Chapter 221 – The Name

After Sun Shengnan left, Jiang Junmo sat down by the bedside. He reached out and gently smoothed Lu Xia’s slightly disheveled hair, whispering softly, “Xia Xia, you’ve worked hard!”

Lu Xia smiled. Despite the exhaustion and pain of the process, the moment she saw her baby, she felt it was all worth it. But hearing Jiang Junmo’s words still touched her deeply.

Moreover, she had just heard from Sun Shengnan about his behavior outside the delivery room. She couldn’t help but find it amusing and was grateful that she had asked Sun Shengnan to help. Otherwise, who would have paid attention to the baby?

However, with those thoughts in mind, she still asked, “Do you like our child?”

Jiang Junmo was slightly surprised by the question, but he answered without hesitation, “Of course I do. This little rascal, he’s been quite mischievous. He kept you going for so long. When he grows up, let’s see how I deal with him!”

Lu Xia was speechless. She couldn’t believe he was saying this. Looking at their sleeping son, who the doctor said had a good temperament and was well-behaved, hardly crying—how did he become a “little rascal” in Jiang Junmo’s mouth?

Feeling a bit sorry for their son, she knew Jiang Junmo was just showing his concern for her. So, she didn’t say anything and changed the topic, asking, “Have you decided on a name for the child?”

Hearing this question, Jiang Junmo furrowed his brows and shook his head, “I had a few ideas before, but none of them felt right.”

Lu Xia was exasperated. Since he found out about the pregnancy, Jiang Junmo had been flipping through the dictionary, jotting down pages of names that he thought would be suitable for both boys and girls. Yet, after all this time, he still hadn’t found a satisfactory name?

With a roll of her eyes, she said, “Who named you? Your name seems quite profound.”

“My grandfather chose it. Junmo, taken from the Book of Songs: ‘The clear and virtuous man, none does not respect him.’ He hoped I would become an upright and honorable man.”

Lu Xia raised an eyebrow upon hearing this. She didn’t expect Jiang Junmo’s old Red Army grandfather to come up with such a cultured name.

As if anticipating Lu Xia’s thoughts, Jiang Junmo explained with a smile, “My grandfather couldn’t even read when he was a soldier. But later, his captain told him that a soldier who didn’t aspire to become a general wasn’t a good soldier. Yet, aspiring to be a general wasn’t enough; he needed both martial and literary abilities.
So, my grandfather began studying. Whenever he had spare time, he had a book in his hand. Slowly but surely, he transformed from an illiterate and rough soldier into a renowned Confucian general that everyone knew.
He often told us that since he started reading, people looked at him differently. They thought he was remarkable. He even used that to impress my grandmother when he was young.
But over the years, he gradually lived up to that title.”

Lu Xia laughed upon hearing this story. She didn’t expect his grandfather to be so interesting.

“Well, then, shall we let your grandfather choose a name for the baby?”

Jiang Junmo was surprised, “You’re willing to let my grandfather choose the name for our child?”

Lu Xia chuckled, “What’s not to be willing about? He’s also the great-grandfather. Didn’t you mention that he’s looking forward to it? Why? You don’t want to?”

“How could that be? I’m willing!” Jiang Junmo readily agreed.

After saying that, he leaned over and hugged Lu Xia, saying, “Xia Xia, thank you!” He was grateful for her willingness to let his grandfather have this opportunity.

Lu Xia didn’t understand why he suddenly became so sentimental about a name. It was just a name—any name would do. Besides, considering Jiang Junmo’s name, his grandfather probably wouldn’t choose a name related to the Red Army or patriotism… right?

But then she remembered the countless times Jiang Junmo had pored over the dictionary for a name.

After a moment of thought, she suggested, “Let your grandfather choose the full name, and you can come up with a nickname?”


Chapter 222 – Kang Kang


Upon hearing this, Jiang Junmo perked up, “Should I do it? Or do you want to?”

Seeing that he clearly wanted to agree but was pretending to hesitate, Lu Xia gave him an exasperated look, “Sure, I can do it. Let’s name him ‘Gou Dan’ (Dog Egg), an easy name to take care of.”

At the mention of that nickname, Jiang Junmo’s mouth twitched, but he decided to act as though nothing had happened, “Um, well, let me choose the name.”

Then, he lowered his head to look at the peacefully sleeping baby and his eyes softened, “Let’s call him Kang Kang (good and healthy life).”

Lu Xia paused for a moment, understanding his intent, “Kang Kang… sounds good. He’ll definitely grow up healthy.”

Saying that, she looked down at the baby and whispered, “From now on, you’re Kang Kang!”

In the midst of their conversation, Sun Shengnan returned. Lu Xia wondered if she had purposely given them some space to talk, as she had been gone for quite a while.

Seeing them both laughing happily upon her return, Sun Shengnan casually asked, “What are you talking about? Why so happy?”

Lu Xia smiled and replied, “We gave the baby a nickname, Kang Kang.”

Sun Shengnan also smiled upon hearing this, “Kang Kang is a good name. Just hearing it makes me think of a healthy child.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the baby woke up and, upon opening his eyes, let out a small cry.

Lu Xia was taken aback and didn’t know how to soothe him.

While Sun Shengnan had cared for younger siblings before going to the countryside, she hadn’t dealt with such a young child, so she was a bit unsure.

On the other hand, Jiang Junmo was very deft with his movements. He picked up the baby and comforted him, then carefully observed, “He’s probably hungry. I’ll go mix some formula for him.”

Saying that, he cradled the baby while rummaging in his bag for the formula.

Seeing this, Sun Shengnan quickly offered, “You comfort the baby, I’ll do it. Tell me how.”

“Sure!” Jiang Junmo didn’t hesitate. He instructed her to take out the bottle, rinse it, pour in hot water from the thermos, add the formula, and shake it. Once it was prepared, he tested the temperature and fed it to the baby with caution.

He handled the entire process smoothly, as if he had done it many times before.

Lu Xia breathed a sigh of relief just watching him, and Sun Shengnan was even more amazed. She didn’t expect Jiang Junmo to be so skilled—even taking care of a baby!

Jiang Junmo didn’t think much of it, though. After soothing the baby with milk, burping him, and rocking him to sleep, he carefully placed him back down. When he looked up, he was met with two admiring gazes.

Jiang Junmo smiled and, looking at Lu Xia, he said, “Don’t worry, it’s likely that breast milk won’t come in right away after giving birth. Let the baby have formula for now.”

Hearing him bring up this topic so suddenly, Lu Xia’s face turned red from embarrassment. She immediately closed her eyes and lay down, “I get it. I’m tired, I’ll take a nap.”

Only then did Jiang Junmo realize he had spoken too quickly and forgot that Sun Shengnan was there too. He felt a bit embarrassed and quickly shut his mouth.

He then asked Sun Shengnan to watch the baby as he planned to go to the post office and inform his family about the baby’s arrival.

Once Sun Shengnan agreed, he left.

Meanwhile, Lu Xia had only mentioned taking a nap, but she unexpectedly fell asleep so quickly after closing her eyes.

Inside the hospital room, Sun Shengnan looked at the peacefully sleeping Lu Xia and the satisfied baby, feeling envious.

She knew that Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo’s family had good conditions, always sending them things. However, she didn’t expect them to even send over formula and bottles.

Looking at the baby’s tiny blanket and clothes, without a single patch, it was obvious that everything was new and very soft—perfect for a baby.

How could an ordinary family bear to part with these things?

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