Chapter 186 – Meeting the Parents

Wei Hua tightly hugged Cookie, fearing that the proud Cookie might change his mind about meeting his parents due to Wei Hua’s momentary distraction.

“Let’s just go,” Cookie pushed Wei Hua away, looking disgusted, and said, “The way you are now, my dad will definitely kick you out!”

“Which type does Uncle like?” Wei Hua asked nervously, sitting up straight.

Cookie didn’t answer, but he knew in his heart that no matter which type Wei Hua was, as long as he looked like Little Biscuit, his father would kick Wei Hua out!

However, Cookie wouldn’t say this out loud. He had already decided to be with Wei Hua, and he would consider his father’s opinion, but in the end, he would convince his father.

Wei Hua had been his dream for almost eight years, and now that the dream had come true, he would protect it and not let it shatter. Wei Hua didn’t know what Cookie was thinking now. He sat nervously in the car, looking ahead, but his thoughts were all over the place. At one moment, he felt that his hair was too long and needed to be cut shorter; otherwise, his future father-in-law would think he was untidy. Then he felt that his outfit for the day was too casual; he would have to change into a suit later to make a more impressive impression on his future father-in-law.

In any case, he was currently in a state of self-doubt, finding faults in himself everywhere, and for the first time in his life, he doubted his appearance. He couldn’t help but wonder if his future father-in-law would find him pleasing to the eye.

After some self-doubt, Wei Hua stepped on the gas pedal and headed to the mall. It was still a few hours before Little Biscuit finished school, so he had time to tidy himself up. He had to make a good impression on his future father-in-law during their first meeting.

Wei Hua spent the entire day in a state of tension. Even when he arrived at the mall, he changed one outfit after another, but each time he stood in front of the mirror, he found himself unsatisfactory. It was either something wrong here or something wrong there.

The salesperson, who had been smiling at first, couldn’t keep up the cheerful demeanor after Wei Hua had picked out more than a dozen outfits in a row. They even started to suspect that Wei Hua wasn’t here to buy clothes but to pick a fight.

Cookie, on the other hand, observed the salesperson’s changing expression and when Wei Hua wanted to change into another outfit, he went ahead and swiped the card for the current set of clothes. Then he grabbed Wei Hua and left the store.

“Wait, Xiao Qiqi… I think there’s an issue with the collar of this shirt, and the color doesn’t match me,” Wei Hua protested from behind.

“You’re handsome enough, really!” Cookie couldn’t help but stop and earnestly praised him. He wasn’t exaggerating; Wei Hua was naturally handsome, with a great physique. He had the perfect frame for formal wear, making him even more handsome.

“Really handsome?” Wei Hua smiled foolishly when Cookie praised him and straightened out his shirt in front of Cookie.

At that moment, Cookie didn’t respond and just walked away.

Wei Hua hurriedly caught up with him and asked the same question he had asked countless times before.

“Xiao Qiqi, will your dad like me?” Despite having asked hundreds of times, Wei Hua was still nervous.

Cookie still didn’t answer, feeling helpless himself. He guessed that as soon as Wei Hua walked in, his father would kick him out. His father was a shrewd person who could see through Wei Hua’s true identity with a single glance.


Cookie sighed inwardly. In the current situation, they could only take it step by step.

Afterward, Wei Hua went to the hair salon to get his hair done, making him look much more refreshed. By this time, it was almost time to pick up Little Biscuit from kindergarten.

When they arrived at the kindergarten, it was time for school to end. Little Biscuit saw his dad and Uncle Wei, however, he didn’t rush into their arms; he had noticed something odd about them in the morning.

Cookie, on the other hand, seemed to have forgotten about the morning incident. He picked up Little Biscuit and said, “We’re going home.”

Little Biscuit planted a kiss on Cookie’s cheek and cheerfully replied, “Let’s go home!”

It was great; Dad and Uncle Wei were back to normal.

Sometimes, things you don’t want to face eventually catch up with you. After the hospital check-up, Cookie had come to terms with many things. There were issues he couldn’t avoid, and since he had already decided to be with Wei Hua, some things had to be confronted. His father might not accept Wei Hua initially, but with time, he would see Wei Hua’s qualities, Cookie knew.

He also understood that his father genuinely cared about him. His initial resistance to Wei Hua was probably driven by his frustration over the hardships Cookie had faced over the years. But in reality, Cookie knew that Wei Hua was also a victim in this situation. Harsh as it might sound, Wei Hua had suffered too.

“What are you thinking, Xiao Qiqi?” Wei Hua opened the car door and found Cookie standing there, holding Little Biscuit, lost in thought. He asked with concern.

