Chapter 184 – Devious Tactics

Cookie was taken aback when asked by Little Biscuit like this. After Little Biscuit patted him, Cookie finally woke up and replied, “In a few more days.” He was in a serious relationship with Wei Hua, and now that his father knew about it, it was urgent to bring Wei Hua home for his father to meet.


Cookie glanced at Little Biscuit. Little Biscuit bore a striking resemblance to Wei Hua, and without a doubt, his father would recognize it instantly. Little Biscuit was, in essence, Wei Hua’s other father.

Whenever Cookie thought about the look in his father’s eyes when Little Biscuit was born, the look that said he wanted to get rid of Little Biscuit’s other father as soon as possible, he got a headache.

He believed that in the near future, there would surely be one drama after another waiting for him.

Little Biscuit’s voice brought Cookie’s attention back. Seeing that Little Biscuit had finished washing, he lifted Little Biscuit out of the water and wrapped him in a towel.

“Daddy, what were you thinking just now?” Little Biscuit hugged Cookie’s neck and asked curiously.

Cookie shook his head and said, “Nothing, just thinking.”

After changing Little Biscuit into his pajamas and drying his hair, Cookie coaxed him to sleep. Then, Cookie returned to his own room and sat down in front of the computer.

As soon as Cookie’s slender fingers touched the computer, his whole demeanor changed. If he had been gentle before, when his long and strong fingers touched the keyboard, Cookie became sharp.

The sound of typing quickly filled the room, and lines of code flashed on the computer screen. When Cookie finally stopped typing, there were several documents and a compressed image folder on the screen.

This compressed folder contained all of Lena’s scandalous photos. The female lead remained the same, but there were different male leads per image, and some images even featured several male leads. Lena’s private life was shockingly promiscuous.

However, Cookie didn’t linger on these scandalous photos for long; they were too eye-catching for his own good.

As Cookie skimmed through the information he had gathered, his expression grew darker with each passing moment.

Thinking back to a few days ago when Lena had tried to drug Wei Hua, Cookie was infuriated and threw his mouse across the room.


Lena Moray actually had HlV!

HlV itself wasn’t terrifying, but what was horrifying was that she knew she had it and continued to engage in risky behavior!


If Cookie’s heart hadn’t softened and brought Wei Hua back that day, would Lena have succeeded?

As he reflected on it, Cookie felt a shiver of dread. If Lena had succeeded that day, the consequences would have been unimaginable. Cookie knew that this time, when he dug into Lena’s information, he would uncover many things, but he never expected to find this kind of medical diagnosis.

Clearly, Lena knew she was a carrier of the HlV virus, yet she continued to engage in promiscuous behavior. Perhaps this was Lena’s revenge, her desire to spread it to more people and make them just like her!

Cookie was trembling with anger. Without hesitation, he sent the diagnosis report he had just obtained to Lena’s father, Fingal Moray.

Cookie believed that as soon as Fingal Moray found out about this, he would do everything in his power to bring Lena back to the United States. Fingal Moray didn’t want this leverage falling into the hands of other members of the Moray family. When Cookie had previously hacked Lena’s information, he had casually checked the recent situation of the Moray family. With the current head of the Moray family seriously ill and hospitalized, the Moray family was in intense internal strife. At this moment, Fingal Moray wouldn’t want this information to become a weapon against him in the hands of others.

Although he had already clicked the send button, Cookie was still seething with anger. However, he quickly calmed down and called Wei Hua. When he spoke, there was a hint of worry and urgency in his tone that he couldn’t hide.

“Wei Hua, have you had close contact with Lena? Or any contact involving blood or saliva?”

Wei Hua was a bit bewildered by Cookie’s question, but by the time he realized it, he understood what Cookie meant. “Xiao Qiqi, are you saying that Lena…”

“Yes, Lena Moray is a carrier of the HlV virus. Please, answer my questions!” Cookie explained briefly, but his heart was already pounding. If any of the scenarios he mentioned were true, there was a high chance that Wei Hua had been exposed to the HlV virus.

Thinking of this possibility, Cookie didn’t know what to feel. He hadn’t even considered that he might have already had an intimate relationship with Wei Hua, and it was possible that he had contracted the HlV virus himself. Right now, all he could think about was Wei Hua’s well-being, and he wished Wei Hua were right in front of him so he could examine him thoroughly.

