Chapter 189 – Happiness and Anticipation

It wasn’t until they sat down on the kang at home that Lu Xia slowly came to her senses.

“Mo Mo, I didn’t hear wrong just now, did I? I… am really pregnant?” she said in disbelief, touching her belly.

Jiang Junmo had completely reacted by now, his eyes showing excitement and worry. “Yes, Xia Xia, you’re pregnant. We’re having a child!”

He glanced nervously at Lu Xia, who was still focused on her belly, and suppressed his nervousness.

Then he cautiously asked, “This child… do you want to keep it?”

Lu Xia finally raised her head, looking at him in astonishment. “What do you mean? Don’t you want it?”

“No! No, I’m thrilled! How could I not want it!” Jiang Junmo quickly explained.

But Lu Xia still looked skeptical. “Then why did you ask that just now?”

This left Jiang Junmo confused. He looked at her carefully and finally said, “Didn’t you say before that you didn’t want children now?”

Lu Xia was taken aback by his words and felt a little awkward. “I didn’t plan on having a child before, but now that it’s happened, I’m really happy!”

“Really?” Jiang Junmo was instantly delighted, and his eyes seemed to sparkle with stars as he looked at Lu Xia, as if trying to draw her in.

Lu Xia was momentarily lost in his gaze.

However, when she came to her senses, she felt a little awkward. She scolded herself for still being so charmed by his looks after being married for so long.

So, she avoided looking at him and kept her head down, focusing on her belly.

“Yeah, I didn’t plan on having one before because I didn’t know how to take care of a child. But now that the baby is here, it’s fate. Although I was surprised at first and felt unprepared, I believe I can overcome all of that, and I will try to accept the child,” she said.

Hearing her words, Jiang Junmo finally felt relieved. He came over and hugged her, being careful not to put pressure on her belly.

“That’s great! Xia Xia, that’s great! I’m so happy!” he said, and she felt like he sounded a little choked up.

But she didn’t see it, because Jiang Junmo suddenly remembered they hadn’t eaten yet and was worried that she might get hungry. He hurriedly went to cook.

Before leaving, he sternly told her not to move and to stay put.

Lu Xia found his hurried figure somewhat amusing as she looked down at her belly.

For now, there were no changes.

But she knew that over the next few months, her belly would slowly grow until her child was born.

Her child!

Even now, she still couldn’t believe that she was actually pregnant. She had always felt that she hadn’t grown up yet and wasn’t prepared to be a mother.

But at this moment, she realized she was happy.

She was actually looking forward to having a child with Jiang Junmo.

Thinking of this, happiness filled Lu Xia’s face. It’s wonderful!

That evening, Jiang Junmo made several dishes, as if he wanted to cook everything delicious in the house for her to eat.

If she hadn’t stopped him, he might have even slaughtered the young chickens they had just raised.

Seeing how much he cared about the child, Lu Xia felt both happy and jealous.

“Do you love the child so much? You don’t treat me as well as this normally. Will the child take all your attention once it’s born?” she asked.

“How could that be?” Jiang Junmo denied quickly. “How could you think that way, Xia Xia? I’m worried about your health. You’ve been working continuously for several days, and you haven’t been feeling well. I was afraid you couldn’t handle it, so I thought about giving you some supplements.”

“And of course, I’m really happy about the baby. But it’s because the child is yours that I love it. Don’t worry, in my heart, you will always come before the child.”


Chapter 190 – Worried Instructions


“Really?” Lu Xia couldn’t believe it and was a bit puzzled about when Jiang Junmo had become so eloquent. Why hadn’t she noticed before?

“Of course, it’s true!” Jiang Junmo’s tone was as sincere as it could be.

“You can trust that I will always care about you.”

Lu Xia finally felt satisfied upon hearing this. “Alright then, remember what you just said!”


Seeing that Lu Xia finally stopped dwelling on the topic, Jiang Junmo let out a sigh of relief and wiped off some sweat discreetly. He silently thanked his fourth brother-in-law in his heart. It turned out that everything his brother-in-law had said before was true. After the wife became pregnant, she should always be put first, no matter how unreasonable she acted.

He had thought his brother-in-law was just smooth-talking back then, but now he fully acknowledged and planned to strictly follow his advice.

The excitement of being pregnant slowly faded away, and it wasn’t until they lay down at night that Lu Xia finally remembered why she had become pregnant.

Then she looked at Jiang Junmo and asked, “Tell me, did you do it on purpose?”

“Huh? What do you mean on purpose?” Jiang Junmo was puzzled.

