Chapter 223 – Calling Home

But aside from all that, what she envied even more was Jiang Junmo’s meticulous care for Lu Xia.

She had never seen a man treat his wife so well, being careful and cautious to avoid any mishaps. He even took great care of the child, which truly surprised her.

Sun Shengnan could already anticipate that even when they returned to the village, Lu Xia wouldn’t suffer. Educated Youth Jiang would have everything arranged for them.

Thinking about this, her envy deepened, but that was all.

She wasn’t Lu Xia, and Liu Jun wasn’t Jiang Junmo. Their families and ways of interacting were different; she wouldn’t compare herself to them.

Even if she believed Liu Jun would treat her well, it might not be as meticulous, however, in life, whatever suited her best was good enough.

She believed she had found what suited her best.

When Jiang Junmo returned, he brought back numerous bags and packages. It was evident that they were filled with postpartum meals for Lu Xia.

Seeing him busy for the whole day, Sun Shengnan insisted he take a short rest, and she went to help herself.

Jiang Junmo smoothly went over to glance at Lu Xia and the child. Lu Xia was still asleep, but the child suddenly started crying.

He immediately checked and realized it was a diaper change needed.

Quickly, he wiped the child clean and changed the diaper.

By the time he had settled the child, Lu Xia had woken up.

Upon awakening and seeing Jiang Junmo busy, she wrinkled her nose and said, “Why does it smell so bad?”

Jiang Junmo turned back at the sound and smiled at her, “Awake? Don’t worry, it’s meconium. It won’t stink so much after this.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, trust me. My third sister’s son was like this right after birth. I asked the doctor.”

Lu Xia nodded, “That’s good then.”

Soon, Jiang Junmo finished tidying up and took the soiled diapers to wash them. He came back after a while.

Lu Xia looked at him and asked, “Where’s Sister Shengnan?”

“Gone to the cafeteria to get food. There’s still some chicken soup from lunch. Just need to warm it up.”

Lu Xia understood, “She’s been working hard, helping us out. We should thank her properly when we get back.”

“I know, don’t worry.”

Lu Xia knew he would handle it well, so she didn’t say much. She followed up with another question, “Did you inform our families?”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “Yes, I did. I was initially thinking of sending a telegram, but then I decided to call directly. Grandfather picked up the phone, and he was really happy to hear that you had given birth to Kang Kang. He was even happier when he heard that we wanted him to choose the baby’s name. He was so thrilled that he didn’t want to chat on the phone anymore; he said he would go and look through some books to come up with a name. I think the name will be ready pretty soon.”

Lu Xia chuckled, “That’s good then!”

On that night, after feeding the child, Lu Xia went to bed early. Her body still needed proper rest.

The hospital room had four beds, but currently, Lu Xia was the only woman who had given birth, so they could quietly rest on the other beds.

Jiang Junmo and Sun Shengnan didn’t plan to sleep through the whole night. They thought of taking turns resting and watching over the child.

At this point, Jiang Junmo recalled the instructions Lu Xia had given him before giving birth.

Initially, he hadn’t paid much attention to them, but seeing her worry and hearing all those stories and examples she mentioned, he grew anxious as well. So, he decided not to sleep.

As a result, he and Sun Shengnan took turns watching over the child—one during the first half of the night and the other during the second half.

Fortunately, they had arranged for someone to be on night duty.

In the early hours of the morning, another pregnant woman was admitted to the room, accompanied by family members. This influx of people disturbed the peace, with frequent coming and going. The child was awakened several times, and Jiang Junmo had no choice but to patiently soothe him. Fortunately, Lu Xia’s sleep was undisturbed.


Chapter 224 – Favoring Sons Over Daughters


On the second day, when Lu Xia woke up, she noticed that neither of them seemed to be in high spirits. Feeling a bit concerned, she urged them to take a nap and decided to take care of the child herself.

However, both of them declined her offer.

The hospital room was quite crowded now, with several other people present, making it difficult to get any rest amidst the noise.

But soon enough, the family members started leaving one by one, probably heading to work, until only an elderly woman remained.

It was at this point that Lu Xia noticed the pregnant woman in the adjacent bed.

Judging by her condition, it seemed like she was about to give birth soon. She was in a lot of pain, yet the elderly woman beside her insisted that she should walk around, fearing it might delay the birth of her grandson.

Lu Xia looked on with a sense of disbelief.

Before long, another man arrived, accompanied by two little girls. They were probably the two daughters of the woman.

However, the elderly mother-in-law seemed more focused on her unborn grandson than on the two granddaughters.

Lu Xia quickly realized the situation and sighed to herself, recognizing the prevalent bias toward male offspring in this family.

This family continued to create a ruckus throughout the morning. Jiang Junmo had tried to ask them to lower their voices, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. They did as they pleased.

Finally, when the pregnant woman was taken to the delivery room, the room became quiet again.

Lu Xia felt like a flock of crows had finally flown away from her ears. She exchanged a glance with Sun Shengnan and saw that she felt the same way. Both of them breathed a sigh of relief.

Just then, Jiang Junmo returned with fish soup.

“Quick, have some. I bought it from the state-owned restaurant. It’s made from frozen fish. I’m not sure if it’s any good.”

Lu Xia was surprised. “Why did you go to the state-owned restaurant?”

“The cafeteria was crowded this early morning, and I was afraid you’d go hungry,” Jiang Junmo explained helplessly.

Lu Xia rolled her eyes at him. Who would be hungry in a while anyway?

However, she didn’t say much and started eating. “I didn’t expect the frozen fish to taste this good. But why is the state-owned restaurant making this so early in the morning?”

Meanwhile, Jiang Junmo and Sun Shengnan had a simpler meal – three steamed buns each. It was simple, but it smelled delicious.

Upon hearing her question, Jiang Junmo shook his head. “I don’t know. I saw it available when I went there, so I bought it.”

Sun Shengnan thought for a moment and said, “Someone must have wanted to eat it. These frozen fish come from the Yalu River area. They’re abundant during winter and taste quite good.”

“Is that so? Then maybe we should buy some and cook it ourselves in the future!”

While they were still eating, the little guy Kang Kang woke up. He seemed on the verge of crying, prompting Father Jiang to rush over and soothe him. Then came the diaper change and feeding. After managing to put the little one back to sleep, another pregnant woman in the room had given birth and returned with her child.

Lu Xia was surprised. How had it happened so quickly?

However, this family didn’t appear joyful at all, as if they were attending a funeral instead.

The entire family, including the mother who had just given birth, wore grim expressions, except for the two cautious little girls trailing behind.

Lu Xia was puzzled. What was going on? Could there be something wrong with the child?

Before she could figure it out, a nurse brought the baby over.

“I’ve never seen parents like you. You forgot to take your child with you. Honestly, the doctor has checked, and everything’s fine. It’s a healthy little girl. You’ve raised her well!”

Upon hearing this, the elderly woman scoffed, “She’s raised like a grandson, always pampered. And yet, she turns out to be a girl. What a waste of all those good things.”

The nurse frowned at the comment but didn’t say anything. She left the child and walked away.

The child was left there, ignored by everyone.

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  1. This kinda thing is why I was hoping their child would be a girl, just so that they could go against the grain and treat their child right no matter what gender it is. The bias towards male children is still unconsciously prevalent in Chinese culture; even in novels, firstborn children are for the most part boys.

    I wonder if they’ll have another child? I hope so. There’s still 6 years before the one-child policy comes into effect, but the college entrance exam complicates things.

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