Chapter 187 – The Final Outcome

Chen Laoshi’s nephew’s wife?

Chen Laoshi didn’t have many relatives left in the village, only one distant relative, which was the Chen family.

So, it would be Chen Er’s wife, Zhuang Hongmei, right?

So, this whole thing was instigated by Zhuang Hongmei?

Really, why does everything seem to involve her? What kind of wife did Chen Er marry?

Although Chen Er wasn’t great, Zhuang Hongmei seemed to be too troublesome, causing so much trouble while pregnant. Everyone felt a bit sorry for Chen Er.

And now, the situation had reached Zhuang Hongmei again.

She felt uneasy on the face and silently cursed Chen Laoshi for being useless. She wanted him to find a chance to cook the raw rice (SA), but he decided to propose marriage by himself?

Now it was too late, the matter didn’t work out, and she got herself into trouble.

So Zhuang Hongmei could only stand firmly and said, “I did it for Uncle’s sake. Uncle is so old and still unmarried. Wasn’t I just trying to help?”

The people around her looked down upon her for thinking she could introduce Educated Youth Su, the one she had spread rumors about, to him.

So now it was clear that the dispute originated from the educated youths’ side.

In the end, the police carefully questioned Chen Laoshi, and it was true that he said those things. However, he was also deceived by the rumors and gossip.

Moreover, Su Man did indeed strike first, and although Chen Laoshi didn’t admit to hitting her later, no one saw it happen, and Su Man didn’t have any injuries. On the contrary, Chen Laoshi was more seriously injured.

In the end, the police criticized and educated Chen Laoshi and had Su Man compensate him for medical expenses.

As for the spreading of rumors by Zhuang Hongmei, according to normal procedures, she should have been reprimanded and educated at the police station. However, as she was pregnant and about to give birth, they simply conducted a simple reprimand and education on the spot.

As for the conflict between Cheng Yujiao and Su Man, it was no longer the responsibility of the police. They handed the matter directly to the village’s Women’s Association director, Big Sister Xu, to give them proper education.

In the end, the matter came to an anticlimactic end.

Su Man caused quite a stir, but in the end, Chen Laoshi wasn’t arrested, and she ended up compensating him for medical expenses.

But at least the matter of spreading rumors was resolved, and the villagers, though they still didn’t know the truth of those initial rumors, dared not spread them anymore.

After Su Man reported the incident to the police, the villagers were somewhat afraid of her, fearing that saying a few wrong words would lead to her reporting them to the police.

However, after all this fuss, Lu Xia estimated that the villagers’ impression of the educated youths would worsen again.

In the eyes of the villagers, this was just a small matter, and they never expected it to escalate to the point where Su Man reported it to the police.

Now, who would dare to interact with the educated youths? What if they got dissatisfied with something, and someone reported them to the police?

So, after this incident, the sense of equality and fair treatment that the educated youths had previously fought for among the villagers disappeared. The communication between the villagers and the educated youths decreased, and in the villagers’ eyes, the educated youths were all the same.

Except for Su Man, who didn’t care, everyone else was affected. Even those who were once close to Lu Xia were now keeping their distance from her.

At this moment, Lu Xia also recalled the incident when Jiang Junmo fell into the water. She didn’t report it to the police at the time for the same reason.

Although she didn’t care about her reputation, the educated youths were a collective entity in the countryside. She didn’t want to affect others because of her actions.

After all, at that time, the educated youths had collectively stood up to seek justice for her.

And even if she had reported it to the police at that time to vent her anger, she believed that Accountant Shi Chunyan wouldn’t have to pay any consequences.

After all, the witnesses at that time were all villagers, and if she reported it to the police, those people wouldn’t come forward to testify. Then who would know if it was intentional murder or just an accidental drowning?

And although there were grudges among the rural people, they were united in front of outsiders. And the educated youths were outsiders in their eyes.

Besides, she still needed to stay in the countryside for a few more years, whether it was for political review or for the sake of convenience. She had considered it carefully and abandoned the idea of reporting it to the police.


Chapter 188 – Pregnant


Lu Xia estimated that Su Man must be regretting now. After all the trouble, she got such a result. It would have been better if she hadn’t reported it to the police from the beginning. She could have retaliated privately or negotiated with the villagers, so that she wouldn’t end up in such a difficult situation.