“I mean, did you intentionally make me pregnant? The thing we talked about before, you said you would buy it, but you never did. Were you trying to make me pregnant on purpose?”

Jiang Junmo denied it. “No, I didn’t. I really never thought about it. It rained the last time we had time off, and you didn’t feel well and didn’t want to move. Besides, we were on our safe days, so I thought there wouldn’t be any issues.”

Lu Xia thought about it and realized that they had indeed only been intimate during safe days. It seemed that even safe days were not entirely safe.

“Never mind, it must be fate.”

“Yeah.” Jiang Junmo was delighted. “Although we took all precautions, the little one still came. I guess the little guy couldn’t wait to see his parents.”

Lu Xia smiled too. “Do you think it’s a boy or a girl?”

“I don’t know. I’ll love either, a boy or a girl!” Jiang Junmo sounded tense.

“Really?” Lu Xia doubted, “Don’t you like boys?”

“No, I like both boys and girls. As long as it’s your child, I’ll love them!” he firmly declared.

Only then did Lu Xia feel satisfied.

And Jiang Junmo silently let out a breath of relief, grateful that he had remembered what his third brother-in-law had said. However, he still felt a bit worried and decided to write letters to several of his brothers-in-law later to seek their advice.

The previous day, they were too excited and slept late, causing Lu Xia to wake up late the next day.

By the time she woke up, Jiang Junmo had already prepared the meal and was about to leave for work.

Of course, he wouldn’t let her continue working on this side.

Lu Xia thought about it and agreed. Although pulling out weeds wasn’t physically demanding, it was tough to endure in the heat. That’s probably why she hadn’t been feeling well the last few days.

So, she decided not to work for the next three months.

Jiang Junmo didn’t want to work either and worried about leaving her alone at home. He wanted to stay to keep her company, but she refused him outright.

“What’s unsafe at home? Besides, I won’t be working as a pregnant woman. If you don’t go to work now that you’re feeling better, people might gossip. Just go to work.”

Jiang Junmo could only agree, though he seemed like he had a thousand things to say before going.

“Stay home and don’t fetch water. There’s plenty in the water jar.”

Lu Xia: “Okay.”

“We have enough firewood at home. If there isn’t enough, I’ll buy some from the village. Don’t worry about it.”

Lu Xia: “Okay.”

“It rained recently, and the soil in the vegetable garden is a bit sticky and unsafe. Don’t go there.”

Lu Xia: “Mm.”

“I’ve fed the chickens. You don’t need to worry about them. I’ll feed them again when I come back.”

Lu Xia: “…”

“When I come back, I’ll prepare the food. If you’re bored, just lie down and take a nap, or draw. Didn’t you want to paint? You know where my paint is. Wait, maybe you shouldn’t paint. I don’t know if those paints are safe for pregnant women. I’ll ask someone about it later.”

Lu Xia: “…”

Unable to bear it any longer, she finally snapped, “Okay, that’s enough! I got it. You’re just going to work for a few hours. It’s not like you’re never coming back. Relax, I’m sure I’ll still be alive when you come back!”

Jiang Junmo: “…”

Seeing that she had enough of his nagging, he stopped talking and just gave a couple more simple instructions before finally turning around and heading to work with three backward glances.

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  1. “Don’t worry, in my heart, you will always come before the child.”

    That’s actually quite important and a lot kf people lose sight of this, of course you need to love the kid and be there for them but your spouse should always come first.

    You already know it’s gonna be a boy, it always is, and it irritates me to no end “it doesn’t matter what it is I’ll love them” and all that is bullshit, even these stories that empower women seem pretty bullshit when time after time it’s a boy that will “continue the line”, even these women authors have been contaminated with china’s brainwashing haha, welp those badtards do a gold job at that so I can’t blame them too harshly.

    1. It might not necessarily be the case, especially since that other villager who lost his wife during pregnancy had a girl. Unless he gets married again, his family line will end with himself, so the author could make it different for our main couple.

      It could be that they have girl first and then a boy later on, after all I don’t deny that they consider boys more important during that time and it’s a general mentality overall, so eventually they’ll have to have a boy, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a boy first. If they have a girl first, we’ll even get to see his true reaction and the reaction from his family, so it would be a nice development.

      Thanks for the chapter! 😀

    2. I actually prefer boys than girls in period dramas. Firstly, it saves a lot of drama but most importantly, I got tired of the double standard. They always pamper the baby girl to the heaven while the boys are raised carelessly. There’s always an obvious bias and favoritism with the little princess as if one extreme can solve the other extreme. Even when they give birth to paternal twins, it’s always the girl that gets more emphasis and focus.

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