Chapter 551 – Bustling with Life

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo hired a cart and made three or four trips back and forth, finally completing the move.

Aunt Sun also moved in with them, and she would continue to live with them in the future.

Lu Xia had already decided to send the child to a daycare after the school started, so Aunt Sun would be responsible for cooking during the day since she didn’t have much to do.

Lu Xia had asked for her opinion beforehand.

As the child grew older and was about to go to kindergarten, Aunt Sun, fearing unemployment, had been very nervous. Now, hearing her say this, she quickly nodded in agreement.

After all, there was no better employer than them. The work was minimal, and the pay was good. She didn’t want to leave.

After everything was sorted out, Lu Xia and the others completely moved into the small courtyard.

Here, there were also vegetables planted before, and they had enough to eat.

Moreover, the flowers planted earlier had already bloomed, and the fruit trees had grown and were now bearing fruit. It was estimated that there would be a good harvest in the autumn.

The fish in the pond were plump, and the chickens at home were raised again and taken care of by a few children, making them quite happy.

In short, the small courtyard had a vibrant atmosphere.

After resting for a few days after moving, Jiang Junmo reported to work at the unit. Although he was given half a month, he lived in the capital city, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to wait until the last day to go.

After he started working, Lu Xia had nothing much to do, so she went to the beauty salon to pass the time.

Currently, although there were already two beauty salons, there were still many customers coming in daily, so there was hardly any free time.

The staff in the shop were also busy. Although they earned more, they were a bit tired, experiencing a mix of pain and pleasure.

After Lu Xia arrived, Ye Lin took the opportunity to discuss the opening of another branch.

After a year of training, Ye Lin was becoming more and more like a boss. Many things no longer needed to be discussed with Lu Xia.

Since she said this, it meant she had probably thought it through.

So Lu Xia directly said, “If you’ve made up your mind, just do it. It happens that I have a lot of free time during my summer break and can help.”

Ye Lin already knew that Lu Xia would stay at the school to become a teacher later, so after hearing this, she said directly, “Then I need to think about it carefully. I should give you more work to do; otherwise, you might be too free.”

Lu Xia smiled and agreed after hearing that.

After discussing the matters of the beauty salon, Lu Xia thought of the conversation they had last time and asked with a smile, “By the way, how is that thing going for you?”

“What thing?” Ye Lin asked in confusion.

“It’s about a personal relationship. Have you made progress?”

Upon hearing this, Ye Lin looked gloomy and shook her head. “No, it’s not going well. He rejected me.”

“Ah? You confessed to him?”

“No, but you mentioned before that my expressions were not clear enough, right? After that, I made my feelings more obvious, and he found out. Then he told me that he’s completely focused on his career right now and doesn’t want to be in a relationship. He said I’m a good girl and he doesn’t want to hold me back.”

“Ah, I see…”

“Yeah, he said I’m a good girl, but he doesn’t like good girls!”

As Ye Lin said this, she felt a bit resentful, then sighed, “Forget it, maybe it’s not meant to be. I’ll focus on making money, as you said. Money is the most important. When I have money, I can find any kind of man I want!”

Lu Xia chuckled at her ambitious goals. It seemed she hadn’t been too disheartened, which was good.

“Great, then let’s work hard to make money!”


Chapter 552 – Su Man’s Job


After the initial discussion, Lu Xia was planning to leave.

However, before she left, Ye Lin suddenly said to her, “By the way, during the last period, the police came and asked about our customers and whether you had any interactions with them.”

Lu Xia nodded. “I see. How did you respond?”

“I just told the truth. It won’t have any impact on you, will it?”

Lu Xia smiled and shook her head, casually finding an excuse. “Don’t worry, it won’t. It’s probably a background check for job placement after graduation, and it won’t have much impact.”

Ye Lin breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good.”

After leaving the beauty salon, Lu Xia didn’t go far before she saw Su Man’s clothing store and walked in.

Actually, Su Man’s clothing store was very popular in the capital city at the moment. The clothes sold there always set the trend, and each new product was quickly imitated.

But it had always been imitated and never surpassed.

The brand of the clothing store had already become well-established.

After entering, Lu Xia saw many young girls trying on clothes and glanced around.

Originally, she didn’t intend to buy anything, but when she saw something she liked, she couldn’t resist trying it on.

After trying it on, she saw Su Man’s figure as soon as she came out.

Su Man smiled at her and said, “You’re here? Did you find something you like?”

Lu Xia nodded. “You can’t leave empty-handed once you enter this clothing store. I just wanted to have a look, but after trying it on, I didn’t want to take it off.”

Su Man laughed and said, “If you like it, just buy it. It’s not expensive. Landlord Lu, you shouldn’t be short of a few bucks.”

Lu Xia laughed. “I wouldn’t dare to call myself a landlord in front of Boss Su. However, I do have money to buy clothes.”

After saying that, she took off the clothes she was wearing and paid for the new ones. Of course, Su Man also gave her a discount.

After the purchase, Su Man looked at her and said, “How about a coffee?”

Lu Xia had some free time and didn’t want to go back so early, so she nodded. “Sure, let’s have a coffee!”

Saying that, the two of them went to the same coffee shop as last time.

Lu Xia had been here twice before with Jiang Junmo, so she was quite familiar with it. After they arrived, she directly ordered the pastries Su Man liked.

After they sat down, they chatted casually for a while and then asked about each other’s recent situations.

“You should have received your job assignment by now, right? Where are you placed?”

Upon hearing Su Man’s question, Lu Xia said, “I stayed at the university and became a teacher at Peking University.”

Su Man raised her eyebrows upon hearing this. “Not bad, congratulations. But I thought you would be working in a government department.”

Lu Xia explained with a smile, “Originally, I was, but something happened at home, and the background check didn’t pass.”

Su Man nodded and didn’t press further since Lu Xia seemed reluctant to talk about it.

Then she heard Lu Xia ask, “And you? Where were you assigned?”

Su Man smiled and shook her head. “I’m different from you. After I entered university, I had a child. After that, I focused on running my business and didn’t pay much attention to studying, so my grades weren’t very good.

I can forget about getting a good job, but the school knew that my business was doing quite well, so they arranged for me to work at the Jingcheng Garment Factory, responsible for export sales.”

Lu Xia was surprised to hear this. She didn’t expect that Su Man would be assigned to this kind of job, but it was somewhat related to her major. She wondered if Su Man was willing to do it.

Sure enough, Su Man continued, “But I don’t plan to report for duty. Although the garment factory is a state-owned enterprise, if I go, I’ll just be working for someone else.

Moreover, based on what the school leaders said, they value my design skills. So, if I go, I’ll have to provide designs for free. What’s the point? I can do it better on my own.

Besides, I have my own small workshop now, and I’m considering expanding it in the future. Being my own boss then wouldn’t be bad, right?”

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