Chapter 529 – Grandpa Jiang’s Thoughts

Feeling these different gazes, the third and fourth little ones had an idea. They grabbed the clueless second and ran straight towards Jiang Chengyuan.

When they got to him, each of them hugged one of his legs, and in soft voices, they called out, “Uncwle~”

“…” Jiang Chengyuan was taken aback by their enthusiasm.

“What’s going on with you guys?” he asked.

“Uncwle~” The voices of the little rascals were as soft as they could be at this moment, making Jiang Chengyuan feel like giving them all the stars in the sky.

He squatted down, wanting to pick them up, but found that there were too many children. His hands couldn’t hold them all. So, he thought of a way: he let the second one sit on his neck, held the third with one hand, and the fourth with the other.

This way, he could hold them all…

The little ones were being held like this for the first time and found it quite novel.

They giggled.

Jiang Chengyuan was even happier when he saw this. He deliberately showed off in front of Jiang Junmo, holding them and walking around nearby.

Jiang Junmo shook his head helplessly, knowing how energetic these kids were. He was probably going to have a tough time.

At this moment, Lu Xia didn’t pay attention to them; her focus was on Kang Kang.

Her heart would skip a beat every time he was about to fall.

Jiang Junmo, on the side, advised, “Don’t worry; this is how learning to ride a bike is. He’ll probably learn quickly.”

“But he’s so young, why is he learning this? It’s not like he’ll need it!” Lu Xia expressed her concern.

It was only at this point that Grandpa Jiang, on the side, spoke up and explained, “I asked him to learn. Kang Kang is going to start primary school in the autumn. I want him to attend the military district primary school. However, as you’ve mentioned before, you’ll be moving from the compound after graduation. At that time, I thought about letting Kang Kang stay, but I guess you won’t bear to part with him. Also, there is no direct bus from here to the small compound; we would need to change multiple times, which isn’t very convenient. So, I thought to take advantage of the time now to teach him how to ride a bike. If he doesn’t want to take the bus, he can ride the bike here.”

Lu Xia fell silent after hearing this. She didn’t expect Grandpa Jiang to have thought so far ahead.

For a moment, she suddenly felt if she was being too cruel?!

Over the years, Kang Kang had clearly spent more time with Grandpa Jiang, and their relationship was very good. To be honest, except for those few years in the countryside, she hadn’t been a qualified mother in these years.

Most of the time, Kang Kang was accompanied by Grandpa Jiang.

But now she had to take Kang Kang away from him.

In an instant, Lu Xia suddenly thought about letting Kang Kang stay, staying here to accompany him. After all, the school was also in this area.

But she couldn’t bring herself to say it.

As their first child, Lu Xia loved Kang Kang very much.

But later, because of going to school and getting pregnant again, she felt guilty for neglecting Kang Kang. He was understanding and didn’t complain; he understood her.

But to have to part with him in the future, she couldn’t bear it.

Grandpa Jiang probably didn’t want him to be separated from his parents either, so he made preparations in advance.

Thinking about this, Lu Xia couldn’t bear to watch anymore and went back to the room.

Jiang Junmo followed her back.

After entering the room, he saw Lu Xia with red eyes. “What’s wrong?”

Seeing him, Lu Xia asked, “Do you think I’m too bad? I know that Grandpa likes Kang Kang, yet I’m still taking him away.”

Jiang Junmo knew what she was thinking after listening and comforted her, “Don’t overthink it. Although Grandpa likes him, he didn’t suggest that Kang Kang should be separated from his parents. If you really can’t bear it, let Kang Kang come over and stay with Grandpa on weekends.”


Chapter 530 – Emotional Knots and Gratitude


Lu Xia immediately nodded after hearing, “Let’s decide like this. Otherwise, I really feel like I’m being too cruel. Grandpa is so old, and he’s still worrying about us.”

Jiang Junmo comforted her while holding her, and when her emotions stabilized, he took out a handkerchief to wipe her tears.

“It’s New Year’s, don’t cry. We still have half a year before we move. Let’s consider these things later, alright?”

Lu Xia nodded, “Yes, I understand. I won’t think about it today.”

After saying this, Lu Xia slowly remembered what happened in the morning. “Why do I feel like your cousin is quite strange?”

“Hmm? What’s strange about him?”

Lu Xia couldn’t explain, “I don’t know, just a strange feeling, like the way he looked at me?”

Jiang Junmo smiled, “I probably guessed it. Don’t overthink; he’s probably quite grateful to you!”

“Grateful to me? Grateful for what?”

“Grateful that you saved me!” Jiang Junmo looked at her and said.

He explained further when he saw that Lu Xia was still a bit confused. “He actually had a knot in his heart. Since he knew that I volunteered to go to the countryside for him to join the army, he felt quite guilty and didn’t come back home for many years.
He wanted to achieve something before returning, to make my sacrifices worthwhile. But after coming back, he found that the rural life of those years not only didn’t deteriorate my health, but I even recovered.
Today, we compared a few moves, and he realized that I am as healthy as a normal person now. When he asked me the reason, I said it was a blessing in disguise, and that my health improved after marrying you. He was very thankful to you; I guess his knot has been untied.”

Lu Xia understood after hearing this. That’s why he was looking at her like that. However, hearing this, she suddenly thought of the original story where Jiang Junmo died. In that case, would his family, his cousin in particular, live with this kind of shadow? Especially his cousin, thinking that his chance to join the army came at the cost of his cousin’s life…

She didn’t dare to think about what would happen next.

Thinking of this, Lu Xia hugged Jiang Junmo tightly.

Jiang Junmo was startled by her actions. “What’s wrong?”

Lu Xia didn’t say anything and only replied after a while, “Thank goodness you’re healthy now.”

Jiang Junmo also smiled, “Yes, so I thank you…”

When the two of them came out, Jiang Chengyuan was nearly driven to despair by the several little rascals.

He never expected that, despite his self-proclaimed heroism, he would be tricked by a few little rascals!

Originally, he thought the kids liked him, so he let them cling to him like this, feeling quite pleased.

However, these little rascals were really something else. They kept bothering him, one moment pulling him to play this, and the next moment pulling him to play that.

Their constant chatter gave him a headache, but unfortunately, he couldn’t easily refuse them when they called him “uncwle.”

When he realized that Jiang Junmo and his wife had disappeared, he finally realized that he seemed to have become the babysitter for their children!

Before he could regret it, the little rascals intensified their efforts. After Kang Kang finished his lesson, they dragged him straight to the bicycle and climbed onto it regardless of whether they could manage it or not.

He was scared to death.

He could barely handle one, but he couldn’t handle three. These clever little rascals were like acrobats, trying to ascend to the heavens!

He was terrified and ultimately had to compromise. He found a long piece of cloth and tied a few of them to the bike, with two at the back and one at the front. He rode the bike like that, circling around the compound several times.

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