Chapter 549 – Design Institute

Lu Xia saw everyone’s furrowed brows after they heard her speak, so she smiled and said, “Alright, people who didn’t know would think I lost my job. It’s just that I couldn’t go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so I got a different job. Staying at the university is not bad either. This is Peking University, after all. I’ll be the envy of everyone as a university teacher in the future! You should be happy for me!”

Others perked up after hearing this.

Tan Yunfang smiled and said, “That’s right. I considered staying at the university too, but it didn’t work out for me.”

“Oh, by the way, where were you assigned for your job?” Lu Xia asked curiously, hearing her speak this way.

“I stayed in Beijing, but my job is slightly inferior to others. I’m a teacher at Dongcheng High School. Although it’s just a high school teacher, I successfully stayed in Beijing, and I can move my household registration here. It’ll be more convenient for Xiao Ya to go to school in the future.”

“That’s great! It’s really nice. Being a teacher is not tiring, and you get summer and winter vacations.”

“Yes, that’s what I think too!” Tan Yunfang smiled, showing her satisfaction with this job.

Everyone also expressed their congratulations.

Ye Nan’s job was as expected, at the Beijing Daily, and what surprised people was Yu Wan’s job.

The Foreign Trade Bureau was also a state institution, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so her job was indeed quite good.

With good work, there will definitely be good prospects in the future.

Everyone congratulated her, and then they started packing their things.

This time, they were really moving out, and they wouldn’t come back. They had said their farewells during this time, and the dormitory was almost packed.

Lu Xia was the same. She had gradually taken away the larger items in the past few days, leaving the unused ones for Hu Cuihua.

After they moved out, the dormitory was left with only Hu Cuihua. She didn’t know if a new person would move in next semester.

After packing up, the several roommates of Room 306 officially said their goodbyes and parted ways.

Six people came in, and there were only four of them in the end.

Fortunately, they would still be in Beijing afterward and could still meet, so it wasn’t too sentimental.

Except for Hu Cuihua, who cried a lot when they left.

In these years, the others in the dormitory had taken good care of her. She hadn’t been home for many years, so they were like family to her. Now that everyone was graduating and leaving, she was definitely not used to it.

It was Lu Xia who said that she would come back when the new semester started, which made her feel a little better.

After going downstairs, Jiang Junmo was already waiting downstairs.

The first thing Lu Xia asked when she saw him was, “How’s the job? Any surprises?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head, “Nothing unexpected, at the Design Institute.”

Lu Xia nodded, “That’s good.”

Indeed, Jiang Junmo’s job had already been more or less confirmed earlier. Because his grades were excellent, he had been internally designated by the Design Institute, so Lu Xia wasn’t surprised.

“And what about Zhou Yan?”

“He’s also at the Design Institute.”

“Oh, that’s nice. So you two will not only be classmates but also colleagues!”

Talking about this, Lu Xia also told him about the job assignments of her classmates. Overall, they were in relatively important positions, indicating the country’s emphasis on this group of college students.

The two of them chatted and laughed as they walked to the school gate, and they encountered someone waiting for her here.

Lu Xia was a little surprised to see Chu Liangchen and didn’t know why he was looking for her.

Although the two of them had some interactions due to being treated specially by Teacher Li and had some connection because of that, they didn’t have much contact privately.

So she smiled and asked, “Classmate Chu, do you need something from me?”

Chu Liangchen nodded, then hesitated and asked, “I heard… you’re staying at the university and not being assigned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Is there something wrong?”


Chapter 550 – Regrets Are Part of Life


Chu Liangchen hesitated a bit, then glanced at Jiang Junmo before saying, “Do you need me to ask the reason for you? Given your level, such a thing shouldn’t have happened. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs seemed quite satisfied with your performance.”

Lu Xia didn’t expect him to bring this up and shook her head with a smile. “No, there’s no need. I already know the reason.”

“You know?” Chu Liangchen looked at her in surprise. “Is it a reason you can’t change?”

Lu Xia nodded. “Yes, thank you, Classmate Chu. It’s regrettable that I won’t be working with you in the future, but I believe, with Classmate Chu’s abilities, you will surely become an outstanding diplomat. I look forward to the day when Classmate Chu shines brightly!”

Chu Liangchen smiled after hearing her words and said firmly, “Thank you for your expectations, Classmate Lu. I will!”

Saying that, he looked at her again. “Goodbye, Classmate Lu.”

“Goodbye, Classmate Chu…”

After he left, Lu Xia looked at his departing figure and then at Jiang Junmo. She realized he wasn’t jealous and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go, let’s go home.”

But Jiang Junmo held her hand.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Xia looked at him puzzled.

“Are you regretting it?”

“Regret what? Not becoming a diplomat?” Lu Xia shook her head. “No, I’m not regretting it. Perhaps everything is for the best!”

But Jiang Junmo knew that she did regret it because her face had lit up when she talked about becoming an excellent diplomat just now.

Seeing Jiang Junmo silent, Lu Xia thought for a moment and looked at him. “Actually, it’s impossible not to have regrets, but life is filled with regrets. There are always things we’re unable to change. But even so, we have to keep living. We have to walk forward firmly because this is life, our own life! Who can know if this isn’t the best choice right now…”

Jiang Junmo fell silent after hearing her words and then smiled. “You’re right. Our lives, even with regrets, will surely be colorful!”

Seeing Jiang Junmo come to terms with it, she felt relieved.

After returning home, the family was delighted to hear about their jobs.

Grandpa Jiang even asked Aunt Wang to buy more groceries and celebrate tonight.

Indeed, Aunt Wang had returned after taking care of Aunt Jiang’s daughter-in-law’s postpartum period.

She also brought back good news about the daughter-in-law’s well-being, which put everyone at ease.

In the evening, the whole family prepared a table of dishes and had some drinks to celebrate their graduation. Everyone was very happy.

This time, Jiang Junmo didn’t drink too much.

Before going to bed, the two of them discussed the moving plan.

“When should we move?” Lu Xia asked.

Jiang Junmo thought for a moment. “Let’s tidy up in the next few days and move when everything is packed. We should move before I have to report to work.”

Lu Xia nodded. “That should be enough time.”

Jiang Junmo was given 15 days to report to his new job, so he still had some time off.

“It’s not urgent, but in a few days, Grandpa and the others will go for a summer retreat. We have nothing to do if we stay here. It’s better to move earlier.”

Lu Xia thought it made sense. “Then let’s move as soon as possible.”

However, even though they said that, they wouldn’t be coming back to stay permanently after this move. So, they had quite a few things to take with them. It took them seven or eight days to completely pack up.

By this time, Grandpa Jiang had already taken Kang Kang and gone for the summer retreat. Of course, the younger kids were also clamoring to go, but Lu Xia refused!

Kang Kang had always been sensible and could take care of himself. It wouldn’t be too much trouble for Grandpa Jiang, so she let him go.

If the other kids went too, then they would be a handful, and everyone else would probably be too busy taking care of them. So Lu Xia didn’t allow it.

The younger kids cried, but it was Kang Kang’s promise to bring them seashells from the beach that finally pacified them.

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