Chapter 185 – Never Return

Fingal Moray was completely subdued by Cookie’s tactics and genuinely wanted to sit down and have a serious discussion with Cookie about the terms. However, Fingal Moray never expected that his daughter had contracted HlV! As a father, he had no idea at all.

Fingal Moray couldn’t help but glance at the diagnosis date on the medical report. It had been two years since today. He thought back to Lena’s increasingly promiscuous behavior during these two years, and he was suddenly shocked!

“What is Lena doing? Does she think having HlV by herself isn’t enough? Is that why she’s engaging in such reckless behavior?”

Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Fingal Moray felt a sudden darkness clouding his vision. Lena had brought him a huge trouble, and if anyone else found out about this, Fingal Moray’s reputation would be ruined!

“I must retrieve these documents! I must!”

This sentence echoed strongly in his mind.

“As long as you give me the documents, I’ll agree to any conditions!” Fingal Moray had abandoned his moral principles for these documents. He was determined to get them back, no matter the cost.

However, this plea seemed to disappear into thin air, just like a stone sinking into the ocean. There was no response from the other side.

Fingal Moray felt a burning rage building inside him, and his hands on the keyboard were trembling. Just when he thought the other party had stopped responding, a message finally appeared on the screen.

“Let your daughter, Lena Moray, leave China and never return in her lifetime!”

Fingal Moray finished reading this message, and then the computer screen went black, leaving nothing behind.

Fingal Moray stared at the blank computer screen for a long time before digesting the message. He immediately gave orders to take any necessary measures to bring Lena back from China at any cost.

After issuing a series of commands, Fingal Moray slumped in his chair, feeling utterly drained. In an instant, he seemed to have aged ten years. He had lived an honest life, but he had come dangerously close to being ruined by his own daughter. When Lena returned to the country this time, he would make sure to properly discipline her and bring about fundamental changes!


After sending that message to Fingal Moray, Cookie hung up the phone and looked at the now blank screen of his computer, squinting his eyes.

He wasn’t afraid of Fingal Moray trying to trace him. First, Fingal Moray didn’t dare, and second, in this world, no one could trace Cookie.

After completing this series of actions, Cookie lay back on his bed. He thought he would have trouble sleeping, but as soon as he closed his eyes, all he could hear was the sound of Wei Hua’s voice on the phone. Soon, with the comforting sound in his ears, Cookie fell into a deep slumber.

The next day, at dawn, the light drizzle that had persisted throughout the night finally stopped. Sunlight broke through the clouds, and there were still puddles on the road. In the radiance of the puddles, colorful light shimmered.

Wei Hua had been waiting outside Cookie’s apartment complex early in the morning. Cookie was also up early, so he was tasked with taking Little Biscuit to school. When Cookie saw Wei Hua at the entrance, he stopped the car and let Wei Hua get in.

“Good morning, Little Biscuit,” Wei Hua greeted as he got into the car, looking cheerful and giving no indication that he had something on his mind.

“Good morning, Uncle Wei!” Little Biscuit replied with an equally bright smile.

Everything appeared normal, but if there was anything different, it was that both Wei Hua and Cookie tried to avoid overly affectionate contact with Little Biscuit. Until the results were known, they refrained from certain actions almost instinctively.

Little Biscuit had also noticed this, but he didn’t mention it. He sensed that his dad and Uncle Wei had something on their minds. So, when they reached the kindergarten’s entrance, he obediently let the teacher take his hand and lead him inside, saying a polite goodbye.

Little Biscuit thought that when his dad and Uncle Wei came to pick him up in the evening, things would return to normal; otherwise, he would be sad.

On that day, Wei Chen and Chen Li also woke up early with the same destination in mind: the hospital.

Chen Li was still a bit drowsy when he woke up, his messy hair sticking up in all directions. He sat on the bed in a daze, waiting for Wei Chen to hand him some clothes.

When Wei Chen came over and ruffled his hair, he gradually woke up.

“Li Li, get up. Today, we’re going to the hospital for a check-up,” Wei Chen said.

Chen Li nodded and got out of bed, slipping into his slippers and heading to the bathroom. Wei Chen had already squeezed toothpaste onto his toothbrush and set it on the cup.

After Chen Li finished his morning routine and got dressed, Wei Chen took his hand, and they left together.

At the hospital’s entrance, Wei Chen and Chen Li ran into Wei Hua and Cookie.

They exchanged greetings at the hospital entrance, then went to their respective departments without asking any questions.

