Chapter 89 – Jiang Junmo Almost Drowns

The next day, because the crops had just been harvested, there wasn’t much work to do in the village. Moreover, many people were exhausted from rushing to finish the autumn harvest, so they were temporarily not working and resting.

However, when Lu Xia woke up in the morning, she felt a slight drop in temperature. It was chilly outside, and she couldn’t help but shiver when she came out. She went back inside and put on an extra layer of clothes before stepping out.

When she came out, she saw that Jiang Junmo was already wearing a padded jacket, and she couldn’t help but feel speechless. How afraid of the cold was this person? It wasn’t even the coldest time of winter, and he was already wearing a padded jacket.

Although the two had just gotten their marriage certificate, they weren’t living together yet. However, Jiang Junmo still felt a bit embarrassed when they met, especially with the teasing from the other people at the educated youth spot.

Lu Xia, on the other hand, had a thicker skin and spoke up to Jiang Junmo in front of everyone, saying, “We should go talk to the village chief about building the house today. Should you go or should I go, or should we go together?”

Jiang Junmo took the initiative and said, “I’ll go. It’s getting colder, and the weather is too cold. You stay in the house and don’t go out.”

Lu Xia nodded. “That works too. You go first and ask about the construction details and the location. Let’s try to finish it before the weather gets too cold.”


After discussing their plans and having breakfast, Jiang Junmo went to the village branch to find the village chief.

Lu Xia thought that it would be a quick matter and he would come back soon.

However, she didn’t expect that after waiting in the house for a while, she heard someone shouting outside, “Educated Youth Jiang fell into the river!”

At first, Lu Xia didn’t hear it clearly, so she listened carefully and realized that it was indeed, “Educated Youth Jiang fell into the river.”

She was immediately startled and quickly got off the kang and put on her shoes before rushing outside.

The other people at the educated youth spot also ran out upon hearing the noise.

However, Lu Xia was the fastest.

By the time she reached the riverbank, she saw that Jiang Junmo had already been rescued and was sitting on the ground coughing up water. There was a crowd surrounding him, but she didn’t know what they were doing, and there was still someone crying.

However, Lu Xia didn’t pay attention to that. She only noticed that Jiang Junmo’s padded jacket had been taken off, and now he was wearing a vest, shivering in the cold wind.

Lu Xia saw how pale he looked from being frozen, so she immediately took off her own jacket and went up to him to put it on.

“How are you? Are you okay?”

Jiang Junmo was trembling all over, his face pale. He forced a smile when he saw her and said, “I’m… cough… I’m fine.”

He didn’t look fine at all!

Lu Xia was extremely worried and firmly supported him to stand up.

She squatted in front of him and said, “Get on my back. I’ll carry you back. You need to get warm as soon as possible.”

Jiang Junmo wanted to refuse, but before he could say anything, he couldn’t hold back and started coughing again.

Lu Xia’s face immediately turned stern, and she said forcefully, “Hurry up and get on or you’re going to die!”

Seeing that she was angry, Jiang Junmo reluctantly supported himself on her shoulders and climbed onto her back.

Lu Xia exerted force and lifted him up, planning to head back to the educated youth spot.

This series of actions stunned the people around them, and they let them leave just like that.

As Lu Xia walked a short distance, Gu Xiangnan and the others arrived.

When they saw Lu Xia carrying Jiang Junmo on her back, they were all stunned. Gu Xiangnan, however, reacted quickly and proactively said, “Should I carry him instead?”

Lu Xia immediately shook her head and refused, “No need. I can carry him.”

Not to mention that her strength had increased significantly due to drinking spiritual spring water, even without that, Jiang Junmo, although tall, was thin and weak, and he wasn’t heavy. It wasn’t difficult for her to carry him.

But she didn’t explain all this, and she thought of something else. She requested, “His padded jacket is still at the riverside. Can you please help retrieve it, Educated Youth Gu? Also, I don’t know what happened over there, can you find out?”

Gu Xiangnan glanced at her upon hearing this and realized that she seemed capable of carrying him, so he nodded and agreed. He then walked towards the riverside.