Cookie shook his head and said, “It’s nothing.” With that, he got into the car.

When Wei Hua got in, he tightly held Cookie’s hand and gazed at him tenderly, saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll make Uncle like me.”

Cookie was momentarily taken aback. Throughout the day, Wei Hua had been in a state of nervousness, yet in the end, he was the one comforting Cookie. Had he detected Cookie’s hidden worries?

Cookie smiled and all the turmoil inside him could only be expressed with one encouraging phrase, “Yeah, you can do it.”

Taking advantage of Cookie’s distraction, Wei Hua leaned over and pecked Cookie’s lips, saying, “I’ll do my best, my future husband!” Cookie’s foot beneath the seat kicked out immediately – Little Biscuit was still here!

Wei Hua turned to Little Biscuit, who had his chubby hands covering his eyes, and teasingly asked, “Little Biscuit, did you see anything just now?”

Little Biscuit quickly shook his head, saying, “Little Biscuit didn’t see anything, didn’t hear anything.”

Wei Hua chuckled and gave Little Biscuit a kiss on the cheek, making Little Biscuit giggle.

After this little episode, Cookie’s worries faded away. He couldn’t help but playfully pinch Little Biscuit’s nose and thought, ‘Already taking Wei Hua’s side now, what about later?’

Little Biscuit seemed to sense his dad’s discontent, so he kissed Cookie’s face again, making a loud smooching sound. Then he said in a soft, sweet voice, “Daddy, Little Biscuit loves you, loves you the most!”

Wei Hua couldn’t resist joining in the fun and chimed in, “Xiao Qiqi, Uncle Wei loves you too, loves you the most!”

Cookie couldn’t help but kick Wei Hua under the seat and said, “Drive your car!”

Wei Hua chuckled and started the car, heading towards Cookie’s home. Wei Hua had a mischievous expression, but he was also observant. He knew Cookie was keeping something from him, but Wei Hua didn’t mind. Who didn’t have a few secrets that were better left unsaid?

When the three of them arrived at Cookie’s home, Mr. Sheng had not yet finished work. However, this was Wei Hua’s first time visiting Cookie’s home, and his curious eyes scrutinized every detail in the house, trying to piece together Cookie’s life through these furnishings.

Soon, Mr. Sheng returned home, and Little Biscuit heard his footsteps. He waited at the door and pounced on Mr. Sheng as soon as the door opened, saying in a sweet voice, “Grandpa, you’re finally back! Little Biscuit missed you so much.”

This was part of Cookie’s strategy. He used Little Biscuit as a sweet distraction to win over his father. When he introduced Wei Hua later, the tension wouldn’t be as high.

Indeed, Mr. Sheng’s heart warmed upon hearing Little Biscuit’s words. He picked up Little Biscuit and said with a smile, “Did you miss Grandpa?”

Little Biscuit replied, “I missed you everywhere. It felt like a long time without seeing you.”

Mr. Sheng was even happier after hearing this. He carried Little Biscuit inside and soon noticed that there was another person in the living room. Although his son and this person didn’t have particularly intimate gestures, just standing side by side, there was a certain connection between them that didn’t go unnoticed by Mr. Sheng.

Even though he already knew who the person was, Mr. Sheng remained composed on the surface. His gaze briefly landed on Wei Hua and then shifted away, as if he hadn’t seen him.

Cookie’s concerns weren’t unfounded. While Mr. Sheng didn’t kick Wei Hua out, he employed an ignoring strategy throughout the meeting. Only when Cookie introduced Wei Hua did Mr. Sheng politely nod. Even in the end, Mr. Sheng subtly suggested that Wei Hua could leave.

Wei Hua remained patient throughout, even though he didn’t understand why he seemed to have irritated his future father-in-law. He could only attribute it to the fact that he had “abducted” Cookie, which might have displeased Mr. Sheng.

Cookie had shared some details about the family situation; his mother had passed away early, and Mr. Sheng had raised him single-handedly. The bond between father and son was naturally strong, and Wei Hua could understand it.

Cookie saw Wei Hua off and then coaxed Little Biscuit upstairs, saying he had something important to discuss with Grandpa.

When Little Biscuit was sent back to his room, he asked Cookie in a low voice, “Does Grandpa not like Uncle Wei?” There was some frustration in his voice.

“It’s okay, Little Biscuit. Grandpa just needs some time to get used to it. He’ll come around,” Cookie reassured him. But Cookie knew that making his father completely accept Wei Hua without any reservations would be a long and challenging journey.

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