Upon reaching the department store, they first bought wedding candies. They found out that after obtaining the marriage certificate, they could apply for extra candy tickets, so they didn’t hesitate to apply for them.

Now they used those tickets to buy the wedding candies, and Jiang Junmo insisted on paying.

After purchasing the candies, according to Lu Xia’s observation, there wasn’t much else to buy.

However, Jiang Junmo pulled her to the women’s clothing section, and he enthusiastically looked around.

Lu Xia was surprised and asked directly, “Are you planning to buy clothes for me?”

Jiang Junmo nodded sheepishly and said, “Since we didn’t have a wedding ceremony, I wanted to buy something for you as compensation.”

Lu Xia didn’t expect him to think like that, but she smiled and said, “It’s okay, I don’t mind about those things. If you want to compensate me, when our house is built, you can buy more things for our home.”


Although he said that, Jiang Junmo didn’t give up, “Are you really not going to buy anything? How about just one piece?”

Lu Xia simply pulled him along and said, “No, I don’t need it. I have enough clothes.”

Jiang Junmo felt a bit disappointed, but he had no choice but to follow her.

Since they didn’t buy any clothes, Jiang Junmo thought about the things they would need for building their house, so he suggested buying pots, bowls, and other kitchen utensils.

However, Lu Xia rejected the idea, saying, “We don’t need those right now. We haven’t even built the house yet. If we buy them now, where will we keep them? Let’s wait until the house is built, and then we can buy them in town.”



Chapter 88 – Reactions of the Educated Youths


Jiang Junmo’s suggestions were all rejected by Lu Xia. They didn’t spend the money he wanted to, and in the end, they only bought two pastries. After that, they wandered around until it was almost time to go to the bus station.

They were taking the bus back to the educated youth spot, where the others were already preparing dinner.

As soon as they returned, everyone greeted them, saying, “You’ve come back just in time. Let’s have dinner quickly.”

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo didn’t refuse the invitation. They had been walking around the whole afternoon and were now hungry.

After dinner, everyone was curious to know why they had taken leave today.

Jiang Junmo remained silent, so Lu Xia, as the spokesperson, felt a bit embarrassed and said directly, “Jiang Junmo and I went to get our marriage certificate today.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the educated youth spot fell silent.

After a while, everyone expressed their disbelief, saying, “Lu Xia, what are you saying? You and Jiang Junmo got your marriage certificate today? A marriage certificate?”

Lu Xia nodded, “Yes, we got married today. It was a bit rushed, so we didn’t have a wedding ceremony, but we bought wedding candies. We’ll distribute them to everyone later, so you can all share in the joy.”

However, some of the others still couldn’t fully accept it. It seemed too rushed.

Even Su Man was astonished as she glanced at Lu Xia and then at Jiang Junmo. She thought, so that’s why the two of them went out together last night. They had planned to get their marriage certificate.

Others found it strange, especially the female educated youths. After all, just a few days ago, they were discussing the incident of Jiang Junmo being harassed by the villagers.

On the other hand, the male educated youths didn’t think too much about it. They were simply curious how the two people who rarely spoke suddenly got together.

Gu Xiangnan unexpectedly glanced at Lu Xia and then at Jiang Junmo. Finally, he smiled and said, “Congratulations.”

The others didn’t ask much further. After all, the two of them had already obtained their marriage certificate. They offered their blessings and then accepted the wedding candies before going to bed.

However, the female educated youths didn’t go to sleep so early once they returned to their rooms.

They all unconsciously gathered around Lu Xia and started talking to her.

It was at this time that Sun Shengnan finally asked why the two of them suddenly got married.

Lu Xia gave the same response as before, “Actually, we knew each other before coming here. After spending time together in the countryside, we felt good about each other and decided to get our marriage certificate.”

“So quickly?” Su Man asked. As a child who grew up in modern society, she couldn’t quite understand the idea of getting married so casually.

Sun Shengnan, as someone born and raised in the countryside, could accept it, but she found it sudden because there had been no hint about Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo’s relationship before. However, upon hearing Lu Xia’s explanation, she understood.

Lu Xia smiled and said, “Actually, there’s another reason. We have too many things, and the educated youth spot is too crowded. So we thought that once we have our marriage certificate, we can build a house in the village and move out.”

“You’re going to move out?” Su Man said with a hint of envy. “That’s great!”

She also wanted to move out, but the village wouldn’t allow her to build her own house, and it wasn’t safe to live with the villagers. So she could only stay in the educated youth spot.

The other female educated youths were also envious. They also wanted to build their own houses, but they lacked the money and the opportunity. So besides envy, they also felt sorry for the cost.

But it wasn’t appropriate to say much more. After all, it seemed that both Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were in good conditions. So, in the end, all that remained was envy.

Later, Lu Xia explained a bit more to everyone before chatting for a while. As they couldn’t ask more questions, they dispersed.

However, before going to sleep, Lu Xia remembered the attitudes of Zhuang Hongmei and Cheng Yujiao, which she had observed discreetly. Upon hearing that she was getting married, Zhuang Hongmei was jealous, while Cheng Yujiao seemed relieved.


Lu Xia was puzzled. What did she mean by that?

She wasn’t really considering herself a rival, was she?

That’s ridiculous! Did she really think that Gu Xiangnan was such a great catch that everyone liked him?

Moreover, she targeted her based on mere speculation and even resorted to disgusting methods to deal with her. That girl must be crazy!

Just thinking about it sent shivers down Lu Xia’s spine. If she had been powerless, would she have succeeded by now?

Thinking of this, Lu Xia’s expression became ugly. Luckily, she was about to move out. Otherwise, if she continued to live in the educated youth spot, she would probably be driven crazy.

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