Chapter 415 – Hu Cuihua’s Experience

So, the other roommates in the dorm got to know her background.

Hu Cuihua was a native of rural Northeast China. Despite growing up in the countryside, her family was one of the few that didn’t favor boys over girls.

Because of her good academic performance since childhood, her family had put in great effort to persuade her to attend high school. They had thought she would find a job in the county after graduation. However, after graduating, she struggled to find employment for several months due to a lack of connections.

In desperation, she had even considered arranged marriage, but at that moment, the college entrance examination was unexpectedly reinstated.

So, she mustered the courage to participate in the college entrance exam. Unfortunately, due to the rush, her performance wasn’t great, and she didn’t pass the first time.

But she didn’t give up. She immediately started preparing for the second exam. Just after the second exam ended, before the results were out, someone from the county informed her that she had actually passed the first college entrance exam. She had been a victim of identity theft, with someone fraudulently using her admission notice.

Moreover, her score was good enough to get into a prestigious university in the provincial capital.

She couldn’t believe it when she found out!

However, by the time she learned about it, the person who had taken her place and the people who helped her had already paid the price. Initially, they had switched her academic records when the imposter went to college. Now, her records needed to be reinstated; otherwise, even if she passed the exam again, she wouldn’t be able to attend the university.

So, she put aside her anger and went to the school to sort out the records.

This university was different from Peking University. It was her academic record that had been admitted; only the person was wrong. The school considered her academic performance impressive and wanted to reinstate her immediately so she could continue her education.

However, Hu Cuihua hesitated.

First, she felt that she might perform even better on her second attempt and possibly get into a better university. Second, she had some reservations about this school since they had allowed the imposter to take her place without verifying her identity.

She was inclined to refuse, but the school was reluctant to let her go, leading to a standoff.

It was during this time that she received her acceptance letter for the second college entrance examination; she had been admitted to Peking University!

This time, she had to leave, no matter what.

When the school found out, they were even more unwilling to let her go. After all, she was a potential talent for Peking University.

Finally, after much negotiation, Hu Cuihua had no choice but to seek help from the local government in her county.

In a county where it was rare for someone to get admitted to Peking University, they couldn’t afford to let her give up. So, local officials intervened and helped resolve the situation.

Finally, the school agreed to reinstate her records.

Afterward, she had to go through the process of transferring to Peking University.

All these back-and-forths had taken up a considerable amount of time, causing her to arrive late for the start of the semester.

The others were surprised to hear these stories. They hadn’t expected that their dorm had just seen one person replace another, and now, another person had been replaced.

They couldn’t believe how closely these events had unfolded right under their noses.

As a prospective journalist, Ye Nan was particularly curious about the situation and inquired further, getting a detailed account from Hu Cuihua.

However, it was clear that Hu Cuihua’s situation was different from Xie Guifang’s. She had no idea she had been replaced at first, so after not passing the first exam, she had wholeheartedly prepared for the second one. In the end, she had unexpectedly passed and got admitted to Peking University.

However, it was likely that her case was brought to light thanks to Xie Guifang’s incident, and the authorities uncovered the truth during a national crackdown. Otherwise, she might have only found out when it was time to transfer her records before the start of the school year.

After chatting for a while, everyone found Hu Cuihua to be amiable, so they welcomed her warmly to the dorm.

However, time was running out, and they had to go to class.


Chapter 416 – Hu Cuihua’s English


In the afternoon, they attended classes for the whole afternoon. After school, Lu Xia and Yu Wan greeted each other and left.

On their way back, Lu Xia couldn’t help but ask Jiang Junmo about his experience in the new class.

Jiang Junmo’s expression remained unchanged when he heard the question; he simply nodded and said, “It’s fine.”

“…That’s it? Aren’t they curious about you? It’s the second year, and suddenly there’s a new person in the class. No one asked?”

Jiang Junmo knew she liked gossip, so he smiled wryly and said, “No, they’ve already seen me before. We met during the final exams last time.”

