Chapter 409 – The Lu Family Learns the Reason

The news of both household workers being suspended came as a shock to the Lu family, like a bolt from the blue.

Mother Lu was so distraught that she went to the factory to plead for leniency. However, she was promptly kicked out before even seeing the director.

The Lu family didn’t know what to do in this situation.

It was Lu Qiu who eventually realized that something wasn’t right. Why were they suddenly punishing their family members like this? Could it be that they had offended someone?

As they analyzed the situation, they couldn’t pinpoint who they might have offended.

So the family hastily pooled their money, bought gifts, and sought help from the higher ups. Finally, they managed to find out the reason behind the director’s actions.

It turned out that they had indeed offended someone!

But they had no specific information about who this person was, only that they were a high-ranking individual.

The Lu family was terrified upon learning this, feeling lost without a clear course of action.

However, after more than ten days passed with no hope in sight, Lu Qiu’s partner’s family finally helped them discover the truth.

Surprisingly, this matter was related to Lu Xia!

Lu Xia’s husband turned out to be quite influential. Somehow, he had heard about their plan to visit Lu Xia at school and had become angry. He probably learned about Lu Xia’s difficult past living with the Lu family and, to vent his frustration, used his connections to have their jobs suspended.

Upon learning the reason behind all this, Mother Lu erupted in anger, accusing Lu Xia of being ungrateful and ruthless. She even threatened to go confront her and make her pay.

However, Lu Qiu intervened, saying, “If you go cause trouble, do you want Dad and Lu Dong to lose their jobs directly?”

Mother Lu hesitated for a moment and said, “How could that happen? The clothing factory is a state-owned enterprise. How could they listen to Lu Xia?”

“But their jobs are still suspended now,” Lu Qiu pointed out.

Mother Lu finally gave up on the idea of causing trouble, but she remained puzzled. “Regarding the matter of going to confront that wretched girl, I talked about it at home. How did she find out? Could it be that one of you told her?”

She looked directly at Lu Qiu, who promptly denied any involvement. “Mom, do you suspect that I leaked the information? Did you only tell me? Didn’t older sister know about it?”

Mother Lu was rendered speechless by her response because Lu Chun not only knew but had also come up with the idea to visit Lu Xia and take advantage of the situation to ask for money and favors.

Lu Qiu could tell what was going on just by looking at her expression. She sneered and left with a parting remark, “You all handle it. If you don’t want your jobs, you can continue causing trouble!”

This left the remaining family members in a heavy silence.

However, Mother Lu was still somewhat reluctant and sent Lu Dong to find Lu Chun and find out if she had leaked the information.

But Lu Dong returned quickly on his own.

“Where’s your older sister?”

“She’s not coming back. She’s at home crying.”

“What happened? Did your older sister get mistreated? Did that wretched woman bully her again?” Mother Lu was initially surprised, then angry. She stood up, ready to go check on her.

But then she heard Lu Dong sigh and slump in his chair. “No, it’s because of her husband. He got fired for stealing.”

“What? Your older sister’s husband got fired?”

Mother Lu was shocked.

Instinctively, she asked, “Is it also that wretched girl’s doing?”

Lu Dong shook his head, “I don’t know. All I heard was that he got caught stealing.”

“It must be her. It’s definitely her!” Mother Lu gritted her teeth. “How could she be so heartless? That’s her big sister’s husband, and she just got him fired. Otherwise, how come others faced no consequences after stealing while your older sister’s husband got fired!”


Chapter 410 – The Matter Was Resolved


Lu Qiu, who heard this, was speechless by her words, and said sarcastically. “So stealing is something to be proud of, huh?”

Mother Lu, infuriated by her daughter’s attitude, retorted, “Why are you laughing? Our family has lost our jobs, and you find it amusing? Wait until your father and your brother also get fired, then see if your in-laws still want you!”

Lu Qiu laughed mockingly when she heard this, “Don’t worry, I have a job, and he would still want me even without you all.”

Mother Lu, seeing her act this way, felt her authority being challenged, and just as she was about to explode, Father Lu slammed the table with a “thud” and said, “Alright, both of you, be quiet!”

The room finally fell silent.