Even though he knew that even if Wei Hua were with him now, he wouldn’t be able to determine anything.

On the other end of the phone, Wei Hua, after listening to Cookie’s explanation, realized the gravity of the situation. He strained his memory, trying to recall if he had ever had any contact with Lena involving saliva or blood, but he couldn’t come up with any such scenario.

“I can’t think of anything,” Wei Hua honestly replied.

Cookie didn’t hesitate and said, “You need to go to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow.”

That was the only way he could find peace of mind.

“Alright,” Wei Hua agreed without hesitation. He understood the seriousness of the situation. If he had indeed been infected, the night he and Cookie had been intimate without protection could have put Cookie at risk as well.

“F***!” Even Wei Hua couldn’t help but curse, kicking the chair beside him in frustration, his mood instantly heavy.

Afterward, neither of them said anything, nor did they hang up the phone. They just listened to each other’s breathing, and their anxious hearts gradually relaxed.

“Let’s go get checked tomorrow,” they said almost simultaneously.

“Okay,” their responses were in unison too.

Suddenly, both of them laughed, not knowing why their hearts had suddenly lightened.

“Xiao Qiqi, go to sleep earlier. Goodnight,” Wei Hua said into his phone.

“Goodnight,” Cookie replied, ignoring the kissing sound coming from the phone.

“Xiao Qiqi, I sent you a kiss, you should respond!” With their relaxed hearts, Wei Hua became less serious.

“No,” Cookie immediately refused.

“Muah muah muah!!!” In response to Cookie’s refusal, Wei Hua made a series of kissing sounds as if he wouldn’t give up unless Cookie responded.

Cookie couldn’t take it anymore and quickly sent a kissing sound into the phone, as if it were something burning his hand, then hung up.

On the other side, Wei Hua, with Cookie’s soft kissing sounds echoing in his mind, smiled foolishly, feeling quite delighted.

However, not long after the call ended, Wei Hua’s expression turned dark and serious.

He turned the phone in his hand and then dialed a number.

The call was quickly answered, and Wei Hua said directly, “Help me find someone, and when you find her, lock her up. Someone will come for her when the time is right.”

“Alright,” came the clean and concise response from the other end.

“Also, make sure your brothers keep their pants up. This woman is unclean,” Wei Hua added without going into details but giving a warning.

“They’ll be cautious,” the person on the other end, who had been in the game for many years, understood immediately when Wei Hua mentioned “unclean.” HlV was a demon, and anyone who contracted it faced dire consequences.

Wei Hua hung up the phone, his gaze lost in the seemingly endless night.

Cookie, on the other hand, was unaware of Wei Hua’s arrangements. After ending the call with Wei Hua, his computer notified him of a new message.

Returning to his computer, Cookie saw that the message was from Fingal Moray. This was no small matter. Although Fingal Moray had recently arrived in the United States and had many tasks awaiting him, he knew that once this information, sent to him intentionally, leaked out, it would cause him irreparable damage.

So, he quickly had others leave the room, leaving himself alone to engage with the hacker who had sent the message.

“Hello, do you have any requests?” Fingal Moray was also quite diplomatic in his response, indicating that he was willing to consider the hacker’s demands and avoid provoking them.

The power of a hacker was immeasurable, especially one who could infiltrate the Moray family.

Cookie stared at the message on the screen and didn’t rush to reply. Instead, he sent a string of code. This code transformed into an email address for another heir of the Moray family after it was sent to Fingal Moray. Fingal Moray didn’t need to click on it to know whose email address it was. Immediately, his heart raced. He understood that he was being threatened!

“I can do my best to fulfill all your requests!” Fingal Moray quickly typed out his reply, already breaking into a cold sweat. He had just considered contacting a hacker for counterintelligence, but after seeing this move, he hesitated.

Could this information fall into the hands of his competitors? Just by clicking “send” at a specific time, he would be powerless to stop it. Moreover, this hacker was highly skilled. If he attempted counterintelligence, the hacker would likely detect it immediately. If that happened, the hacker might send the information to Fingal Moray’s competitors in one go, rendering his efforts futile.

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