Chapter 413 – The Second Year Begins

In the blink of an eye, the new semester began, and the two of them still went to school a day early.

Lu Xia had originally planned to tidy up her dormitory in advance.

But when she arrived, she found out that she was actually the last one to arrive.

“How did you all get here so early?” she asked.

Yu Wan smiled at her and replied, “We just arrived too. Tang Yuan came early; she got here yesterday. When Ye Nan and I arrived, the dormitory was already clean and tidy!”

Lu Xia felt a bit embarrassed and looked at Tang Yuan, saying, “I should have come yesterday if I had known. I haven’t been back all summer, so there must be a lot of dust in the dormitory. You must have been tired.”

Tang Yuan quickly shook her head and said, “My dad came to the capital for a business trip, so I happened to ride with him, which is why I came early. But I didn’t clean the dorm by myself; when I arrived, Sister Yunfang was already here. We cleaned it together, although Sister Yunfang did most of the work.”

Tang Yuan seemed a bit embarrassed as she said this.

The others were surprised and looked at Tan Yunfang.

“Why did you come so early, Sister Yunfang? And what about Xiaoya? How’s her leg? Will you still live in the dormitory after the school starts?”

Tan Yunfang smiled and replied, “I didn’t come too early, just went to the clothing factory yesterday and stopped by here on my way back. Don’t worry, the dormitory wasn’t too dirty, and I’m not too tired. After the school starts, I don’t plan to stay in the dormitory at night anymore.
Xiaoya’s leg has already healed, and Aunt Li helped us find a school. She’s going to study here as a visiting student. After knowing our situation and with Aunt Li’s help, we didn’t have to pay much for her to be a visiting student. So Xiaoya will start school in a few days, and we’ll continue to live in our current place. It’s more convenient for me to work at night there.”

Lu Xia was surprised by this news. The “Aunt Li” she mentioned was probably their landlady, Mrs. Li. She didn’t expect that they had caught her attention, and she even helped Xiaoya find a school. This way, Tan Yunfang could worry less, and Xiaoya wouldn’t be delayed.

The others congratulated her after hearing the news.

Afterwards, they chatted for a while and began discussing the new students who were enrolling this semester.

With the start of the new semester, the campus was once again filled with the sight of new students registering.

These were the students who had been admitted in the second round of the college entrance examination.

Seeing them, everyone couldn’t help but think back to when they first arrived at the school, and they all felt a bit sentimental.

At this moment, Yu Wan said, “There’s an empty bed in our dormitory. Do you think the school will assign a new student to live there?”

“I don’t think so, right? There are still plenty of empty dormitories in the school.”

“But you never know. If there is only one girl left, will they let her have her own room or assign her to a dormitory with an empty bed?” Yu Wan asked.

Upon hearing this, everyone became uncertain.

“But it’s a bit early to think about this now. Let’s wait and see; we’ll know soon enough.”

Thinking this, they stopped dwelling on the topic and became curious about Ye Nan’s internship experience during the summer.

Ye Nan had a lot to say about it; she clearly enjoyed the atmosphere at the newspaper and the work of a journalist. She spoke enthusiastically, and everyone listened with envy.

After not seeing each other for the entire summer, it seemed like there were endless things to talk about. After they had all finished getting settled, they went out to eat together, and then Lu Xia and Tan Yunfang left first.

On the way home, Lu Xia asked Jiang Junmo, “You changed your major; did you move to a different dormitory?”

“No, the teacher asked if I wanted to switch to the architecture department’s dormitory, but I refused. I haven’t stayed at the school much, and I’m already familiar with these people. Moving to a new dormitory means starting over with new acquaintances, which isn’t necessary.”

Lu Xia thought about it and agreed, so she stopped worrying about it.


Chapter 414 – New Roommate


The next day, they, who had already become second-year seniors, officially started their classes.

After not seeing each other for a summer break, they all felt that their classmates had changed quite a bit. Everyone warmly greeted each other, and then the bell for class rang, and the familiar teacher, Teacher Li, appeared once again.

Teacher Li was still their English teacher for this semester.

Lu Xia was particularly happy; she liked Teacher Li’s teaching style and always felt that she could learn a lot from him.

After class, she and Chu Liangchen together delivered the translated materials from the summer break to Teacher Li. Teacher Li then gave them a lot of extra study tasks for the semester, clearly holding high expectations for them.

Although Lu Xia felt pressure and was pleasantly surprised by the attention, she decided that she would definitely study everything that the teacher had arranged for them.

On the first day of school, everyone was enthusiastic about learning, and no one slacked off due to the relaxation of summer break. They all paid great attention during class.

However, perhaps due to resting too much during the summer break, Lu Xia started to feel a bit tired after concentrating on classes for the entire morning.

So, after having lunch with her roommates, she planned to lie down and take a short rest when they returned to the dorm.

But as soon as she lay down, she heard a knock on the door.

Since she lived in the lower bunk, Lu Xia had no choice but to get up and answer the door.

Upon opening the door, she saw a very distinctive person standing outside the dorm.

The person was tall and strong, dressed in a red and green patterned coat with a unique local flavor. She had two thick braids on her head, a dark red complexion, and a strong rural vibe.

Lu Xia was momentarily stunned and asked, “Excuse me, who are you looking for?”

The newcomer smiled at her, revealing a set of white teeth. “Hey there, little sister, I’m Hu Cuihua, your roommate!”

“Ah?” Lu Xia was momentarily confused, evidently not realizing which dorm she was referring to.

Then suddenly, it dawned on her that this was the way people from the northeast spoke.

“Um… So, you’re living in our dorm?”

“Yep, that’s right!” Hu Cuihua nodded. “I arrived late, and all the new student dorms on this side were already full. There were only vacant beds in the sophomore dorms on the chemical engineering building side, but I didn’t want to live so far away. So, they arranged for me to live in this sophomore dorm with an empty bed.”

Lu Xia nodded and stepped aside to let her in.

By this time, the other roommates had also heard the commotion.

Hu Cuihua greeted everyone with a smile and then confidently introduced herself, “Hey, everyone, I’m Hu Cuihua, a freshman majoring in English.”

When Lu Xia heard her use the term “little sister,” her lips twitched. It felt so familiar!

Although she had been to the northeast in her past life and had spent some time in rural areas, she didn’t remember the accent being so pronounced.

The other roommates found her way of speaking amusing and greeted her with smiles, then pointed out an empty bed for her.

Xiao Ya had moved out, leaving Xie Yunyun’s bed vacant. Tan Yunfang had cleaned it thoroughly yesterday, so it was spotlessly clean.

Hu Cuihua looked at it and was very satisfied. She immediately placed her luggage on the bed and sat down to rest.

At this point, the other roommates became more curious about her.

Yu Wan asked, “Are you majoring in English? Then, Lu Xia and I are your seniors!”

“Really?” Hu Cuihua was also delighted. “That’s great! Originally, our class had seven girls. Since I arrived late, the other six were all roommates, and I was the odd one out. I thought I would be assigned to a room with students from other majors, but I didn’t expect there would be English majors too.”

Afterward, the others got to know more about her. Hu Cuihua was talkative and seemed straightforward, not hiding anything. She shared her background as soon as she met them.

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