Her estimation was correct. Su Man did indeed regret it. She didn’t expect the police in this era to handle cases so casually.

After this incident, she had lost much of her popularity in the village. The educated youths’ image was also affected, and people’s attitudes towards her became colder.

Although she didn’t care about these things, it seemed that Gu Xiangnan was quite concerned. When she had blurted out that she agreed to be with him in a fit of anger, Gu Xiangnan took it as a declaration of them being a couple. He had been trying hard to explain himself these days, wanting to change everyone’s impression of her.

Seeing him trying so hard for her, Su Man’s heart warmed slightly. Even though it wasn’t something she cared about, she thought she should do something for him.

After all, Gu Xiangnan was the one she had taken a liking to at first sight. To avoid making it too easy for him, she had kept him waiting for so long before agreeing. She didn’t want him to go through too much hardship.

As for the instigator, Cheng Yujiao, she had completely lost her popularity and no one wanted to eat with her anymore.

Now, the educated youths treated her as a stranger. No one paid attention to what she did, and she was left to fend for herself. She had to spend money to hire Yu Fang, who had finished taking care of her, to cook for her every day.

But when she saw Su Man openly with Gu Xiangnan, she couldn’t help but grit her teeth and wish she could ruin Su Man’s face.

But then she remembered the warning Gu Xiangnan gave her before. She shivered at the thought and temporarily suppressed her thoughts, although she couldn’t completely let it go.

However, what she didn’t know was that Gu Xiangnan had already written a letter to her family, expressing that he would no longer treat her specially and that her life would become increasingly difficult from now on.

Of course, Lu Xia was unaware of all this.

In recent days, she hadn’t been feeling well. After suffering from heatstroke, she had been feeling nauseous for several days. She felt tired and sleepy all the time, even after drinking spiritual spring water with mint leaves.

After several days, Jiang Junmo became really worried about her. Ignoring Lu Xia’s resistance, he took her to the health center after work.

The doctor at the health center was a barefoot doctor who knew a bit about both traditional Chinese and Western medicine but wasn’t an expert in either.

But he could still take the pulse.

After examining Lu Xia’s pulse, he said directly, “It’s been over a month. There’s nothing to worry about. Just take care of yourself, don’t overwork, and if you have the conditions, eat some good food. Your body is in good shape, and all these reactions are normal.”

Lu Xia: “…”

Jiang Junmo: “…”

Neither of them understood what the doctor meant.

Especially Lu Xia, who was thinking, ‘Could it be that doctors in this era not only write prescriptions that are hard to understand but also speak in a way that is incomprehensible?’

But she couldn’t figure it out, while Jiang Junmo quickly reacted.

He became a little excited and asked, “Doctor, are you saying… Xia Xia is pregnant?”

“Yes,” the old doctor replied calmly, “Didn’t you come here because she showed symptoms of pregnancy? Don’t worry, these symptoms are all normal, and she’ll be fine after three months.”

Having said that, he waved his hand, indicating that they could leave.

Lu Xia was still in a daze even after they left.

Jiang Junmo was almost the same. The two of them walked back home in a daze…

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  1. Ugh. I hate when women get pregnant when they are not ready/don’t want to be! Especially when their husband’s/boyfriends are happy and excited about it!! Of course HE would be excited and happy, he’s not the one who’ll give up his body for 9 months of pregnancy + breastfeeding and looking after the baby. Not to mention A. Mc didn’t want to be pregnant so young and B. What about in the future when the college entrance exam is going to start again? They’re going to leave the child with Ml’s relative’s? What about Mc’s future studies/career? Will they still leave te the child in relative’s care? I’m afraid that mc will have to sacrfice alot in the future. ~_~

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    1. This chapter really didn’t leave me very happy. Su Man is really boss and her actions are reasonable but the way the villagers and MC in some cases think about her paint her behavior a bit negatively. The villagers are really despicable tbh and really need a beat down and she’s the only one who’s not willing to put up with mistreatment for the sake of reputation. The whole unexpected pregnancy thing as well!! They are both so young and have such a long way to go and now she’s knocked up! This seems like it’s done for plot convenience…like “MC would be looked down if she wasn’t pregnant after 4 years of marriage so let’s give her a baby and get it over with before we get to the uni arc! See…MC is quite normal and fertile, please don’t disdain her🙏” I was fearing this would happen after that canon fodder educated youth was declared preggers.

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