Chapter 537 – Jiang Chengyuan Departs

After making the little businessmen satisfied, Lu Xia helped them save their savings first, and then the little cubs were finally willing to go to bed.

Since quitting milk, Lu Xia had been sleeping separately from them to prevent them from causing a fuss. Now they lived next to Kang Kang, and Lu Xia would go over a few times in the middle of the night. She had already gotten used to it.

After Jiang Junmo put the children to sleep, he returned to the room and saw Lu Xia still happily counting money.

“What’s going on? Are you so happy about getting the children’s red envelopes?”

“Yeah!” Lu Xia nodded directly in acknowledgment.

“Now I finally understand why parents like to get their children’s red envelopes so much. It really feels different!”

This was her first time receiving red envelopes for the children. Kang Kang had been sensible since childhood, and Lu Xia let him keep the red envelopes himself. Of course, he didn’t spend them recklessly and never bought random things.

He would only occasionally buy an ice cream in the summer and would always spend on his younger siblings.

Although Lu Xia didn’t know how much money he had saved, it was definitely a little treasure trove.

As for the other little brats, she definitely wouldn’t trust them to handle the money themselves. They would probably end up buying the entire convenience store.

So she reluctantly helped hold onto the money.

Seeing her so happy, Jiang Junmo laughed along.

However, he reminded her, “You won’t be able to keep it for long.”

Lu Xia knew he was referring to buying a toy car, and she waved her hand nonchalantly. “It’s okay, I’ve already taken it. I’ve experienced this feeling. Besides, even if it’s gone this year, there’s always next year. They’re still young!”

Hearing this, Jiang Junmo smiled and shook his head.

At this point, Lu Xia thought of Jiang Chengyuan leaving tomorrow and asked, “Is his stuff packed? Haven’t you gone to sit with him?”

“I just went there and sent him some things.”

Jiang Chengyuan’s hard work over the years had resulted in quite a few injuries on his body. Although he didn’t say it, Lu Xia and the others could guess. So she discussed with Jiang Junmo to cook for him using spiritual spring water for the next few days.

After eating for a few days, he looked much better.

However, the time was too short, so before he left, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo made a few jars of beef sauce using the spiritual spring water for him to take back and eat.

When he finished eating, they would send more to him.

Jiang Chengyuan saw that they had been busy all night and didn’t expect it was for making things for him. He felt very touched.

He also promised Jiang Junmo that he would send letters back frequently.

The next day when he was leaving, because they had to look after the children, Lu Xia and the others didn’t accompany him to the train station.

They bid farewell at the entrance of the residential complex, reluctant to part.

The others were fine, but Aunt and Uncle’s eyes were slightly red. However, they knew he had to leave.

Uncle Jiang also patted his shoulder.

Jiang Junmo stepped forward and hugged him.

Lu Xia smiled and asked him to write often.

Kang Kang looked at his younger siblings with a reluctant expression.

Especially the little cubs. They had formed a deep “friendship” with him during these days. They really liked their little uncle who didn’t dislike them.

Now knowing he was leaving, the second youngest burst into tears.

The other two couldn’t hold back either.

For a moment, there was a trio of crying…

Jiang Chengyuan also felt heartbroken and quickly put down his backpack to comfort them.

After a while, seeing that they were still holding onto him and not letting go, Grandpa Jiang saw that it was almost time and said, “Alright, you should go now, or you’ll miss the train. Work hard out there, don’t embarrass the country, and of course, stay safe. Your family is waiting for you to come back safely!”


In the end, Jiang Chengyuan saluted everyone solemnly, then turned and got into the car without looking back.


Chapter 538 – The Final Days of College Life


After he left, Lu Xia comforted the few little cubs who were still crying, saying, “Don’t cry, Little Uncle will come back next time, didn’t he promise to bring you tank shells for your toy tanks when he returns? You’ll see him again soon!”


“Of course, Little Uncle won’t lie!”

The children felt a bit better after hearing this.

However, even though Lu Xia promised that their little uncle would come back to play with them, the little ones were still lacking in spirits after he left that day.

Kang Kang looked at them with concern and spent the day playing with them.

The next day, to divert their attention, Lu Xia took them to the Friendship Store to buy toy cars.

Of course, Kang Kang joined in too.

A family of six, a rare opportunity for a joint outing.

But when they arrived at the store, the little cubs, who rarely went out and were seeing so many strange things for the first time, finally cheered up and started having fun!

They ran around the store.

With the Lunar New Year holidays and more people in the store, Lu Xia lost sight of them in the blink of an eye!

Fortunately, Grandpa Jiang was worried that they couldn’t handle so many kids and had Xiao Yu come along as well.

They didn’t lose the kids.

When they finally found them, Lu Xia was furious.

She shouldn’t have been soft-hearted and brought them out. The little rascals were too energetic!

She wished she could tie them up with a rope and let them run!

Looking for the kids wore her out, and at this point, she had no mood to continue shopping. So she stopped and found a spot that didn’t block the way, just staring at them, not saying anything.

Kang Kang, on the side, saw his mom getting angry and knew it was the younger siblings’ fault.

So he frowned and said to them, “You can’t run around outside. If you get lost, we won’t be able to find you. There are many bad people outside who might sell you to the mountains, and you’ll never come back!”

The little cubs were startled after hearing this and tearfully said, “No, won’t wun, wisten, pwomise!”

Seeing that Lu Xia was still expressionless and not speaking, the little cubs knew they had angered their mom again. So they used their cuteness to the fullest and hugged her legs.

But Lu Xia was still upset at the moment and didn’t want to respond.

It was Jiang Junmo who spoke up first, saying, “Next time if you behave like this, you’ll just stay at home. Your mom and I won’t bring you out anymore.”

Finally, the little cubs listened. Lu Xia didn’t take them shopping again, and they went directly to the toy store. They used the money they had earned themselves to buy toy cars.

They returned home with a carload of toys.

After they got home, Lu Xia felt physically and mentally exhausted.

Taking the kids out was really tiring, and she remembered seeing someone online using a leash similar to walking a dog when taking kids out.

At the time, she thought it was funny, but now she thought it was very useful! She planned to get one too, it would probably be a lot less stressful next time they went out.

With the toy cars, the kids finally had something to do and stopped focusing on bicycles and jeeps. And in just a few days, Aunt Sun also came back, making it much easier for Lu Xia and the others.

Soon, the winter vacation came to an end.

The final semester of their senior year began.

After the start of this semester, Lu Xia felt a significant difference.

It seemed like there was an atmosphere of reluctance among the classmates, but she also knew that for many of them, this might be their last time together. So everyone cherished it.

Lu Xia was the same. She knew that for the first batch of college students after the restoration of the college entrance examination, they would all be the backbone of the country in the future.

They would contribute to the country’s development.

And these people were her classmates now. She was proud and felt a sense of honor.

She cherished this rare last half year of campus study.

So she tried to spend more time at the school.

Before, because she had to take care of the children, she didn’t participate in many extracurricular activities in her class, but starting this semester, she participated a few times.

Not to make friends with these future pillars of the country, but to have more wonderful memories to look back on in the future…

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