Chapter 191 – Writing Letters to Family

When he arrived at the gathering place for work, Jiang Junmo first went to the village chief to ask for leave for Lu Xia.

Upon learning that Lu Xia took leave due to pregnancy, the village chief frowned, but eventually granted her the leave. However, he couldn’t help but dislike these educated youths’ squeamishness. The women in their village continued to work even when they were close to giving birth, yet Lu Xia took leave as soon as she got pregnant. Nonetheless, since she had support from her family and wouldn’t starve, the village chief didn’t bother to interfere further.

The villagers didn’t say much about it, but the educated youths were pleased, especially the female ones, who congratulated Lu Xia when Jiang Junmo returned.

Jiang Junmo also showed a rare smile.

After Jiang Junmo left, Lu Xia felt a bit bored and opened her high school textbook to read. After a while, she felt drowsy and soon fell asleep.

When she woke up again, it was almost time to finish work. As she was just starting to regain consciousness, Jiang Junmo returned.

He checked on her as he entered the house and felt relieved when he saw that she was okay.

“You just lie down, I’ll cook.”

“…Do you want me to help?”

“No need!”

After having lunch, Jiang Junmo asked about what she had done in the morning and then sat down at the desk to write letters.

“Are you planning to tell your family about the pregnancy?”

“Yes,” Jiang Junmo nodded. “My cousin and my cousin’s husband are not married and don’t have children yet. Although my grandfather is anxious about it, they are both in the military, serving the country, so delays are unavoidable. Now that they know my wife is pregnant, they will definitely be happy.”

Seeing his proud look, Lu Xia couldn’t help but laugh.

“Okay, tell them I’m doing well and let them rest assured.”


Jiang Junmo wrote several letters in a row, and Lu Xia thought he might have written one for his sisters as well.

After finishing the letters, Jiang Junmo planned to take advantage of the lunch break to go to the town’s post office to send them. However, before leaving, he hesitated a bit, “Should we go to the hospital?”

“Why would we go to the hospital?”

“To get a proper check-up, to see how the pregnancy is going!”

Listening to his suggestion, Lu Xia thought for a moment. There probably wouldn’t be any advanced ultrasound machines or such in this small county town. Even if they went to the hospital, they would likely only confirm the pregnancy.

“Let’s wait a bit longer, and we can go after a few months.”

Jiang Junmo obediently nodded, “Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

With that, he hurriedly left, pushing his bicycle.

Seeing him like that, Lu Xia smiled again. It seemed that after knowing about her pregnancy, Jiang Junmo became a bit restless, and he finally seemed more like a mischievous boy, which was more fitting for his age.

In the afternoon, Lu Xia stayed at home reading, but she didn’t follow Jiang Junmo’s advice to do nothing. It was just a pregnancy, no need to be overly cautious.

After reading, she strolled around the vegetable garden. The vegetables like lettuce were ready to be eaten, and the educated youths on the other side were envious of the lush and green growth, especially after she watered them with the spiritual spring water.

Lu Xia watered them a bit more with the spiritual spring water to help them absorb more and improve the taste.

Later, she fed the chickens and tidied up the house a bit before lying down again.

However, this time, she didn’t sleep but entered the space.

She didn’t use the space much now, mainly because she didn’t want to be discovered. After all, she wasn’t alone anymore, and she didn’t plan to use it often in the future.

After all, the people in this era weren’t that stupid. Since she decided to live here peacefully, she would treat herself as an ordinary person.


Chapter 192 – Adjusting the Space


In fact, Jiang Junmo was also quite clever, and Lu Xia believed he must have had some suspicions about the grain situation. However, he never asked, which showed his respect for her.

Now that they were husband and wife, and their child was about to be born, she couldn’t take any risks.

Furthermore, they were not short on money at the moment, so Lu Xia had given up the idea of selling the grain in the black market.

Though many protagonists in time-travel novels thought of earning more money with their “gold finger” and then buying a courtyard in Beijing, starting a company, or finding various ways to become rich, Lu Xia didn’t have such ambitions. Jiang Junmo already had a small courtyard in Beijing, and as for starting a company, she was just an ordinary person both before and after the time-travel, and she didn’t think she was better than others in any way.

She didn’t have grand ideas and expectations; she was content with a comfortable and worry-free life. Her current situation fulfilled that, so she didn’t need to bother herself further.

Thus, she planned to reduce her use of the space in the future.

Of course, the spiritual spring water couldn’t be stopped; after all, health was the most important.

This time, when she entered the space, it was to collect the grain.

In fact, this batch of grain had ripened long ago, but she hadn’t hurried to collect it since she had decided not to sell it later. Previously, she had been collecting a little each night.

There wasn’t much left now, and she finished the task after a while, shelled the grains, and arranged them on the open ground.

Then she glanced at the piled grain. There were already over ten thousand jin (around 6k kg), which should be enough for them to eat for several years.

So, she didn’t plan to grow more grain for the time being.

As for vegetables, she didn’t intend to grow them either. After all, the vegetables she grew outside tasted just fine with the spiritual spring water, so there was no need to grow them in the space and come up with excuses to take them out.

But she didn’t want to waste the space either, so she planted some fruit. After eating the previous batch of apples, she used their seeds to grow new saplings. They would probably bear fruit in two or three years.

In addition, she also planted some watermelon and muskmelon seeds she had bought last year, and she even planted a grapevine she had found in the village before. It might not bear fruit this year, but it would be useful in the future.

As for the remaining land, she couldn’t decide at the moment what to plant.

She had considered growing medicinal herbs when she heard about ginseng, but she didn’t know much about the various types of herbs. Most of what she had heard were precious varieties like ginseng and lingzhi, which required many years to grow before they could be sold at a good price. Although those that were less than twenty years old still had value, they weren’t as precious.

Her space couldn’t change the age of plants, so if she planted them now, it would probably take until she was old before they were valuable.

It seemed like a distant prospect.

She thought about it and decided not to focus on medicinal herbs. Even if she grew some with relatively higher value, selling them in large quantities would be a problem. So, she decided not to consider that option.

But she didn’t want to completely give up on the idea either. She thought she could buy a couple of ginseng seeds in the future and plant them at the edge of the space. In case she needed them when she got older or if she wanted to leave them for her child.

Thinking too far ahead, after careful consideration, Lu Xia still couldn’t decide what to plant on the remaining land.

In the end, she thought, “Forget it, I’ll just plant more grain. Even though I don’t plan to sell it, it won’t hurt to store more grain.”

However, she didn’t continue planting today. After making the arrangements, she left the space. She was pregnant now and couldn’t exert herself too much. Besides, there was no rush, she could take her time to plant later.

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