Chapter 417 – Not Yet Married

As soon as the words fell, everyone in the dormitory was stunned.

Even those who weren’t majoring in English were amazed by her pronunciation!

Did she really speak English?

What on earth was that “en nà” at the end?!

Lu Xia couldn’t help but laugh; it was such a familiar accent!

Back when she had just started learning English in middle school, her classmates’ pronunciation was similar to this, and even the teachers didn’t have perfect pronunciation. Everyone just followed along without caring whether it was correct, and they only started improving after entering college.

Lu Xia was afraid that Hu Cuihua would feel embarrassed, so she lowered her head and chuckled quietly.

But Yu Wan couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter. “Hahaha! Aiya mama, your English is too good! No, I should say your Northeastern accent is too authentic!”

In just one night, she had already learned to say “aiya mama”!

Her laughter acted like a switch, and the other people in the dormitory also joined in. It was just too amusing; nobody could resist.

Lu Xia was worried that Hu Cuihua might feel upset, so she glanced at her and found that even she was laughing.

“Hehe, is it that funny? I actually never learned pronunciation. Sometimes, when I can’t remember, I just mark these words with something memorable to help me remember. It turned out like this over time.”

Lu Xia was surprised to hear that. “There aren’t many high schools with English classes nowadays. Where did you learn it?”

Could it be that she learned it from someone else, just like Xie Guifang?

Hu Cuihua explained, “Our high school didn’t have a Russian teacher, only an English one, but it wasn’t a formal class. I was just interested in it and learned privately from a teacher.”

Lu Xia nodded and, after the laughter subsided, she suggested, “If you want to improve your English speaking skills, practice is key. Just keep talking, and if you’re unsure about pronunciation, you can ask me or Yu Wan. You can also practice by reading along with the radio. With practice, you’ll gradually get better.”

“Really? Can I ask you guys? That’s great! I didn’t know what to do before,” Hu Cuihua exclaimed.

Yu Wan, who had been laughing, chimed in, “Don’t worry, you’re our junior, and we’re roommates. You should have some advantages.”

Hu Cuihua giggled, “Alright, thank you, senior!”

Hu Cuihua wasn’t much younger; she was only nineteen this year. However, with her robust appearance, she looked even older than Lu Xia. Calling her “senior” felt a bit awkward for Lu Xia.

She couldn’t help but chuckle.

After a few more exchanges, Ye Nan brought up a topic. “By the way, do you all remember what happened to Li Hua before the holiday last semester?”

“We remember,” Tang Yuan said eagerly. “I was actually going to ask. I saw Li Hua in class these past two days, so is he okay now? Did the school not punish him for what happened before?”

Lu Xia and Yu Wan also became interested.

Ye Nan continued, “I asked Teacher Jin about it today, and guess what? Li Hua’s wife from the countryside never actually registered their marriage, so they aren’t legally married!”

“What?” Everyone was surprised to hear that.

Lu Xia hadn’t expected this situation, but she said, “Well, in strict terms, with the wedding banquet in the countryside and living together, and even having a child, they were in a de facto marriage, weren’t they?”

Ye Nan nodded, “Strictly speaking, yes, but Li Hua’s wife didn’t understand. She was scared when she heard that they weren’t legally married. Plus Li Hua shushed and pacified her afterward, saying that he wouldn’t not want her or the child, and blamed it on Xie Yunyun, saying that he only took care of her because she looked pitiful. She believed him, stopped causing trouble, and then took the money Li Hua gave her to return to her hometown with the child.”

Everyone was somewhat surprised by the simplicity of the resolution. “Just like that? What happened after that?”


Chapter 418 – School’s Investigation Results


“What?” They handled it like that?

Lu Xia was surprised. “So, his wife just left like that? She didn’t ask him to get married officially? She didn’t get anything from leaving like this?”

Ye Nan sighed, “No, I guess Li Hua made some private promises to her.”

Yu Wan shook her head upon hearing that. She clearly disapproved of Li Hua’s actions. “He’s really despicable, isn’t he? Isn’t this like stepping on two boats? But if the school knew about it, why didn’t they expel him?”

Ye Nan sighed again at her question. “This is ultimately the students’ private matter, and it didn’t escalate into a big issue. Li Hua has been behaving well, although his conduct has some flaws. Nowadays, the school isn’t as strict as it was in previous years, so they can accept this minor issue. However, they probably won’t focus on Li Hua as much in the future.”

At this point, Tang Yuan asked, “What about Xie Yunyun? Is the child in her belly really not Li Hua’s?”

The dorm room fell silent for a moment. Everyone probably had a sense of what was going on, but they didn’t explicitly say it.

Ye Nan then continued, “At that time, the school didn’t just rely on Li Hua’s words. They sent someone to see Xie Yunyun and found something strange about her belly. People who saw her when she came to school said her belly was already quite big, but the person who went to check found that her belly had returned to a normal size, similar to that of an ordinary person. They suspected she might not have been pregnant at all, so they began to believe Li Hua’s words.”

The room fell silent again. Well, now they didn’t know whom to believe.

Tang Yunfang sighed, “Forget it, it’s none of our business anyway.”

“Yeah,” the others agreed.

Li Hua’s matter had nothing to do with them, and they couldn’t interfere in Xie Yunyun’s affairs either.

So, they all shook their heads and stopped thinking about it.

In the following days, they began to adapt to the new semester’s courses. As sophomores, the content they had to learn became more challenging. In addition to English itself, they were also studying the history of various Western countries.

Although there were fewer courses compared to the previous semester, there were still many tasks to complete.

Fortunately, Lu Xia had a solid foundation, so she could keep up.

Moreover, the translation work for this semester continued, and the magazine was quite satisfied with their progress. The translation material became more advanced, which also helped with Lu Xia’s studies.

Time passed quickly, and it was almost time for the National Day holiday.

In this era, there was no seven-day long holiday for National Day; there were only two days off, but it was still good.

Before the holiday, Teacher Li called Lu Xia and Chu Liangchen to his office.

When they arrived, Teacher Li looked at the two students and nodded in satisfaction. “I’ve reviewed your proficiency, and your written translations are already very good. Now, it’s time to work on your oral skills.”

Lu Xia was surprised to hear this. Did Teacher Li have another assignment for them?

Then Teacher Li looked at her and said, “Lu Xia, your pronunciation is excellent and formal, but it tends to be too formal, leaning towards written language. Of course, this is not a flaw, but I think you could practice more colloquial language and everyday communication pronunciation.”

Lu Xia nodded, indicating that she understood.

Then Teacher Li turned to Chu Liangchen. “Your vocabulary is good, but some of your pronunciations are not very standard. Although people can understand you, it’s like listening to a regional dialect. If you were talking to foreigners, they might feel the same way. Also, pay attention to grammar; there are often some grammatical errors. While it’s not a big issue now, if you want to pursue a more formal career in the future, you’ll need to study it more.”

Chu Liangchen nodded earnestly, clearly aware of his shortcomings.

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