Chapter 535 – The Children’s Grand Aspirations

Perhaps they had learned their lesson after angering their mom before, so during the Lunar New Year, the children behaved quite well.

Children are like that—mischievous at one moment, turning into angels when they behave.

They were quite well-behaved after that and did a decent job of greeting people.

The children had been dressed festively since the first day of the Lunar New Year. Whenever they saw someone, they would greet them with a smile.

They enthusiastically spoke auspicious phrases, and their words were as sweet as honey.

It could be said that everyone who came to visit during the New Year liked them. Of course, the benefit they received was the towering stack of red envelopes placed in their room.

Although there wasn’t much money inside.

But it was all earned by the children’s hard work during these days.

Truly, their dedication amazed Lu Xia.

As if they weren’t tired at all, they greeted guests at the door every day, smiling at everyone and offering New Year’s greetings in less flexible language.

The key was that everyone fell for it, and thus, the red envelopes kept coming!

And they were receiving three envelopes each time.

Truly, their earning speed rivaled a money printing machine!

Of course, it wasn’t that exaggerated, but it was still a considerable amount. Every night, the children’s bags were bulging, the type that thieves love.

Lu Xia wondered why they loved money so much.

During the night rest, Lu Xia asked Jiang Junmo, “How on earth are their minds growing? They’re still so young, yet they’re so materialistic and asking for red envelopes? I’m sure I didn’t understand these things when I was their age.”

She then doubted herself, “Could it be that they didn’t inherit anything from me?”

Jiang Junmo laughed when he heard this, “Alright, stop doubting yourself. They weren’t born like this; it was taught by Chengyuan!”

“Huh? Taught by Chengyuan? Taught them to ask for red envelopes?”

“Yes, when the children heard that red envelopes meant money, they wanted to buy a car, so they worked hard!”

Lu Xia chuckled upon hearing this, “So that’s how it is. I thought they figured it out on their own. It scared me. I thought, no matter how clever they are, they shouldn’t know so much at such a young age. But those people don’t think we taught them to ask for red envelopes, right?”

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. Everyone finds it amusing, and besides, there isn’t much money in the red envelopes. They won’t mind,” reassured Jiang Junmo.

Lu Xia finally felt relieved.

She continued to marvel, “I guess they were convinced by your cousin, thinking that by getting red envelopes, they can save up to buy a car. It’ll probably take them several years!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Junmo laughed again, “What kind of car do you think they want to buy?”

“Huh! What kind of car? Isn’t it a bicycle? They’ve been wanting to ride one these past few days.”

“No,” Jiang Junmo shook his head.

“No? Then what is it? Could it be a toy car? That shouldn’t be expensive, right? I think the Friendship Store sells them. While the prices are high, they’re cheaper than bicycles.”

“It’s a Jeep!”

“Hmm, that should… What did you say? What kind of car?” Lu Xia looked at him in astonishment.

“A Jeep, not a toy car or a model. It’s the smaller one they can drive. They want to buy one, and then hire Xiao Yu as their driver. That way, they can go wherever they want in the future.”

Lu Xia: “…”

Lu Xia was stunned and could only exclaim, “They really have grand ideas! I haven’t even mentioned buying a car, and they already have this idea and are working towards it!”

Jiang Junmo also laughed, “Yes, I was also surprised when I heard it. I didn’t expect them to have such thoughts.”

Lu Xia seemed struck by this news, nodding, “It seems like my perspective is too narrow…”


Chapter 536 – Before Passing Away


The next day, when Lu Xia saw the neatly dressed little ones ready to engage in business, she remained calm.

She encouraged them, telling them to work hard and strive to buy a big car soon.

Then, she waved and let them start working.

After seeing their enthusiastic spirits as they left, Lu Xia couldn’t help but chuckle. It was a pity there was no camera to record this moment; otherwise, it would probably be the scene they most wanted to delete when they grew up…

After the New Year’s greetings activities were over, Lu Xia gathered with the children in the room to open the red envelopes.

Really, this was the first time she had seen so many red envelopes.

They were piled on the bed like a small mountain. Lu Xia suspected that besides relatives and friends, they had also swept through other households in the compound!

After the excited children finished opening the envelopes, Lu Xia counted and found that there were quite a lot!

It added up to more than fifty yuan? It was almost as much as a worker’s monthly salary!

Of course, among them, each person got five yuan from Grandpa Jiang, and the remaining red envelopes were from family members, including the four sisters, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo as parents, Uncle and Aunt Jiang, Jiang Chengyuan and the others, and even from their older brother, Kang Kang.

This part of the red envelopes was the major portion, probably more than half of the total amount. The ones from others were only a few cents or a few dimes.

All together!

The children had never seen so much money before! Their eyes widened as they looked on.

How many candies and popsicles could they buy with this money?

When their older brother took them to buy before, they only needed one bill!

Could this money buy the whole store?

However, they resisted the urge in order to buy the big car. They looked at Lu Xia eagerly, saying, “Buy, big car!”

Lu Xia saw the children’s bold and domineering tone, and although she felt reluctant to disappoint them, she still had to tell them to face reality.

So, she told them directly, “This money is not enough to buy a big car!”

Seeing them not believing her, she explained further and did some calculations for them.

“To buy a Jeep now, never mind whether you have the right to buy it, let’s just talk about the price. To complete all the procedures for buying everything, it would cost at least 30,000. Let’s just round it to 30,000.

That’s a lot more than the fifty-something you have!

I did the math. If you continue to work hard, if you can earn this much every year, it will take you about 600 years to save up.

Well, considering future national development and the depreciation of money, the value of money might decrease later. The red envelope amounts you receive might increase in the future, but the cost of the car might also go up.

So, work hard. It’s possible to achieve it before passing away.”

As soon as she said “before passing away,” the room fell silent. Jiang Junmo almost burst into laughter, but he held it in when Lu Xia shot him a look.

The children were stunned. They didn’t understand the long speech their mom just gave, but they understood that this money couldn’t buy a car. They felt disappointed.

It seemed like the spirit they had been holding for this period had dissipated.

Seeing this, Lu Xia felt a bit sorry. Although the idea of buying a car with red envelopes was unrealistic, she had seen how hard the children had been working during this time.

So she thought for a moment and consoled them, “Although this money isn’t enough to buy a big car, you can buy a small toy car. How about I take you to see some in a few days?”

Hearing this, the children perked up again.

They didn’t know what a toy car was, but they knew that even if they couldn’t buy a big car, they could buy a small one, so they became happy again.

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