Chapter 411 – Moving Back to the Big Courtyard

Grandpa Jiang and Kang Kang didn’t return until three days before their school started.

Seeing Kang Kang’s excited expression when he returned, Lu Xia knew that her previous worries were unnecessary.

Looking at him, who had gotten noticeably darker and thinner, she realized he must have been running around a lot during this time.

But she still felt a bit sorry; her chubby little boy had turned into a slim, tanned young lad in just one summer!

“What have you been doing? How did you get so dark? Running around in the sun every day?” Lu Xia asked.

Kang Kang grinned in response, “I went fishing with Grandpa Tai!”

Lu Xia was skeptical, “Sitting and fishing shouldn’t make you thinner; you must have been running around!”

Kang Kang furrowed his brow, “Mom, I haven’t lost weight; it’s muscle!”

Lu Xia was speechless, “You’re not even four years old, and you’re talking about muscles.”

Kang Kang retorted, “Big Brother Kun Kun said I’m a man and shouldn’t be too fat; I should have muscles.”

“Who is Big Brother Kun Kun?”

“Big Brother Kun Kun is Big Brother Kun Kun!”

At this point, Grandpa Jiang explained, “He’s one of the younger kids who went along. There were quite a few of them this time, and they ran around the island every day. Kang Kang liked to join in the fun. Don’t worry; I checked, Kang Kang ate plenty, and his weight hasn’t changed much.”

It seemed that he really had gained some muscles. Lu Xia had mixed feelings upon hearing this, but she felt relieved too.

She and Jiang Junmo had moved back yesterday, thinking that they would have a few days to stay in the small courtyard.

However, they didn’t expect Grandpa Jiang and Kang Kang to return only just before the school started. They probably didn’t have time to stay there, so they came back first.

As for the things in the small courtyard, the uneaten vegetables had been picked and brought back.

The rest was left to Grandma Liu. Because of the renovation of her house, the vegetable plot was also dug up, there was nothing left to eat now. So, Lu Xia entrusted her with taking care of their chickens and fish in return for the vegetables she could eat freely.

Grandma Liu was delighted when she learned of this arrangement and readily agreed, promising to take good care of their home and ensure nothing was lost.

In fact, there wasn’t much of value left at their place; Lu Xia had stored away the valuable items in her space. Currently, there were only some pieces of furniture, and the doors were locked, so they weren’t worried.

Afterward, they gave the key to the front gate to Grandma Liu and moved back to the big courtyard, taking with them the two chickens they raised.

The next day, after Grandpa Jiang and the others returned, Lu Xia stewed the chickens.

Coincidentally, Uncle Jiang and Aunt Jiang also came back.

It was a rare gathering of the whole family.

They all enjoyed the chicken stewed with the spiritual spring water that Lu Xia had prepared.

They only put down their chopsticks when they were full.

After the meal, Aunt Jiang sighed, “Xiao Xia, you’re really good at cooking. We always eat until we’re stuffed.”

Lu Xia smiled and said, “Aunt, if you like it, I can cook more often in the future.”

“No need, I’m just saying. Cooking is tiring, and you two are busy with school. It’s fine to cook occasionally.”

Lu Xia nodded and didn’t say much more.

Then Aunt Jiang continued, “The house has become lively since you all came back. Even though it’s only been half a year since you returned from the countryside, we’ve gotten used to it. During the time you were away, every time I came home, it felt empty, and I didn’t feel like coming back.”

Lu Xia felt a bit embarrassed upon hearing this. “In that case, we’ll stay at home more often from now on.”

Aunt Jiang waved her hand, “You young people should live as conveniently as you like. Your uncle and I are busy with work, so even if you come back often, we might not be able to spend much time together.”

Lu Xia nodded and didn’t bring up the topic again. She then handed the clothes she had bought earlier to Aunt Jiang, who was delighted to receive them. Despite complaining about wasting money, Aunt Jiang clearly liked them.

Lu Xia was also pleased to see Aunt Jiang’s reaction.


Chapter 412 – Kang Kang Wants to Sleep on His Own


At this point, Grandpa Jiang said, “Kang Kang wants to sleep on his own in the future. There happens to be an empty room next to mine. Let him move in there.”

Lu Xia was surprised when she heard this and quickly looked at Kang Kang. “You want to sleep on your own? Why? Don’t you like sleeping with Mom and Dad?”

Kang Kang nodded, raising his chin, “I’ve grown up, it’s time to sleep on my own!”

Lu Xia’s expression froze upon hearing this. “Who told you that? You’re only three years old; you’re not grown up yet. What if you can’t sleep on your own?”

“He won’t have any trouble; he slept on his own on the island,” Grandpa Jiang chimed in.

Kang Kang nodded again, “Yeah, I always slept on my own. I’m a man, so I’m not afraid!”

But Lu Xia still wasn’t ready to agree. She was about to start school again, and with her busy schedule, the only time she could spend with her son was in the evenings. Now, even that time seemed to be slipping away, and she felt like her son was becoming more distant from her since they returned to the city.

Jiang Junmo started to persuade her too. “If he wants to do it, let him sleep on his own. He should have his own room by now. Didn’t we arrange a room for him in the small courtyard?”

But he wasn’t even four years old yet!

However, since everyone seemed to be in agreement, Lu Xia had no choice but to agree.

Kang Kang was excited and immediately began to decorate his room. Jiang Junmo helped, and Grandpa Jiang followed along. Uncle Jiang and Aunt Jiang started looking for spare bedding around the house.

Lu Xia watched in silence, feeling like she was the only one who disagreed.

That night, Kang Kang moved to his room on the first floor.

