Chapter 539 – Cousin-in-law Gives Birth to a Daughter

In May, the cousin-in-law in the military was due to give birth.

Aunt Jiang still managed to take some time off, though not much. She estimated that she would have to return after the birth and couldn’t stay to help with the postpartum care. But having her around was better than not having anyone.

Finally, there was an elder by their side.

So, after consulting Aunt Wang’s opinion and promising to increase her salary, she took her along to the military.

When they returned a few days later, they brought good news.

The cousin-in-law safely gave birth to a daughter, and both mother and daughter were well.

The family was overjoyed.

Especially Uncle Jiang, who clapped his hands in joy, saying, “Great, a granddaughter! A lovely granddaughter as beautiful as Zhen Zhen!”

“Yes!” Grandpa Jiang chimed in, “Our family isn’t lacking in boys, but we do need girls. It’s perfect for Zhen Zhen’s companion.”

Lu Xia also smiled and said, “This is great. When the niece comes back later, she can play with Zhen Zhen. It will save her from running around with her brothers all day, not very ladylike.”

Everyone laughed upon hearing this, evidently knowing that Zhen Zhen was more spirited than most boys.

After the cousin-in-law safely gave birth, everyone in the family felt relieved.

Lu Xia also focused on the upcoming final exams.

Yes, the final exams of the last semester of the senior year were relatively early, as they needed time for grading and job assignments after the exams.

There were many things to handle afterwards, and with fewer courses this semester, the final exams began.

Lu Xia certainly didn’t slack off.

She had made it through the previous years and couldn’t falter in the last one.

So, she diligently reviewed before the exams. To have more time for studying at school, she even stayed in the dormitory.

This was the first time she had lived in the dormitory in these years, and surprisingly, she adapted well. However, the other residents of the dorm didn’t adapt as easily.

Late one night, Yu Wan, in a daze, got out of bed to use the restroom and suddenly realized there was someone in the bunk below, giving her quite a start.

Lu Xia chuckled at the sight.

But regardless, the final exams were soon over.

Lu Xia and her friends were almost done with their studies.

Since formal graduation was still a while away, there wasn’t much going on recently.

Many locals had already moved out, planning to return after the job assignments were announced.

In Lu Xia’s dorm, there weren’t many left. Only Yu Wan and Hu Cuihua remained, with Hu Cuihua being a year younger.

So Yu Wan decided to continue staying in the dorm.

“We should have someone in our dorm, just in case there’s any news from the school and I can inform you all in time.”

The others smiled at this. “It’s not that troublesome. It’s not like we won’t come back. We’ll be coming over every day for the next few days, after all, it involves the future workplace. We have to see if there is any news.”

Lu Xia also nodded, “Teacher Li also asked me to help him organize information, so I will come every day.”

Hearing this, Yu Wan felt at ease. She had actually thought she might not see anyone after this.

So she asked, “Lu Xia, I assume your job is with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Ye Nan is probably going to work for a newspaper. Sister Yunfang, how did you decide?”

“I don’t really get to decide. It depends on the school’s allocation,” Tan Yunfang said.

“Then you don’t have any preferred units?”

“I don’t particularly have a preferred unit, but I do have a city I want to go to.”

Tan Yunfang thought for a moment and said, “I asked the teacher, and she said the allocated work usually involves going back to your hometown, related to your household registration.

I don’t want to go back, so I asked if I could stay in Beijing.

She said she could try to help, but based on my grades, if I return to my hometown, I could work in the government. I would definitely become a cadre in the future. But it’s difficult to do that in Beijing.

But I still want to stay in Beijing. I don’t want to go back.”


Chapter 540 – Tang Yuan Goes Abroad


Everyone knew why she didn’t want to go back, so they didn’t ask.

But Lu Xia suddenly thought, “I remember you previously interned at a magazine. Did you ask their leaders if they could accept you without school’s proposal?”

Tan Yunfang shook her head, “No, I didn’t. When I interned at the magazine, I was just curious after hearing about Ye Nan’s internship experience. But when I went there, I found the work quite boring, just proofreading and the like. I didn’t like it much, so I didn’t bring it up.”

Lu Xia understood, “Don’t worry, since the teacher said so, it should be fine. Besides, job opportunities won’t be scarce for us; after all, we’re students from Peking University!”

“Yeah, as long as we can stay in Beijing, we won’t be separated in the future.”

Tan Yunfang smiled, “That’s what I’m thinking too.”

Continuing the conversation, she asked, “What about you? What kind of job do you want?”

Yu Wan shook her head with a bewildered expression, “I don’t know either. I haven’t interned, so I don’t know what job would suit me. I’ll just do whatever the school arranges for me.”

Lu Xia laughed at this, “That’s okay. There might be pleasant surprises in store for you.”

“Yeah, so I’m quite looking forward to it.”

After chatting for a while, Yu Wan asked, “Still no news about Tang Yuan?”

As the question hung in the air, the room fell silent once again.

Then Ye Nan said, “Well… I heard a bit about her recently.”

“What? How is she? When is she coming back?” The others were surprised and eager to know.

But Ye Nan shook her head.

“No news about her personally, but it’s related to her.”

The others were puzzled, “So…?”

Ye Nan didn’t hold back and said, “A while ago, I heard that her family came and transferred her student status.”

“What? She’s transferring schools? Why? Peking University is the best university in the country. It’s such a shame she worked so hard to get in.”

“No,” Ye Nan shook her head, “She’s going abroad. Her family is sending her abroad for studies. I knew about it and intended to tell you all, but those days were busy with the child and exams, and I forgot. She’s probably already left by now.”

At this point, Ye Nan felt somewhat sorry.

But everyone didn’t dwell on it.

After all, even if they knew, there was nothing they could do to stop it. Moreover, they didn’t even have Tang Yuan’s home address and couldn’t contact her.

All they could say was that their connection with her was just too weak. The gentle and neat young girl was about to disappear from their lives like this!

They all sighed, hoping that she would move on completely and live a better life after going abroad.

Afterward, it was a long waiting period.

The class was filled with a nervous atmosphere.

Everyone was anxious about the future, unsure what kind of job they would be assigned to.

Even Lu Xia, whose job was almost confirmed, was influenced by this atmosphere.

Returning home one night, she asked Jiang Junmo uncertainly, “Do you think my job might be in jeopardy? I heard that even government jobs now require a background check, and cutting ties with family might affect me, right?”

Jiang Junmo understood her concerns and reassured her, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Your job is pretty much set, so nothing will go wrong.”


“Of course it’s true!” Jiang Junmo affirmed.

Considering he was usually reliable, Lu Xia believed him.

However, within a few days, her seemingly certain job did indeed run into trouble!

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