Then, Father Lu thought for a moment and said, “Tomorrow, spread the word that we have cut ties with our second child a long time ago, and from now on, consider her as if she doesn’t exist.”

“How can we do that? She’s a university student, married into a good family. If we reconnect with her later, she could help Xiao Chun and Xiao Dong.”

Mother Lu immediately disagreed, as she had already inquired about it. Lu Xia, that wretched girl, not only got into college herself but her husband did too. Rumor had it that his conditions were pretty good, and the two of them were living quite comfortably in the countryside.

She regretted severing ties too early back then. Otherwise, they could have gained some benefits, unlike the current situation where they hadn’t gained anything.

Listening to this, Father Lu furrowed his brows in frustration. “Does she look like she wants to get closer to us with her attitude? Don’t be surprised if we lose our jobs before we even reconnect with her!”

Mother Lu finally fell silent after hearing this.

Considering Father Lu’s stubborn personality at home, she could only follow his instructions the next day.

Soon enough, the entire neighborhood heard that the Lu family had severed ties with their second child and disowned their daughter!

The news about Lu Xia getting into college had not spread yet, so others assumed that they didn’t want her to return to the city, which was why they did this.

Some people thought they were heartless for doing this, especially since their second child, Lu Xia, had spent several years in the countryside, and they hadn’t even sent her anything to help. Now, they had severed ties completely, which was deemed extremely harsh.

Others thought that cutting ties might be for the best, considering having parents like them was also heartbreaking.

But regardless of what others said, the Lu family didn’t care. They just wanted to spread the news quickly.

In a few days, whether the department head had heard or not, Father Lu and Lu Dong quickly regained their positions and returned to work.

Now, the mood of the Lu family was quite complicated. It seemed that Lu Xia had indeed caused this, but regardless of the circumstances, they didn’t dare to approach her again.

Even Lu Chun, Mother Lu went to advise her, and after she found out, she scolded Lu Xia half to death. However, fearing her in-laws, she didn’t dare to tell them that this matter was related to the Lu family.

And so, this matter passed.

Then, at the end of August, when Grandpa Jiang and Kang Kang were about to return, Lu Xia heard from Jiang Junmo that the matter had already been resolved.

After asking about the details, she was somewhat surprised. She hadn’t expected it to be so simple.

“Who did you ask for help?”

“It was Qi Xiao. He knows a lot of people.”

Lu Xia nodded. “Thank him for me, and when he has time, invite him over for dinner.”

“Sure, I’ll let him know.”

“Alright,” Lu Xia then asked, “Is it true that my brother-in-law was fired because of you guys?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head. “No, it’s just a coincidence. He stole quite a few things, and the factory couldn’t just let it go. I heard that being fired was already a lenient punishment. If it weren’t for the factory not wanting to escalate the situation, he might have ended up at the police station. On top of that, he had to pay a hefty sum of money.”

Lu Xia was speechless after hearing this. His audacity was unbelievable, but she figured that they would be blamed for this. The timing was just too coincidental, and the Lu family would probably hold them responsible.

However, she didn’t really care. After all, the Lu family dared not show up in front of her anymore.

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  1. Lu Xia has mentioned Su Man’s protagonist halo several times, but at this point it’s clear that she has one as well. A halo that suppresses drama. Somehow, whenever there’s a scandal or event that negatively affects people, Lu Xua always comes out completely unscathed despite often being in the middle of things.

    Here as well: In any other novel, Lu Xia would not have learnt about her parents’ plan until it was too late and they were already causing a scene at the gates of the university, calling her unfilial and all sorts of things. The truth of the matter would eventually surface, but Lu Xia’s reputation would still take a hit.

    I mean, think about the source, Lu Qiu. Not only are there no contact between the two, but they coincidentally met just days away from school starting again? In such a huge city? What are the chances? Liu Qiu also has absolutely no reason to tell Lu Xia about this matter, especially considering how coldly Lu Xia has treated her, and yet she still did. She calls herself a calculative person, but where is her benefit in going out of her way to warn the cold butt that is her sister? Definitely Lu Xia’s halo at work.

    …Sigh. I still hope these two sisters can somehow reconcile. At the very least, Lu Xia definitely owes her sister for this early warning.

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