Chapter 521 – Unexpectedly, it’s a Secret Crush

Since she had already made up her mind, Lu Xia didn’t say much.

Afterward, the two of them chatted for a bit, and she finally got to the point.

“By the way, I heard you have a significant other now. When did that happen? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Huh?” Ye Lin looked puzzled after hearing this, “When did I get a significant other?”

“You didn’t?” Lu Xia looked at her carefully and realized she didn’t seem to be lying. “Did I mishear? How come I heard that someone has been infatuated recently, often giggling, and dressing up more?”

Upon hearing this, Ye Lin blushed instantly. “Who’s spreading such nonsense?”

Lu Xia, sensing Ye Lin’s reaction, began to suspect that there might be something.

“So, do you have feelings for someone or not?”

This time, Ye Lin remained silent.

Lu Xia understood.

Then she got interested.

“Tell me about it? Who is it? Maybe I can give you some advice.”

Ye Lin hesitated upon hearing this. Considering she was married and had a good relationship with her husband and many children, she must know how to be likable.

So, she tentatively asked, “I’ve been obvious enough, right? If he hasn’t rejected, does he have feelings too?”

Lu Xia found out that Ye Lin probably didn’t want to disclose who it was, so she didn’t press. However, she found the question amusing, “What have you done to be so obvious? Confessed to him?”

“N-no!” Ye Lin’s face turned crimson upon hearing this, but she managed to say shyly, “I just often go to him, deliberately ask for help with some problems, and then pretend to pass by where he usually is…”


Lu Xia was speechless. So, this was still a secret crush?

“Wait, does he know you? What’s your relationship with him?”

“We… aren’t very close, just… I got to know him through a friend, haven’t had many conversations.”

Lu Xia listened and became even more bewildered, “So, if you haven’t had many conversations, how did you develop feelings for him?”

Upon hearing this question, Ye Lin’s ears turned red.

Then she said in a small voice, “He’s nice, and I just fell for him!”

Lu Xia didn’t know what to say after hearing this. According to her, it seemed like the person probably hadn’t even realized.

She later asked about how they usually interacted, and she understood. Her guess was probably correct; he likely considered her a friend of a friend and was just being friendly without knowing her feelings.

This wasn’t easy to handle. Ye Lin seemed to be deeply involved.

So, she gently suggested, “I think you haven’t been very obvious. He might not have noticed!.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah.” Lu Xia nodded. “But it’s not easy for a girl to confess in this situation. You can try to gauge his feelings and then decide.”

Ye Lin felt a bit disheartened upon hearing this. She didn’t expect that all her efforts during this time had gone unnoticed. It hurt.

Seeing her like this, Lu Xia said, “Cheer up. There are plenty of men in China. If this doesn’t work out, there’s always someone else. Why not focus on your career? Once you’re successful, you can choose from many good men!”

Ye Lin said, “Yes, I should focus on my career. He’s doing so well in his career; I can’t fall too far behind!”

Lu Xia: “…” Alright, she didn’t know if her advice was right. Hopefully, Ye Lin wouldn’t get even more deeply involved and end up heartbroken with no results.

But it was too early to think about that now. Let’s see how it goes.


Chapter 522 – Third Sister Opens a Shop


After learning about Ye Lin’s situation, Lu Xia told Ye Nan when they went to school on Monday. However, she only mentioned that Ye Lin didn’t have a significant other and didn’t disclose that she had a crush on someone.

Ye Nan breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this and went back to inform Second Aunt. They thought her unusual behavior was due to work-related happiness and didn’t inquire further.

In October, Third Sister came to see Lu Xia again.

Ever since she had asked about the skewer business before, there had been no news from Third Sister.

Lu Xia thought she might have given up on the idea, so she was surprised when Third Sister’s first words this time were, “I’ve already applied for an unpaid leave from work and plan to officially open a shop.”

Lu Xia was taken aback. “Why did you decide on this all of a sudden, Third Sister?”

Third Sister smiled and explained the reasons for not starting right away.

Because she didn’t know how this business would turn out, and her husband wasn’t in favor either. He was worried that if she didn’t do well, she would regret giving up her good job. Even the family members advised her to give up.

Third Sister was somewhat unwilling, so she thought of achieving something first to convince them.

During Lu Xia’s summer vacation, Third Sister would set up a stall outside after work every day.

Yes, because the skewer business was relatively simple and didn’t require a store, Third Sister started directly with a stall.

After two months of doing this, the small stall went from being ignored at the start to having people lining up to buy every time she went out.

Third Sister’s husband and the family members also saw the success of this business, so they agreed for her to give up her job at the department store.

So, right after applying for unpaid leave, she came to see Lu Xia.

Lu Xia was impressed by her determination after hearing about it.

She made it sound simple, but Lu Xia knew the hardships involved.

Not to mention the hard work of setting up a stall, the fact that Third Sister could persevere for so long showed her resilient character.

So, Lu Xia decided to help her wholeheartedly.

This time, Third Sister came to ask about the details of opening a shop.

What kind of shop should she rent, and how should she decorate it? Although Third Sister had some ideas, she still wanted to hear Lu Xia’s opinion.

After all, in her eyes, her younger sister was a savvy businesswoman.

And Lu Xia didn’t hold back, telling her all the shop layouts she had seen in her past life and sharing various small tips for starting a business.

Third Sister was very grateful for the advice and then went back in a hurry to prepare for the shop opening.

Because a skewer shop didn’t require extensive decoration, she only needed to prepare tables and a special long container for cooking skewers. So, within half a month, Third Sister’s small shop was up and running.

Lu Xia and her friends went to show their support on the opening day.

The shop was near Third Sister’s house in the market area, where she had set up her stall before.

Perhaps because of the previous foundation, quite a few people came to eat on the first day of the opening.

As soon as Lu Xia and her friends sat down, the small shop was already full, and those who came later bought the skewers to go as there were no seats.

Third Sister was busy as a bee.

For this shop opening, she had hired two waitstaff, but she was still very busy.

Fourth Sister was on duty today and couldn’t make it, but the Eldest Sister and Second Sister came to support.

The Second Sister envied, “It seems like a good business. They say doing business is profitable nowadays. It’s making me want to start one.”

Saying this, she looked at Lu Xia, “Little sister, do you have any good suggestions? Maybe you could give some to your second sister?”

Before Lu Xia could respond, the Eldest Sister interjected, “Forget it, with your temperament, opening a shop might offend all the customers. You should just be honest and continue with your Women’s Federation work!”

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