Chapter 533 – Punishment

Lu Xia was instantly furious upon seeing it!

She wanted to give those brats a few good smacks, how could they keep getting into trouble day by day!

But now those little troublemakers probably knew they were in trouble. They stood still, not daring to move, their faces showing a specialized apologetic expression.

Lu Xia looked at them pitifully, tears welling up in her eyes as she watched them like this.

But Lu Xia didn’t soften her heart.

She first approached Kang Kang and crouched down, asking, “Kang Kang, are you okay? Did your younger siblings bully you again?”

Kang Kang shook his head and explained sadly and aggrieved, “They said they wanted to help, but as soon as they picked up the couplets, they started playing with them, and then they smudged the words I wrote!”

Lu Xia knew how much Kang Kang liked this piece of writing. It took him two hours to write this piece, and it was finally the most satisfying piece he had ever written.

But now it had turned out like this!

It’s no wonder Kang Kang, who was usually strong and fond of his younger siblings, felt so sad.

So Lu Xia sternly glared at the little troublemakers, then carefully examined the characters on the red paper.

She discovered not only was it smudged, but it also looked quite ugly, and the words were blurry.

So she suppressed her anger and thought for a moment before saying, “Now there are two ways to solve this. One is for you to rewrite it. The other is to stick it up like this. If someone asks, just say it was done by your younger siblings. Let them feel embarrassed when the time comes!”

After hearing this, Kang Kang thought for a moment and said, “Then I’ll rewrite it, so I won’t let my younger siblings be embarrassed!”

Lu Xia nodded in relief and patted Kang Kang’s head.

“Kang Kang is indeed a good older brother. Go find Grandpa quickly. Grandpa is probably still writing over there. Leave this to Mom and Dad to handle. Don’t worry, they’ve made a mistake and will definitely be punished.”

Kang Kang didn’t know what this punishment was, thinking that his mom agreed to his idea. So he left with peace of mind.

After he left, Lu Xia’s face turned cold again. She looked expressionless at the remaining little troublemakers and then picked up the overturned and sticky basin and walked away.

After she left, before the little troublemakers could heave a sigh of relief, they heard Jiang Junmo’s cold voice.

“Hurry and clean up the floor, then go stand in the corner. You can end the punishment when your mom calms down.”

The little ones exchanged glances, sighed, not daring to resist, and began to work with a huff and puff!

At this moment, Jiang Chengyuan, who had been silent because of the tense atmosphere, finally said, “Shouldn’t we clean them up first at this moment? They’re covered in that sticky mess. Isn’t it uncomfortable? And if we don’t deal with it now, won’t it be even harder to clean up when it dries?”

Jiang Junmo glanced at him and said, “They deserve it. Since they brought it upon themselves, they have to learn a lesson. Let them suffer a bit and see if they dare to do it again in the future!”

Hearing this, the little ones worked even harder. They held their cloths and wiped back and forth, looking like they were doing something, but who knows if they had really cleaned it.

Anyway, when Lu Xia came out again, the floor was clean, and the little troublemakers were standing at the wall with a messy appearance, reflecting on their actions.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chengyuan was holding a Three-Character Classic and reading it to them.

It’s just unclear whether it was Jiang Junmo who assigned this task or if he had already formed a revolutionary friendship with them and was willing to share the hardship.


Chapter 534 – Not Easy at All


Ignoring the hopeful eyes of the little ones, Lu Xia pretended not to see and went to the kitchen to help Aunt Wang prepare lunch…

Before lunch, Grandpa Jiang and the others also came out. Upon seeing the children who had made a mistake, he didn’t say much.

He was a wise old man and never indulged the children, nor did he argue with their way of educating them.

It was Kang Kang who felt a bit uncomfortable watching them.

He quietly went to the kitchen and said, “Mom, the younger siblings already know they did wrong. Can you let them off the punishment?”

Lu Xia thought for a moment and said, “Okay, considering it’s the New Year, we’ll let it go this time.”

She then walked over to the wall and said to the hopeful ones, “Your big brother pleaded for you. Considering his face, I’ll forgive you this time. But if there’s another time, the punishment will be doubled! Snacks confiscated!”

Afterward, she said to Kang Kang, “Take them to wash their hands first. We’ll eat in a while.”

Kang Kang smiled and said, “Thank you, Mom!”

The legs of the little ones who were standing in punishment were finally relieved. It was the first time they had seen their mom so angry, seeming scarier than their dad. They had truly learned their lesson this time!

After lunch, they finally had time to clean up the little troublemakers.

Their clothes were dirty, and the stickiness on them had dried, making it hard to scrape off. So they soaked the clothes in water, waiting for them to soften before dealing with them.

Although these weren’t new clothes, they had changed into clean clothes for the New Year and got them dirty within the morning.

The more Lu Xia thought about it, the angrier she became. She decided to let them wash the clothes themselves after they had softened, to teach them a lesson.

As for the sticky mess on their bodies and heads, they would have to take a bath to wash it off. She assigned the second and third child to Jiang Junmo and Jiang Chengyuan while she took care of the fourth child.

The sticky mess was indeed difficult to wash. Even after soaking, it was still sticky, especially on their hair, making it a challenge to clean.

Originally, the fourth child, who usually enjoyed a nice bath from their mom, found her hair being pulled painfully.

But she didn’t dare to cry.

Because she had already heard from her mom that this was her own doing, and crying wouldn’t help.

She didn’t understand what her mom meant by “reaping what you sow,” but she could clearly grasp that she wouldn’t dare to do this again in the future.

By the time Lu Xia came out with the freshly cleaned fourth child in her arms, the little one was looking downcast.

Though it was daytime, taking a bath in the middle of winter was still a concern for Lu Xia, so she ordered them not to get out of bed.

Perhaps being exhausted from the morning’s events, shortly after lying down, they fell asleep.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing this.

It was evident that they had been thoroughly worn out by these little troublemakers.

During the lunch break, Jiang Junmo thought for a moment and said, “Should we give Aunt Sun a raise?”

Lu Xia knew what he meant as soon as she heard it and smiled, “The salary we’re giving her now is already quite high, several times more than that of an ordinary housekeeper. If you think she’s working hard, you can buy some gifts for her grandson in the countryside. I’m sure she’d be very happy.”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “Alright, it’s up to you to decide.”

Later, Lu Xia suggested, “If that doesn’t work, when we move to the smaller courtyard after graduation, we can send them to a daycare. There will be dedicated people to take care of them, and they can play with other children, which will help them release their energy.”


The two of them discussed these plans. It was indeed very taxing to take care of three children simultaneously!

Fortunately, they were living relatively well, with family and a maid to help.

But once they started working and could earn their own money, they couldn’t rely on their family for everything. They would have to figure out solutions on their own.

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