The wait for the results was always a long one, both for Wei Chen’s group and Wei Hua’s group.

Chen Li was attended to by the same nurse who had taken care of him during the previous car accident. The nurse remembered Chen Li and was aware of his condition. She was much more attentive during the examination, and Chen Li felt less self-conscious this time since he had been examined by this nurse before.

Soon, Chen Li completed the necessary tests, but the results couldn’t be obtained immediately. They had to wait for seven days. Nevertheless, Wei Chen inquired with the examining physician.

The doctor reassured Wei Chen that Chen Li’s physical recovery was excellent and advised him not to worry. Not only had his physical health improved, but his psychological state had also recovered remarkably well. When compared to similar cases, the doctor was even somewhat surprised. He praised Wei Chen for taking good care of Chen Li.

With that, Wei Chen’s anxieties eased a little, and after much hesitation, he decided to ask the doctor about the issue that had been bothering him. Despite feeling embarrassed, he couldn’t ignore it, especially with his facial nerve disorder, which made it impossible for others to notice his expressions.

The doctor must have been asked many questions like this before, so he didn’t find it unusual. He calmly replied, “Yes, it’s possible, but don’t do it too frequently, as the patient’s body is still relatively weak.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Wei Chen breathed a sigh of relief after getting the answer, then led Chen Li away.

Chen Li had been observing Wei Chen’s conversation with the doctor, so when they got into the car, his bright eyes looked at Wei Chen, and he asked, “Can we do it in the future?”

Wei Chen sighed and ruffled Chen Li’s hair, saying, “Let’s take it easy.”

Chen Li nuzzled Wei Chen’s hand to express his disagreement.

Wei Chen held Chen Li’s chin, lifted his slightly pouting lips, and gave him a lingering kiss before saying, “Your little body can’t handle too much. You faint every time we do it. It will be more enjoyable when you’re stronger, don’t you think?”

Chen Li thought about it and agreed. He realized he needed to eat more to become stronger so that he could have long sessions with Wei Chen later.

With determined ambition, Chen Li made this pledge in his heart!

Afterward, Wei Chen started the car and dropped Chen Li off at Q University. Once he had seen him safely to campus, he drove to the office.

No one knew where he had been or what he had been doing during this period, but there were plenty of speculations.

Many guessed that Wei Chen had found a way to negotiate the deal with Max, so when they saw him return to the office today, some felt like ants were crawling in their hearts, eager to know whether Wei Chen had secured the Max order or not.

However, Wei Chen seemed oblivious to their thoughts. During work hours, he focused on clearing the backlog of files from the past week. When it was time to leave, he left promptly as if nothing had happened.


On the same day, the medical examinations of Wei Hua and Cookie concluded quickly, unlike Chen Li’s examination. As soon as their examinations were over, they could receive their results.

Wei Hua’s memory had not failed him; he indeed had not had any intimate contact with Lena. In other words, he had not contracted the virus.

This result was within their expectations. They had undergone the tests for peace of mind.

After leaving the hospital with their test results in hand, they couldn’t contain themselves any longer. Once they were in the car, they embraced each other tightly and passionately.

The results had completely dispelled the unexpected fear that had weighed on their hearts. While it wasn’t a brush with death, their emotions were overwhelming.

Their passion was so intense that even when they tasted the metallic taste of blood in each other’s mouths, they didn’t release each other. Their tongues fervently entwined, and saliva, too hurried to be swallowed, spilled from their mouths, forming a silvery thread. They only parted when their breath was nearly exhausted, their foreheads pressed together, and they couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Wei Hua, after picking up Little Biscuit tonight, come over to my place for dinner,” Cookie suggested.

Wei Hua hesitated, and a surge of joy flooded over him. Yes, ever since he started pursuing Cookie, his ultimate goal had been to walk down the path of marriage with him. He had long been prepared to meet the parents.

They hadn’t been together for very long, and Wei Hua had thought Cookie would bring up the topic of meeting the parents much later. Even in his wildest dreams, it was a few months down the line, not so soon. The timing took him by surprise because they had only officially been together for a few days. Did Cookie’s suggestion to meet his parents mean that Wei Hua was also considering their relationship with marriage in mind?

Seeing that Wei Hua hadn’t responded, Cookie’s expression immediately darkened, and he said, “If you don’t want to, forget it.”

But Wei Hua wasn’t willing to let it go. He quickly embraced Cookie and said, “Xiao Qiqi, no, I don’t want to forget it. I’ll come with you tonight to meet Uncle.”

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