Chapter 219 – The Child Is Born

But after tossing and turning all night, Lu Xia still didn’t give birth.

It wasn’t until dawn that a doctor came to check on her. She had only dilated two centimeters. When the doctor heard that this was her first pregnancy, he asked her to wait a little longer.

After what felt like an indefinite amount of time, Lu Xia had become somewhat numb from the pain. When the doctor came again, they found that she had dilated to five centimeters. Finally, she was taken to the delivery room.

Just before entering, Lu Xia mustered her spirits and reminded Jiang Junmo, “Don’t forget what I told you!”

Jiang Junmo nodded absentmindedly, his face pale and full of worry for some reason. He couldn’t even remember what she had said; he just kept repeating, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine soon.”

Seeing him like this, Lu Xia knew she couldn’t rely on him. She turned to Sun Shengnan beside her, and Sun Shengnan quickly nodded and reassured her, “Don’t worry, I’ll remember!”

Only then did Lu Xia feel relieved.

And then, she was wheeled into the delivery room.

On the morning of February 2, 1975, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo’s first child was born.

She didn’t want to recall the process of childbirth, only remembering feeling as if she had been run over by a car all over her body. Finally, in her exhaustion, she gave birth.

In a daze, she heard the doctor’s voice in her ear, “Well done, it’s a big and chubby boy, weighing six pounds and six ounces. You’ve taken good care of him. That’s impressive!”

With a struggle, Lu Xia managed to open her eyes and glanced at her baby. Then, due to the night’s ordeal and the fatigue of childbirth, she fell into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, outside the delivery room, Jiang Junmo, who had been nervously pacing, finally heard the cries of the baby. He instinctively stopped in his tracks and anxiously looked towards the delivery room door. Not long after, a nurse emerged from the room holding the baby.

Jiang Junmo didn’t even spare a glance at the baby and immediately asked, “How is my wife?”

The nurse smiled at his reaction, “Don’t worry, both mother and child are safe.”

Jiang Junmo let out a sigh of relief upon hearing this. Only then did he realize that he was sweating profusely despite the cold winter weather.

But at that moment, he was too focused on the baby to care about his own condition. The baby was so small, so red, and it was hard to tell who he resembled. Jiang Junmo felt his heart soften. He was about to reach out and hold the baby when he saw Lu Xia being wheeled out.

Forgetting the baby in an instant, he hurried over to Lu Xia. She was covered in sweat, her eyes tightly shut. He anxiously asked the doctor next to him, “What’s wrong with her? Is she okay?”

The doctor reassured him, “She’s just exhausted and fell asleep. She’ll be fine when she wakes up.”

But Sun Shengnan, who was standing nearby, knew that Jiang Junmo had completely forgotten Lu Xia’s instructions.

She quickly took the baby, observed his features, and then took out a red cloth strip from her pocket, tying it around the baby’s ankle in a tight knot.

Only then did she feel relieved.

The nurse, puzzled by her actions, assumed it was a custom from their side and didn’t inquire further. She simply asked, “The baby needs to be examined. Will the family members follow?”

“Yes, I’ll go!” Sun Shengnan looked at Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo, deciding to go herself.

“Then come this way.”

After exchanging a brief greeting with Jiang Junmo, Sun Shengnan followed the nurse.

When Lu Xia woke up, she was a bit disoriented. She instinctively tried to protect her belly while turning, but when she reached out, she realized her belly wasn’t as heavy. That’s when she remembered that she had given birth.

Then she noticed that only Sun Shengnan was in the hospital room, and there was a little one by her bedside.

Lu Xia quickly looked over.


Chapter 220 – Lu Xia’s Transformation


At this point, Sun Shengnan had noticed that Lu Xia had awakened. She smiled lightly and whispered, “You’re awake? Educated Youth Jiang went to prepare food for you; he should be back soon.”

Lu Xia nodded and then looked at the baby. Sun Shengnan recalled Lu Xia’s instructions and directly said, “Don’t worry, I checked the baby as soon as he was born. He has a small mole behind his ear, and I marked him with a red cloth strip. I didn’t leave his side during the doctor’s examination. There’s no chance of a mix-up.”

Lu Xia finally sighed in relief, saying, “Thank you, Sister Shengnan.”

During this time, hospital procedures weren’t as meticulous, and there weren’t any distinguishing marks on the newborns. It was easy to get them mixed up.

Sun Shengnan shook her head, “It’s nothing. I didn’t do much. By the way, your little one is quite well-behaved. During the checkup, no matter how the doctor poked and prodded, he didn’t cry. Even the doctor praised him for being sensible.”

“Really?” Lu Xia became interested upon hearing this and asked Sun Shengnan to share more details about the baby.

When Jiang Junmo returned, upon opening the door, he caught sight of Lu Xia gazing at the baby with a tender expression. It was as if her whole demeanor had changed since giving birth, as if she had matured significantly in an instant and gained something extra about her.

Jiang Junmo couldn’t help but feel warm inside, and with a cloth bag slung over his shoulder and a large pot of chicken soup in his hand, he walked in.

“What are you talking about?”

Seeing Jiang Junmo, Lu Xia’s somewhat tired face brightened with a smile, “We were discussing who the baby resembles. I think his eyes look more like mine, but Sister Shengnan thinks his nose and mouth resemble you.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Junmo also took a look at the wrinkled little bundle, but he couldn’t quite discern any resemblance to either himself or Lu Xia.

However, after Lu Xia’s lengthy pregnancy, he had thoroughly studied the book “The Art of Language” that his brothers-in-law had written. He knew better than to say such things. So, pretending to scrutinize the baby, he finally said, “He looks a bit more like you. People often say sons resemble their mothers, so I think it’s the same in this case.”

Hearing him say that, Lu Xia smiled contentedly, “I also think he looks more like me!”

Seeing her in good spirits, Jiang Junmo felt reassured. He then approached with the chicken soup in his hand, intending to feed her.

“Have some soup. You didn’t eat breakfast, and you must be hungry.”

As he said that, Lu Xia indeed realized that she was feeling a bit hungry. She reached out and took the soup, saying, “I’ll have it myself.”

Jiang Junmo didn’t insist, knowing that there were other people in the hospital room. He understood her hesitation.

Then he looked at Sun Shengnan beside them and took out a lunchbox from the bag slung over his shoulder, handing it to her. “Educated Youth Sun, this is a meal I got from the hospital cafeteria. Go ahead and eat.”

Sun Shengnan didn’t stand on ceremony either. She knew that Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo wouldn’t let her spend her own money.

Still, she asked, “Have you eaten?”

Jiang Junmo took out another lunchbox from his cloth bag, “I’m about to eat.”

Seeing this, Sun Shengnan felt relieved.

These two lunchboxes were brought by Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo from the capital. They hadn’t used them before, but they came in handy now.

Because of the hospital’s inpatient population, they could buy meals from the cafeteria or, like Jiang Junmo, prepare their own. However, she was curious about where he had gotten the chicken.

They still had a few left at home.

But considering the circumstances, she didn’t ask.

After the meal, Sun Shengnan estimated that the couple had much to discuss, so she took the initiative to wash the lunchboxes.

Jiang Junmo thanked her and stayed behind to accompany Lu Xia.

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