Chapter 531 – The Little Cubs’ Attentive Services

Throughout the journey, the little cubs chattered and laughed happily, drawing a crowd of onlookers.

Those who recognized him greeted him and praised his good personality and ability to handle kids.

He could only smile and hold back tears when he heard their compliments.

When they finally returned home after thoroughly enjoying their playtime, a few of the little cubs were still not ready to stop playing. He convinced them to wait for another playtime later.

So when Lu Xia and the two of them came out, this was the scene they encountered.

Jiang Chengyuan sat on the sofa looking utterly disheartened, with several little cubs lying playfully all over him.

Upon seeing them come out, Jiang Chengyuan wore an expression that was hard to put into words when looking at Jiang Junmo.

He opened his mouth, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. He just sighed, as if everything was left unspoken.

Jiang Junmo gave him a look that said, “You brought this upon yourself.”

Lu Xia watched the silent exchange between the two and wanted to laugh.

Then, looking at the increasingly unruly children, she sternly warned them, “You’ve had enough. Don’t bully your little uncle. Be careful; no one will play with you in the future!”

Hearing their mother say this, the children were instantly frightened and quickly got off Jiang Chengyuan, transforming into well-behaved kids.

They looked at Jiang Chengyuan with puppy eyes.


“Uncwle, awe you tiwed~”

“Uncwle, is it fun~”

Jiang Chengyuan used to feel soft in his heart when they called him like this, but now, just hearing “uncwle” made him feel a pang in his heart.

God knew how many times he had been controlled by this “uncwle” today!

It seemed this tactic was no longer effective.

The children exchanged glances and then went into action.

One would massage his arm, another would massage his leg, and one was in charge of giving water…

They treated Jiang Chengyuan like a customer.

Their customer service was absolutely top-notch.

Even Jiang Chengyuan was amazed by how smoothly and proficiently they carried out this process!

After he realized what was happening, he saw his little niece, with a face resembling his cousin, earnestly massaging his arm.

She asked him sweetly, “Uncwle, does this fweel good?”

Although she was pressing hard against his firm muscles, almost like scratching an itch, he was still touched.

Despite their antics and disobedience, they were so young and already so considerate. Weren’t they good kids?

Right? Why weren’t they considered good kids now?

Perhaps all children were like this when they were young. He was quite mischievous in his childhood too. Well, except for Jiang Junmo, who had the demeanor of an old man even in his youth.

So, it wasn’t really their fault, was it?

Thus, Jiang Chengyuan, the big white rabbit, forgave the little cubs for their previous antics and enjoyed a brief moment of “itch scratching” service. Afterward, he excitedly took them out to play again.

After they left, Jiang Junmo, who had witnessed the whole transformation, finally couldn’t hold back his laughter.


He thought he had made some progress over these many years, but it turned out he was still this foolish. He couldn’t even outwit a bunch of kids. Truly…

Simultaneously, Lu Xia, who also witnessed the whole episode, looked at Jiang Junmo in surprise.

“Where did they… where did they learn all this?”

Is this something kids their age should know?

How old are they? And they’re already good at pleasing people!

Pleasing aside, they even knew how to tailor their actions accordingly, how to succeed, how to cooperate with each other. Not to mention, it seemed quite effective.

Even Lu Xia thought that she might fall for this if it were her. After all, who could resist the eager efforts of a few children?

Look, Jiang Chengyuan just continued to play along with them willingly, accepting their “services.”


Chapter 532 – Too Much Ingenuity


Lu Xia reckoned she might not outsmart them even if she had two minds.

So how did these kids grow up? Did they all inherit Jiang Junmo’s cunning?

For a moment, Lu Xia found herself engulfed in intense self-doubt.

In her mind, two tiny figures appeared, starting a debate.

Pro-side figure: A woman like me, who combines talent and beauty, can certainly give birth to such intelligent children!

Anti-side: Admit it, the kids take after their dad. As for your intelligence, it probably only got inherited by the second one, who obediently follows orders and charges into the front line every time…


In the end, this debate ended before it even began because they were called by Grandpa Jiang for help…

Today is New Year’s Eve.

In the morning, after Grandpa Jiang taught Kang Kang how to ride a bike, he went back inside to start writing couplets.

Grandpa Jiang writes a lot of couplets every year.

Aside from using them at home, he also gives them to people in the neighborhood.

Initially, it was Jiang Junmo and Grandpa Jiang writing them together. Later, after Kang Kang started learning calligraphy with Grandpa Jiang, it became Kang Kang and Grandpa Jiang writing them together.

However, Kang Kang’s handwriting hasn’t improved yet, so the couplets he writes can’t be given away. They can only be displayed at home.

By now, they had written quite a few, and the people who needed the couplets had come to pick them up.

Grandpa Jiang asked them to put up the couplets at home with Kang Kang.

As a result, just after they had put up a few, Jiang Chengyuan came back with a few little cubs.

Someone still had a disheartened look.

But maybe thinking about the “itch-scratching” service from earlier, Jiang Chengyuan managed to hold back and not leave them alone.

However, by late morning, he felt more tired than after a 10-kilometer run.

Lu Xia also noticed his fatigue and said apologetically, “Thank you for looking after these few. Usually, they have Aunt Sun to look after them, but Aunt Sun went back to her hometown for the New Year these past few days, so they didn’t have anyone to play with and ended up bothering you.”

Jiang Chengyuan smiled when he heard this, “It’s no trouble, Sister-in-law. I don’t have much to do anyway. Although they were a bit noisy, it was okay.”

Although Lu Xia sensed a hint of hesitation in his last sentence, she still thanked him. She knew the kids’ ability to pester others well, and she wasn’t sure if he said that with a heavy heart.

On the other hand, Jiang Junmo directly told Lu Xia, “Don’t worry about him. This is about all he’s good for. If he can’t even handle the kids, what else can he do? It’s good that he can handle the kids while learning. When he has kids in the future, he’ll be ready to handle them.”

He glanced at Jiang Chengyuan and added, “No need to thank me!”

It was the first time Lu Xia had heard Jiang Junmo speak in this tone, and it was quite interesting. It showed that he had a good relationship with his cousin.

After hearing this, Jiang Chengyuan sighed helplessly and looked up at the sky.

What could he say? Could he say no?

No, if he did, he would truly be considered useless.

Sigh, life is truly difficult!

During the conversation between Lu Xia and others, they didn’t pay much attention to the movements of the children. But when they finally looked, they saw that in the blink of an eye, the little cubs had gone over to their older brother.

They were chattering, saying they wanted to help. Kang Kang actually thought they could help, but they ended up making things worse.

By the time they noticed, even the well-written characters had been smudged, and there were little handprints all over the couplets. It seemed they had first smeared glue and then rubbed it on the couplets.

As for the glue they used to stick the couplets, let’s not even mention that—it was scattered all over the floor.

And that’s not all; even the little cubs had hair covered in glue.

At a glance, Jiang Junmo’s precious daughter’s tied hair was all stuck together!

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