Chapter 523 – Jin He Also Wants to Open a Shop

Second Sister sighed helplessly upon hearing this, “Every day, there’s a new family issue to deal with. One man beats his wife, another family neglects their granddaughter in favor of their grandson. I deal with these headaches every day. How did I ever choose such a job? It’s so unsuitable for me!”

“I think you’re quite suited for it. People are actually afraid of you now, aren’t they? I’ve heard that whenever there’s a problem people can’t handle, as soon as you step in, they immediately behave and listen to you! Isn’t that doing well?” Eldest Sister calmly countered.

Second Sister sighed again at her words, “Sigh, it’s still not challenging enough…”

Lu Xia wanted to laugh after hearing this. She had heard that Second Sister was remarkably fierce, and it seemed to be true.

She probably just said those things earlier without much thought.

Honestly, with Third Sister’s example, she was afraid other people might also come to her for advice on starting a business. She didn’t have much knowledge about it.

It was all based on her past life’s knowledge, but in this era, there were so many intelligent people, and some things others would eventually figure out sooner or later.

So, she’d better focus on her own work and do it well.

But just as she was thinking this, Zhou Yan and Jin He also came to seek her advice on opening a shop.

Yes, Jin He had been selling steamed buns outside for quite some time, earning a decent amount. With her good skills and a fair number of regular customers, her buns sold out quickly every day. However, even with this success, from preparing the ingredients to making and selling the buns, it took a considerable amount of time.

Jin He had not slept well since starting to sell buns.

Although she was making money and had gained confidence in herself, and her relationship with her mother-in-law had improved quite a bit, it was still very hard for her.

And recently, she was found to be pregnant again.

In such a situation, she couldn’t keep working so hard. Zhou Yan wanted her to take a break for a while and resume after the child was born.

However, Jin He didn’t want to give up. After all, for her, this was a career. Moreover, she did love her children, but in their rural area, pregnant women still worked in the fields. It wasn’t considered dangerous.

She assured Zhou Yan that she would be careful, but he still didn’t agree.

So, they were at a standstill.

In the end, after considering for a few days, Zhou Yan compromised and agreed that she could continue, but not with the stall; it was too tough.

So, they discussed the possibility of opening a shop. They thought of finding a couple of employees to help, so that they could focus on the quality of the food while the employees took care of purchasing ingredients and making the buns.

Jin He initially hesitated due to the cost of opening a shop, but now that she was pregnant and couldn’t exert herself, she reluctantly agreed.

However, both of them were not very familiar with opening a shop, so they came to ask Lu Xia for her thoughts.

Lu Xia wanted to laugh helplessly after hearing this. Somehow, she had become everyone’s advisor on opening a shop.

But since they were here, she couldn’t just stay silent.

After carefully inquiring about their ideas, she said, “If you want to open a small shop that only sells buns, it’s actually quite simple. The store doesn’t have to be too big; a storefront with a window is enough.

But if you want to open a shop that sells buns and allows customers to dine in, then it might be better to open a breakfast shop. In addition to buns, you can also sell porridge and similar items. Of course, you can also provide some small pickled dishes, which would be better than just selling buns.”

Jin He’s eyes brightened instantly upon hearing this. “That’s a good idea. I make delicious porridge, and I’m great at pickling dishes, too! “

Zhou Yan sighed helplessly after hearing this. He had initially thought that opening a shop might be easier, but now it seemed like things were becoming more complicated!

However, given the current situation, Jin He had probably made up her mind, so he didn’t argue. He could only think about finding more employees to help her later.

After that, they asked Lu Xia for more advice and left enthusiastically.


Chapter 524 – The Last Winter Break


After they left, Lu Xia sighed and said to Jiang Junmo, “Should I open a consulting company specifically for helping with opening stores?”

Jiang Junmo earnestly nodded upon hearing this, “It’s a good idea. You have such a clever mind, it would be a waste not to utilize it.”

Lu Xia gave him a blank look after hearing this and decided she wouldn’t joke with him anymore; it was pointless!

Aunt Jiang stayed at her son’s place for over forty days until her daughter-in-law’s condition improved before returning home.

However, upon her return, she still felt worried. “Sigh, the conditions over there are really not good. After she gives birth, they won’t have any elders to look after them. I asked Fangyi to take a leave and go to Beijing for the birth, but she refused.”

Fangyi was her daughter-in-law’s name, and her full name was Lu Fangyi.

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia said, “Cousin-in-law is probably worried about the hassle. Besides, she works over there, and being a doctor herself, she probably isn’t too concerned.”

Aunt Jiang sighed after hearing this. “I know that. I’m just thinking that after she gives birth and there are no elders around, I’m a bit uneasy. I took quite a long leave this time, and it was approved easily because I rarely take leaves. It probably won’t be easy to get approval if I try again.”

Lu Xia understood the situation after hearing this. She heard that her cousin’s mother-in-law had passed away, so if Aunt Jiang couldn’t go either, there would be no elder to look after them.

She calculated that by that time, she would likely be close to graduation and very busy. She probably wouldn’t be able to go either. So, she thought for a moment and tried to comfort her, “Auntie, don’t worry. If necessary, we can ask Aunt Wang to go. Aunt Wang cooks well and can take care of the baby. I’m sure she’ll take good care of Cousin-in-law.”

Aunt Jiang was somewhat moved after hearing this but still hesitated, “What about the younger ones at home?”

“We still have Aunt Sun, right? The second, third, and fourth are all grown up. They don’t need constant supervision. When the time comes, I can cook, and Aunt Sun can look after the children. I think it should work out.”

After thinking about it, Aunt Jiang nodded, “Alright, we’ll see if I can get a leave at that time. If not, we’ll send Aunt Wang.”

The matter was arranged like this. They would make plans closer to the due date; after all, there were still several months to go.

Meanwhile, at school, even though they were in their senior year, the academic atmosphere was still intense.

Everyone was making use of their time to learn more and strive for good grades to prepare for their job assignments after graduation.

After all, current university graduates were allocated jobs by the government, and job assignments were directly linked to their grades.

Although Lu Xia had a plan, she didn’t relax either. She was diligently mastering the two new languages she was learning.

In short, it was quite different from the relaxed life of a senior in the 21st century.

Although it was tiring, they embraced it willingly.

Soon, the first semester of their senior year came to an end.

After the final exams, Lu Xia began her last winter break.

This winter break was quite busy for her. Besides continuing her studies without a break, she also helped out at the newly opened branch of the beauty salon.

They had discussed opening another branch before, but opening the second one wasn’t as easy as the first.

Firstly, they needed to choose a location. The first branch was located in the city center, so they needed to carefully discuss which district the second branch should be in.

After about a month of research and analysis, they finally settled on a location for the second branch.

Then they searched for a place, did the interior decoration, completed the paperwork, trained apprentices, and worked tirelessly until her winter break when they officially opened the second branch.

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