At night, Lu Xia lay in bed and couldn’t fall asleep. She poked Jiang Junmo, who was next to her, and asked, “Do you think Kang Kang is growing up too fast? It feels like he’s grown so quickly.”

Jiang Junmo smiled and asked, “Still upset about him wanting to sleep on his own?”

“I’m not upset!” Lu Xia denied. “It’s just that I feel like I’m getting old, sigh…”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Junmo knew that she hadn’t completely accepted it yet. He reassured her, “You’re not old. You’re just in your early twenties. You’re not old at all! It’s just that kids grow up and want their own personal space. When I was little, I started sleeping on my own at the age of three.”

Lu Xia sighed and didn’t want to discuss the matter further.

“Let’s sleep. Tomorrow, let’s go to the library and see if we need to buy any books before school starts.”

Jiang Junmo agreed with a nod. Seeing that she still wasn’t in a good mood, he suggested, “If you can’t sleep, do you want to do some exercise?”

Lu Xia immediately shook her head. “No, I want to sleep!”

With that, she pulled the blanket over her head, clearly expressing her desire to sleep.

Jiang Junmo chuckled and didn’t press the matter. He hugged her and fell asleep.

The next day, after Lu Xia woke up, she went to check on Kang Kang. She found that he had already awakened and was taking a walk with Grandpa Jiang, accompanied by the dog. It seemed to be a habit he had developed on the island, and his routine was quite regular.

When they returned from their walk, Kang Kang didn’t rush to hug her as he used to. Instead, he greeted her briefly and advised her to wake up earlier for exercise and not to sleep in, as it was good for her health.

Lu Xia forced a smile and agreed, but inside, her heart was still aching. She had to accept the fact that her child was growing up and becoming less attached to her.

After breakfast, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo went to the library, where they bought a few books. Most of them were for Jiang Junmo, as he was about to switch majors when school started, and he needed to refresh his knowledge.

Lu Xia bought a new dictionary and noticed some English classics she liked. However, she figured the school library would have them, so she decided not to purchase them and just borrow them later.

After that, they returned home to prepare for the upcoming school term.

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6 thoughts on “Cannon Fodder Husband Ch.411-412

  1. Kang Kang needs to be smacked. The way it is worded, a 4-year-old is telling his mother what she should do. I was going to say this on an earlier chapter but this is more appropriate. He’s an a-hole and unless he is taught now, his nose will never come down from the sky.
    At this point, I would have told them, “Okay, since you’re an adult, go ahead and start making your own living by fishing.”

    1. The problem is mainly the grandfather. The kid is 4 years old, he’s taking his cues and learning from his grandfather. Whatever he said about exercise and how his mother should exercise too is probably parroting what his grandfather says.

      His grandfather is excited to have a grandson so he’s hogging Kang Kang’s attention, suggesting Kang Kang stay with him, and encouraging Kang Kang to take up interests that aligns with his own. All the while, Kang Kang is growing distant from his parents because of course kids will start to listen to and be attached to whoever spends the most time with them. It’s not malicious on the grandfather’s part but it’s selfish and not in the kid’s best interest. After all, is the grandfather disciplining Kang Kang at all, or just taking him out to have a good time, playing with dogs, getting their own puppies, fishing, etc? Of course a child will enjoy fun over everything else.

      I wonder if the book will address this. Lu Xia seems genuinely upset but none of the adults care about her feeling as a mother. Even Jiang Junmo who is good in almost all ways seems to care more about having alone time with Lu Xia, without realizing that they currently spend no time at all with their kid.

      1. I agree. It’s just frustrating all around that the two men have been dismissive of the matter. But Kang Kang in the earlier chapter saying he’s no longer a child and his mom should just have another baby instead of being all emotional on him is just a huge red flag. And without spending time with him, he forms less and less of an emotional bond with them. I was genuinely confused when they took naps at university and later when they just let their son spend their whole summer break without them. She should have put her foot down and asked them to give them a few days together.
        Lu Xia is a “modern” woman and should see that her son isn’t going to grow up with the courtesy and kindness she currently has from her husband. He already sees his mother figure as too emotional and clingy in a way that isn’t the typical “don’t kiss me in front of the school gates” manner. And the more he days so, the more he will believe it.

  2. I feel really uncomfortable with Kang Kang like this. I would get it if he was at the age of 8 or 9 already cuz by then he’d be nearing his teenage years but he’s less than 4 years old? The author’s portrayal of raising a child is kind meh huh

  3. I agree with the other comments. Kang Kang himself isn’t the problem though, he’s just a child. He’s being manipulated by the men around, particularly his father who is jealous and wants Lu Xia all for himself. I hate these kinds of family dynamics.

  4. Idk. It’s not like I disagree with what‘s been said about Kang Kang by the people upstairs but I kinda hold no expectations towards kids in novels like this. He’s not a well thought out character but an accessory. An unplanned child that came perfectly timed to not cause any conflicts with the couples aspirations. The parents don’t care about the gender but since the people around them prefer boys it’s a boy. Unnaturally well-behaved and considerate from before birth, so independent/ easy to care for that his existence can be ignored when needed and now even when he’s technically rude what he’s saying isn’t bad but based on the positive habits he picked up being „naughty“.

    So yeah I don’t disagree with your theories but from where I stand the author just conveniently had the grandpa take care of the kid so it doesn’t have to be brought along all the time. Of course the kid asks to go with grandpa because if the parents initiated this it would flag them as bad parents (they are still irresponsible ofc). Now MC is going „woe is me“ to show that she cares. I bet my spacecookies that the next kid will be a girl.

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