Well, since they had already met, there probably wasn’t much curiosity left.

So, Lu Xia didn’t press further and instead told him about the new addition to their dorm.

“You wouldn’t believe it, that new classmate of ours not only has a rustic name, but her Northeastern accent is so thick that it makes me feel like I’m back in Daying Village. I even think the people in Daying Village speak more clearly than her!”

Jiang Junmo listened without expressing his thoughts, just smiled and continued to listen.

Then, Lu Xia told him about the girl’s experience of being replaced.

In the end, she sighed, “I guess it’s because the incident with Xie Guifang caused such a big commotion that the government started cracking down. Otherwise, it would have been challenging to uncover this. At least Hu Cuihua thought she didn’t pass!”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “Don’t worry; with the government involved, things will get better in the future.”


The next day, as Lu Xia was going to her class, Yu Wan shared some information about Hu Cuihua.

“This Hu junior is really interesting. She’s always surprised by everything and frequently exclaims ‘aiya mama.’ It feels like she’s singing a play. Every time I hear her talk, I want to laugh.”

Lu Xia chuckled. Northeastern people indeed had a unique way of speaking.

“She’s easy to get along with, right?”

Yu Wan nodded, “She’s a nice person, carefree and without any ill intentions. By the way, I always thought her name was Hu Cuifang, but I found out yesterday that it’s actually Hu Cuihua, ‘Hua’ like in Huaxia.”

Lu Xia was also surprised by this revelation. She had thought her name was quite ordinary and rustic, but it turned out she had misheard it.

Lu Xia nodded, indicating that she understood.

During lunchtime, Lu Xia overheard Hu Cuihua talking about her name again.

Apparently, it was their first day of classes for the new students today.

When she introduced herself, she noticed her classmates laughing. The class counselor had to step in and explain that her name was Hu Cuìhuá, not Hu Cuìhuā. After the clarification, the laughter stopped.

“In fact, my original name was Hu Cuìhuā, but in our village, there were so many people with the surname Hu, and quite a few were named Cuìhuā. When I was in school, there were three girls named Hu Cuìhuā in our class. The teacher was afraid of getting us mixed up, so they changed our names. One became Cuìhuā, one became Cuìhuà, and the other became Cuìhuá. We drew lots, and I drew Cuìhuá. I was so disappointed back then, I really envied the one who got Cuìhuā.”

The others laughed upon hearing this, not expecting her name to have such a casual origin.

Later, they asked about her experiences in class.

Then, Hu Cuihua furrowed her brow and said, “Speaking English is so challenging for me. I’m fine with writing, but when it comes to speaking, the English teacher says my pronunciation is way off. She asked me to practice on my own when I go back.”

Yu Wan, being a second-year senior, was curious and asked, “Could you say a few sentences for me to hear? Let’s see where the problem is.”

Hu Cuihua didn’t refuse since Yu Wan was a senior, and she immediately started with the simplest English alphabet pronunciations.

“éibìséidììnaīfjì, éiquàizéikèiíluoímo… um, na.”


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Cuìhuá (翠华): This name could be interpreted as “Emerald Flower” or “Jade Flower,” as “cuì” (翠) can mean emerald or jade, and “huá” (华) can mean flower or splendor.

Cuìhuā (翠花): Similar to Cuìhuá, this name can also be interpreted as “Emerald Flower” or “Jade Flower,” as “cuì” (翠) still means emerald or jade, and “huā” (花) specifically means flower.

Cuìhuà (翠画): This name can be interpreted as “Jade Painting” or “Emerald Painting.” “翠” (Cuì): This character typically refers to “jade” or “emerald” and is associated with green gemstones. “画” (Huà): This character means “painting” or “picture.”

Huaxia (華夏) is a historical concept representing the Chinese nation, and came from the self-awareness of a common cultural ancestry by the various confederations of pre-Qin ethnic ancestors of Han people.

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