The others followed Lu Xia back to the educated youth spot.


Chapter 90 – He Was Pushed Down


When Lu Xia arrived at the entrance of the educated youth spot, the female educated youths all came out and were startled to see her carrying Jiang Junmo on her back.

Lu Xia didn’t have much time for greetings. She directly carried Jiang Junmo to the room where the male educated youths stayed, found his blanket, and laid him down. She asked the other male educated youths to help him change into dry clothes.

She took the opportunity to quickly light the fire in the kitchen stove. She needed to warm up the kang first.

After lighting the fire and putting in a good amount of firewood, she also boiled some water, preparing to cook ginger soup for him later to drive away the cold. She didn’t know if it would be effective.

After everything was prepared, she entered the room and saw that Jiang Junmo had already been changed into dry clothes by Li Yi and the others. He had laid down in the bed, half unconscious, with a furrowed brow and closed eyes, but his body was still trembling involuntarily.

Lu Xia was worried, so she said to Li Yi who was beside her, “Could you please find the doctor from the clinic to come and check on him? He can’t move in his current condition.”

Li Yi nodded and immediately went out without hesitation.

Left alone, Lu Xia looked at Jiang Junmo, who had a pale face, and felt some concern. She didn’t know if his body could withstand this.

How did he end up falling into the river when he was just going to find the village chief?

Sigh, she should give him more spiritual spring water later. This time, he must have suffered a lot.

Lost in thought, Gu Xiangnan came back. Not only did he bring Jiang Junmo’s padded jacket, but he also found out the reason why he fell into the river.

It turned out that when Jiang Junmo went to find the village chief this morning, he was seen by Shi Chunyan, who continued to pester him.

Feeling annoyed, Jiang Junmo told her directly that he had already married Lu Xia and received their marriage certificate, and he hoped she wouldn’t bother him anymore.

However, Shi Chunyan didn’t believe him. She shouted and yelled at him. Jiang Junmo saw that she wasn’t listening and didn’t want to continue the argument, so he simply ran away.

But Shi Chunyan was furious and didn’t let him get away that easily. She chased after him.

Jiang Junmo was already in poor health and couldn’t run fast. When he reached the bridge, she caught up to him.

Angered even more, Shi Chunyan gave him a push in her rage.

Jiang Junmo, with his weak body, was pushed into the river by her.

Fortunately, the bridge wasn’t high, and the river wasn’t deep. But Jiang Junmo was wearing a padded jacket today.

Being soaked by the river made him sink even more. He couldn’t get up.

Fortunately, this scene was witnessed by Li Hongjun and his group who were returning with them.

Li Hongjun directly went into the river and pulled him up, but Jiang Junmo had been soaked in the cold water for a long time.

As for Li Hongjun, he was going for a blind date today, and his newly made clothes got wet. His mother was very angry, as the girl was still waiting for him. Plus, they were running out of time. So after they got ashore, his mother asked someone else to send Jiang Junmo back to the educated youth spot, and she hurriedly went home with her son to change clothes.

But the two people she found were only half-grown kids. They thought they couldn’t carry Jiang Junmo, so one went to call for help, while the other waited there.

As for the other people who arrived later and heard the commotion, seeing Shi Chunyan crying and scared, they thought Jiang Junmo had done something to her. They were busy comforting her and ignored Jiang Junmo, leaving him at the riverside unattended.

It was only when Lu Xia carried Jiang Junmo away that they learned the truth from the mouths of the two half-grown kids.

After hearing the sequence of events, Lu Xia was so angry that she wanted to go over and beat Shi Chunyan right away.

However, before she could speak, Gu Xiangnan said, “Don’t worry about this matter. It’s not just Educated Youth Jiang’s problem anymore. It concerns all of us educated youths. She committed murder and doesn’t take us educated youths seriously. This time, the village must be held accountable.”

Lu Xia raised her eyebrows in surprise at his words, but then she realized that the male protagonist had a strong sense of justice and a deep aversion to evil.

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