Chapter 527 – Drunk

Aunt Jiang held him and cried for a good while.

It was after that when Grandpa Jiang saw him all dusty, still carrying a big bag, probably rushing back overnight. So, he said to Aunt Jiang and Uncle Jiang, “Alright, the child has finally come back, and he’s fine. Quickly tidy up and let him come over for a meal. I bet he’s tired from the journey back.”

Aunt Jiang let go of him after hearing this.

It was only after Jiang Chengyuan tidied up and everyone sat back down that they finally started eating.

Perhaps because his big grandson, whom he hadn’t seen in seven or eight years, had returned, Grandpa Jiang was very happy. So, he specially opened a bottle of wine to have a drink.

Grandpa Jiang had been taking care of his health all these years, and it was rare to see him so happy. Everyone didn’t want to refuse, so they accompanied him in drinking.

At the table, Uncle Jiang asked his youngest son about his life over the past few years.

Jiang Chengyuan tried to talk about the good parts as much as possible, but when they heard that he was now a platoon leader, everyone at the table fell silent.

They were all soldiers, naturally understanding how challenging it was to become a platoon leader in just a few years.

From this, it could be seen that his experiences over these years were definitely not as easy as he portrayed.

But he didn’t talk about it and no one asked, so Uncle Jiang just patted his shoulder without saying much. Later, he began talking about what had happened in the family over the years…

When dinner finally ended, the men in the family had all had a bit too much to drink.

Only Lu Xia and Aunt Jiang were still relatively sober. The two of them hadn’t drunk hard liquor, just fruit wine. Although they were a bit tipsy, they weren’t drunk.

They exchanged a glance, laughed, and then, with the help of Aunt Wang, helped these drunkards into their rooms.

Because of cooking and drinking, Lu Xia was a bit tired. After going back, she quickly washed up and was about to go to sleep.

But when she came out, she saw Jiang Junmo still lying on the bed in the same posture as before.

This was the first time she had seen Jiang Junmo drink too much.

He didn’t act like others who would get rowdy when drunk.

After drinking too much, Jiang Junmo was like a child, exceptionally obedient. If she told him to lie down, he would lie down. If she asked him to wait patiently, he would wait patiently like this.

It was really obedient to the point of being easy to b*lly.

Of course, Lu Xia wasn’t someone to take advantage of someone in a vulnerable state. After washing up, she helped him wipe down a bit and then went to sleep.

When she woke up the next day, there was no one beside her.

She checked her watch; it was almost nine o’clock, wondering when Jiang Junmo woke up.

When she went downstairs after getting dressed, she saw Jiang Junmo and Jiang Chengyuan doing military exercises together downstairs. Lu Xia found it strange—what time was it? They were exercising so vigorously in the late morning?

But she didn’t ask and, after having the meal Aunt Wang had left for her, the two of them returned.

After they came in, Jiang Chengyuan was the first to greet her. “Hello, sister-in-law. It was rushed when I came back yesterday, and I didn’t introduce myself formally. I’m Jiang Chengyuan. Thank you for taking care of my elder brother all these years.”

Saying this, he even gave her a bow.

Lu Xia was a bit surprised to see him being so formal, though she didn’t know why. However, she responded, “Hello, Chengyuan. I’m Lu Xia. You don’t need to thank me; your elder brother and I take care of each other.”

Jiang Chengyuan smiled, “I understand. Sister-in-law and my elder brother are well-matched.”

Lu Xia smiled and was about to speak when she heard a series of footsteps approaching.

Looking again, the second, third, and fourth, the three little rascals, were stumbling and running towards them. As they ran, they called for their mother. They were about to fall because of their speed.

Seeing this, Lu Xia quickly bent down and helped them stop, asking, “What’s wrong? Why are you looking for mom?”


Chapter 528 – Learning to Ride a Bike


Hearing her question, the three little ones didn’t say anything. Then, the youngest pushed the third, and the third pushed the second. The second one grinned at her, saying, “Bwother…”

“Hmm? What’s up, brother?” Lu Xia asked in confusion.

But the second one couldn’t explain and just kept saying “bwother.”

Leaving Lu Xia even more puzzled.

At this moment, the third one, seeing the situation, pushed the second one away and said to Lu Xia, “Bwother, bike, pway!”

“Play with brother’s bike?” Lu Xia asked, puzzled. “Does your big brother have a toy bike?”

“No!” The fourth one spoke up. “Wide, bike, pway!”

“Ride a bike? What do you mean, ride a bike?” Lu Xia was puzzled.

Jiang Junmo, on the side, understood and said, “Grandpa is teaching Kang Kang to ride a bike outside, I guess they want to ride too?”

“What?” Lu Xia was surprised. “Kang Kang is so young, and he’s learning to ride a bike? Is he tall enough for the bike? Isn’t he afraid of falling?”

She didn’t care about the little ones anymore and just let them go, heading outside.

The little ones followed, stumbling along.

Jiang Chengyuan laughed when he saw this scene.

He said to Jiang Junmo beside him, “It’s really hard to imagine. You already have four children!”

Jiang Junmo glanced at him and said with a hint of pride, “Jealous? You don’t have any!”

Having said that, he didn’t pay him any more attention and followed Lu Xia out.

When the two of them came out, they saw Lu Xia sternly pulling a few eager little ones.

She also looked worriedly at Kang Kang, who was wobbling on a lady’s bicycle.

Although the lady’s bicycle was smaller than a regular adult’s bike, it was still a bit big for the six-year-old Kang Kang.

He couldn’t reach the seat while standing on the pedal, so he was swaying on the bicycle. Luckily, there was someone behind him supporting him, preventing him from falling.

But even so, it was quite nerve-wracking.

Seeing Grandpa Jiang, who was expressionless, Lu Xia didn’t say anything.

But when she saw Jiang Junmo come out, she glared at him.

Pointing to the few little rascals, she said, “You don’t even look after them. They’re so young, but they already want to learn to ride a bike like others. They don’t even check if they can reach, really bold!”

The little ones, seeing their dad, became a bit more obedient, but their eyes were still firmly fixed on Kang Kang, showing their eagerness to play too.

Jiang Junmo smiled at this and went over to look at the kids. “You’re still young, you can’t play right now. When you’re as big as your brother, you can.”

The little ones were disappointed when they heard Dad say this, but they also knew that they couldn’t change what Dad said, so they had to accept it for now.

However, they quickly looked hopefully at Mom, because in their hearts, Dad only listened to Mom.

But their mother, Lu Xia, turned her head coldly, pretending not to see.

The little ones were instantly disappointed and then looked at Grandpa, but Grandpa wasn’t paying attention to them either.

So, they could only look at… Jiang Chengyuan, who found them amusing and had been observing them all along.

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